95HP Two Stroke Triple Powered Yard Kart Build Part 5 

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4 apr 2021



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Construction King
Construction King 14 päeva tagasi
Need to make some sort of pressure relief valve for your radiator
David Kelm
David Kelm 20 päeva tagasi
definitely an odd shape tank lol
Jack Cecil
Jack Cecil 22 päeva tagasi
Great fabricator
Rubin Sansom
Rubin Sansom 23 päeva tagasi
You should buy a gas tank, and not make one because of leaking welds.
SeriousIsland47 _
SeriousIsland47 _ 28 päeva tagasi
Rubber strap for the fuel tank
Abdelrahman ElSharif
Abdelrahman ElSharif 29 päeva tagasi
Mate... you need to be kinder to your spine...
Drew Місяць tagasi
For the gas tank: Best way to hold anything down: bungee straps. Or a rubber strap of some variety. (See old 70's motorcycle battery hold-downs)
forkjob Місяць tagasi
As far as a hold-down for the fuel tank, what about a couple old school leather straps and buckles? or even a cam-lock tie-down strap?
Snugglez Місяць tagasi
Use rubber bungie cord to hold the tank down. That will be better than a hose clamp. They make really short ones that you could stretch from the frame to hook onto the tank.
dutchman56t Місяць tagasi
Your fabrication and innovation skills are top notch young man! A true joy to watch your channel!
George wiley
George wiley Місяць tagasi
Chris just use a strap like they do for batteries and ATVs. This way if you ever need to remove the tank ya simply remove the fuel line remove the hook strap from one side and you pulled the tank out. K I S S.. carts looking good
David Johnson
David Johnson Місяць tagasi
You can never say you don't have "Blood Sweat and Tears" in this project
Everything Custom
Everything Custom Місяць tagasi
Damon Rice
Damon Rice Місяць tagasi
Dude, you are a mad fabricator! Can't wait to see the finish product.
Terry Pardy
Terry Pardy Місяць tagasi
Hole saw? LOL
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Місяць tagasi
Do you have a body frame that you want to sell
Kusay Elhalef
Kusay Elhalef Місяць tagasi
you can holdet in place the same way car battry ben holde in place
Ryan Brimer
Ryan Brimer Місяць tagasi
I just woke up from a nap and realized this was playing. I restarted it and kept watching it
Mario M
Mario M Місяць tagasi
Fabrication Skills on point Sir. Really like your Channel.
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor Місяць tagasi
that cut is pretty mild,thats one of the small ones......man up and keep going,thats what duct tape and crazy glue are for!!
ball is real Loki
ball is real Loki Місяць tagasi
Hi.. i love your works.. can i have your signature sticker? 😂
MV8, MstrASE, A&P, FCC
MV8, MstrASE, A&P, FCC Місяць tagasi
The best CVT cover with backing plate and vent comes on the polaris. Since you maintained the center distance to reuse the belt, it should be an easy fit. Air exhausts through the backing plate drawn by the driven pulley "fan" backing, pulling from the port in the cover. For the tank, consider Jeep CJ hood latches. Add a rear belly pan and fender wells to help keep it clean.
kristiankj Місяць tagasi
Just use a ratchet strap
Murdernikl69 Місяць tagasi
DROs are cheap you should invest. I put one on my mill and lathe this year. Like $150. Each
Murdernikl69 Місяць tagasi
You could use a heavy rubber strap like they use to hold batteries in motorcycles to hold the gas tank in place. Connect one to frame on inner bottom next to seat and other one outer upper frame rail stretching up and over holding gas tank in.
theone2be33 Місяць tagasi
Mini ratchet strap for tank
Dustin Perry
Dustin Perry Місяць tagasi
Hey use springs for the gas tank like the springs on exhaust
Chrisi234 Місяць tagasi
i dont know why that is bug you can always see the edges of the camera lense or something and i fimd that super annoying
Dakota k
Dakota k Місяць tagasi
Don't forget a shelf between the radiator and tire so it don't plug with junk or get a hole from rock
Richard Werling
Richard Werling Місяць tagasi
love the new video edit format and the music...the time laps lets us see more of the work and less waffle as Nick Zametti would say...lol cant wait to see this little monster rip!
backyard builders
backyard builders Місяць tagasi
Or make angle brackets out of aluminum and weld to tank then bolt to your steel brackets
backyard builders
backyard builders Місяць tagasi
Rubber bungie strap like a battery hold down for the fuel tank
Mikhail Streeter
Mikhail Streeter Місяць tagasi
Tank strap for a way to clamp it down man. Two “straps” bolted down and some rubber in between the tank and the strap.
Mikhail Streeter
Mikhail Streeter Місяць tagasi
Also for the cover for clutch why not do some mesh stuff like you did for the radiator?
cheerdiver Місяць tagasi
Strongest way to secure, and leave some 'flex' in the system IMO, use the chassis' the same way driver safety harnesses are secured to a roll cage. Fabricate a flat eye for a length of safety belt on the bottom of the tank. Use a friction buckle, and expect it to work loose on occasion. Belt is expected to be parallel to the tank's bottom, using two parallel pipes.
Peyton Thomas
Peyton Thomas Місяць tagasi
can’t wait for part 6
andybtec Місяць tagasi
Sit down when you are tig welding and use a footpedal
antonio bednjanec
antonio bednjanec Місяць tagasi
I would worry more abouth rear wheel kicking rocks and mud in back of the radiator than front tire kicking sticks and stuff from front to back
flacoindustrial Páez Robles
flacoindustrial Páez Robles Місяць tagasi
MUI buen trabajo
Gerardo Rubio
Gerardo Rubio Місяць tagasi
Awesome fab skills!
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers Місяць tagasi
That radiator has me nervous! You could get seriously injured! I would of used the same psi blow off cap and angled it away from you! Definitely test the engine blow off cap to make sure it’s working correctly or bomb!
Micheal Robinson
Micheal Robinson Місяць tagasi
Oh the battle wounds, no project is complete without a few of those.
Percy Plod
Percy Plod Місяць tagasi
2stroookee tuuurbooo
Callum Mcdonald
Callum Mcdonald Місяць tagasi
You’re going to get toasty sitting next to the rad and also I hope that it never blows a hose or anything cause you will get some hella nasty burns especially being so close
Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw Місяць tagasi
Try a rubber bungie cord to hold the tank.weight of the fuel and a rubber bungie cord should hold that tank in place..good luck keep the cool builds going.
Joe Hanson
Joe Hanson Місяць tagasi
Use foam tubing like they use to insulate pipe so it don't freez
David Hall
David Hall Місяць tagasi
Please tell us you cleaned the radiator after putting the fill plug on.
Joseph Bodiford
Joseph Bodiford Місяць tagasi
inspirational genius!
Liam d traxxas
Liam d traxxas Місяць tagasi
Loving the video, I injoy watch your vids and like it whn there abit longer 15min to 40min 👍👍. What about making an air scoop to help with air flow where you hav put the meshing down on the side make a scoop with abit of a v in it, it will look mean and help with cooling. Sorry but you made me 🤣🤣 whn u said this might make u cringe seeing the blood, showing us thn gose I feel funny all light headed think I need to sit down 🤣🤣😭💯👍 "what happened" you're cut it off now it caused damage to u
400exCR 03
400exCR 03 Місяць tagasi
Straps for the tank
400exCR 03
400exCR 03 Місяць tagasi
Put fenders on the front wheels
TheCj71984 Місяць tagasi
Hey u should use some proper lifting ... Your going to hurt your back bad
Kyle Bergevain
Kyle Bergevain Місяць tagasi
That’s a cool tank, a lot of work went into that!
ExGamer44 Місяць tagasi
Hey, love the vidoes. An idea to mount the gas tank is to use rubber straps around it like how some batteries are held in 4 wheelers.
Maddog ruckus clone SCOOTLIFE
Maddog ruckus clone SCOOTLIFE Місяць tagasi
Bad idea a risk of u getting 3rd degree burns lmfao 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jared Wallenmeyer
Jared Wallenmeyer Місяць tagasi
That tank is gorgeous! I'm really liking the music selection in your recent videos. Thanks for making quality content.
mongowilson Місяць tagasi
You could use some happy hooker hood hooks to tie down the fuel tank. they are rubber hood hooks you can probably get at your local parts store.
Topsiekku Місяць tagasi
Great project
Cristian Місяць tagasi
Omg, please stop lifting with your back and use your legs. I could feel the pain when you lifted the back of the thing... :))
Barnabás Volf
Barnabás Volf Місяць tagasi
build a dune buggy!
Wolf ._. Pug
Wolf ._. Pug Місяць tagasi
Rubber straps for the gas tank!!
Wolf ._. Pug
Wolf ._. Pug Місяць tagasi
Awesome design ! What about rubber straps ,something like the old jeep hood tie down straps!!
នាយក្ដាម Traveler
Love go Kart
ikhee altaa
ikhee altaa Місяць tagasi
is this the longest video you've done yet
Peyton Thomas
Peyton Thomas Місяць tagasi
maybe get straps that hold on the back of dirtbike tanks for holding on your tanks
john beach
john beach Місяць tagasi
Have any old leather belts you could use to hold your fuel tank in place?
Peyton Thomas
Peyton Thomas Місяць tagasi
awesome, thought i’d let you know adding triple pipes to that motor will blow it up those xlt’s can’t handle them
john beach
john beach Місяць tagasi
Benjamin Davidson
Benjamin Davidson Місяць tagasi
Man you made a lot of work out of the radiator. The engine is the radiator fill point/ cap. All you had to have is your hose coming from the high point of the radiator. So much work man hahaha. Rather be maching? Hahaha
ed radtke
ed radtke Місяць tagasi
Dont forget the tank vents.Use rubber hood hold downs for the gas tank.
Christopher Dolson
Christopher Dolson Місяць tagasi
just make metal gas strap like in a car
Christopher Soprych
Christopher Soprych Місяць tagasi
that oil tank is the perfect size for oil injection
Richard Gallina
Richard Gallina Місяць tagasi
You should look in to spring hold downs for the gas and oil. just add a tab on the tank and a tab on the mount then a spring from each
Cory Gilbert
Cory Gilbert Місяць tagasi
For the gas tank, just make a thin metal strap with some cut up old tire rubber. 2 bolts at the bottom, boom, it's literally used for millions of automotive gas tanks, a strap with some rubber glued to it. Dead simple, won't take long to make and it can be done really cheap. Also I still think you're going to have axle bending issues, think about how the chain has leverage on the axle. I'd stiffen it up. Love the videos I hope you never stop!
Cory Gilbert
Cory Gilbert Місяць tagasi
That's an awesome idea for a cheap DRO!
Robbie Brewer
Robbie Brewer Місяць tagasi
Those tanks would look killer polished!!!
James Hopkins
James Hopkins Місяць tagasi
you could use the type of hold downs, that are used for the hoods on a jeep.
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir Місяць tagasi
Slip on muffler exhaust springs to hold fuel tank to frame.
Travis King
Travis King Місяць tagasi
Plexiglass enclosure would be cool so we can still see the belt in action. Also, a single aluminum tab straight off the gas tank and nutsert the frame, then use a nice thick rubber bushing between the 2. Should hold it down fine and keep vibration down as well. Just some ideas, love the vids!
Daniel Imgård
Daniel Imgård Місяць tagasi
BACK- "lift with the legs thank you" ;)
Krzysztof Jurczenko
Krzysztof Jurczenko Місяць tagasi
leather strap for the gas tank
bobby witcher
bobby witcher Місяць tagasi
You need a camera guy and a driver your a awesome at fab yo just need help or you arent going to grow you going to have to let some one in
Spud James
Spud James Місяць tagasi
Acetone. Got move. Gotta be super clean to get good looking welds on alum. And it don't matter how long the videos are I'll still watch em!
David Nation Jr
David Nation Jr Місяць tagasi
hey i have a idea since u dont want to bolt the gas tank down maybe get some of them clips that a air box in a car would do it an as far as for the clutch just put that screen mesh over it that it gives belt air an not alot of water will get on the belt cause them holes are there isnt that big just a thought
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick Місяць tagasi
Videos are awesome 👌 builds are premium. Great channel 👏. And you could use like bungee cable and peaces of rod off the frame to hold the gas tank down. Idk just a thought.
shane mann
shane mann Місяць tagasi
Also what about front fenders?
shane mann
shane mann Місяць tagasi
How about rubber mount tank to the frame with brackets and rubber inserts.. also I would put some kind of skid plate under the tank for protection as well, I'd use steel for the tank skid.
kerry pierre
kerry pierre Місяць tagasi
Keep your vids as they are, they're cool 😎 Outstanding fab skills bro, keep up the good work 👍🇺🇸😀
pjmacraig1988 Місяць tagasi
weld some tabs onto the tank and the frame then use springs to connect them together this allows for tension without to much vibration transference
Nick Yarnot
Nick Yarnot Місяць tagasi
You should use springs to hold the tanks down. They would be secure and still have some give
Nick Yarnot
Nick Yarnot Місяць tagasi
Also maybe just get rid of the oil injection and mix the gas. Everyone does this and it works just fine. We’ve done it for years and run the motors hard, no problems.
Gary Mucher
Gary Mucher Місяць tagasi
Could always use a hook type bungee cord setup to hold the tank(S) in place. As for the blood in the shop, anyone that builds things in their shops gets bumps, bruises and certainly cuts. It is all part of a working shop regardless how careful and safe you try to do things. Thumbs Up!
Arafat Moto Garage
Arafat Moto Garage Місяць tagasi
Bro do take care of Ur self... And I realy appreciate what u r doing to show us each and evry part that how it's done...
Next Level Garage
Next Level Garage Місяць tagasi
very nice job....you are the best
junito aponte
junito aponte Місяць tagasi
You can mix oil and gasoline together and forget they oil tank. But great Work!!!
Matthew Morton
Matthew Morton Місяць tagasi
Leather belt/strap to hold down the tank. Effective and classy.
David Baker
David Baker Місяць tagasi
Solid rubber bungee just use clamps or bolts instead off hooks
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Місяць tagasi
I would put the gascap on top. Not the side. Now you are lacking capacity you could have had. Greetings, Jeff
David Baker
David Baker Місяць tagasi
Like the mesh look for protection
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough Місяць tagasi
Put rubber straps on it to hold it down even a rubber bungie cord could be used ether the way it comes or cut it up and make your own tie downs
Hank Burton
Hank Burton Місяць tagasi
I think you will get better welding if you use a wire brush only for aluminium and one for steel and use acetone after wire brushing in one direction on the aluminium
Just Kart Builds
Just Kart Builds Місяць tagasi
Make these videos 90min and I don't think anyone would care. Keep up the good work!
Closet_Goth Місяць tagasi
Secure the tank with a leather belt. Same function as a hose clamp, but way classier looking, and more vibration dampening.
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