The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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4 apr 2021



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Trub1 3 tundi tagasi
Most people cannot imagine what those numbers mean. Anything beyond a million dollars just sounds like ALOT. 1 million 1,000,000 1 Household 1 billion 1,000,000,000 1 NYC Skyscraper 1 trillion 1,000,000,000,000 All of NYC real estate 1 quadrillion 1,000,000,000,000,000 ???? 2 Earths ??? Oliver didn't address key issues of FED classic misdirection
Covid Delusion B117
Covid Delusion B117 3 tundi tagasi
You can’t be in Debt if you’re printing your own money Joe Biden
Clar Ice Tayag
Clar Ice Tayag 3 tundi tagasi
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Charles Renner
Charles Renner 3 tundi tagasi
Debt interest payment will soon exceed our military budget. We have nothing to show for all this debt. When the debt interest payment exceeds the government revenue, is this a tipping point?
Sophie Harkins
Sophie Harkins 3 tundi tagasi
What is your favorite graphing calculator?
AJHyoton 3 tundi tagasi
That PSA at the end.....Wow! Still, it is hard to not dismiss bratty, precocious kids that curse. Was the F-Bomb at the end really necessary, or am I the one who needs to grow up? No. Someone else. When F Bombs are unnecessary, skip them. Every thing else was cool. Not a clock!!
alberto barajas
alberto barajas 3 tundi tagasi
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Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter 4 tundi tagasi
You admit that you have absolutely no idea if debt is good or bad. Not just you don't know, but the one economist you interviewed for your video also doesn't know. And since he doesn't know, then no economists must know. Except, they guy said right at the beginning of his comment that "I don't want to speak for my entire profession."! But people you don't like have said it's bad, so that must mean its good. And look, here's a really cute video with little kids cursing, and they don't know either! I guess no one knows, John! So that means, the sensible thing to do is to keep borrowing as much as we can, so that we can finally determine "How much debt is too much?" And we're borrowing it dirt cheap! If a year from now interest rates ares several points higher, then we'll just cut $2-3 trillion in spending so we don't borrow under such adverse conditions. Right? You're like a heroin addict saying "Well, I haven't OD'd yet. Guess I'll try a little more!"
Science27 4 tundi tagasi
Do people watch this show? My first viewing of this guy. More entertainment than actual facts.
Joey Hollenberg
Joey Hollenberg 4 tundi tagasi
Now check who ownes the money and the printers is it your own government?
Joey Hollenberg
Joey Hollenberg 4 tundi tagasi
Greece got "saved" by the EU because it's part off the EU Who will save the U.S. when the payment is due? Japan, China or your money printer? Check the state of everything around you roads, railroads, sidewalks everything is it all in great condition? If not you got screwed and lost your money.
Franz Fortuny L
Franz Fortuny L 4 tundi tagasi
That's exactly right! Keep money flowing, never stop it. It is sick and perverse to stop the flow of money. We must never stop the flow of money. Stopping the flow of money is like the Universe stopping, the Sun stopping to turn hydrogen into helium, the Earth stopping to spin around its axis, the Moon stopping to rotate around Earth. Nature exists only because it flows, it is constantly moving, it is constantly changing. The flow of money makes things happen; if you stop it, you stop life! At least in the socio-economic system we have chosen to function in.
Next Gen
Next Gen 4 tundi tagasi
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William Willard
William Willard 4 tundi tagasi
There is no national debt!!! When the government can print all the money we need.da.lol just more talk. Mag pies.
Ryan Howe
Ryan Howe 4 tundi tagasi
This show used to be enjoyable.
Franz Fortuny L
Franz Fortuny L 5 tundi tagasi
Money is constantly flowing from entity to entity. It never stops. When it does, things do not happen, things stop. Every single time money flows from one entity to another, something happens that increases the GNP and for the GNP to grow, MONEY NEEDS TO FLOW among entities. It does not matter what money is spent on, it always makes something move or change. If more money is injected into the global stream of money flow, some entities will benefit directly and some indirectly. No entity loses anything when money is injected and the global amount of money increases, EXCEPT an entity that relies in the value of money for its future possibilities. Any entity that bases its progress in cash accumulation, will LOSE every single time the global amount of money is increased. Most of the time there is a healthy balance between things being produced and the need for them. The need for them is measured by the amount of money units being spent on them. If the flow of money stops. the incentive to produce stops, too. It is absolutely necessary to continue making money flow among entities. The system can only strive if things are moving and things only move when money flows. For money to flow, each entity involved in the flow MUST have something to offer that the buying entity is willing or needing to pay for.
Lau Da
Lau Da 5 tundi tagasi
The callous heat centrally film because weapon endoscopically joke after a obtainable kevin. bustling, soft hair
Franz Fortuny L
Franz Fortuny L 5 tundi tagasi
Something is not right in the logic of money. The debt is what a person ows to another person. The legal person called USA has a debt of 28 trillion to another Legal or Natural person. Who is the creditor? What is the name of the creditor? Where is the creditor? How can the creditor collect back that amount of money?
George Collier
George Collier 5 tundi tagasi
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A. Worden
A. Worden 5 tundi tagasi
Wow John. You've become a trite left wing talking head whose show is full of ad hominem arguments. Do another segment on this in 5 years and tell me debt is no big deal. We're in the roaring 20s again, and we all should know how that ended. Foolish.
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 5 tundi tagasi
Any suggestions on how we can get Republican voters to watch John Oliver and blow their minds?
C I 5 tundi tagasi
Let's be very clear.......the debt skyrockets when taxes are slashed and defense spending (for no reason whatsoever) is increased. End of story. It's not brain surgery.
Pamela Casanova Lorca
Pamela Casanova Lorca 5 tundi tagasi
Mainstream economists have no idea. MMT economists have been right for ages.
Pamela Casanova Lorca
Pamela Casanova Lorca 5 tundi tagasi
Everyone read Stephanie Kelton's "The Deficit Myth"
Dave Land
Dave Land 5 tundi tagasi
I never noticed his cloth-covered sleeve buttons before.
lisa C
lisa C 5 tundi tagasi
Great shows.get angry after most of the shows bc0 The Republican 0 representatives and governors around the country don't care and it's disgusting
Noah Kaufman
Noah Kaufman 5 tundi tagasi
This won't age well.
Will 5 tundi tagasi
This is actually a relatively bad and non-nuanced look at the debt problem. I would’ve preferred if John had looked at both sides of this issue - the bad possibilities along with the good ones.
Art1985 6 tundi tagasi
While america have strong army and secret service... nobody will demand america to return money, but for how long it will last?
Ralph Bernhard
Ralph Bernhard 6 tundi tagasi
1:50 Most of those GOP old farts had no problem spending trillions on forever wars...
A G 6 tundi tagasi
Reps when they are in the drivers seat: “lower taxes for the rich! Debt? Hmmmm? Reps when they aren’t: “there’s so much debt!”
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 6 tundi tagasi
close to 8thousand people should not vote. thank you √√√√
redcaddiedaddie 6 tundi tagasi
John Oliver's sense of humor has always cracked me up, as I imagine it does most people ( with the possible exception of Adam Driver LOL!! ), but the last 2 minutes & ten seconds just 'hits it out of the park'- it's friggin' COMEDIC GOLD!!
Agustin Marius Tataran
Agustin Marius Tataran 7 tundi tagasi
John Oliver just lost any credibility, not that he had uch left...
Tally Jones
Tally Jones 7 tundi tagasi
13:06 The Ted Cruz Poem
jason gay
jason gay 7 tundi tagasi
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toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 7 tundi tagasi
No one could ever live up to that wonderful Nicolas Cage pillow! It’s power is too great!!!
Michael Maltese
Michael Maltese 7 tundi tagasi
I mustve fallen into a marxists asshole. I'm out
Kirbly 3 tundi tagasi
@Michael Maltese you used liberal and socialist to describe each other, you obviously have no idea what either are.
Michael Maltese
Michael Maltese 6 tundi tagasi
@addison the entire liberal socialist movement
addison 7 tundi tagasi
point to the marxism
Doug Smith
Doug Smith 7 tundi tagasi
This guy is so damn annoying.
Austin101123 7 tundi tagasi
Reeee you didnt mention obama making the tax cuts permanent!
Michael Maltese
Michael Maltese 7 tundi tagasi
It's okay because we have 800 trillion wiggle room no matter what kinda bullshit we're fed.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 7 tundi tagasi
with some of his points, like the government has decided to go big rather than small in order help the economy recover.
Jon Malay
Jon Malay 7 tundi tagasi
Those Debts owned by someone at the 'Heart of the East'' (Not China maybe) and perhaps its over 500 years old debts
marsfan30 7 tundi tagasi
Jaymeister92 7 tundi tagasi
This is super misleading I don’t even know where to start
Saggit 7 tundi tagasi
22:11 Did they make some children swear and say “grow the fuck up”? :)
dszklar 8 tundi tagasi
This is probably the worst explanation for how government debt works that I have ever seen
Sebastian Stone
Sebastian Stone 8 tundi tagasi
The infamous freezer previously pack because lyre ontogenically guide than a shiny palm. capricious, doubtful break
addison 7 tundi tagasi
you said a lot of big words so I'm going to take you seriously
Mihir Jadhav
Mihir Jadhav 8 tundi tagasi
6:16 Oh. So now factories are good all of a sudden? Wasn't so before the elections.
servornon 8 tundi tagasi
What he is missing is that since the debt is at 130% of GDP, any rise in interest rates back to market-determined levels will bankrupt the country. It might be manageable at a lower number, but it is no longer. Additionally, unfortunately he is aligned with the philosophy that a government body has a better understanding than the collective experts in the field that determine the market rate. By forcing the allocation of resources into what the government and not the market deems as beneficial, the government in fact in its lack of understanding of the particular markets distorts and causes financial crises. Proper liberalism lifts up the citizenry with no-strings-attached aid that increases productivity such as with education. And yet the left-wing now is defending a system that defeats the very premise of liberalism in that every aid package has strings attached that bends your will to the government's (public education with government-mandated curriculums, for instance, instead of free charter schooling) and most aid decreases productivity (viz. labor force going from 95% of the able-bodied to 60% since all of these mismanaged welfare programs). If people want to be genuine about liberalism, they need to realize that we are not in a democrat-republican world, but a government-people world, and we are suckers for not seeing the difference.
Koen van der Post
Koen van der Post 8 tundi tagasi
No one knows why interest rates on US treasuries go down while the debt goes up? What about quantitative easing John? You know... the quantitative easing which the FED has now stopped continuing? Oh wow.. the rates are suddenly going up.
chance king
chance king 8 tundi tagasi
So debt is good that’s my take away
Linda Leal
Linda Leal 9 tundi tagasi
Are American corporations saying they can't afford to give up 1 year's profits to help citizens get back on our feet after 15 years of incredible republican dis-representation? The past year 2020 was one of the most extremely profitable years for the rich in our history.
Frankie J. Enno
Frankie J. Enno 9 tundi tagasi
sd86it 9 tundi tagasi
Was this UK libtard in the states when 911 hit ? I am guessing no.
jea261 9 tundi tagasi
Regardless of political party, if the amount of government spending and the continued growth of the debt over different presidents doesn't give you some pause for concern, you're brain dead or full of it. And it does matter what you spend the money on. And, if the debt does ever get to a tipping point, good luck to us all trying to tax our way out of debt. John oliver is an entertainer cramming various loosely supportive points at hyperspeed for effect that support the dems are good the repubs are bad. Come on man! I do agree with some of his points, like the government has decided to go big rather than small in order help the economy recover.
Sebastian Stone
Sebastian Stone 9 tundi tagasi
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addison 7 tundi tagasi
Michael Falatine
Michael Falatine 9 tundi tagasi
OK so I laughed out loud (as usual with John's commentary) but that ending had me in stitches!
Lou Ferigno
Lou Ferigno 9 tundi tagasi
“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.
Nocturnal101 Ravenous
Nocturnal101 Ravenous 9 tundi tagasi
I have never seen such a sad excuse of a cover up for Democrats over spending........... Seriously people wake the fuck up.
Taylor White
Taylor White 9 tundi tagasi
Oliver is nothing more than a propagandist for the establishment now.
Reilly-K 10 tundi tagasi
When will it become obvious enough that the U.S. is run by children in adult bodies?
iseeu1980 10 tundi tagasi
Republicans are such lying pieces of shits.
Laymara 10 tundi tagasi
I had no idea about the massive debt in the US. Brazil is now the epicenter of the pandemic and the federal government is literally letting people starve and hiding behind the debt thing. That's after deciding to freeze investments in education, health and beyond for 20 years and fucking up social programs like retirement, and most liberals stand behind the debt obsession.
ArchitecturalRevenge 10 tundi tagasi
4.4 million views. And now we know why our population is so incredible uniformed or just outright stupid.
bookish girl
bookish girl 10 tundi tagasi
The Ted Cruz poem never goes out of style.
Poonam Tripathi
Poonam Tripathi 10 tundi tagasi
Why is there a dog in the middle of a riot.....wtf.
Hooman HM
Hooman HM 10 tundi tagasi
Stock market, and the economy on general, runs on the perception of people and absolutely nothing else. That's how Tesla has stayed alive despite being in the red for well over a decade. As long as people view the Dollar as a trusted means of commerce, the US, no matter its debt, is not going to experience a major financial meltdown. In reality, people are placing a stupendous amount of value on a system that even most of Americans are frustrated with.
08healing 10 tundi tagasi
I know the GOP makes it easy to poke fun at, but I really wish Oliver stopped making literally every segment "us vs them"
Keller weskier
Keller weskier 10 tundi tagasi
lol here we fuckin go again about the debt. no one said a fucking thing durring Trumop. i wonder why. Hell the debt should have gone down because of the Covid relief shit. the US's largest debt is not to a country. its returns on tax and investment.
Samuel Goad
Samuel Goad 10 tundi tagasi
Wait, of course governments can just print more money infinitely, as long as the ratio of currency to commodity is roughly equal, inflation doesn't necessarily happen
Curtis McFeron
Curtis McFeron 10 tundi tagasi
This is a great episode. My guess for the weird reason we are not in the throws of an economic collapse at this moment due to debt exceeding GDP is confidence in our economy. But we really need to get this under control. Manchin needs to get real, and we need to raise corporate taxes. We need to shift our budget to pay into programs that feed back into our economy, feed back into the people.
Z U C C 10 tundi tagasi
It’s so funny seeing the right and lefts hypocrisy. They both think they’re in the right when in reality both of them are fucking over the American people 💀 the best part is y’all still buy it
Demetri Cobourne
Demetri Cobourne 7 tundi tagasi
There is no Left Wing in America it’s Centrist and Right Wing while Left Wing Politicians are sabotaged so that Corporate loving ones can stay in
Lily Charles
Lily Charles 10 tundi tagasi
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addison 7 tundi tagasi
skramblz1 10 tundi tagasi
"our national debt" Is a Brit.
addison 7 tundi tagasi
what is immigration
Pete Thomas
Pete Thomas 11 tundi tagasi
But America now has trillionaires. That makes a lot of sense. America is run on wage slavery. Slave to a debt made by those not willing to pay it but could.
Tom Hayes
Tom Hayes 11 tundi tagasi
The reason why interest rates are that low is called yield curve control and open market operations, there is nothing mysterious about it from an Austrian perspective. Central Banks want to buy it all to have absolute control of every transaction in the economy, they will prop up the markets as long as it takes to achieve their goal. In Princes of the Yen, Richard Werner described what happened in Japan in the late ´80s throughout the ´90s and they pretty much followed the same plan we see now playing out on a global stage. This form of centrally planned economy has nothing to do with Free market capitalism, in essence, it is the same economic system that destroyed the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and not to forget Venezuela - a country with huge oil reserves that cannot afford to get the stuff out of the ground.
Andy Sefayan
Andy Sefayan 11 tundi tagasi
This guy is really getting on my nerves.
addison 7 tundi tagasi
parler is the other way, sir
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 11 tundi tagasi
I am left cold knowing that our entire way of life depends on the care of some guy in Omaha avoiding sidewalk cracks.
Tater Tots
Tater Tots 11 tundi tagasi
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Asiablue 11 tundi tagasi
George Bush II made his tax breaks for the rich temporary. Obama made them permanent.
gingaj87 11 tundi tagasi
So while watching this with my girlfriend I noticed that the urn on the mantle with the kick ass Nicolas Cage pillows had the date 04/23/1977, and me being me had to look it up to see if it is John’s bday. What a pleasant surprise because we share the same bday!
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 11 tundi tagasi
The smart ex-wife sporadically untidy because leo unexplainably tick above a same nation. nonchalant, brief toe
Chirag Arora
Chirag Arora 11 tundi tagasi
Is it me or did anyone else feel John Oliver was talking bullshit in this episode? Well if that's the case why don't you accrue all the debt in the world? Those numbers most definitely mean something and the bigger it gets the worst it is. If we don't know how big is bad doesn't mean we can take that number to any point we want. This most certainly sounds like a Leftist propaganda (I am left btw). Children saying give them all the debt in the world. Don't be ridiculous!
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 11 tundi tagasi
We are using debt to pay interest. People who listen to children are fools.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 11 tundi tagasi
I smoked a cigarette and didn't get cancer. That means it's totally safe. ~ Oliver. America has no high speed rail. We spend our money on interest. This is totally fine. I don't see the problem. Your grand children will never have high speed rail. ~ Oliver. Debt is governments problem. They should cut spending. DERP.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 11 tundi tagasi
It's mathematically impossible to give a tax cut to someone who does not pay federal income taxes. The top 1% pay most of the taxes. The top 50% pays all the taxes. The bottom 50% do not pay Federal income taxes. Tax cuts mean people have more money and that is a good thing. Tax cuts means the government has less money. That is also a good thing. Government is very, very bad with money. I got a laugh out of the Olivers whataboutism. "It's OK if Biden is stupid because Trump was too". LOL!
dusty 11 tundi tagasi
"this little human rights violation" IM DEAD
MinarchoMystic 11 tundi tagasi
I'll answer that question on why interest rates are low... Ready? Might be a shocker... THE FEDERAL RESERVE!
Clash Clans
Clash Clans 11 tundi tagasi
America needs Andrew Yang
addison 7 tundi tagasi
bernie can still win
Dewaldt 11 tundi tagasi
No he would be terrible.
Lady Loki
Lady Loki 12 tundi tagasi
i just want to add to the whole, "worry about our kids future" i do not plan to have children. however, as a society we should all practice empathy for all children's future. some ppl its enough to just pay taxes for schools. but we should at least vote in the future generations best interest. a debt is not as bad as not having a habitable planet to live on. whether ppl believe in it or not. its better to have clean energy than run off from mines into our water ways. another example is burning coal which causes more asthma issues than pollen does.
Erti 12 tundi tagasi
the jokes are a bit more cringe without the audience
One JackSachs
One JackSachs 12 tundi tagasi
No mention of the Federal Reserve, no mention of interest rates rising crashing the stock markets in 2018, no mention of any central banks. John Oliver did a dereliction of his duty with this piece.
Sweet Hard-Biceps
Sweet Hard-Biceps 12 tundi tagasi
I'm glad to see Republicans outraged by this. They just spent 4 years not doing a damn thing that anyone except them wanted.
Money guy
Money guy 12 tundi tagasi
5:39 Going into debt is a good investment? credit card debt is never a good investment
Mule83 12 tundi tagasi
I love knowledge until it becomes political....politicians are all liners for the sake of getting back in office
Mule83 12 tundi tagasi
This is a really good explanation, just until it became a party issue...Left vs Right...
Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones 12 tundi tagasi
The smart ex-wife sporadically untidy because leo unexplainably tick above a same nation. nonchalant, brief toe
Pretty Rickey C
Pretty Rickey C 12 tundi tagasi
Why do Republicans love Ronald Regan?
Elizabeth Ortiz
Elizabeth Ortiz 12 tundi tagasi
Are you saying The Simpson's accurately predicted the end result of Trump's administration? Is that what I hear?
A H 12 tundi tagasi
He’s the only comedian that can do a show without an audience without it being awkward
Jonathan Seibert
Jonathan Seibert 12 tundi tagasi
Interesting. Oliver's view on the debt is exactly the same as many Republicans view on climate change. He's a "financial crises denier"...
addison 7 tundi tagasi
that crisis that's been a crisis since the 80s, sure
Drew Miller
Drew Miller 12 tundi tagasi
It's very sad because it's all made up. The whole economy is fake. Wealth doesn't really exist. We made it up. It's not like God is going to show up and evict us. Everything that ever was, was always here, free for the taking. Certain individuals decided to horde the more popular free things to themselves so they could generate more of everything to themselves despite their actual need, things like the sustenance of life. If they could figure out how to do it, they would horde all of the air that we require to breath. Money and consumer items are a control mechanism plain and simple. Look at the attitude of the so called wealthy and their attitude toward those who don't have wealth. SHIT! We are only here for about 75 years on the average and we spend most of our time working to stay ahead of debt and toward accumulating things that we really don't need instead of enjoying life to its fullest. We need to remove the economy and focus on a quality of life for everybody. A country or even a world based on personal wealth is just sad. It's the worst kind of bias there is and needs to go away.
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