When someone is obviously trying to hack you 

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This video is staged. This is based on the "when a hacker tells you your address but you already know it". In this funny discord video there's also a hacker that tries to hack an other user. But it's pretty obvious that he's trying to hack this person. How will he react?


Discord (please join):
Music possibly made by arutama:



28 apr 2021



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Wolfie9_YT 10 tundi tagasi
virus.exe wont work for cause im on mac😂😂
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen
*AddSkipper has been banned from the server*
Marc 356
Marc 356 8 päeva tagasi
Me who knows that it an ip grabber but still click it cuz I’m curious: nice
Kajka Gulbišová
Kajka Gulbišová 12 päeva tagasi
Well...that took an unexpected turn
PenguinBW 14 päeva tagasi
every dm in a nutshell
Userlan Mine
Userlan Mine 15 päeva tagasi
try open this fille in virtual machine)
Jparcasm 18 päeva tagasi
Even if someone hacks me i just have games in my pc
Guy Sandler
Guy Sandler 18 päeva tagasi
(indian scammer voice) Hello your computer has virus
C W 18 päeva tagasi
5 gillameets of ram
Kaila Saab
Kaila Saab 19 päeva tagasi
secret unknown
secret unknown 19 päeva tagasi
Plot twist : it was not a hack it was a rickroll
Gamer_Girl_Sophia ツ
Gamer_Girl_Sophia ツ 19 päeva tagasi
0101010101 Download 100% Hacking Database 100% virus.exe Hacking Router 100% Installing_______
Conner Davis
Conner Davis 20 päeva tagasi
"me thinking I'm getting discord notifications"
RACKUUN 20 päeva tagasi
Oh, this guy with his crush again
Hozaifa Nazar Siddiqui
Hozaifa Nazar Siddiqui 21 päev tagasi
My horrible game is of 80mb how he managed to make it so smol
Eli ChanW
Eli ChanW 24 päeva tagasi
the ending
MajesticMilk 24 päeva tagasi
her dad wants to hack her because she keeps online dating Boi
dr virgil
dr virgil 24 päeva tagasi
5 gigamytes of extra RAM
Emik Zotic
Emik Zotic 25 päeva tagasi
5 bytes lol does it just contain the text "hello"
Brain Zombie
Brain Zombie 25 päeva tagasi
Its Big Brain Time
Ezkidtrix 25 päeva tagasi
For a second at the start of the video I thought the discord alert sounds were from discord on my computer. Anyways, asides that, enjoyed the video and keep up the good work!
Dakshya Ved Singh
Dakshya Ved Singh 26 päeva tagasi
I know hacking
the roblox core destructor
"just download the virus" "dude its a virus" "i promise its not a virus" "then what is it" "uh" "5gm extra ram" edit: yea i definetly want 5 more gigamites of ram
Mina's hair
Mina's hair 29 päeva tagasi
*insert manly voice* Son... I really tried to hack you.. until I found out it was you..! long time no see *insert emotional dad sounds*
Bruh Місяць tagasi
*when son is actually winning:*
KKK3079 Місяць tagasi
“Roses are red” “Violets are blue” “If it’s let than a minute” “Then I will give it a view”
Nikhil Vadgama
Nikhil Vadgama Місяць tagasi
This is gaming channel?
Rehab Gendy
Rehab Gendy Місяць tagasi
Her name has just in it so I got confused lol
Rehab Gendy
Rehab Gendy Місяць tagasi
When she said just
Irgya Ataya
Irgya Ataya Місяць tagasi
Wow an plot twist. But. Expected?
Java Місяць tagasi
cops: "Sir did you rob and assault this lady" AddSkipper: "No i took her money and punched her"
RACKUUN 20 päeva tagasi
My bird is scientifically a bird
Pro LittleOmegaBacon
Pro LittleOmegaBacon Місяць tagasi
@Taco you are good
Health Inspector
Health Inspector Місяць tagasi
should have renamed the file from *virus.exe* to *word.exe*
tukurenkobra - darth nihilius
tukurenkobra - darth nihilius Місяць tagasi
my dude can u just download this file called scorpion 3.0 and this mrsmajor.exe theyre programmes which will optimize your computer's performance!
Lucas Liu
Lucas Liu Місяць tagasi
LMAO this happened to me today, he was like "Ggs, you won the nitro giveaway, download this file: nitro.rar" and i wasnt participating on any giveaway
Chirag Sikriwal
Chirag Sikriwal Місяць tagasi
guys don't u know, he just fitted Entire GTA Story And CyberBug 2077 in 5 bytes. that's what we call talent.
Youssf Gamea
Youssf Gamea Місяць tagasi
Barra Radiansyah
Barra Radiansyah Місяць tagasi
Ah yes, she would definitely download the file if it's named "virus.exe"
Subha Siddiqi
Subha Siddiqi Місяць tagasi
Everything can be solved in this world, by the power of dad
Pro craft
Pro craft Місяць tagasi
dolbo Місяць tagasi
Man just wanted to secretly check his son's PC for por-
David Leonard
David Leonard Місяць tagasi
Caught in 4k
Jim Jimbo
Jim Jimbo Місяць tagasi
who else went to their discord
Xavier Massing
Xavier Massing Місяць tagasi
Dude if he is trying to hack atleast name rename it to extra5ram.exe and also that doesn't have the power to do it if u want extra ram just put it in ur computer or buy a new computer that dude is dumb if he thinks he can trick people maybe if he got a life and new how to hack by hand instead of people clicking on the thing then being able to grab the token just hack by hand not trick someone that simple dude
RuxsMobile Місяць tagasi
G Місяць tagasi
Is no one not gunna talk about how he broke his promise? 😠
Damian Brigou
Damian Brigou Місяць tagasi
All my Files of google are gone😭😭😭
DudiCoding Місяць tagasi
it is 5bytes nothing can fit in that .exe file exspt from 5 letters
Miesha Halemep
Miesha Halemep Місяць tagasi
XproGamer Місяць tagasi
if hes her dad.......... WHY IS HE TRYING TO GET HER IP IF HE ALREADY KNOWS IT!?!?!?
MR GOKU Місяць tagasi
Hahah thx
Gh Sofiane
Gh Sofiane Місяць tagasi
Riley Chapman
Riley Chapman Місяць tagasi
five gigamites of extra raaaaaaaaaaaaam!
RainbowXX Місяць tagasi
emosdaughter Місяць tagasi
Alex JK
Alex JK Місяць tagasi
Holy shit its almost like he was joking????? Nah that would be too insane i couldnt possibly imagine that would be the case
Hell o
Hell o Місяць tagasi
Plot twist when someone is obviously trying to hack you and you fall for it because he said its a free robux hack.
Gaming With 11kRenegade
Gaming With 11kRenegade Місяць tagasi
Lmao what did I just watched XD
cantthinkofausername lol
cantthinkofausername lol Місяць tagasi
Ah they can install the virus, it’s probably just something that will be used to ddos some poor 14 Yr old who is about to get the 100 bomb, don’t see anything wrong with that
Даниэль Місяць tagasi
Чё это такое?
Leo Місяць tagasi
When ur dad hates u so much be like:
Turbo lol
Turbo lol Місяць tagasi
Did a Hacker Try to hack you:
xXmlgamingXx Місяць tagasi
Their dad must hate them
Leo Dong ✓
Leo Dong ✓ Місяць tagasi
The ending make me laugh so hard and can’t even stop! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pawan Місяць tagasi
What is this? It just recommended to me and now I can't stop watching these videos.
luk3.47b Місяць tagasi
Do not read this unless you want free cookies V We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see
Reahs Місяць tagasi
5 Byte file is a virus? hmmm
dawda dawd
dawda dawd Місяць tagasi
Nobody Місяць tagasi
I tried to join that discord channel, for some reason, Wasn't able to(it said no text channels and no new group came on the left side I guess there's something I don't understand in the discord yet or something else (I know I am noob, no need to mention it)
ً Місяць tagasi
Dïta (kemungkinan hiat komen.y)
CIA Місяць tagasi
hello this is cia
Loop Місяць tagasi
"just download this and you'll be safe" XDD
Avid Vivid
Avid Vivid Місяць tagasi
its a dead giveaway if he wants you to download virus file, i know cuz im 9 now
OwenOS Місяць tagasi
impressed how this guy made a virus 5 bytes big...
Nishant Agarwal
Nishant Agarwal Місяць tagasi
ِAhmed QP_UI
ِAhmed QP_UI Місяць tagasi
You are the one who corresponds with yourself or what is it is fun at least🙄🙄❤❤
Cryptor WR gaming 😎
Cryptor WR gaming 😎 Місяць tagasi
Wait bro Why always that hacker? Isn't that You in another phone???
Beyond 5D
Beyond 5D Місяць tagasi
why didn't i laugh
Mission J Clips
Mission J Clips Місяць tagasi
This is staged
R.Lalrintluanga Місяць tagasi
No,,babgirl,, Daddy's just checking your temperature 😂
Yousif Bahzad
Yousif Bahzad Місяць tagasi
daylight's 24 hour task: Look for a bot in the comments ;)
StormX Місяць tagasi
Imagine she add "dad" with dy behind it- *WAIT-*
Yeliz Topaloglu
Yeliz Topaloglu Місяць tagasi
İmagine makeing a virus with 5 letter 😂
Yeliz Topaloglu
Yeliz Topaloglu Місяць tagasi
Yes its called byte but = letter
Yeliz Topaloglu
Yeliz Topaloglu Місяць tagasi
Or idk if it too confuseing for u 🤣😂🤯🤯
Yeliz Topaloglu
Yeliz Topaloglu Місяць tagasi
İt ll be same
Yeliz Topaloglu
Yeliz Topaloglu Місяць tagasi
Now open ur discord and send it to some one
Yeliz Topaloglu
Yeliz Topaloglu Місяць tagasi
And look again hiw many bytes it is
jimmey JR
jimmey JR Місяць tagasi
whtai is that funny shit i just watched
František Ignác Paleta
František Ignác Paleta Місяць tagasi
hello your computer has an virus
Deeznuts Wet
Deeznuts Wet Місяць tagasi
suoquainen Місяць tagasi
The "hacker(s)" shown in this videos here seem to be very stupid or naive.
Hayoung Z Lee
Hayoung Z Lee Місяць tagasi
I have a similar scenario where a "celebrity" that I followed DMed me and started talking. I asked if he was the real guy cos I knew it wasn't (although the name said official) and he said, 'why would i lie' and so we talked then i said, 'if you were a real celebrity, why would you text me' and he replied, 'i have nothing to do' LIKE WHAT?! the guy is so famous he would be busy and i told him(?) that and he just said, 'well i've failed at this' and deleted everything 🤣🤣🤣
invalid Місяць tagasi
5 bytes
T Місяць tagasi
5 bytes small virus
Conlang Protogen
Conlang Protogen Місяць tagasi
I do like my five byte viruses
ChiKler Місяць tagasi
When your dad is the man from Tallahassee.
DSZ119 Місяць tagasi
Lowkey his a genius 5byte and he made a virus.All I see is pure talent
Kayra Місяць tagasi
Cynica Cat
Cynica Cat Місяць tagasi
An executable program is not just ".exe" it can also be ".com" ".ps1" ".js" ".cs" ".vb" ".vbs" ".jse" ".vbe" ".bat" ".cmd" also a program that simply prints out "Hello World" compiled using tcc, is usually 2 KB, So a 5 byte Virus, yeah right!.
????? le ????
????? le ???? Місяць tagasi
Virus.exe File size: 5 bytes WHAT KIND OF COMPRESSION IS ON THAT...
Vex Місяць tagasi
Today At 3:15. Guy With Name AddSkipper Tried To Hax justcats12.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Місяць tagasi
Why justcats12 has a fluttershy Eg pfp???
Daniel Yang
Daniel Yang Місяць tagasi
this video is 99999999999999999999999999999999999/10
Im legit subbing to everyone who subs to me!
“ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉˢ”..?!
Avinav Chalise
Avinav Chalise Місяць tagasi
Tazwar Місяць tagasi
Ivan Leong
Ivan Leong Місяць tagasi
Plot twist: justcats12 was hacking him as he was trying to hack her
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