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9 okt 2020



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John Smith
John Smith 4 päeva tagasi
Can anyone tell me the music starting at 8:43?
ga thel
ga thel 6 päeva tagasi
Lol i don't care if which country have great cars. For me, i just like a beautiful car design whatever where the car made or how fast and slow even efficient or not car is
ga thel
ga thel 6 päeva tagasi
Sad that last great british car are back in 20th century. Jaguar XJ, Mini Cooper before merge with BMW, and a ford gt40
Tom Jacobs
Tom Jacobs 8 päeva tagasi
Miss the ol TG, from a time when i didnt have anything to care about in the world.
YakLord 9 päeva tagasi
Clarkson in that Morgan is so funny!
rare 10 päeva tagasi
These were the days.
Vuilnis God
Vuilnis God 15 päeva tagasi
4:30 what song is used here?
Tom A
Tom A 11 päeva tagasi
Fatboy slim - right here right now
Wally R.
Wally R. 17 päeva tagasi
In my opinion Jeremy, James and Richard will always be the very best presenters of Top Gear....the latest 3 guys are okay, but they’ll never be as good and as naturally entertaining as Jeremy, James and Richard.
Sidinei Corrêa
Sidinei Corrêa 22 päeva tagasi
Brilhante não !
Challenger 20
Challenger 20 26 päeva tagasi
I know it's not in this clip but I will always say an E-type is a masterpiece!
JamaicanCastle 27 päeva tagasi
Well naturally Hammond's not worried about falling out of a car, he's got a much lower center of gravity than Jeremy.
sonyviva308 28 päeva tagasi
That Noble has the exact same tailights from a Rover 200. Jaguar stole that idea as well for their XK220
red smurf
red smurf Місяць tagasi
What episode is this?
Martin Mehus
Martin Mehus Місяць tagasi
EEfrom wasn’t invented when this episode was made
Alex Blood
Alex Blood Місяць tagasi
Wish they struck this balance of entertainment and information/passion going forward from early top gear.
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin Місяць tagasi
Clarkson and May's hair was not as white as nowadays.
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen Місяць tagasi
03:48 Primus - Tommy the Cat
Praveenb Gowda
Praveenb Gowda Місяць tagasi
It's 2021
Nic holas
Nic holas Місяць tagasi
Best one is Alan Carr
T VanderWheels
T VanderWheels Місяць tagasi
Looking back....they are all shite
Baxterchov 2 місяці tagasi
Umm, could those be Honda tail-lamps..? (Noble 4:40)
Leon Zimmermann
Leon Zimmermann 2 місяці tagasi
4:40 no way he said spoiler although its a wing
Tejas 2 місяці tagasi
“Come on, this is a bathroom appliance.” That just made be chuckle. Classic James May.
DIECAST REVIEWS 2 місяці tagasi
I love how they put James May in a Rover 75 Oo i know why cuz james is a old lady 😂😂
Shotis Otis
Shotis Otis 2 місяці tagasi
OMG 2003
TraustiGeir 2 місяці tagasi
4:29 Oh, wow. They picked the right soundtrack for this bit.
TraustiGeir Місяць tagasi
@papapapa16 "Right here, Right now" - Fatboy Slim: eefrom.info/limo/q5SamJii1dXOq2s/video
papapapa16 Місяць tagasi
Whats the music?
drstevenrey 2 місяці tagasi
None of these cars are truly British, are they. Morgan uses a Rover engine, which is a Buick, Noble uses an engine from Ford, American and the 75 is just a silly looking BMW 3 Series.
sugar melon
sugar melon 2 місяці tagasi
I can sleep peacefully with top gear in background.
Psalm Co
Psalm Co 2 місяці tagasi
How is it not the Mclaren F1?
ga thel
ga thel 6 päeva tagasi
Well the engine is BMW
Daniel Strong
Daniel Strong 2 місяці tagasi
''It's 2003''. If only it still was - for many reasons. For me, the Golden Era of Top Gear was 2003/2004-2010. And every now and then you stumble across and old gem like this. Love your work!
patrick neighbour
patrick neighbour 2 місяці tagasi
Hearing Fatboy Slim come in while Clarkson was driving the Noble really sold it for me.
Titmouse Distribution YBGA
Right Here, Right Now to be precise!
Raven Darkholm
Raven Darkholm 2 місяці tagasi
That Morgan is a nice looking car.
R Menon
R Menon 2 місяці tagasi
I am now older than the James May in this clip.
G_ugarte_oficial 87
G_ugarte_oficial 87 2 місяці tagasi
Best British car brand is louts
Aldo Maverick
Aldo Maverick 2 місяці tagasi
I looked for this vt for years
LupusAries 2 місяці tagasi
The Nissan Micra was one epic troll, given how it confuzzled Jezza enough to significantly delay his reaction.
A Ba
A Ba 2 місяці tagasi
kevin cahill
kevin cahill 2 місяці tagasi
Love James nazi heal click 😂😂😂🤣🤣 Jesus if cancel culture was back then 🙄
MirrorMonolith 6 päeva tagasi
I noticed that too😬
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 2 місяці tagasi
2003... i wasnt even born i wasnt Even PLANNED yet
Liam Jones
Liam Jones Місяць tagasi
I've never felt older than reading this comment
Espo Nation
Espo Nation 3 місяці tagasi
4:28 yeet
Espo Nation
Espo Nation Місяць tagasi
@papapapa16 never mind the musjc
papapapa16 Місяць tagasi
What music is it?
Noah Willeke
Noah Willeke 3 місяці tagasi
My goodness that MG may be the ugliest car ever built
AdamTheMan1993 2 місяці tagasi
Even uglier than the Pontiac Aztek?
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai 3 місяці tagasi
That is some garage! A Noble 75 daily, a Morgan plus eight for fun, and a Noble M600 for the occasional kick in the backside!
Unsqeakable8989 3 місяці tagasi
God the 3 wipers on the Morgan look so nice!
Abhishek Rao
Abhishek Rao 3 місяці tagasi
Mclaren F1
Jacob Bahr
Jacob Bahr 2 місяці tagasi
Well, Jezza would argue that that's a part-German car because of its BMW engine
Elvis Tasha
Elvis Tasha 3 місяці tagasi
2:50 i have never seen a more evil laughter than that
DankiusWankius 3 місяці tagasi
2002 lotus esprit v8 enough said
DankiusWankius 10 päeva tagasi
@bodie of ci5 at the time it wasn’t it wasn’t till 2017 that it was bought
bodie of ci5
bodie of ci5 11 päeva tagasi
Owned by Malaysians sadly
Jacob Dulson
Jacob Dulson 3 місяці tagasi
I've just noticed something with that Rover, there is no leg room whatsoever! 😂
Alex Vaughn
Alex Vaughn 3 місяці tagasi
"You could get into this after your dog had died and all would be well" hahaha! Gotta love Clarkson.
Die Komet
Die Komet 3 місяці tagasi
holy shit that morgan is beautiful
Tom Evans
Tom Evans 3 місяці tagasi
Nope its 2021 would rather it was 2003 🤣🤣🤣
Laura Dastageer
Laura Dastageer 3 місяці tagasi
Noooooo is 2009
Ethan Pinella
Ethan Pinella 3 місяці tagasi
What about lotus and caterham
Dominik Wilde
Dominik Wilde 3 місяці tagasi
Lotus was Malaysian-owned at the time (same argument about foreign-owned brands you had with Jaguar at the start). Caterham, fair. Although a bit basic so it was probably left out for the same reasons as the Ariel Atom
Dennis gypsy
Dennis gypsy 3 місяці tagasi
I don’t get it rover 75 was bmw 3 series so it’s not British
AppleJuice 2 місяці tagasi
Not so. The Rover 75 sat on its own platform (R40). The E34 platform was initially suggested but dropped. The 75 uses a derivative of BMW's M47 (M47R) diesel engine, Z-axle and electronic systems.
Edward Westby
Edward Westby 3 місяці tagasi
The Rover 75 had no relation to any 3 Series. The only similarity was BMW's money being pumped into the design process.
Kieran Pearson-Price
Kieran Pearson-Price 3 місяці tagasi
The Rover 75 was British designed and made in Britain by a British brand, sure it had many BMW parts but it was still British
Hallquiche 3 місяці tagasi
190hp from a 4 litre V8. That’s almost as bad as what the Americans got out of big engines in the 70’s, 80’s. And 90’s
Edward Westby
Edward Westby 3 місяці tagasi
Well, it was an engine from the 1950s. In fact, by this point, only small manufacturers used it. All the major manufacturers had modernised. The last Rover V8, I believe, was built in 2004.
pmm4177 3 місяці tagasi
That mg looks like an old dodge avenger in the front
hasan topçu
hasan topçu 3 місяці tagasi
Don’t understand why they forgot the Lotus’s of the time...
hasan topçu
hasan topçu 3 місяці tagasi
@Dominik Wilde thanks for the information on Malaysia, didn’t know that bit 👍🏻
Dominik Wilde
Dominik Wilde 3 місяці tagasi
They didn't forget. Lotus was Malaysian owned. Watch the bit about Jaguar near the start
Tanner Greenwald
Tanner Greenwald 3 місяці tagasi
Somehow I knew before I ever watched this that James would roll up in a Rover 75, England's Buick Park Avenue.
Skylined Місяць tagasi
RCR fan?
Enrique Pršlja
Enrique Pršlja 3 місяці tagasi
Modern britten. Well dont think they knew about BREXIT😂
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 3 місяці tagasi
What would this look like if done today?
9ramthebuffs9 3 місяці tagasi
Joshua Butcher
Joshua Butcher 3 місяці tagasi
I disagree with all of these choices. The mini is the best British made car
DTChapman1 3 місяці tagasi
Mini’s are German
Liam Siviter
Liam Siviter 3 місяці tagasi
I went in a rover 75 2 years ago for the first time. Can't believe that Rover went bust. The ride was better than anything I've experienced in a Mercedes, BMW or Audi.
MrSkrallis 3 місяці tagasi
They were a good car, as was the "sporty" MG ZT version, but they had issues. The 1.8 petrol K series engines blew head gaskets for fun, the clutch hydraulics would leak, water could lodge in the plenum chamber, which wouldn't be too bad except the ECU was in there, and the footwells developed leaks. The best ones were the diesels because they had a BMW engine with Mitsubishi turbo-charger, neither of which would break. Pretty much ever.
Intorsus Volo
Intorsus Volo 3 місяці tagasi
Have to agree with James.
mKrMaa 3 місяці tagasi
@Intorsus Volo oh, cool
Intorsus Volo
Intorsus Volo 3 місяці tagasi
@mKrMaa thanks. I love Top Gear that’s why ;9
mKrMaa 3 місяці tagasi
Wtf, how i can find you here lmao. Love ur possession
udip21 3 місяці tagasi
Get outta way 😂😂
Nico Rosberg F1 Fan
Nico Rosberg F1 Fan 3 місяці tagasi
Did they forget McLaren or are they owned by another company from abroad too?
Intorsus Volo
Intorsus Volo 3 місяці tagasi
@Nico Rosberg F1 Fan definitely. Also Jeremy said “contemporary”.
Nico Rosberg F1 Fan
Nico Rosberg F1 Fan 3 місяці tagasi
@Intorsus Volo I think you're right, the McLaren F1 was probably a bit too old for them to show it again. Still, for me it is one of the best British cars at the time and even today.
Intorsus Volo
Intorsus Volo 3 місяці tagasi
Jeremy said “it’s 2003” and I don’t think McLaren had made anything at the time for years.
Louay Abou Hamdan
Louay Abou Hamdan 3 місяці tagasi
Bri'ish "cahs"
Adam's Fiberglass Childs Slide.
Adam's Fiberglass Childs Slide. 3 місяці tagasi
Yeah, go Bri'in. It you don't like our cahs, you mus' be a wanka.
Dominic Geaves
Dominic Geaves 3 місяці tagasi
I would have wanted the Rover 75
Damien Moloney
Damien Moloney 3 місяці tagasi
Mclaren F1?
joseph hardwicke
joseph hardwicke 2 місяці tagasi
@Andynath100 also BMW engine
Andynath100 2 місяці tagasi
Jeremy wasn't a fan of the car, Tiff loved it though. And Jeremy can be a very stubborn man, so no wonder it wasn't mentioned.
Andrew McCormick
Andrew McCormick 3 місяці tagasi
Plus BMW engine
Zak R
Zak R 3 місяці tagasi
New cars for when that was aired
Zak R
Zak R 3 місяці tagasi
aykut kose
aykut kose 3 місяці tagasi
Love how Richard said that the Noble was a calculator. Damn thing didn’t even have ABS. Oh how times have changed
Duke Perry
Duke Perry Місяць tagasi
@Alan Stokes How is the maintenance on those? Always been interested in Nobles since it uses a Ford Duratec V6. I have a newer revision in my Fusion Sport. Love the engine
Alan Stokes
Alan Stokes Місяць tagasi
@extremedrivr My two M12's never needed it unless you became a hooligan in the wet
extremedrivr 2 місяці tagasi
@Andor Radnai Yep. Not that having ABS is bad but it is safer.
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai 3 місяці tagasi
It still doesn’t have ABS…
voxcudaradio 3 місяці tagasi
"Right, it's 2003..."
PG16 17 päeva tagasi
@Marco Mitidieri May
Marco Mitidieri
Marco Mitidieri 17 päeva tagasi
@PG16I was as well! What month were you born
Rajat Chindarkar
Rajat Chindarkar 17 päeva tagasi
@Kostas Nls I was a year old💀
Il Duce
Il Duce 25 päeva tagasi
@PG16 same
Vance Wankel
Vance Wankel Місяць tagasi
@Kostas Nls nobody cares but you
David Cooper
David Cooper 3 місяці tagasi
2021 Update. Sadly, none of these car companies are completely British anymore. MG Rover went into liquidation in 2005, Morgan is now owned by the Italians and Noble (whilst still being owned by the British) often use engines from other car companies like Volvo and Ford. I think McLaren is one of the few fully-British ones left.
Zak R
Zak R 3 місяці tagasi
Aston aren't owned by Ford anymore
Skobisco 3 місяці tagasi
Good old top gear where the music was louder than the engine 🤣
Titmouse Distribution YBGA
@Skylined The music of which included Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now in this episode and Ya Mama in the budget Porsche challenge.
Skylined Місяць tagasi
Be happy they used proper music.
amaz1ngpizza 2 місяці tagasi
I mean it was the early 2000s🤣
StrokerAceHank19 3 місяці tagasi
When I was in Chicago somebody imported the Noble m12 and I would see it once and while north of the city. Beautiful car
Mike Nortje
Mike Nortje 3 місяці tagasi
Noble body made in South Africa
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 3 місяці tagasi
Clearly the best British car is the Morris Marina.
Kasper Kjærsgaard
Kasper Kjærsgaard 2 місяці tagasi
Propably. If only it wasn’t British then it would have been a really fine car.
MarGuy Thatguy
MarGuy Thatguy 3 місяці tagasi
this was 2003...oh man...
Gabriel B
Gabriel B 3 місяці tagasi
No, a British car is with the steering wheel on the right
TheLastCrusader22 3 місяці tagasi
God I hate the argument that "foreign-owned car brands" are not still of that country. Are not Jaguars still designed, engineered and built in Britain by Britons? I get the same about Volvo here in Sweden, "oh it's Chinese now", no it isn't! They're manufactured and designed in Gothenburg, as they always have been, it only became an argument when the Chinese took over, despite it being owned by Americans for many years before that! Of course all those brands Jeremy mentioned are British, anything else is ludicrous.
PatriotPigeon 3 місяці tagasi
Well, I guess the argument is that the owners of any given company make anywhere from *some* of the decisions in the design process to influencing *all* of said decisions. And, since the public is not privy to the details of the decision making process, when cars are designed, therefore there is the reasonable conclusion made that at least *some* decisions were made by the owners for their own benefits/tastes/cultures therefore making the cars no longer a product of purely one nation's culture/people/style.
Simeon 3 місяці tagasi
3:50 genuinely, the first book that popped into mind when he said he could read a book in the time left was the hungry caterpillar. At least that’s the shortest book I remember reading.
philip ross
philip ross 3 місяці tagasi
I had a red Morgan in 1968. It was a series 2 , a Morgan special with modified engine , rev counter , overdrive that didn't work. Bought it for 250 quid , sold it in 1970 for 350 quid. I was 21 years old , a great car for the best of days.
Visionist 4 місяці tagasi
The clapping sounds like a waterfall at the beginning
Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace
Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace 4 місяці tagasi
The Morgan does not and never did make the Chassis out of wood. The frame for the body is wood.
David Heller
David Heller 4 місяці tagasi
morgan is the only manufacturer who still makes a good looking car and has been since the 2000's
Jeremyk 541
Jeremyk 541 3 місяці tagasi
That man over there
That man over there 4 місяці tagasi
Well I know which I’d have, Noble hands down 👌, I’ll admit it looks a bit wonky but the drive and the noise is everything.
Justin Hites
Justin Hites 4 місяці tagasi
Does anybody know the title of the choir piece?
TheBellonz 4 місяці tagasi
I like the noble, but its engine is a ford v6 which got a couple of turbos. I have to say that rover is a beauty!
Utred Bee
Utred Bee 4 місяці tagasi
Rover made some cracking cars when they partnered with Honda. The 200, 400, 800 etc. They made a huge mistake dropping Honda for BMW. Look what happened after the Germans took over. And look where the Mini is today. That should have still been Rover's baby. They could have made a new little MG sports car for the 21st century. How about a new Triumph Stag? So many missed opportunties.
Harry Tornado
Harry Tornado 3 місяці tagasi
Don’t be suprised if they would rebadge it as the Triumph 109...
Liam Siviter
Liam Siviter 3 місяці tagasi
@Utred Bee yeah good idea. They can do it for me 👍
Utred Bee
Utred Bee 3 місяці tagasi
@Liam Siviter- How about the Germans making a Triumph Spitfire? Now that would be interesting on all sorts of levels!
Liam Siviter
Liam Siviter 3 місяці tagasi
BMW still owns the naming right to Triumph. They could do a badge engineered z4 like Toyota have relatively easily. TR9 anyone?
Mr. CarGuy
Mr. CarGuy 4 місяці tagasi
The best British car ever is the original mini!
Mr. CarGuy
Mr. CarGuy 3 місяці tagasi
@Matt James Im pretty sure that the supercharged Toyota engines in the exige and Elise were 4s! But lotus should stick to bigger engines!
Mr. CarGuy
Mr. CarGuy 3 місяці tagasi
@Matt James in the later cars! But the one Bond had was probably a v6?! To be honest after 30 secs of research the only thing I found was that it wasn’t a v8 or v12!
Mr. CarGuy
Mr. CarGuy 3 місяці tagasi
@Matt James Yup! Even though I think that only had a 4 cylinder engine! I’m not 100% sure! Correct me if I’m wrong
Mr. CarGuy
Mr. CarGuy 3 місяці tagasi
Aston db5, Jensen interceptor and ff, London taxi and Land Rover to name a few more British legends!
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 3 місяці tagasi
Morris Marina?
Will Debeljak
Will Debeljak 4 місяці tagasi
love Fatboyslim as the nobles music
Asap Cars
Asap Cars 4 місяці tagasi
I always wondered why they never mentioned Louts
Marceline XD
Marceline XD 3 місяці tagasi
Was owned by a Malaysian company called Proton and recently purchased by a Chinese company called Geely
philip ross
philip ross 3 місяці tagasi
Louts are driving these cars.
Fraser Ross
Fraser Ross 4 місяці tagasi
Bought out
Trent Trevorrow
Trent Trevorrow 4 місяці tagasi
Bloody nearly fell out of it!
Gappie 4 місяці tagasi
Isnt mclaren emglish
Fraser Ross
Fraser Ross 3 місяці tagasi
@Timestamp Guy the McLaren F1 was out of production
Timestamp Guy
Timestamp Guy 3 місяці tagasi
@Fraser Ross i think the f1 existed but i believe it had a bmw engine I think
Fraser Ross
Fraser Ross 4 місяці tagasi
McLaren weren't making road cars when this was filmed
Samir Khan
Samir Khan 4 місяці tagasi
What about the range rover
Dominik Wilde
Dominik Wilde 3 місяці tagasi
Land Rover was owned by Ford at the time, not Tata
Timestamp Guy
Timestamp Guy 3 місяці tagasi
@TheLastCrusader22 i guess u could say that
TheLastCrusader22 3 місяці tagasi
@SF44 It's an underrated car
SF44 3 місяці tagasi
The Rover 75 was better than the Range Rovers of that era.
TheLastCrusader22 3 місяці tagasi
@Timestamp Guy What kind of moron excludes foreign-owned brands when they're still built in the same country?! Boggles my mind
ROBERTO Arolas 4 місяці tagasi
Some years after, only the Morgan resists muahaha
Anas Masood
Anas Masood 4 місяці tagasi
Any channel: I want subscribers and loads of views. Ok unseen old Top Gear clips! Me: i'll take any of that.
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 4 місяці tagasi
I will give Clarkson one thing. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an all time banger. I love that book. It’s almost as good as Harold and the Purple Crayon.
Devon Garvie
Devon Garvie Місяць tagasi
No ways...The Very Hungry Caterpillar is better than all of those. Legendary. No other word for it
Regular Bloke
Regular Bloke 3 місяці tagasi
@Wild Bill too vulgar, "The Little Red Racing Car" now thats a classic
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 3 місяці tagasi
What about Terrific Tractors? Hammond got a charge out of that one.
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon 4 місяці tagasi
I gotta agree.
Railfan Vlogs
Railfan Vlogs 4 місяці tagasi
Nah Thomas and The Great Railway Show is a lot better
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 4 місяці tagasi
Clarkson: makes fun of the Pontiac Solstice, which made 170 horsepower from 2.4 liters. Because it’s American. Also clarkson: features the Morgan, which makes 190 hp from 4 liters.
John Davis
John Davis 3 місяці tagasi
Did you miss the part where Clarkson made fun of the Morgan? He hates them even more than he hates American sports cars.
Visionist 4 місяці tagasi
He takes the piss out of the Morgan
Bigbradwolf 4 місяці tagasi
The Rover 75 is a lovely car. I never understood why they weren't more popular.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Місяць tagasi
Because of the people who bought Rover 75. Spoiler alert: golden citizens.
Skylined Місяць tagasi
@Lalnable Hector It looks better than most contemporary Jags of the same era.
Lalnable Hector
Lalnable Hector Місяць tagasi
That fugly front end us the main issue I see with it everything else seemed fine but that front good god it looked like somebody tried to describe a jaguar to the designer over the phone in 2 different languages
Skylined Місяць tagasi
@John Davis There were plenty of cars to choose from at the time. Being worse wasn't part of it. They liked, preferred and rated them. It doubtless at the time would have made more sense and would have been cheaper to buy the various alternative cars, of which there were plenty and there were some equally good cars available in the same era.
John Davis
John Davis Місяць tagasi
@Skylined The only Rover I've owned was a Rover 820 (which I would call "average") so I'm no expert. But I imagine the reasons an organization buys cars aren't the same as the reasons private individuals buy cars, and I don't know what their other buying options were apart from Rover. Maybe they were worse!
Sepehr Mn
Sepehr Mn 4 місяці tagasi
What about McLaren?
Dominik Wilde
Dominik Wilde 3 місяці tagasi
McLaren Automotive, the present-day road car company, didn't exist in 2003
Joshua Whelan
Joshua Whelan 4 місяці tagasi
@MadFifa Skillz yes, and that's not particularly British because, well, it had a BMW engine... The only other option they had (which got turned down) was a Honda V10/V12, but that isn't very British either
MadFifa Skillz
MadFifa Skillz 4 місяці tagasi
@Carter Babin the only car they had was the mclaren f1 I believe
Carter Babin
Carter Babin 4 місяці tagasi
Did they have any notable cars in 2003?
Aaron Wise
Aaron Wise 4 місяці tagasi
Why didn’t they suggest Rolls Royce? 🤣
SF44 3 місяці tagasi
@RAPID NISMO Which is ridiculous because they also had the Rover on which at the time was also part of BMWs British division.
Aaron Wise
Aaron Wise 4 місяці tagasi
@SBN 2002 of course, sorry
SBN 2002
SBN 2002 4 місяці tagasi
@Aaron Wise McLaren weren't building road cars at the time of this episode. Apart from the Mercedes McLaren SLR
reda radi
reda radi 4 місяці tagasi
@Aaron Wise well.. No.. They were made with Mercedes engines and now are joined with BMW from 2017...
reda radi
reda radi 4 місяці tagasi
It's owned by BMW for now a longer period of time, that's why they share somethings..
eurosonly 4 місяці tagasi
For anyone wondering, the song is called right here right now by fat boy slim.
Titmouse Distribution YBGA
I know the song in all of it's glory.
eurosonly Місяць tagasi
@Hammed Mousavi my pleasure
Hammed Mousavi
Hammed Mousavi Місяць tagasi
I came to comments to see if anyone knew the song. Thanks. 😃👍
Justin Hites
Justin Hites 2 місяці tagasi
Do you know the name of the choir piece?
wisam111 4 місяці tagasi
Thank you I was wondering exactly that I’ll add it to my playlist
Top Gear ~ Death of the Rover V8
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