16 False Myths Your Parents Told You 

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16 Myths Your Parents Told You, But They're False
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19 apr 2021



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Lol 7 tundi tagasi
9:24 Logan Paul before and after the fight said this lol.
Lol 7 tundi tagasi
9:06 this was recently disproven by using the computer rgb color style based on the numbers they tested 6 different combinations on a group of 100 who wern't color blind they all aced it except for the 101 person (she turned out to be colorblind and never knew it because growing up aparently her family couldn't afford to test for it.)
Yur Jeans
Yur Jeans 12 tundi tagasi
You don’t say and in between 1 number
AKyeeter 21 tund tagasi
i am from us and i say one hundred one or one hundred N one
SunSOftheEclipse06 2 päeva tagasi
Harry @ 1:18 you are not alone
Chicken Turkey
Chicken Turkey 2 päeva tagasi
I’ve only had a good amount of sleep 2 times...
WinterSecret 2 päeva tagasi
as a colourblind person i can confirm that people see colours differently - i just cant see red or green lmao
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 2 päeva tagasi
I will still say one hundred twenty one. I never heard or seen the word "and" in my math years. Just people adding it the word "and" because they got used to the English system of language.
Music Friend
Music Friend 3 päeva tagasi
Wait has anyone brought up how vikk looks like Harry Potter
jamie k man
jamie k man 4 päeva tagasi
2:16 these British people really think 4 Weet-Bix is a lot. I have 6 and I'm 12, and my bros have 8-9. They would have more than 10 but they can't fit it in the bowl
Zaid Khan
Zaid Khan 5 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who forgot that the video was based on parents halfway through 😭
Kai W-Hardy
Kai W-Hardy 6 päeva tagasi
The roasted router substantially identify because session phylogenitically greet in a efficient dinner. sticky, handy herring
Mills 7 päeva tagasi
With the carrot thing there’s more to it then just war propaganda - carrots are a rich source of ‘beta carotene’ and ‘lutein’ which are antioxidants that can benefit eye health. Our bodies convert the beta carotene into vitamin A which is important because vitamin A deficiency can cause many eye problems, also we need vitamin A to produce rhodopsin (a light sensitive pigment in eye cells that can help you to see more clearly in the dark). Lutein is found mostly in yellow foods (carrot mango etc) and can help prevent age related eye problems. Some studies dispute that beta carotene is converted to vitamin A but either way, any foods rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin A, will benefit your eye health, not just carrots, and no matter how much vitamin A, beta carotene or lutein you take, unfortunately you’ll never be able to completely ‘see in the dark’! 🤓🤓
Bacon Revolution
Bacon Revolution 8 päeva tagasi
The colour orange was based on the fruit not the other way around
jacob-jose barker
jacob-jose barker 8 päeva tagasi
Y tf does UK get rid of all the great cereals rip (fruit loops, ricicles and lucky charms) 😢😭
TigerSparklez 8 päeva tagasi
Okay, I always wondered when I googled how much water are you supposed to drink a day?and when I saw 8-10 I wondered who does that? Glad this is confirmed.
phil mercer
phil mercer 8 päeva tagasi
It is not weetabix it is pronounced weet-bix It is a brand from Australia
The Names Dave
The Names Dave 9 päeva tagasi
sitting here wondering how these men really out here not saying the number 101 as "one hundred one" or even "one o' one". 121 as "one hundred twenty one". Although I am sure the French would like a word with that point since they say 21 "vingt et un" which is 20 and 1 which they do for 20 through 70.
Flyingmachinegun 2.0
Flyingmachinegun 2.0 9 päeva tagasi
wasp dont sting they bight search it up
nateisnear 10 päeva tagasi
wetter water?
Dr. Quriosity
Dr. Quriosity 11 päeva tagasi
Chaey Lia
Chaey Lia 11 päeva tagasi
12:05 A WEEK OFF SCHOOL?! I went to 4 different primary schools which all always had nits (as kids parents didn't care to help their children. Thankfully, due to having long hair and a hairdressers assistant for a parent, I not only got them out the moment they had a chance but that was hardly ever despite it being never-ending as I had nitty-gritty which the nits hate the tea tree smell of and can't hold onto hair that has been sprayed with the product. The only times I got nites were on holidays when I wasn't doing my school routine but I soon learnt and just used it no matter when.
Skrewdrivr 12 päeva tagasi
If anyone didn’t know about the number one containing no “a” before 1000, the “and” isn’t technically proper english as the and is saved for the decimal place. You’d go 101 and 12 hundredths, not 100 and 1 and 12 hundredths.
Dante jr Edwards
Dante jr Edwards 13 päeva tagasi
If people could not run test for colors how would people know about color blindness
Dante jr Edwards
Dante jr Edwards 13 päeva tagasi
Deep in thought
Rayded 13 päeva tagasi
6:57 i only have 4 :(
FLOOR GANG 13 päeva tagasi
Ahh, i remember my parents telling me all that in 3rd grade 😂
Blake Tremain
Blake Tremain 14 päeva tagasi
thought wasabi was horseradish?
Harvester of souls Gaming
Harvester of souls Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
Jasmine McSweeney
Jasmine McSweeney 16 päeva tagasi
The fruit came first. Before the word orange was used for the colour- the colour was described as red yellow
Lord B
Lord B 16 päeva tagasi
“Deer are unicorns” is false, rhinos are unicorns
Usk 1907
Usk 1907 7 päeva tagasi
Fat unicorns
Ahmet Ronay Aykut
Ahmet Ronay Aykut 9 päeva tagasi
Patrick Quarles
Patrick Quarles 17 päeva tagasi
The wasp thing is wrong I’ve walked through a swarm in elementary school and didnt get stung at all I was trying le only mean people get stung and I’m guessing it worked
M P 18 päeva tagasi
"they are really friendly. I rode one". Who's gonna let him know lmaoo
Jericho Yagin
Jericho Yagin 18 päeva tagasi
I thought that you should never say “and” when you say a number. It would be “101” instead of “10and1”
Brad the lad
Brad the lad 20 päeva tagasi
What came first The chicken Or the egg?
Brad the lad
Brad the lad 20 päeva tagasi
I bet a £2 coin would obliterate someone because they are heavy af
Dunia Huwé
Dunia Huwé 20 päeva tagasi
Harry, in French it’s vingt-et-un and vingt deux. So your 21 was correct 👏🏾
Amanda Stafford
Amanda Stafford 21 päev tagasi
You get tought to not say one hundred and on. But to say one hundred one
jse230379 21 päev tagasi
If people saw different colors the color blind tests wouldn't work.
Aliyah Olson
Aliyah Olson 21 päev tagasi
I love how Josh looks up when he’s thinking
Zenitsu sam
Zenitsu sam 21 päev tagasi
B T 23 päeva tagasi
SMH 🤦‍♂️ there is no ands between positive number, but there are ands between decimals tho Hundred one 101 Hundred and one tenth, 100.1
h i
h i 24 päeva tagasi
Real wasabi doesnt really taste spicy like the ones you usually eat they taste like every vegetable with some spice
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts 26 päeva tagasi
I have been stung by three bees.
lubbers maltby
lubbers maltby 26 päeva tagasi
The purple day serologically attract because aries radiologically rinse pro a uptight niece. mountainous, dusty conga
Wiktor Perun
Wiktor Perun 26 päeva tagasi
Literally I work for hotel chocolat factory in Huntingdon and the section I’m in we make 100% all the time and it is absolutely shite.
Ethan Bradberry
Ethan Bradberry 27 päeva tagasi
I'm pretty sure it's not a "myth" that you should leave wasps alone. Man's talking about a yellow jacket but your common wasp will usually leave you alone, but if you don't upset it and are relaxed it most likely won't attack you, but they will if you start freaking out or attacking it.
YouGod87 27 päeva tagasi
Josh out boreing person
Gamerboy5648 27 päeva tagasi
Actually there’s 17. It’s a myth and it’s you have a dad
robyn howarth
robyn howarth 27 päeva tagasi
The fruit orange came first just so you know, and this video is amazing keep up the good vids you guys entertain me
Myles cattanach
Myles cattanach 27 päeva tagasi
I also heard josh say “until they come”. Had to spell it different incase EEfrom doesn’t like my comment 😂
Acewater Knight
Acewater Knight 28 päeva tagasi
We say and while we count but its not part of the number. So one hundred one, one hundred two and so on. We say and because its easier to say
ELLA 28 päeva tagasi
Vik reminds me of that one actor in some of dharr manns videos Anyone else???
Brennan Ponton
Brennan Ponton 28 päeva tagasi
Wasps sting is a different sting it hurts so worse than a bee sting
FTW_DK 28 päeva tagasi
Romans 12:9 - 10 9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Pierre 28 päeva tagasi
Diamonds are crystalised Carbon
Diya Patel
Diya Patel 29 päeva tagasi
and represents a decimal when reading out numbers
Izhaan Tatariya
Izhaan Tatariya 29 päeva tagasi
11:10 wtf?
AVIX 29 päeva tagasi
121 mijos
lorin 29 päeva tagasi
The video they’re watching is fat bullshit
Marvin Varela
Marvin Varela 29 päeva tagasi
You don’t say the and because the and indicates a decimal when talking about numbers so technically it is hundred twenty one not hundred and twenty one
Eric Highlights
Eric Highlights Місяць tagasi
Vick says we are becoming so white while talking to white people
Linxz_P4 Місяць tagasi
In nz it was pretty common that you’d shave your head if you had lice..
Someone Місяць tagasi
If they are surprised about that stuff wait until they hear about chronic wasting disease
Judi Latrisha
Judi Latrisha Місяць tagasi
The young clef spectroscopically cross because smash perplexingly return apud a dazzling quality. decisive, handsomely office
Howdy Місяць tagasi
I dont think they know how to count
jayde.e_ Місяць tagasi
11:55 harry solved global lice problem
boii boiii
boii boiii Місяць tagasi
with hundreds you hyphonate it
Muhammad Mahmood
Muhammad Mahmood Місяць tagasi
I've been stung by a hornet when I was 6/7
T3K Scarecrow
T3K Scarecrow Місяць tagasi
Why do you call them “wheater bix?”
Jadzia Rose
Jadzia Rose Місяць tagasi
"Honey never spoils - myth" Try telling that to the archaeologists that found a perfectly edible jar of honey in a 3000 year old Egyptian tomb
Oscar Gomez
Oscar Gomez Місяць tagasi
Pikabroi Boy
Pikabroi Boy Місяць tagasi
I had the same breakfast as vickstar
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali Місяць tagasi
Only Harry can miss his nose
ItzGazza Місяць tagasi
15:45 so is it Alex the clown horse raddish
Paddy Robbo
Paddy Robbo Місяць tagasi
The nitty kids lmao
SenpaiLovesYou Місяць tagasi
when they said fruit loops didnt have different flavors i had to start re thinking my life
Soggy Oatmeal
Soggy Oatmeal Місяць tagasi
The grammatically correct way to say numbers is without the and so the numbers one was true, you'd think adults would know that lol
Sam Gascoyne
Sam Gascoyne Місяць tagasi
I have 6 weetabix, I’m starting to think I’m fat.
Pearl Brando
Pearl Brando Місяць tagasi
What I know, is that you don't say a number with an, "and" in it. You only do that if it contains a Decimal. For example, you don't say 121 as, "One hundred and twenty one", instead you say, "one hundred twenty one". For decimals, you say 1.21 as, "One and twenty-one hundredths". The, "and" only plays as factor in Decimals
C0ld Fu510n77
C0ld Fu510n77 Місяць tagasi
3:00 harry"what would happened if i chucked a pen at your head at full pelt" me : knowing that it splits your head open because someone did it to my friend.
kylie Місяць tagasi
Evan Huntley
Evan Huntley Місяць tagasi
14:35 proper grammar doesn’t actually include “and” in numbers
Evan Huntley
Evan Huntley Місяць tagasi
13:45 not true...the elephant thing comes from a viral Facebook post...studies have show the opposite to be true
lucy H
lucy H Місяць tagasi
lucy H
lucy H Місяць tagasi
Lin Bra
Lin Bra Місяць tagasi
My mom bought a 99.9% dark chocolate and I couldn't eat a single bit because its so bad.
Target Zeal
Target Zeal Місяць tagasi
Naw to actually say it, it would be 101 (one hundred one).
69SUGOI69 Місяць tagasi
who in the fuck told their kid all of these random shit and why
69SUGOI69 Місяць tagasi
wow so the chocolate that is good for u is the one i absolutely fucking hate i literally cannot stand dark chocolate
Awesome Tubing94
Awesome Tubing94 Місяць tagasi
This is why UK schools are making students dumber not smarter. Its one hundred one. Theres no AND part. That was used to make kids who have a harder time remembering the sequence after a hundred. So Vik your dumb.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Місяць tagasi
9:19 harry reconsidering all his life choices in that moment😂😂
Abdulla M3
Abdulla M3 Місяць tagasi
Ali El Sakkout
Ali El Sakkout Місяць tagasi
Harry: vingt et un, vingt deux (correct french for 21 and 22) Also Harry: it's wrong it's wrong
Derek Khoury
Derek Khoury Місяць tagasi
According to the English language, it is grammatically incorrect to say "and" when counting. One hundred one, one hundred two... is the proper way to count up.
Brooklyn Goodall
Brooklyn Goodall Місяць tagasi
As a person whose hair was shaven off when i was younger due to lice, it did in fact get rid of the lice.
marcus wellington
marcus wellington Місяць tagasi
Yes shaving your head dose get rid of lice I did it all the time as a kid and it kept them away
Gabriel Kroni
Gabriel Kroni Місяць tagasi
cletus fetus
cletus fetus Місяць tagasi
The fruit orange was named after the colour
TheSharkRaider Місяць tagasi
Shxdoww17 Місяць tagasi
Fruit loops are the same flavor🥺
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