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Safiya Nygaard
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Hello friends and welcome to another video! So, late last year we decided to take the plunge and move across the country for a fresh start in a new place. After doing some serious decluttering, we packed up our house, grabbed our cat, and hit the road (and vlogged our whole cross-country road trip in our minivan!) It's been a couple of months and we are finally set up enough to dive back into making videos, so here is our moving vlog! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, and thank you for being so patient with us while we figure all of this out.
Also, sorry about any smudginess of the windshield! It was tough to keep clean on our drive, but I know sometimes it can look gross, so sorry about that! Lol
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28 märts 2021



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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 13 päeva tagasi
HELLO FRIENDS!! you can check out our new live streaming channel here! eefrom.info/local/iiY0MsUgNihfAZ2ZgC19lg.html i hope you all are doing well, staying healthy, & had a good start to 2021!! thank you so much for your patience as we've moved, settled in, and are ready to get back to making videos again. i hope you guys enjoy our moving vlog :) xoxo, saf
Mia ENGLISH 7 tundi tagasi
Imran Shah
Imran Shah 10 tundi tagasi
@Crafty Grammy huh? I'm too English for this thread I believe 😵♏🦂
Crafty Grammy
Crafty Grammy 11 tundi tagasi
you went we-we at wa-wa
Jerry Beronilla
Jerry Beronilla 2 päeva tagasi
I honestly thought you were dead
Ryan Bacon
Ryan Bacon 2 päeva tagasi
I live in pa I used to live in Philly 💜💜💜💜
Abigail Garner
Abigail Garner 45 minutit tagasi
I’m confused why does she still call herself Safiya Nygaard when she’s actually Safiya Williams?hmmmmmmm....🤔
Jaimie 51 minut tagasi
I felt like I just traveled across the country with Saf, Tyler, and Crusty.
aperson thatisalive
I never knew how much I missed your *”all right”*
Cassidy Michelle
Cassidy Michelle Tund tagasi
As soon as you mentioned Crusty's age, I immediately told my 1 year old cat that he better make it to at least 20 like Crusty is haha
Phantom_Moon Wolf
Phantom_Moon Wolf Tund tagasi
Wait a second- *What does fridge juice taste like*
Domino Johnson
Domino Johnson Tund tagasi
Oh my gosh I live in Albuquerque and it was so cool to see you driving on the huge interstate!!!!!
Lady EM
Lady EM Tund tagasi
OMG, you guys moved to my home state!!!!! WELCOME!
miaotsq Tund tagasi
Both of you look better in thus video. What did you guys do?
lazy pea
lazy pea Tund tagasi
17:37 awww Crusty is watching the food 😂
aquila1donna 2 tundi tagasi
As a person from Little Rock it makes me happy that one of my favorite youtubers went through my city and stopped at the Old Mill where I go all the time! XD
Ella M
Ella M 2 tundi tagasi
You drove past my hometown Lexington, VA
Malinda Parham
Malinda Parham 2 tundi tagasi
You drove directly through where I live in TN. I am so sad I possibly missed passing you on I40 😩
Sofia Dragon
Sofia Dragon 2 tundi tagasi
I have done this drive about a dozen times, counting the hike east and the hike west as separate trips. Planes are high stress. The open road is nicer. More room to stretch, more chances for a sanity check when you can't stand your travel companions, and in less insane times you get to see small towns, beautiful sights, and just a lot of the US. Renting an SUV or something like that with lots of leg room is infinitely better than being smashed into a bunch of strangers.
Emily Calabrese
Emily Calabrese 2 tundi tagasi
you’re moving in to my town i’m so excited
Stevie Everett
Stevie Everett 3 tundi tagasi
This was so wholesome to watch. Saf’s comment about needing a bunch of lettuce kills me cause I say that all the time when traveling and eating just like carbs and sugar. Lol Watching the part about AZ was so fun! I grew up in a small town not that far from Williams and live in Phoenix so it was funny to watch and be like hey I know that place! Hey I know that one too! Y’all will have to come back and visit Sedona too
G3 ko
G3 ko 3 tundi tagasi
I went from Virginia to Washington state. It was really tough. I was 10 years old and had to do lots of driving and one day we drove for 20 hours straight.
Hm Le
Hm Le 3 tundi tagasi
It is crime to put makeup on that complexion, you look so young without. Thank you for sharing this journey, jealous of your wonderful teamwork.
LindaDulcinea 4 tundi tagasi
Crusty is my favorite part of everything. He is an angel. I'm so happy he found you two; you are such great cat parents to him.
hkjpirate 4 tundi tagasi
Welcome BACK! You’ve been missed! H x
Charlie Allan
Charlie Allan 4 tundi tagasi
If you guys posted that you were moving, I wish I'd caught it. I drive a truck, so I know some really good joints to eat at. Glad you made it!
Felicia Anderson
Felicia Anderson 4 tundi tagasi
I never thought I'd be so excited to see the 95 exit for my town and the "Welcome to Cecil County" sign in a youtube video lmao
Lucy Kobie
Lucy Kobie 4 tundi tagasi
you guys should come to Minnesota!
Ruby SM
Ruby SM 4 tundi tagasi
I've watched this video from beginning to end a few times withing a week and I just can't get enough of this vlog.
Jake 4 tundi tagasi
10:40 slap another sun in the sky and its basically Tatooine
Julie's Tales
Julie's Tales 5 tundi tagasi
I don't understand why roads there's no light along highways. It's so dangerous! Germany is the same. Driving there was mortifying!
Lindsey Horsman
Lindsey Horsman 5 tundi tagasi
I love her closet is all black!! 🖤 missed you guys.
Nightowlist 5 tundi tagasi
We're moving pretty much to where you're moving. Cool.
Lunapaw 5 tundi tagasi
when they said snow on the ground and awed over it being like, 21 degrees, my canadian self was soooo confused
Amanda Black
Amanda Black 5 tundi tagasi
Been there. It’s fun to listen to cat screams while moving!
Lizzie Dunlap
Lizzie Dunlap 5 tundi tagasi
"This is not America's Top Best Friend" please tell me someone else understood that exact reference XD
Keri N
Keri N 5 tundi tagasi
Tiff_Tiff 5 tundi tagasi
Husband wife goals.
Ashley Fayne
Ashley Fayne 5 tundi tagasi
Ohhh I live in North Carolina! One thing I love the most about living here is you actually get all 4 seasons of weather lol. Plus grass here is soft and sometimes really green lol
Timere Cephas
Timere Cephas 5 tundi tagasi
My heart will break when Crusty dies, you kinda made him our cat too. 😐
soraggedyann 6 tundi tagasi
Now that you’re in North Carolina, you can become better friends with Rob and Corrine!
Sydni Price
Sydni Price 6 tundi tagasi
lmaoo im from wilmington nc lol i know i-40 v well
Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams 6 tundi tagasi
I live in Pennsylvania and I thought you might be going/hoped you were
abigail inferno
abigail inferno 6 tundi tagasi
you are so awesome! excited to see your new adventures in a new place!
Cotton Candy Galaxy
Cotton Candy Galaxy 6 tundi tagasi
You passed by me!!! I live in Knoxville
Einhander49 6 tundi tagasi
Yet another youtuber leaving commifornia.
Julie Anne
Julie Anne 6 tundi tagasi
Welcome to NC! I hope I randomly run into y'all one day. Then again, I live in the same town as Mr. Beast and that hasn't happened with him yet, but ya never know. Good luck and thanks for sharing your journey 🙂
Cat Wright
Cat Wright 6 tundi tagasi
wait you guys don’t have bass prop shop pyramids? oh
Emily Pribula
Emily Pribula 6 tundi tagasi
Omg I'm in Raleigh! I couldn't believe it when you said it at the end of the video. Big fan- congrats on the move and maybe I'll get lucky and see you both around! :)
Mya Baca
Mya Baca 6 tundi tagasi
I think it’s very cool because I live in New Mexico in abq
Ashley Fayne
Ashley Fayne 6 tundi tagasi
Omg. I work at a loves. I am one of the said "geniuses" that peels the clementines. 🤣 was just a cool little part to see. 😂😂
kpop_multi Min
kpop_multi Min 7 tundi tagasi
:o the fact i literally moved from philadelphia to L.A california-
Dianelys Ramirez
Dianelys Ramirez 7 tundi tagasi
Thank you for share your road trip with us! Love the video.
Vendula Alomoge
Vendula Alomoge 7 tundi tagasi
Can I just say how disappointed I am there was no singing montage in this 40 minute video?! 🤔😄😄
Ichy Mcgee
Ichy Mcgee 7 tundi tagasi
ZeKiiwiii 7 tundi tagasi
did anyone else thhe the ford explorer with the windsheild wipers broken? at 12:52
Ichy Mcgee
Ichy Mcgee 7 tundi tagasi
PLEASE JUST STOP! fresh start isn't going to help.
Asya Honk!
Asya Honk! 8 tundi tagasi
i missed u safiya :)
Holly Bronwyn
Holly Bronwyn 8 tundi tagasi
I love Crusty, he's darling. and I love that you guys did what was best for him.
Alexis McCoy
Alexis McCoy 8 tundi tagasi
I used to live in Little Rock AR. I felt so fuzzy when you guys showed the area
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 8 tundi tagasi
My biggest flex is that Saf and Tyler passed through the part of Pennsylvania where I live
Tristan Bailey
Tristan Bailey 8 tundi tagasi
That bass pro pyramid has a massive strange story of its life. You might like to look up a video someone else made on it.
Lisa León
Lisa León 8 tundi tagasi
Welcome to NC! I moved here from SoCal as well and I wouldn't change it for the world.
nanka fortu
nanka fortu 8 tundi tagasi
The bass pro shop used to be a stadium.
Helica 8 tundi tagasi
as someone who lived in AZ their whole life, i personally did not see anything great about williams or the grand canyon 😅 being told its 'the best part of your state' your whole life really hypes it up to a point where it just can't live up to its name when you actually see it. I think if i were to go hiking in it, i'd enjoy it better but its very eh to someone who grew up with it
Ellie D.
Ellie D. 8 tundi tagasi
The fact they mentioned the town and stopped at and pretty much live 10 minutes from...aka Needles, CA. Saf, you saying "What happens in Needles.....I dunno what happens in Needles" is PRETTY MUCH accurate to that town's existence. Nobody fucking understands that town.
Andersson Dyke
Andersson Dyke 8 tundi tagasi
Birds of a feather fly together. "Birds of a feather / are flocking outside." -Phish (Birds of a Feather)
hailey 9 tundi tagasi
i don't live in nashville but i do live in tennessee. i remember driving to texas and was shocked at how dark it was. you get to an intersect and it's pitch black with a car in the distance
banafsheh ghezelayagh
banafsheh ghezelayagh 9 tundi tagasi
spengler botkin
spengler botkin 9 tundi tagasi
The sturdy stopwatch functionally scream because cheque universally pop round a ill dietician. simple, stereotyped domain
Jax Eats Snacks
Jax Eats Snacks 9 tundi tagasi
I love how you were driving like 4 hours away from Williamsburg and right by where I am lmao
Megan Mackey
Megan Mackey 9 tundi tagasi
The distinct geranium erroneously boast because cucumber connolly whirl a a amuck estimate. wooden, even excellent excited garlic
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 9 tundi tagasi
Saf films rocks while Tyler films cows and crusty just naps with an ancient angry face lol
the gps voice at 9:48 gives me road trip ptsd
@Ask to seduce Miss i mean yea-- but not with ym family **gag**
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 9 tundi tagasi
This makes me wanna roadtrip so bad
Gabi B
Gabi B 10 tundi tagasi
I’m from PA and I moved to Charleston about 8 years ago. You can’t pay me to move back lol. Enjoy NC! Take time to check out Asheville ❤️
khazz33 10 tundi tagasi
You summed up the Grand Canyon perfectly. It really is so big that it seems fake. I remember going there as a kid and not having the right words to express what I was seeing, but you hit the nail on the head.
Mary Jane Moler
Mary Jane Moler 10 tundi tagasi
I'm from roanoke and that tower you drive by was for the airport!!!
Snail Trail
Snail Trail 10 tundi tagasi
You should modgepodge the dried flowers to some furniture . Or cast them in resin !
Colleen G
Colleen G 11 tundi tagasi
It looks Ike you basically passed within a mile of my house in PA on your way to Philly! And yes Wawa is awesome. Wishing you the best in NC!
Jessie Harrington
Jessie Harrington 11 tundi tagasi
okayokayokay but Raleigh is a great city. I love living here so much.
Artemis Hallihan
Artemis Hallihan 11 tundi tagasi
"I knew I shoulda' made dat' left toin' at Albakoikie."
Eillianna Marie
Eillianna Marie 11 tundi tagasi
omg. i wasn't insane. i thought i saw you two in Knoxville (while I was downtown in market square) but I didn't say anything bc i didn't think it was actually you LOL
Phoebe 12 tundi tagasi
24:01 😱 AbLaS EsPaÑoL
Kelle Burke
Kelle Burke 12 tundi tagasi
Omg your back!!! We have missed you 😭😭
The Hadster
The Hadster 12 tundi tagasi
I've missed you. I'm glad your back. Been there, done that with the "feelings" thing. I hear ya. Be well. Be safe.
Denise Pooped out cherries
31:08 Levi: look at these big ass trees
Abby's kids fun
Abby's kids fun 13 tundi tagasi
omg you drove/stayed where i live!!!
vic esh
vic esh 14 tundi tagasi
theyre like the perfect couple you can tell they have so much fun together
zenxymes 14 tundi tagasi
Those mugs are so freaking cute!
Kimberly Allan
Kimberly Allan 14 tundi tagasi
This makes me wanna roadtrip so bad
Gxrome 14 tundi tagasi
Am i the only one who's excited about them announcing a franken baby? Or is it just me?
Genevieve L
Genevieve L 15 tundi tagasi
fun fact: cleavage is a thing in geology.
Laura Findley
Laura Findley 15 tundi tagasi
As an environmental sciences grad Safiyas passion from rocks is my jam ngl
EK 15 tundi tagasi
There was a lot of Mean Girl references in here which I’m definitely not complaining about
Caryn S
Caryn S 16 tundi tagasi
This really makes me want to quit my job and just go road tripping all day everyday.
Kate Jenkins
Kate Jenkins 16 tundi tagasi
I loved this and have missed your videos 💕
Alexander Stormdahl
Alexander Stormdahl 17 tundi tagasi
My girlfriend was watching this video and I just had to find it and comment that it’s cringe af to buy peeled clementines in a plastic jar, the shame
Safa Zee Mustufa
Safa Zee Mustufa 17 tundi tagasi
Lovee it💖 good luck with the new journey 😊
Cornelia Stoklund
Cornelia Stoklund 17 tundi tagasi
This video was awesome!
SpeedZebra 17 tundi tagasi
I saw the video the day you posted it, but I just read the blog You are both lovely people and deserve all the best in the world! Millions of people watch you and follow you because you lift our spirits and you have the courage and talent to do what you do. Be kind to yourself and understand the ones complaining, because it takes a sad soul, with little love in their life to criticize other.
Tayla Lewis
Tayla Lewis 19 tundi tagasi
Not me thinking she was going through Kentucky 🥶
Crazy-Ane 19 tundi tagasi
Congrats on your move. Sending you love from London UK 💕
UUPP8 19 tundi tagasi
well welcome to pa
Anne Gerbek
Anne Gerbek 20 tundi tagasi
I was surpised, puzzled even, that you didn’t sing “West Virginia” when you where there I was waiting for it
Silmi Soleni
Silmi Soleni 20 tundi tagasi
Was the skull in the sky added in?
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