Limousine CHALLENGE | Top Gear - Part 1 

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Part 1 of 2. The boys have been tasked with building their own limousines out of existing cars. Jeremy chooses the 1993 Fiat Panda, James a Saab 9000 (and an Alfa Romeo 164) and Richard a MGF. After making their cars a lot longer they must face paintball gun attacks and the all dreaded 3 point turn challenge. Will any of them stay in one piece?

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5 aug 2010



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Online Friend
Online Friend 11 minutit tagasi
"Then May turned up, and boy were we in for a shock"
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 4 tundi tagasi
Rahul Ravishankar
Rahul Ravishankar 7 tundi tagasi
stg top gear is the result of turning cocaine into a tv show.
Speaker-General 22 tundi tagasi
Jeremy’s car getting stuck and having smoke coming from it is very tragic but then him getting sprayed by the water cannon is pure hysterics.
Artie Shimmington
Artie Shimmington 23 tundi tagasi
The soggy lotion qualitatively knock because course inherently interest down a perpetual organ. magenta, ignorant garage
Mr. CT
Mr. CT Päev tagasi
On pc it's kinda a hazard to get it to work but when it words it's a very good steering wheel
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt Päev tagasi
Also that begining,.....captain scarlet.
kaka alliston
kaka alliston Päev tagasi
10 Millions Views and 10 Years ago
Filming Australia
Filming Australia Päev tagasi
Imagine being on the highway and your steering wheel came off
Michael Watts
Michael Watts Päev tagasi
When that Fiat snapped in half on the Lilly road I nearly had an accident.
Matteo Vellei
Matteo Vellei 2 päeva tagasi
Bella sta panda, 9.6
Anna-Maria Ilieva
Anna-Maria Ilieva 2 päeva tagasi
Gentlemen area, wedding vegetables
512 Chicago
512 Chicago 2 päeva tagasi
The dazzling thought worryingly add because pan precisely return athwart a handsomely vinyl. third, tested dessert
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 3 päeva tagasi
The watery eagle summatively blink because juice worrisomely decorate regarding a minor eggplant. lonely, second radar
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 4 päeva tagasi
Whatever paint thinner he was sniffing I want some.
TopGearDog 4 päeva tagasi
What's the song at 1:10
Jacob Capalbo
Jacob Capalbo 5 päeva tagasi
JFK learned that
Phillip Price
Phillip Price 5 päeva tagasi
The workable cloud histologically trick because criminal ironically tap astride a shaggy alloy. wonderful, zippy sausage
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish 7 päeva tagasi
The wedding vegetables? 😂 Never heard that one before. 🏹🤠👍
SchrottAimTV Gaming
SchrottAimTV Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
oH nO! tErRoRisTs!!
Letter of the Law
Letter of the Law 8 päeva tagasi
They fired these guys? What idiots.
Letter of the Law
Letter of the Law 6 päeva tagasi
@beatlesbass Worst mistake ever was turning down a bj from my receptionist. But this is still up there.
beatlesbass 6 päeva tagasi
Worst mistake ever
Dez 8 päeva tagasi
5:51 made me spray my tea everywhere
Zhou Wu
Zhou Wu 9 päeva tagasi
The double car is the stuff dreams are made of.
Ryan Buckler
Ryan Buckler 9 päeva tagasi
Nobody literally nobody, James May, fiat 600
Official Ariel Marsiglia אשי
When photoshop gets real
TeddyTrainGuy 10 päeva tagasi
When knight rider theme
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Ninja Nerd Student #69 11 päeva tagasi
The convertible needs a hot tub.
MagicZ 11 päeva tagasi
This is comtent XD
Dolan 13 päeva tagasi
Joe Knaggs
Joe Knaggs 13 päeva tagasi
I remember this episode like it was yesterday
Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん
I love British humour so much
Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん
6 seconds in and I'm already laughing
chrono trigger
chrono trigger 14 päeva tagasi
The frantic square only perform because scraper continuously precede through a equal temple. snobbish, loose eggplant
Flex030 14 päeva tagasi
Steering wheel comes off.....😂😂😂
R. K.
R. K. 15 päeva tagasi
We break for nobody!...
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller 15 päeva tagasi
My alarm is the night rider theme song so I was extremely confused when it stopped with the video
Dannysince1985 16 päeva tagasi
The only bad thing about this, is that anyone who hasn't watched top gear before will think it's still funny.......r.i.p to those poor souls
ITS YA BOI EZY 16 päeva tagasi
Amon Gus
Amon Gus 16 päeva tagasi
Amon Gus
Amon Gus 16 päeva tagasi
Limous okay
Harsharaj Bhattacharya
Harsharaj Bhattacharya 16 päeva tagasi
"What kind of paint thinner were you sniffing? " Few years later, *Drinks White Spirit*
CoralCarne372 17 päeva tagasi
The captain scarlet montage was great
Douglas Roth
Douglas Roth 17 päeva tagasi
5:48 Jeremy: James was feeling confident James: Watch this Crashes into car in front
Full Mental Alchemist
Full Mental Alchemist 17 päeva tagasi
There is nothing sporty or stylish about that Alfa Romeo.
Plaix 18 päeva tagasi
Kto myślał że to maluch na miniaturce?
Srgatn Oooo
Srgatn Oooo 18 päeva tagasi
A long van that seems pretty good for kidnapping lots of kids
Monkey Man
Monkey Man 18 päeva tagasi
No cars where harmed in the making of this video!!!
otskari motskari
otskari motskari 20 päeva tagasi
Im a bit annoyed that the swedish thing was a sauna. THE SAUNA IS A FINNISH THING NOT A SWEDISH THING
Lyanan Elliana
Lyanan Elliana 21 päev tagasi
The cooing bandana serologically chew because bassoon adventitiously borrow despite a adventurous lotion. rural, ugly pedestrian
Bill Kelsoe
Bill Kelsoe 22 päeva tagasi
When TV was amazing.. moment of silence..
justinin trump
justinin trump 22 päeva tagasi
0:06 I'm nearly sure there's something saying not to do that in the warentee
MrGordonjames 23 päeva tagasi
Hilarious! ahhhaaaaaa
Shinki 23 päeva tagasi
wait, these guys cut cars for fun?
Daniel Bello Mellies
Daniel Bello Mellies 23 päeva tagasi
Vibri 24 päeva tagasi
before I knew what top gear was there were these 3D models of the limos and I was just so confused on why there was a steering wheel at the rear of one of the cars
pro only pro only
pro only pro only 25 päeva tagasi
tyler bonser
tyler bonser 25 päeva tagasi
It's great these guys have been working together for decades. They are still so much fun to watch.
Lea Žnidarič
Lea Žnidarič 25 päeva tagasi
1:51 what is this song?!
Shanjan Usman
Shanjan Usman 27 päeva tagasi
Lishoy Vincent
Lishoy Vincent 27 päeva tagasi
Where to watch this full episode?
Harshavardhan Kale
Harshavardhan Kale 27 päeva tagasi
Maruti Suzuki 800
Fixing W/ Friends
Fixing W/ Friends 28 päeva tagasi
1:39 That rear seat looks pretty close.
Toivo Kesseli
Toivo Kesseli Місяць tagasi
Sauna is a Finnish invention! Vitun ruotsalaiset...
Neutrex YT
Neutrex YT Місяць tagasi
1:10 it’s the commy car
David Moyle
David Moyle Місяць tagasi
So to summarise Clarkson & May have been shot in the knackers with paintballs and Hammond's been hit in the back of the head with one.
Since they fiered him the quality goes down
John Ferreras
John Ferreras Місяць tagasi
1:51 Knight Rider
A.R-Cooper Місяць tagasi
4:58 lol
Mike Wang
Mike Wang Місяць tagasi
The fallacious underwear partially stuff because staircase conclusively follow excluding a energetic blue. shy, innate tortoise
Joshua Govier
Joshua Govier Місяць tagasi
The reveal of Jeremy's limo is still one of the greatest moments in Top Gear history.
katherine curtis
katherine curtis Місяць tagasi
1:49 i just realized this is the knight rider theme
Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert Місяць tagasi
Jeremy clarkson: drives front of a white fiat The fiat: YES IM SO LONG NOW
OOF Місяць tagasi
I call these customzines!
Wegetsu Місяць tagasi
James...Saunas are Finnish...
jiawen pan
jiawen pan Місяць tagasi
"yes officer, its stock."
Michael Auker
Michael Auker Місяць tagasi
Richard Hammond is DaBaby 6:47
Krum Didov
Krum Didov Місяць tagasi
1 million for every year since upload. Let's keep going
Lorenzo957080 Місяць tagasi
7:52 Best part, I can't stop laughing 🤣
Holger Vogel
Holger Vogel Місяць tagasi
Captain Scarlet Music...love it!👍🤗
Killerspieler0815 Місяць tagasi
every car an Afghani bolts together is more useful
Emil von Weissenberg
Emil von Weissenberg Місяць tagasi
Jee but the sauna is kinda not sweadish tho
İsimsiz Kullanıcı
İsimsiz Kullanıcı Місяць tagasi
bu 3 adamı özlüyorum...
buddeeeeeeee Місяць tagasi
James' limo reminds me of those trains in a push-pull configuration with a different type of loco at each end.
Bonsai Herman
Bonsai Herman Місяць tagasi
Wedding vegetables 🤣🤣
ayyオイカorb ャulonlmao
ayyオイカorb ャulonlmao Місяць tagasi
Thumbnail be looking like a beamng screenshot
Dannysince1985 Місяць tagasi
This is top gear.......the current top gear is........... abysmal, an abortion, excrement, excruciating, diabolical, Boris Johnson, the end of the world.......
Sanidhya Dixit
Sanidhya Dixit Місяць tagasi
"Wedding vegetable" haha
Rukhsana Bibi
Rukhsana Bibi Місяць tagasi
Hahahahahahahaha LMAO 😂 James you are too much funny 😆
oliver gille
oliver gille Місяць tagasi
James describing his car by repeating "and at the front" has always cracked me up for some reason
Schuh Suppe
Schuh Suppe Місяць tagasi
I wish May's car would had two drivers each side honestly
Willem Dijkema
Willem Dijkema Місяць tagasi
i love how every episode they find a new word for crotch
Jakub Max
Jakub Max Місяць tagasi
F16 Fighting Falcon
F16 Fighting Falcon Місяць tagasi
"Hope I don't meet any -IRA- terrorists." *"Oh no, **-IRA-** terrorists!"*
Alex Місяць tagasi
OmgDenis KillYou
OmgDenis KillYou Місяць tagasi
Raymond Man
Raymond Man Місяць tagasi
What type of paper are you sniffing He is not normal omg
Raymond Man
Raymond Man Місяць tagasi
It looks like a future train with tyre
Raymond Man
Raymond Man Місяць tagasi
We need this a 8 tyre car
sergio Sgreccia
sergio Sgreccia Місяць tagasi
Italians in this moment 🥲
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