Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World 

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Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
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SHw0pe 2,0
SHw0pe 2,0 3 tundi tagasi
the fact that everyone on this list is a female, just shows how ungratefull they can be edit: i know that prince george is a male. But he is the only one that doesn't ask for the presents
Sai Vijay Ragav
Sai Vijay Ragav 8 tundi tagasi
The fact that there is no males in this list tells how cool we boys are
Sarah 11 tundi tagasi
why is ksi just so annoying. the only sidemen videos i watch are the ones without him and theres like three
Shelia Butler
Shelia Butler 20 tundi tagasi
does anyone realize the title has a typo
Alphatron 16 tundi tagasi
I think it’s on purpose
Weird_butmeh Päev tagasi
All the spoiled brats on this list are girls except for the Prince What's beautiful about this video is that the guys from Sidemen are all millionaires at this point and they still don't take it for granted , they never forgot where they came from and how they got there Respect guys
JADERIFY Päev tagasi
In the title they wrote spoilt instead of spoiled
Jonxs _mtb
Jonxs _mtb Päev tagasi
Lol the first girl did it with the wrong arm so its fine
Rihha Hisham
Rihha Hisham 2 päeva tagasi
Very terrible parenting
Lil Jay
Lil Jay 2 päeva tagasi
she aint getting a cent
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
doctor danial
doctor danial 3 päeva tagasi
Top 10 Most Spoilt Kids In The World
Mr. Es Interessiert Mich Nicht
she is holding up her left arm - that has nothing to do wiht nazis
Sujit Dalui
Sujit Dalui 3 päeva tagasi
I really missed vik in this video..
Nickolas Kunz
Nickolas Kunz 3 päeva tagasi
Dang jj hit it. Not like I’m ever gunna get to play hide and seek in a castle😂
New potato
New potato 3 päeva tagasi
MacBook girl is fake btw
Collin McDonald
Collin McDonald 4 päeva tagasi
13:17 JJ is having flashbacks to his guess their age vids
Phantom0411 4 päeva tagasi
lol I got an allowance of $10 a month
ZAINUL's FITNESS GARAGE! 5 päeva tagasi
Harry ethan and jj combo😂
OdinAllFather 5 päeva tagasi
bruh idk why he have to bring up the phone being android...does he not know iphones are made from samsung lol
Cooper Copeland
Cooper Copeland 6 päeva tagasi
16:47 hey I’m American 16:48 hey that hurt my fwelings
yasha ivanets
yasha ivanets 6 päeva tagasi
Lol they r all girls
Gabe Frantz
Gabe Frantz 6 päeva tagasi
This actually pissed me off
Jonathan Shrier
Jonathan Shrier 7 päeva tagasi
Bruh I have to freaking bag groceries and pull carts 🛒 for a living for my job! Some of us have to break our damn backs to work for a wage. I also live in America and I work at a freaking Vons and I am proud to work hard for what I have. I am living in a freaking group home because I can’t even afford an apartment but I am still happy to have what I have.
Usman Uddin
Usman Uddin 7 päeva tagasi
me gassed cause he said swindon :}
Uzair Zaheer
Uzair Zaheer 7 päeva tagasi
btw i did one google search and founf out that liam and maya broke up recently so no more money for liam lmao
pixarlen 8 päeva tagasi
Simon "anyone who doesn't own an iPhone is not spoilt" me watching this with an android
Narasimha Bhandarkar
Narasimha Bhandarkar 9 päeva tagasi
Huge respect for Ethan .
Flaming Sniper15
Flaming Sniper15 9 päeva tagasi
JJ and Ethan IMMEDIATELY check to see how old she is😂
battery man
battery man 9 päeva tagasi
Liam Payne has apparently broke it off with her, this didn't age well
Yareli Leon
Yareli Leon 9 päeva tagasi
Who’s here after Liam confirmed that him and maya broke up 🥲
Shash_ G
Shash_ G 10 päeva tagasi
Lol they broke up now 😂
Emre Yegin Y9
Emre Yegin Y9 11 päeva tagasi
Me sat here with no pocket money
Rei5sy 11 päeva tagasi
Repent and make it to heaven. Ask YahWeh for another chance
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 11 päeva tagasi
I bet those rich girls don't even know how money works.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 12 päeva tagasi
Not to sure if anyone has pointed this out but why did they all say at the same time why is she nazi saluting they know its the right hand not the left right
Ice wallow come
Ice wallow come 12 päeva tagasi
Eve Nkatha
Eve Nkatha 12 päeva tagasi
Omg, people have 4 macbooks FOUR!I don't even own a laptop,my phone's screen is broken,it doesn't even have a screen protector or a phone case,jeeeez¿¿¿
expelliarmus prime
expelliarmus prime 12 päeva tagasi
there is nothing wrong with an android
shaaz 13 päeva tagasi
15:05 that's exactly what I would have done
shaaz 13 päeva tagasi
And this video was making me so angry that I wanted to kill somthing
Sw1ft_C 13 päeva tagasi
I hate these kids I get 10 dollars a month.
LittleTea 13 päeva tagasi
this is were ksi get's shit on by people making fat GREEN.
Beastchampion12 Gaming
Beastchampion12 Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
I would like to think that when all the sidemen have kids, all of them will be uncles to each other's kids. Hard to imagine uncle JJ xD
Thang Kop
Thang Kop 15 päeva tagasi
Hey where's Li Tay.
Omer Bakri
Omer Bakri 15 päeva tagasi
All these fucking kids I don't even have more then 1 TV in my house and we can't even get Mcdonalds
Hannah Moomba
Hannah Moomba 15 päeva tagasi
this reacts trio is ELITE
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza 15 päeva tagasi
You can actually see it through Ethan. Who knows the worth that these kids are ruining .
Malachi Duncan
Malachi Duncan 15 päeva tagasi
"Its just a little girl in the field" Ksi: "how do you feel about that Ethan," Ksi you've said some funny things but that takes the cake🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Exility 1
Exility 1 15 päeva tagasi
Luckily the hitler salute was on the wrong side
movie time!!!
movie time!!! 15 päeva tagasi
me still in toshiba
Gay Vodka
Gay Vodka 16 päeva tagasi
I’m here bc they talked about maya and I love her A LOT
Tristan Richard
Tristan Richard 16 päeva tagasi
Fucken hell I'm lucky to get $10
XD_ANONYMOUS _XD 16 päeva tagasi
Calvin Corcoran
Calvin Corcoran 16 päeva tagasi
notice how 9/10 people in this where females 🤨
Ke Dynasty
Ke Dynasty 16 päeva tagasi
simon offended me since i use an s20+ android
hhone 65
hhone 65 16 päeva tagasi
Maya was a one direction fan before she actually met Liam she has been spotted at multiple concerts before
E. 16 päeva tagasi
I’m here for Maya and Liam ✋🏼
Yes 18
Yes 18 16 päeva tagasi
Bit- is here w/ a allowance of 1000£ and I get a allowance of a hefty 1£ a year if I’m lucky l....
Asher Eng
Asher Eng 17 päeva tagasi
Omar Naqqasha
Omar Naqqasha 18 päeva tagasi
Bruh wtf samsung is better than apple fam
Telesophic Stanza
Telesophic Stanza 18 päeva tagasi
10:22 dead
Wazza 18 päeva tagasi
One celebrity who hasn't let his money get to him is adam sandler yeah he has a nice house thats like 20 mil but he wears normal clothes and so does his kids
Edit Name
Edit Name 18 päeva tagasi
18:00 her mum probably gave him permission
Dixieboy1503 20 päeva tagasi
The unique circle apparently ask because call daily pinch as a neat earth. white, equal cub
Iron Wolf
Iron Wolf 20 päeva tagasi
The title of the video is spelled wrong... LOL
Hazadam8 20 päeva tagasi
15:17 It’s my car now, I’ve got it fuck you
Savii 21 päev tagasi
Why have they spelled spoiled wrong
Lucas Lindfors
Lucas Lindfors 21 päev tagasi
4:04 thats it
Salman Nahrawi
Salman Nahrawi 22 päeva tagasi
ya babi
andrew horvath
andrew horvath 22 päeva tagasi
I get 5 bucks a week
Abdl Si
Abdl Si 22 päeva tagasi
I understand Ethan's anger because he had a single mum and had to sacrifice a lot of his desires and hobbies and what not and it sorts of pisses him out that these kids ask so much when they dont deserve this and how the parents are so dumb that they spends thousands on their kids everyday
H Y G O 23 päeva tagasi
H Y G O 23 päeva tagasi
Keemo Reacts
Keemo Reacts 23 päeva tagasi
Help I’ve been watching sidemen reacts for the past 3 hours
HYBRID ENT 23 päeva tagasi
These guys criticising spoilt kids is ironic considering the videos they make about spending loads of money on useless shit. Don't get me wrong, i criticise it too but fucking hell this seems kinda hypocritical.
Charlie pollard
Charlie pollard 23 päeva tagasi
what has simon got against android then
Vika 23 päeva tagasi
16:18 I had the best 16th birthday losing my new phone after a week of getting it
JuiceWrld Stuffs
JuiceWrld Stuffs 24 päeva tagasi
Mark Pinlac
Mark Pinlac 24 päeva tagasi
If their father was mine they would have been already disowned and in a orphanage
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer 24 päeva tagasi
Ksi and bazinga are getting pissed
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer 24 päeva tagasi
How about the millions of children who can't even afford food to eat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer 24 päeva tagasi
Tom cruise be like : what is this
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer 24 päeva tagasi
There are different ways people see spoiled kids
Bruce Is Animals Russell
Bruce Is Animals Russell 24 päeva tagasi
The Mystery Cabin
The Mystery Cabin 25 päeva tagasi
Oh the car that's for me your present is inside
G - POTION 25 päeva tagasi
Nicolette gets atleast 12000 USD in a year man i don't even get a 100 bucks in a year..... #banspoiiltchildren
Spider man
Spider man 25 päeva tagasi
My rich cousin: Daddy I want an iPhone 12 for Christmas Me and being older: please can I have a book?
Ur-Didact 26 päeva tagasi
The one where she says everyone can be rich but not everyone can be beautiful lol
ekspeedy 26 päeva tagasi
I know no one will see this but I dont have an allowance and just got a phone last week I'm 14 and I'm very very grateful for what I have
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