Asking a Stranger to go on a Date across the World! 

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Ammar is usually the one setting us up on dates, so now it was turn to go one. But it had to be different. It had to be spontaneous. So he went on Bumble, matched with an awesome girl named Tali and asked her if she'd go on a spontaneous trip across the world within 48 hours. The rest was the adventure of a lifetime :)
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8 apr 2018



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Shubham Deokar
Shubham Deokar 10 tundi tagasi
Dave Ramsy: Who is gonna pay for the travel?
Querida Tess
Querida Tess Päev tagasi
The highfalutin slope pathogenetically mourn because spinach intringuingly heat aboard a valuable gray. silent, axiomatic retailer
Saksham Pachauri
Saksham Pachauri Päev tagasi
Q bhethe ho khali bajao taali😂😂
Alan Cantu
Alan Cantu 2 päeva tagasi
I never thought I'd see Gal Gadot featured on this channel
Ben de Goose
Ben de Goose 7 päeva tagasi
So what happened?? Did i miss something? Did they get married or what? I missed that part of the story... i mean, they had 9 hours flight time to get to know each other... did it work out??? I hope it did, they seemed to have a chemistry. I just want to add: where do you find cool girls like her?? I once asked a first date if she would want to come to climb Triglav with me (highest peak in Slovenia), and her reply was total brutal... There should be an app called COOL GIRLS ONLY. I think it would be a big hit among single men...
8arbarossa 7 päeva tagasi
Be honest.. You look like every guy Liam Neeson hunts down for kidnapping his daughter. They only girls that would go on a date with you, are girls that havent seen "Taken"
Yves Stocky
Yves Stocky 8 päeva tagasi
brightestfuture 8 päeva tagasi
No update
J M 11 päeva tagasi
Note: This will either get you friend-zoned or wifed up...
John nixter Perez
John nixter Perez 12 päeva tagasi
If a good looking guy asked for a date aroundthe world, she'd say yes. If an ugly guy like me asked a girl for a tour around the world,I'd be reported to the FBI for harassment and attempted rape. Sad reality
John nixter Perez
John nixter Perez 12 päeva tagasi
I can just do date around my house. No more no less.
Appoe 21
Appoe 21 12 päeva tagasi
Yo is that abella danger?
Marvin Mallari
Marvin Mallari 15 päeva tagasi
Thanks for sharing this video! Those are amazing shots and a big shoutout to your date for having the courage to take a trip with a stranger on another side of the world.
Ashwin Aneja
Ashwin Aneja 15 päeva tagasi
why this video is so short?
farhana afrin
farhana afrin 16 päeva tagasi
But at the end she looked sad.
Chaitanya Prabuddha
Chaitanya Prabuddha 16 päeva tagasi
THat girls be like now - unless you book full world tour for me, I will not go to a date with you
Shridhar Segdar
Shridhar Segdar 17 päeva tagasi
Man I can't believe you found a girl who looks like WONDER WOMAN !!!!!
Abhishek Gunagi
Abhishek Gunagi 17 päeva tagasi
She looks like Gal Gadot
Hassan Babapour
Hassan Babapour 18 päeva tagasi
Are you in date yet?
scvhours 19 päeva tagasi
bad first date fit fo sho
Madhur 22 päeva tagasi
I wish I could do it. But unfortunately I haven't got any match on bumble and tinder. I don't know if it's my fault or the algorithms fault but the main point is I haven't got any match. Hope yes theory can make it, as yes you ll get it 😂...
Reajul Islam
Reajul Islam 22 päeva tagasi
...And here I am watching this in the middle of the 2nd wave of the pandemic in 2021. Can't travel and don't ask about date bud!
Ojan Fau
Ojan Fau 22 päeva tagasi
I am whatching this over and over again cause i loved it, with two diffrent account
Chris Zegarra
Chris Zegarra 23 päeva tagasi
Her first bumble date... Sureee, thats what every girl says haha
vetrov 24 päeva tagasi
Bro, she's a keeper.
Capt Fantastic
Capt Fantastic 24 päeva tagasi
She's very chill! Great find bro! I hope you guys continue to hang out.
Neuder Javier
Neuder Javier 25 päeva tagasi
That doesn't happen in Colombia, bro Haahahah
WyomingBoy27 27 päeva tagasi
I want to live my life like them
CastleTG 29 päeva tagasi
The rope is there for a reason. I killed my date, by Amar.
American Communism
American Communism 29 päeva tagasi
rajesh k
rajesh k Місяць tagasi
Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Bob...I'm from INDIA Hyderabad, me and my friend have started a youtube channel and we seek only 1 member in our group who wants to explore the world (atleast INDIA)...so if you want to join us you can message me through my mail kondarajesh90@gmail.com Remember seeking discomfort and exploring the world is our aim.... If you want to join us remember that it's all about teamwork.... * SEEK DISCOMFORT *
bob69075 Місяць tagasi
damn she's cute to.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Місяць tagasi
She looks like Abella Danger
No Equipment Workout
No Equipment Workout Місяць tagasi
imagine the stories they're gonna be able to tell his kids
No Equipment Workout
No Equipment Workout Місяць tagasi
These videos feel like Movies, there so high production
Corey McLennan
Corey McLennan Місяць tagasi
So like... How did you guys go as far as it being a date?? Sincerely, Everyone
Lonelyz Місяць tagasi
tHis Is DoNe iN tHe CoNtExT oF fRiEnDsHiP bruh you really trying to to lose at this point huh. She was prolly like “Aw what? We’re just friends?? 😔” maybe there’s a reason he never filmed where they stayed/nighttime...
Joe Miro
Joe Miro Місяць tagasi
Shes a cutie 😊
Akshay D Raj
Akshay D Raj Місяць tagasi
She looks like Gal Gadot
Retro Game Dev
Retro Game Dev Місяць tagasi
Her parents said she should go to another continent with a complete stranger... saying they’re chill is an understatement
monsta 2020 reacts
monsta 2020 reacts Місяць tagasi
I wish had courage like them im a shut in and will probly die a shut in
monsta 2020 reacts
monsta 2020 reacts Місяць tagasi
This makes me sad cause I didn't talk to anyone in high-school I love people having friends cause I dont even have a bestfriend
Alexandar Banovic
Alexandar Banovic Місяць tagasi
Amar high af
Katan Akuma
Katan Akuma Місяць tagasi
. She was the most *amazing person* ever. I hope you guys are still in touch.
Jamie Riccardo
Jamie Riccardo Місяць tagasi
Yeah, but were the fucking tho?
The AvidAustralian
The AvidAustralian Місяць tagasi
Rip to the next dude she meets and tries to impress her on a first date 😂
Abhinav Mittal
Abhinav Mittal 5 tundi tagasi
It is Fake
Nishant 2 päeva tagasi
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 2 päeva tagasi
Whats An /r wooosh?
Whats An /r wooosh? 8 päeva tagasi
PEter Cjare
PEter Cjare 9 päeva tagasi
Kermit on bullseye
Kermit on bullseye Місяць tagasi
*and so he went onto grindr*
charlie garcia
charlie garcia Місяць tagasi
You know this dude smash
Ankush Banerjee
Ankush Banerjee Місяць tagasi
Are they still dating?
Artemis Місяць tagasi
"Crafting the perfect message"... WOW
Lusifer Morning star
Lusifer Morning star Місяць tagasi
Any one for date 🤦 I'm single seriously
Tazio Spanò
Tazio Spanò Місяць tagasi
Before Ammar knew he was gay
Alexizace2004 Місяць tagasi
So I just saw this legend jump from 25,000 ft on a moon live ad connected to this video 😮
Danny's Email
Danny's Email Місяць tagasi
Ammar, you are so darn cute!!!
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend Місяць tagasi
My boyfriend won’t even take me on a date to McDonald’s
Mr. S7
Mr. S7 Місяць tagasi
I’m sure it was hard having to film and remembering to be in the moment and have a good time
Alexandros Markides
Alexandros Markides Місяць tagasi
are they still together or?
M M Місяць tagasi
You friendzoned yourself after five minutes u met... good job!
ELdrakystuff Місяць tagasi
Imagine the head she gave him
Atif vlogs
Atif vlogs Місяць tagasi
What's app name ?
Rocky.A Місяць tagasi
Why did he friend zone himself ???!!
Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin Місяць tagasi
We get 4 mins of them out of 48 hours what happened the other 47 and 56 min
Lil Capone
Lil Capone Місяць tagasi
How much cocain do you guys snort before videos?
Dasun Ileperuma
Dasun Ileperuma Місяць tagasi
Astro Boy
Astro Boy Місяць tagasi
Caught Cold after watching the video 🤧
Ma Pe
Ma Pe Місяць tagasi
7:22 COVID 19 like this.
alavedin Hall
alavedin Hall Місяць tagasi
This mans definitely never got his shit wet
alex sterneker
alex sterneker Місяць tagasi
That was the girl for you. They way she was and them sat so close to you. Brooo
slender proxy
slender proxy Місяць tagasi
Better question did he get the girl?😂
Avicii is my god
Avicii is my god Місяць tagasi
it took me two years to see this video. what was i doing until now?
Mikee22ification Місяць tagasi
She is pretty and cool, hope it worked out for you
LU TAM Місяць tagasi
This is how not to act on a date, he probably still single.
Aidan Brynjelsen
Aidan Brynjelsen Місяць tagasi
I agree, right off bat he noted we are gonna be best friends, why would you say that.
LU TAM Місяць tagasi
This girl is super stupid, this can be human trafficking.
Aidan Peacock
Aidan Peacock Місяць tagasi
4:24 was flattering. Love you Ammar!
Gina Mastrapa
Gina Mastrapa Місяць tagasi
This video was just good vibes all the way.
nashville slim
nashville slim Місяць tagasi
I'm sure there was no smash at all.
Moush Wuzhere
Moush Wuzhere Місяць tagasi
Imagine on the plane back he goes “we gone split the bill or what?”
Heisenherb Місяць tagasi
Equality amirite?
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers Місяць tagasi
He didn’t know if the boys would think it was a good idea *11 million views on EEfrom*
David Maxwell
David Maxwell Місяць tagasi
1:18 is the picture in the back famous or something? I remember seeing it somewhere I just cant remember where.
David Maxwell
David Maxwell Місяць tagasi
@Jeko hm thanks
Jeko Місяць tagasi
yep it's the great wave off kanagawa
Dis Wouter
Dis Wouter Місяць tagasi
seeing people without masks is weird
Anish Vinaayak
Anish Vinaayak Місяць tagasi
He instantly friend zoned her
Sugereta Kàgé
Sugereta Kàgé Місяць tagasi
I was smiling like an Idiot watching this 🤣
Kendal R
Kendal R Місяць tagasi
they seem like such great guys with wonderful personalities and they are cute total 10 across the boards
Vaibhav 12c -44
Vaibhav 12c -44 Місяць tagasi
This is the best video i have ever watched
BlackMambaFan124 Місяць tagasi
She’s a cutie
Raniya Abawari
Raniya Abawari Місяць tagasi
her through this entire thing: 😁😄
LoveII Місяць tagasi
Y’all should of kissed behind the scenes like she’s genuinely a nice girl like da fuq
james turner
james turner Місяць tagasi
I hope he's dating her now she's a cool girl.
James Bews
James Bews Місяць tagasi
Zohara Frank
Zohara Frank Місяць tagasi
There’s barely any footage of the date proper. I assume there must be a lot of “lost footage” 🤣
Clark _Elite
Clark _Elite Місяць tagasi
Shes so awesome..
Scandinavia Місяць tagasi
5:54 fellow swedes of the comment section, doesnt that bag look like a Fjällräven Kånken
Bergen-Alexis Schmidt
Bergen-Alexis Schmidt Місяць tagasi
I would've thought I was about to be trafficked ngl
Emotional Lesbian
Emotional Lesbian Місяць tagasi
What is the girls Instagram ?
Tahazu Designs
Tahazu Designs Місяць tagasi
Jesse Місяць tagasi
WTF he takes her to Iceland and not even a kiss?????? YEah right...
Riyume Tadashi
Riyume Tadashi Місяць tagasi
My mom said If you don't travel you will only see one page of the world and I have to agree to it, you're videos are so fascinating and so warm and cool !
Sheikh Humayun Kabir
Sheikh Humayun Kabir Місяць tagasi
I am sure everyone is thinking about behind the camera stuff...ahem ahem ..🤫🤥
Le Monke
Le Monke Місяць tagasi
Imagine she’s super annoying and your just stuck with her for a week
syed ali
syed ali Місяць tagasi
Ammar was focused on being a gentleman while taking a complete stranger on an awesome trip give the guy a break
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