Man Pranks People by Wearing Realistic-Looking Face Mask - 1175805-1 

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9 veebr 2021



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Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 2 tundi tagasi
*Legendary* 😅
Jan Staněk
Jan Staněk 3 tundi tagasi
Where can I buy it? It's awesome!
Andrew Babcock
Andrew Babcock 3 tundi tagasi
I love this video
Alexander Thegreat
Alexander Thegreat 7 tundi tagasi
Idiot to be that
once ck
once ck 8 tundi tagasi
Graham 11 tundi tagasi
I am sooo 'better-looking' with a standard medical corona face mask in place, it hides my stubbly grey beard... takes 10 years off me... try it!!!!?
NatoHoro 13 tundi tagasi
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 13 tundi tagasi
Now this is actually a prank that doesn't hurt anyone, unlike those idiots coughing at people. Edit: Just realized, how tf does this guy have almost 2m subscribers.
1 M without video Guinness world record
█▀ █░█ █▄▄ █▀ █▀▀ █▀█ █ █▄▄ █▀▀ ▄█ █▄█ █▄█ ▄█ █▄▄ █▀▄ █ █▄█ ██▄
Angelica Bautista
Angelica Bautista 15 tundi tagasi
where did he got that mask..cool
Boris 16 tundi tagasi
where can I get same mask?
민뙇팽이 18 tundi tagasi
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 13 tundi tagasi
Funny, yet sad.
Tina J
Tina J 18 tundi tagasi
Where can I buy the mask
CesarConH 19 tundi tagasi
Dude's got a face only a mask could love
Lazerzeam 22 tundi tagasi
you dont even have a profile picture
AvneetDoesStuff 22 tundi tagasi
MR Ø 22 tundi tagasi
hello everyone this is your daily does of internet
Monte SS
Monte SS 23 tundi tagasi
It is just easier not wearing a mask.... I still never worn it yet lmao!!!
Awesome!!!! Be careful out there with that!!!👩🏻💖🤗💖👍🏻
Vaultamort1 Päev tagasi
Where can I purchase this?
VretoX Päev tagasi
How to buy that mask? Whats the name?
Justin Velez
Justin Velez Päev tagasi
Super cool
Isaiah Rhamy
Isaiah Rhamy Päev tagasi
Mans went from American to British
black stars
black stars Päev tagasi
I would completely ignore them and if they follow me around the store killing all their time and call the police then that'll be them looking stupid lol
BoomASMR Päev tagasi
I like how he didn’t realize when his mouth was closed while speaking.
morrissey8485 Päev tagasi
Funny, yet sad.
Cal Cycling
Cal Cycling Päev tagasi
Where can I buy that mask from?
Aliban Päev tagasi
Who was here before daily dose of internet was here Comment if u were
The one and only Slick Rick
Take your mask off! Ppl take your masks off!
Statech Gaming
Statech Gaming Päev tagasi
Everyone let's put this in recommendation
Sally Kasim
Sally Kasim Päev tagasi
Something karens need.
PrinceRemielAleks Päev tagasi
I like that he didn't even realize his mouth was closed while speaking.
Smith Charles
Smith Charles Päev tagasi
Holy crap wow bro lol lol lol lol
Bruh Coli
Bruh Coli Päev tagasi
Chevonne Päev tagasi
Johnny Sparks
Johnny Sparks Päev tagasi
If masks work then why aren’t cows wearing them on their butt holes? They farting all that methane, a lot more than people coughing out “covid”
Sharon Hughes
Sharon Hughes Päev tagasi
I would have played that out a bit longer with the manager 😂
SoulFor Sale
SoulFor Sale Päev tagasi
A better prank is coughing a red mist into your mask and falling to the floor. Then get up and run out just as the emt arrive. Epic. ( covid is a hoax)
Smitha Jk
Smitha Jk Päev tagasi
🤣🤣🤣🤣 awesome idea
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Päev tagasi
Reminds me of cartoons when they draw eyes on their glasses so they can sleep
ilovebirbs8 AJ
ilovebirbs8 AJ Päev tagasi
I love when peeps didnt realize his mouth didnt move while speaking
Rebecca Sewell
Rebecca Sewell Päev tagasi
This is who i want to be when i grow up
immasoxfanbaby Päev tagasi
My idea as well. Thats cool. Did u make that one?
drop deagle pls
drop deagle pls Päev tagasi
spider man grilled cheese
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Päev tagasi
This literally puts face mask into a whole new meaning
Lisa Hoffer
Lisa Hoffer Päev tagasi
Victor Greystoke II
Victor Greystoke II Päev tagasi
That's so cool! 👍
Nick hyde
Nick hyde Päev tagasi
It's over my nose. 😷
Medusa Sunshine
Medusa Sunshine 2 päeva tagasi
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 2 päeva tagasi
Lol!! I am sure the sheep were all over that one
Agniva Roy
Agniva Roy 2 päeva tagasi
I need this
Real Linksin
Real Linksin 2 päeva tagasi
Real Linksin
Real Linksin 2 päeva tagasi
to confirm that its a mask
Reski 2 päeva tagasi
Hello everyone this is YOUR daily does of internet.
King Everard Conquerors Blade Gaming
How can I get one?
hondansx1972 2 päeva tagasi
where do i buy one
Hassi manzoor
Hassi manzoor 2 päeva tagasi
Someone : are you wearing a mask? This guy : yes"nt
Krøne 2 päeva tagasi
Why don't print it the whole without the mask down?
Cassie 2 päeva tagasi
I like how he said "Sir... Its over my nose" like he knew he blew his mind😭
Korey Suzuchi
Korey Suzuchi 2 päeva tagasi
This literally puts face mask into a whole new meaning
Alan Abraham
Alan Abraham 2 päeva tagasi
therese a point for : 6 969 428 views
Chester Dudley
Chester Dudley 2 päeva tagasi
0:09 so sexy moment
Official Lil Autism
Official Lil Autism 2 päeva tagasi
“you like that” mph zaddy keep talkin😩🥴
Cassie 2 päeva tagasi
He should market that mask as bait for Karen-hunters.
Joe Livingston
Joe Livingston 2 päeva tagasi
what a terrible joke. pranking people into thinking they are going to get the china virus from some dummy who wont wear a mask...worst prank ever
Amir Ibrahim Montero Cerna
POV: u were here form daily dose of internet
Joe Kim
Joe Kim 2 päeva tagasi
I'd love to wear this and f*k with all the Karens
Durdona Atabaeva
Durdona Atabaeva 2 päeva tagasi
yea this is how we roll
Trust Me
Trust Me 3 päeva tagasi
I love this...
RoundnRound 3 päeva tagasi
Mine has a Mn Vikings logo on it so Ill never catch anything!!
6 Percent
6 Percent 3 päeva tagasi
We did it bois, we found a mask that offends no one.
Reshma Thomas
Reshma Thomas 15 tundi tagasi
HAHA right?!
Crystal Twumampofo
Crystal Twumampofo 3 päeva tagasi
"Yeah this is how we roll"
Dany Cute
Dany Cute 3 päeva tagasi
I want one!
Raul Ddd
Raul Ddd 3 päeva tagasi
I want a mask like that
BeyondTheHorizon - Imagine
The Aliens has done an excellent job of creating the realistic looking jaw surgery face mask.
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant 3 päeva tagasi
bahahahha. Not even a welcome hello... done done done I'm your father.. put your mask up. what a life...
Wayne Bennett
Wayne Bennett 3 päeva tagasi
Does NOT look like an attempt to even be realistic...
AtomicPlayGirl 66
AtomicPlayGirl 66 3 päeva tagasi
He should market that mask as bait for Karen-hunters.
EpicMinecraftjr69 3 päeva tagasi
This is a godly man, gove him a award
Angela Appleby
Angela Appleby 3 päeva tagasi
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 3 päeva tagasi
I like how he said "Sir... Its over my nose" like he knew he blew his mind😭
steven leete
steven leete 3 päeva tagasi
he can be a ventriloquist
Soil Bound
Soil Bound 3 päeva tagasi
0:20 “It’s Up” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
zaratustra 234 games
zaratustra 234 games 3 päeva tagasi
fucking GOD!! this guy is awesome!! XD
Saitama 3 päeva tagasi
*Kid : Mummy can I wear daddy's mask* *Mummy : This is ok... I hope it's normal*
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 3 päeva tagasi
His voice fits his face
Saitama 3 päeva tagasi
Saitama 3 päeva tagasi
Nobody : Corona = *TROLLED*
lokraj bhatta
lokraj bhatta 3 päeva tagasi
man lol
Padam Raj Joshi
Padam Raj Joshi 3 päeva tagasi
Lol that was a funny comment
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper 3 päeva tagasi
he jus went in a car dealership casually to do that!! what a chad
Rafa Garcia
Rafa Garcia 3 päeva tagasi
Police officers shoots a man wearing a prank mask. Officers claimed they didnt know It was a prank and fired 4308 times.
grit 3 päeva tagasi
when u want to catch a karen walking around so u can expose her lol
Lois N
Lois N 3 päeva tagasi
Lol thanks, that is cute and funny when he said it's up😂
Archono Gamepage
Archono Gamepage 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine someone saying "Put your mask on!" to him
Pogi Star_.
Pogi Star_. 3 päeva tagasi
Глеб Рыбаков
Глеб Рыбаков 3 päeva tagasi
"Вот хитрюга!" - Куплинов
Old Geordie Geezer
Old Geordie Geezer 3 päeva tagasi
Pranking strangers with things like that is just an asshole move..
Ditz TV
Ditz TV 3 päeva tagasi
Judah Richardson
Judah Richardson 3 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ loves you all
illhumouredparadox 3 päeva tagasi
Where can I get one?
Deana Ogorman
Deana Ogorman 3 päeva tagasi
His voice fits his face
•iixparix playz•
•iixparix playz• 3 päeva tagasi
I had to look at the thumbnail 2 times 😂
Diablo Flare
Diablo Flare 3 päeva tagasi
Do this in front of a cops
JODYLOVESTOMMY 4 päeva tagasi
Too Funny! You gotta try this at Starbucks in NYC.
Bacon Pizza
Bacon Pizza 4 päeva tagasi
hahahahaha I need that
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