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I'm Leaving YouTube
2 місяці tagasi
we just placed a $1,000,000 bet on this
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96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020
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I'm Leaving America for a while
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grateful to be alive..
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Surviving the Hottest Place in the World
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Helping a Subscriber Get His Dream Job!!
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What Happened To Us
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Time to Change.
11 місяців tagasi
Karen Milward
Karen Milward 6 tundi tagasi
What an amazing gift. What an inspirational person. God bless you all. Thank you for your kind heart ❤️ making his dreams come. 🇬🇧
Basil Sunny
Basil Sunny 6 tundi tagasi
Love from Kerala,India ❤️ YES theory 🙌👏❤️
fablopez 7 tundi tagasi
well shit... Matt is my fav of these guys.. Is not going to be the same.
Berdina Reynolds
Berdina Reynolds 7 tundi tagasi
God is great keep going. This is my first time seeing this site. Thank you
AH Blogs
AH Blogs 7 tundi tagasi
"With an open mind and lots of questions", that's how everyone should travel! We think Bhutan is an underrated destination, thank you so much for this video. :)
Young Chove
Young Chove 7 tundi tagasi
”I was so happy to find this” " *imgn.weismo.life* " ”Your thoughts?” "2:16" 垃圾。 -Lord
Omri Amado
Omri Amado 7 tundi tagasi
I think the first one thought you were hitting on her lol
John B
John B 7 tundi tagasi
6:20 her @?
Nation X
Nation X 7 tundi tagasi
I’m so used to watching both your channels that I legit got confused when I saw you holding the camera most of the time and saw Drew in the background 😂
Doga 7 tundi tagasi
Next Level Luxury
Next Level Luxury 7 tundi tagasi
Hal Blegen
Hal Blegen 8 tundi tagasi
who does the drones?,,,do you take one with you?
Bennett's Family Vlog
Bennett's Family Vlog 8 tundi tagasi
Thanks for sharing 💞
Bryan Praing
Bryan Praing 8 tundi tagasi
Go Siberia it beautiful
Jippse 8 tundi tagasi
Plants feel pain and remember it they are not just there to be eaten or to make O2 or for decoration.
Rahul Murali
Rahul Murali 8 tundi tagasi
Architect is a malayali
Lesley Floyd
Lesley Floyd 8 tundi tagasi
They look cute together but she’d probably kill him softly
Slimonetic 9 tundi tagasi
How did the car get so messed up if he was hit in the back and lets say he got launch into the trench he would have died then
ralf norenberg
ralf norenberg 9 tundi tagasi
L H 9 tundi tagasi
8:07 Dinner and a Party! famous last words.
Arthi Arjun
Arthi Arjun 9 tundi tagasi
I had a big smile in my face throughout this video! Love you guys :) cheers :)
Crimson Shadow Dragon
Crimson Shadow Dragon 9 tundi tagasi
Ace Khawaja
Ace Khawaja 9 tundi tagasi
Just so you know, the height from which Ammar jumped, that's the altitude of Mount Everest 😳
Shubham Deokar
Shubham Deokar 9 tundi tagasi
Dave Ramsy: Who is gonna pay for the travel?
julia 9 tundi tagasi
why is everyone in this video extremely good looking
Dr. Doppeldecker
Dr. Doppeldecker 9 tundi tagasi
01:00 Isn't falling off a train always bad?^^
Matt Gallagher
Matt Gallagher 9 tundi tagasi
Isn't this what Tom Cruise did?
Bolormaa Erdenebayar
Bolormaa Erdenebayar 9 tundi tagasi
Greeting from Mongolia. This video helped me to know about İraq, kurdistan' real life. Thanks a lot.
drip swag
drip swag 10 tundi tagasi
Your platform is so awesome! I really enjoy watching your videos because they really make us believe that even the impossible is possible.
Thegchen Lhundrup
Thegchen Lhundrup 10 tundi tagasi
Anyone lives in Bhutan?
dema dara
dema dara 10 tundi tagasi
Kurdistan have best people in the world💙💙
Desi_ Travller
Desi_ Travller 10 tundi tagasi
thanks for this video
dema dara
dema dara 10 tundi tagasi
cakes and ale in the Kurdistan 💜💛
dema dara
dema dara 10 tundi tagasi
Kurdistan in spring so niceeeee💛
Kartik Rai
Kartik Rai 10 tundi tagasi
Dalai lamas life story in short, a tibetan slaver runs of to india to escape the law.
Desi_ Travller
Desi_ Travller 10 tundi tagasi
very nice video boss love from india
Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal 10 tundi tagasi
The Death Road is similar to Shimla and Manali roads of India
Jehovah 10 tundi tagasi
You guys are crazy. EEfrom is lucky to have ya'll
josh barbour
josh barbour 10 tundi tagasi
So you rode a train.......big fucking deal.
El Kurdo
El Kurdo 10 tundi tagasi
Kurdistan is not iraq dude ffs
K K 11 tundi tagasi
Com'on Why are men so weak? I went 14 days for a fast our church was doing ...and I didn't have anything painful about it. It was so easy not to eat... not thinking about anything... just water... I cooked up a storm for my family and all in all it is mind over matter!
Jehovah 11 tundi tagasi
I hope my friends watch this and get some inspiration to do the same for me. HOPE lmao
Buddhi krishna Thapa
Buddhi krishna Thapa 11 tundi tagasi
Just a big smile at the end of the video💖"remember you used to think this was impossible"
Jacinta Landa
Jacinta Landa 11 tundi tagasi
Literally crying! But am so proud and happy! I am so excited for this book because your monthly letters are my all time favourite things to receive in my inbox! 🤍 this is the end of an era but a beautiful end, and I can’t wait to see how everything pans out for all of you guys!
1l0vs 11 tundi tagasi
شنو سوا عمار غلط عشان ابوه يتبرى منه مو فاااهمه؟
sathya narayana
sathya narayana 11 tundi tagasi
WOW ... the words of Bader khan is so heart touching and inspirational !!! listening to things is different than experiencing them and this video has really opened my eyes ... Love from India
Cooper Baden
Cooper Baden 11 tundi tagasi
Who else saw this in there Instagram page and began to watch it again?
Oscar Bergdahl
Oscar Bergdahl 12 tundi tagasi
what a great Kid!
Ben Lanni
Ben Lanni 12 tundi tagasi
They’re more civilised than most places tbh
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 12 tundi tagasi
I have an idea for a colab with Ksi or anyone else you have to go in public in disguise and get as many pictures with random people before someone recognizes you. If you don’t like it it’s fine I just wanted to share this I came up with it in my English class while I was bored. Pls if you like this idea pls like to let me know.
Skeleton432 12 tundi tagasi
about to get on the train: *"is this illegal?"*
Siddhant Roy
Siddhant Roy 13 tundi tagasi
sherzad harris
sherzad harris 13 tundi tagasi
🟥☀️🟩 har biji
Sean Liam Nino Canencia
Sean Liam Nino Canencia 13 tundi tagasi
Camera man could be: can we go home brrrr Wim Hof: No stay film some more
sol tea
sol tea 13 tundi tagasi
Little slice of paradise, seems like the perfect place to get away from it all
Aymo Tube
Aymo Tube 13 tundi tagasi
The problem is, Kurdistan was never Iraq,
Shivani K Byju
Shivani K Byju 13 tundi tagasi
Guys where's you're nxt video I'm still waiting for that....❤️. I'm sure that's going to be a big blast......😍😍😍
Wayne Phillips
Wayne Phillips 14 tundi tagasi
Tuvalu isn't going to disappear due to climate change. That's just a lot of bunk.
Bobby Sierra
Bobby Sierra 14 tundi tagasi
Amazing video, and Amazing Iraq.🙏
Lloyd Lifestone
Lloyd Lifestone 14 tundi tagasi
Immense undertaking and impressive results. Hope to go there one day. Great upload. Thank you
Sachin Soni Vlog
Sachin Soni Vlog 14 tundi tagasi
Ia m travelers Vloger
Sachin Soni Vlog
Sachin Soni Vlog 14 tundi tagasi
Hii sir I am a big fan
Sachin Soni Vlog
Sachin Soni Vlog 14 tundi tagasi
Pavel J
Pavel J 14 tundi tagasi
Try London - Luton next time. See how that compares
egg 14 tundi tagasi
a xero
a xero 14 tundi tagasi
Imagine seeing Vsause there and hearing Hey Vsause Michael here How fast can you run?
Kravstor 14 tundi tagasi
To get more insight into the redistribution society and shell necklaces read 'The Gift' By Marcel Mauss.
Travel With Sundari
Travel With Sundari 14 tundi tagasi
All r fabulous ❤️
Travel With Sundari
Travel With Sundari 14 tundi tagasi
Am From India 🇨🇮🇨🇮
Travel With Sundari
Travel With Sundari 14 tundi tagasi
Am from India 🇨🇮🇨🇮 You are hero❤️
Travel With Sundari
Travel With Sundari 14 tundi tagasi
You are fabulous ❤️
laleita ram
laleita ram 14 tundi tagasi
I must admit i did not watch out the full video before i command
laleita ram
laleita ram 14 tundi tagasi
Sorry about that continues comments beautiful people and amazing place it bought me to tears to hear all this story about war and how the world give you a different picture of this place , all is not lost but i pray something good is going to come out of this beautiful place, god bless
laleita ram
laleita ram 15 tundi tagasi
Wow amazing place and people are very friendly, and you looks like a prince in a foreign land❤❤god bless
Renil V
Renil V 15 tundi tagasi
Bro.. Why don't you choose kashmir,uttarakhand, himachal pradesh or kerala for spending that 48 hours.. Instead of Mumbai the busiest city :)
Jehovah 15 tundi tagasi
Thomas actually looks like Danny D lmao
7.62x39mm 15 tundi tagasi
everybody gangsta until he lands on North Korea
megagoldcity 15 tundi tagasi
Such a thrill pass to iraqi border but yet you state you travelling to iraq, fake trip guided by peshmerga obviously making iraqis speaking arabic is the bad boys calm down
Jóhann Harzon
Jóhann Harzon 15 tundi tagasi
Why do these videos always leave me in tears
All ok Bharat
All ok Bharat 15 tundi tagasi
Turning it out in utter failure Loss in billions Arab are losing money Oil is finished
Adarsh 15 tundi tagasi
Did u guys not pee for like 24 hours lamo