Spoiled Rich Girl Refuses To Pay Waiter 

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5 apr 2021



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vinu135 34 minutit tagasi
It’s not a good idea 💡 is not to do that for the next few
Kyleigh McGoon
Kyleigh McGoon Tund tagasi
Omg the mom is soooooo BAD AND THELILGIRL!!!
Saud Al-sheikh
Saud Al-sheikh 3 tundi tagasi
My heart
Tris Bonaiuto
Tris Bonaiuto 3 tundi tagasi
😌McDonAlnDs hERe I cOmE🥳
Whitney_roblox Love
Whitney_roblox Love 3 tundi tagasi
Hi how are you today
Vicky Abara
Vicky Abara 4 tundi tagasi
i think the woman is prettier than the daughter
Layla Alabood
Layla Alabood 5 tundi tagasi
The Doge Master
The Doge Master 5 tundi tagasi
Madysen D
Madysen D 7 tundi tagasi
Ya know what's free? A trip to the orphanage for these brats.
Allie Le
Allie Le 7 tundi tagasi
Wait the mom is that karen in the store from a dhar mann video grows up to have a spoiled daughter
Rosie Dee
Rosie Dee 7 tundi tagasi
When the acting is so good u just wanna punch them
All Music
All Music 8 tundi tagasi
Watch guys that girl is not going to eat island that’s too much money and he’s being mean to the manager
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 9 tundi tagasi
And yes my mother was a master shoe beater and I was the receiver of most those and you are absolutly right it 100 percent builds character
Sakura Misaki
Sakura Misaki 10 tundi tagasi
Love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕
Aishwarya Dhanush
Aishwarya Dhanush 14 tundi tagasi
I love you sssniperwolf ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Dan Da MAN
Dan Da MAN 14 tundi tagasi
To tamed Beverly
Baldonnell Workshop
Baldonnell Workshop 16 tundi tagasi
Zhi Yee Lew
Zhi Yee Lew 18 tundi tagasi
“I wanna smack her in the face! " Yep same here
Sophia Knutson
Sophia Knutson 19 tundi tagasi
I feel so bad for the waitress she was about to cry
kua 21 tund tagasi
Mommy be like:you know why you get nice things it is because i work every day. Daughter be like:okay and we rich i do not care i can rule the world. Mommy again:why you giving me atidutet
kua 22 tundi tagasi
Girl period.
Doggyplayz 22 tundi tagasi
That happend to me once I’m crying right in front of everyone
DG - SFJK 946797 Nahani Way PS
she is good at acting
DG - SFJK 946797 Nahani Way PS
She a good mean act
Anam Salman
Anam Salman 23 tundi tagasi
Shadow Moonlight Wolf
Shadow Moonlight Wolf 23 tundi tagasi
If I was the mother I would of take the card and said Your done and slap her and probably leave her make her find her own home and say I hope you learned your Lesson you get your aituid fix you spoiled girl
Monkeys Phone
Monkeys Phone Päev tagasi
Why is her name Beverley her name should be karen
Colton Warnick
Colton Warnick Päev tagasi
Dellik crewmate
Dellik crewmate Päev tagasi
Beverly More like.. Braterly Or B-tcherly
Meditate with me
Meditate with me Päev tagasi
Oh my God I’m your best fan
RenRen Ren
RenRen Ren Päev tagasi
*insane karma*
Bob Jake
Bob Jake Päev tagasi
If I were the mom I would have just stuffed the salad in the girls face
AJ - 03RS 864601 Russell D Barber PS
Ha ha ha lia you are so funny
Kooky Rae
Kooky Rae Päev tagasi
My dad tiped a waitress once he still does it tho im so happy for him and this is like this
Alana Puttbrese
Alana Puttbrese Päev tagasi
She was so stupid
Alana Puttbrese
Alana Puttbrese Päev tagasi
Omg 😱
gkoonie Päev tagasi
That girl (the “rich” daughter talking trash to the waitress) has -♾iq
gkoonie Päev tagasi
Also one day I went to a restaurant and the waiter took like an actual hour to serve my food and I gave him a tip.That girl waited like 3 minutes in what looks like a busy day an she is complaining.
Landen Rowland
Landen Rowland Päev tagasi
my momma would smack my skinny a$$ into 2471 if I acted like that
peacelover gaming
peacelover gaming Päev tagasi
I love this video's
B Buck
B Buck Päev tagasi
Wow she learned HeR LeSsOn
Daiirayz Päev tagasi
Some people have some NERVE
Flamingo fan Aka bikerboy
Lol this vid funny
Jovannie Nelson
Jovannie Nelson Päev tagasi
So much
Jovannie Nelson
Jovannie Nelson Päev tagasi
God loves you so much 💓❤
DJMJ Løl Päev tagasi
. . .
Llamacorn Playz
Llamacorn Playz Päev tagasi
When the mom says being a waitress isnt easy is it just me or when Beverly scoffs it sounds like a minecraft dirt block being destroyed
Kessler Vingioux
Kessler Vingioux Päev tagasi
but im 8
L KX Päev tagasi
all dhar mann video are just cliche
GWI Päev tagasi
Who else is watching on Friday?
Richmond Porca
Richmond Porca Päev tagasi
i swear digital and sssniper like has the friendship same as mine and it so great and feeling the pain-
heather Maynard
heather Maynard Päev tagasi
And yes I am in the wolf pack
heather Maynard
heather Maynard Päev tagasi
I Love a Wolf so much sssniperwolf
James Doyle
James Doyle 2 päeva tagasi
Or you can just look at the menu and see if your allergy is on there
branthediamandman 509
branthediamandman 509 2 päeva tagasi
I would disown that child
•star Chan•
•star Chan• 2 päeva tagasi
Daddy money and mommy credit card👩🏼‍🦱😌❤️
Jennifer Riggs
Jennifer Riggs 2 päeva tagasi
The douter suckS
Kristie Hinton
Kristie Hinton 2 päeva tagasi
I hate the rich girl so mean
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat 2 päeva tagasi
The closet? That's *armature* hour! I lock my children in three places due to having kidnapped lots, my three main places are Basement, Attic or Basement. And if the cops find out then commit arson on them and hit then with crowbars. You're welcome This comment *will* put me on a list 🤣
John Lavvas
John Lavvas 2 päeva tagasi
The clever hardboard experimentally fit because sound unknowingly allow after a aloof tie. gaping, rambunctious twilight
BusyIzzy 2 päeva tagasi
BusyIzzy 2 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad
Sleepy Potato’s
Sleepy Potato’s 2 päeva tagasi
I actually really wanna job and I’m a kid I want a bakery or be an artist so be happy of which job u get!
Desiree Holmes
Desiree Holmes 2 päeva tagasi
But guess what my friend and I have a channel and I hope I can be like you for a channel like yours
Desiree Holmes
Desiree Holmes 2 päeva tagasi
SSSniperwolf I love your channel so much
•Monster Cookie•
•Monster Cookie• 2 päeva tagasi
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata 2 päeva tagasi
can we get an F in the chat for the waitress
jerry kat
jerry kat 2 päeva tagasi
To be honest I would have taken the waiter aside and asked her to spit all over the daughters food
Jacob Brushwyler
Jacob Brushwyler 2 päeva tagasi
Nah lia I got the belt as a kid we have the same perents
Ratnabali Guha
Ratnabali Guha 2 päeva tagasi
Yah I injoyed
Мая Мирчева
Мая Мирчева 2 päeva tagasi
wow nice / no nice stuff. rich=guilt
Lexi I hope we can be friends some day
I am really badly allergic to gluten and I am a kid and I still remember to ask about gluten!
ANIKA THAKUR 3 päeva tagasi
I love how she says bro so much :))
Birdies Reinhold
Birdies Reinhold 3 päeva tagasi
I love when the mom Straight up took the card from the daughter purse
FAUSTINO CASTRO 3 päeva tagasi
Reagan Skelton
Reagan Skelton 3 päeva tagasi
I love wen she sad it builds character and when my sister confessed that she was the one that dropped me off of a pumpkin ride she was like it builds character
Michael Gamer
Michael Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
Yo SS is spitting out some facts for real though
Jenson Beedham
Jenson Beedham 3 päeva tagasi
its called a trash CAN not a trash CANNOT
Avocado :p
Avocado :p 3 päeva tagasi
I am Gluten Free too and yea I ALWAYS check.
Mitsuki Bakugo
Mitsuki Bakugo 3 päeva tagasi
I would take the credit card and then give it to the waiter and say “here’s your big tip”
Dinoboi150 3 päeva tagasi
My cousin can't eat gluten I know how it feels. I try to be as careful as I can around him
Isaac The fire
Isaac The fire 3 päeva tagasi
yoli diaz
yoli diaz 3 päeva tagasi
Beverly thanks I was just being nice for the card hehehhehe
Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox 3 päeva tagasi
I would have sent here to brazil in a tiny box and she is a karen
nunya biz
nunya biz 3 päeva tagasi
In the darman videos why is it always a white person treating a black person like 💩
DatGuyGames 3 päeva tagasi
Only in L.A
Eva Colson
Eva Colson 3 päeva tagasi
And then say you spelt that pick it up
Eva Colson
Eva Colson 3 päeva tagasi
To be honest if I was the waiter I would have grabbed her plate and dropped it on the floor
Cameron Bolton
Cameron Bolton 3 päeva tagasi
I hate spoiled kids so rude
N sisters
N sisters 3 päeva tagasi
196k like🙂
stm bolt
stm bolt 3 päeva tagasi
Ellie Efstratopoulos
Ellie Efstratopoulos 3 päeva tagasi
I’m loving this video
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
Sister remember no she already knows I bet it's like two years she already knows
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
I don't trust her really like how she just pause for 2 seconds pause video go get your coffee
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
It's going to ride straight to the orphanag if you like 14 I don't care I was still kick it out she can go straight to the ultimate
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
She just snatched it with nobody there how much is that do that to me they're going to get a big fat oof
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
I'm not talking to you sniper Wolf
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
I will shut up
Heather Deisner
Heather Deisner 3 päeva tagasi
It came like 2 seconds to get a bottle of water why is she mad at her cuz the 2 seconds to get her water she's done
Sans Also sans
Sans Also sans 3 päeva tagasi
“I’ll make sure to give you an extra big tip this time” extra big tip *one more penny*
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