I went undercover on fans' Rocket League accounts & guessed their ranks... 

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In today's Rocket League video, I log onto fans' accounts and, without looking, queued 1 game of ranked. I had no idea what rank I was playing at and would have the duration of the match to guess which rank I was currently playing in. After the match, I must put in a final guess. I could be stuck in a silver lobby or even be put in a supersonic legend lobby. Enjoy!
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29 märts 2021



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Noura Hachemi
Noura Hachemi 10 tundi tagasi
"im in the trences"
Definitely Normal
Definitely Normal 14 tundi tagasi
That plat 2 game was way off. Usually it’s a 1v1 no matter what you chose wither it being 1s 2s or 3s and we wiff way more often and are much more inconsistent. Sometimes I get a flip reset or a air dribble or double touch, then I miss kickoff and the game is tied
Im Sowwy Plz forgive me
Im Sowwy Plz forgive me 19 tundi tagasi
I am plat 2 and my server oce and our plat plays like low diamond no cap
victor epstein
victor epstein 23 tundi tagasi
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Luke Cave
Luke Cave Päev tagasi
Everyone looks so bad bu they turn out to be plat or gold
justclickit Päev tagasi
200IQ Myst
200IQ Myst Päev tagasi
"I havent been here in like 4 years" thanks for the flex😂
random person
random person Päev tagasi
._. I thought the plats were Broze 3
vTrxv Päev tagasi
Me being silver 2 and me probs being better tHan t.he gold
Jamie Delooze
Jamie Delooze Päev tagasi
5:06 says it so casually🤣
Tyler Heenan
Tyler Heenan Päev tagasi
Lmao, Champ 1 is the most toxic. Always funny being called trash at the start of the season as I rank out of there. I assume the salty toxic people get stuck there.
Nickolas Geluz
Nickolas Geluz Päev tagasi
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H0ck3yDr4g0n 2 päeva tagasi
6:20 yeah 100% basic for a gold lobby probably
Promeatheanツ 2 päeva tagasi
The look on his face when he is confused
Jezza team 009
Jezza team 009 2 päeva tagasi
like legit im not even a rocket league player but guessed all of them corectly on the dot omg
Matthew Palkovich
Matthew Palkovich 2 päeva tagasi
The loud pie considerably slip because sock nationally concern between a doubtful statistic. fast, easy frog
Kaos Keyaan
Kaos Keyaan 2 päeva tagasi
Yesterday I went on rl thinking I was good or pretty good and decided to go into competitive then I got destroyed and realized I fell for the platinum rank trap 😅
łiłi 2 päeva tagasi
You go to school?
Ben Porta
Ben Porta 2 päeva tagasi
No way in fucking shit that he is a plat 2. I’m plat 2 and get lobbies with double taps and speed flips.
Giovanni C
Giovanni C 2 päeva tagasi
Musty can you stop talking all the time
kouame ilan
kouame ilan 2 päeva tagasi
sam the mod in your server
chaitrali lokur
chaitrali lokur 2 päeva tagasi
KING PANDA979 2 päeva tagasi
The second one is gold 2 is my guess
Hood1n 2 päeva tagasi
for the last 1 i litterly said freestyler because it was casual
xtrpzx 2 päeva tagasi
7:11 omg i haven’t seen that meme in years
CuttingCorps 35
CuttingCorps 35 2 päeva tagasi
I’m sliver 2 in ones but gold 2 in 2s and 3s
Erick Cortez
Erick Cortez 3 päeva tagasi
i do that i dont eat lol 0:03
Trevor Carr
Trevor Carr 3 päeva tagasi
im gold 3 in 2's and plat 1 in 3's... i guessed silver because that gold match hurt to watch.
Cliffjumper CC
Cliffjumper CC 3 päeva tagasi
Diamonds play like champs? WEIRD
Arihant Shukla
Arihant Shukla 3 päeva tagasi
bro he just dribbin a car XD
Facundo Herrero
Facundo Herrero 3 päeva tagasi
3:49. FC
SwiftNess 945
SwiftNess 945 3 päeva tagasi
Afram Nissan
Afram Nissan 3 päeva tagasi
Can you rank me
mrpooptheIII 4 päeva tagasi
12:38 i got the first touch before and this did not happen
Melissa McDonald
Melissa McDonald 4 päeva tagasi
i am a plat if your are beginner add terminator107 or 207 i am also ready if you wznt to 1v1 me i am not toxix
Héctor Audelo
Héctor Audelo 4 päeva tagasi
For the second match, I knew they were gold 2. Gold 3 are barely better, but don’t ballchase as much as gold 2s. And I’m guessing since the person was plat 2 in 1s, they must be better at 1s than 3s. And anyways 3s is the worst game mode of the three
Héctor Audelo
Héctor Audelo 4 päeva tagasi
And yes I know how they play, I’ve played in that rank before. It was pretty much bronze gameplay
Mathaios Gliat
Mathaios Gliat 4 päeva tagasi
Musty in the second game:i don't know what rank i'm at.Me:this looks like my plat 2 games.Musty:I'm guessing plat 2.I have the same thinking as musty let's gooooo
مقاطع منوعة
مقاطع منوعة 4 päeva tagasi
This was pretty fun I hope u make a p.2
GXRLA Prod. 4 päeva tagasi
Hey I played with Angelo before in musty server
GXRLA Prod. 4 päeva tagasi
I’m in the trenches😂😂😂
Zendex So2
Zendex So2 5 päeva tagasi
15:20 that face lmao
Derek Baack
Derek Baack 5 päeva tagasi
Musty:The only guy that’s dribbling is the guy with the orange car Me: the whole team is orange and they all have orange cars
Jeffrey Xiong
Jeffrey Xiong 5 päeva tagasi
The edit makes it so much better 7:04 😂 MINE MINE MINE MINE
silverless 5 päeva tagasi
What ever sunless does musty does 10 times better
Mason Wallace
Mason Wallace 5 päeva tagasi
2:01 tm8 bad positioning?
C S 5 päeva tagasi
I guesses GC1, gold 1, plat 1, champ 1 I was almost spot on too
Fraser Games
Fraser Games 5 päeva tagasi
Oliver lol
Oliver lol 5 päeva tagasi
how tf that last guy champ and im in fking diamond 2 WTF im way better than that guy
Torrey Jones
Torrey Jones 5 päeva tagasi
7:05 Oh bAbY A tRiPlE!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Real Ankry
Real Ankry 5 päeva tagasi
11:45 that is plat 2?!!!! I am in silver 2 and i play better
OkaiVoid16 5 päeva tagasi
I knew second game was gold 2 bc that’s my rank haha
Chita is Cool
Chita is Cool 5 päeva tagasi
The last one I got it right champ 1
Xuciz 5 päeva tagasi
How is he gold 2, if that was EU it would be like bronze
Pedro Meira
Pedro Meira 5 päeva tagasi
"Diamonds aren't that toxic" Oh Musty...
stryfeFN 3 päeva tagasi
justas rukas
justas rukas 5 päeva tagasi
That HUH in 9:35
DFAULT OFFICIAL 5 päeva tagasi
Musty: watches what seems to be golds in a plat lobby The main menu: displays plat 2 Me: wait im better than that..
Titan Thompson
Titan Thompson 5 päeva tagasi
how can you tell if they’re on console or Pc?
Koudaf _gaming
Koudaf _gaming 5 päeva tagasi
7:05 when there’s ice cream
Koudaf _gaming
Koudaf _gaming 5 päeva tagasi
You are soo good at editing I’m just laughing every time I watch your videos
Eshay Bah
Eshay Bah 5 päeva tagasi
I got them all right
NINJA J12 5 päeva tagasi
Good playing✌️
rane adamson
rane adamson 6 päeva tagasi
Not to brag, but I got all four exactly right
SlixoDino 6 päeva tagasi
That “sup bitch” at 3:16 made me look to my right bc i thought my bro was there
LightningLuuk _
LightningLuuk _ 6 päeva tagasi
9:36 huh
Abdiwadud Elmi
Abdiwadud Elmi 6 päeva tagasi
3:50 he was having fun 😂
ワシャミシャ 6 päeva tagasi
"that is kinda basic double tap, and they're freaking out" me who can only control simple aerial shots: 🙃😐😞
Ant Bro
Ant Bro 6 päeva tagasi
Björn Paulin
Björn Paulin 6 päeva tagasi
what its your name
Plasma_ski 6 päeva tagasi
And that’s plats we’re trash
anime demonslayer fan
anime demonslayer fan 6 päeva tagasi
It Should be gold 3 not plat 2
john ramirez
john ramirez 7 päeva tagasi
Jesus loves u
GoodMood Puppy
GoodMood Puppy 7 päeva tagasi
my gold teamates are litterly smurfing
Mr mustache
Mr mustache 7 päeva tagasi
How the fuck was that plat im gold 3 and i play against people that look like champioons can anyone relate
hi, Nico
hi, Nico 7 päeva tagasi
I'm lucky to see a PC player in gold 3's at all like I see a PC player every 4-5 games
FN1-0VER-DR1BBL3 7 päeva tagasi
No scammers but can like a plat or dum and get on my account and get me up rank plz it gets sold by teammates I was plat two in twos and I got sold plz anybody
prestige 5 päeva tagasi
you on ps4?
Rowan Horsfield
Rowan Horsfield 7 päeva tagasi
‘Hmmm diamond 3. 2 seconds before the rank shows. Wait wait wait champ 1. OMG I GOT IT’
Nillie XD
Nillie XD 7 päeva tagasi
He said diamonds aren’t toxic...
Noah Lindhardt
Noah Lindhardt 7 päeva tagasi
Bro im Gold 3 and u say im that bad🥺
Noah Lindhardt
Noah Lindhardt 7 päeva tagasi
But i Think im good for Gold 3
Sowa SE
Sowa SE 7 päeva tagasi
mike o Driscoll
mike o Driscoll 7 päeva tagasi
@Sowa SE lol
Sowa SE
Sowa SE 7 päeva tagasi
@mike o Driscoll ok
mike o Driscoll
mike o Driscoll 7 päeva tagasi
Just shut up already
Sowa SE
Sowa SE 7 päeva tagasi
Karli Schultz
Karli Schultz 7 päeva tagasi
Been a subscriber since 500k ☺👍
Kur1zu_rl 7 päeva tagasi
I've killed myself with laughing
Kur1zu_rl 7 päeva tagasi
At the memes
Crunchy_Tacoツ 7 päeva tagasi
How does everyone have alpha boost and your exact car…
David LaFrom
David LaFrom 8 päeva tagasi
Sometimes the goal explosions can give their rank away or make it easier to guess because if they have "Hade's bomb" for instance... that means they won a tournament.
William Stallings
William Stallings 8 päeva tagasi
8:11 Weird flex but OK
Phi1out 8 päeva tagasi
#2 i would have said silver 2
Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2
Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2 8 päeva tagasi
"A triple commit!?" *MINE MINE MINE MINE*
ANDREAS MESSARIS 8 päeva tagasi
Im a hugeeeeeee fan musty
coolboyemoji 09
coolboyemoji 09 8 päeva tagasi
We need a part 2
Hjalte Daugaard
Hjalte Daugaard 8 päeva tagasi
Hey musty i got a video idea you can play 1 game with me in 2s and then you can play with 2 other also in 2 other games and then you can guess who was in the highest rank and wich rank he was in
Ethan Gage
Ethan Gage 8 päeva tagasi
I could be in silver 2's. Me chilling in silver 2 able to air dribble
TheSimpleRedChicken 8 päeva tagasi
Yeah nice video but why was joker a silver 2?
Monsta 8 päeva tagasi
If those are plats I’m ssl
Dante Mark
Dante Mark 9 päeva tagasi
I’m a plat1 and I can 1v5 all of then
CrYpTiC 833
CrYpTiC 833 9 päeva tagasi
It’s awesome watching g these videos musty makes me feel better than I actually am Me: gold 2 Musty : plat3??? I’m not actually one of the accounts in the video just being funny!
Travis 9 päeva tagasi
jack._. 9 päeva tagasi
Colby Munden
Colby Munden 9 päeva tagasi
Just saying I'm 7 years old but I have been a super sonic legend since it has been there I dont know how i got this far
Lixxy Lix
Lixxy Lix 9 päeva tagasi
9:35 me not paying attention in my lesson but the teacher calls my name
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