The Ultimate Gaming Phone! 

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Plug it in TWICE. The Legion Duel 2 is unapologetically gamer.
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Phone provided by Lenovo for review.

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8 apr 2021



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Green_Claw 6 tundi tagasi
techicly it could charge on one usb c cable at 90 wats
Mohammed AlAttar
Mohammed AlAttar 8 tundi tagasi
If I need a phone , I will buy a phone, if I want to buy a handheld gaming console, I buy one. This is ugly design.
Jokerrr R
Jokerrr R 8 tundi tagasi
83% battery low oh then my phone @1% asking for help I should do something... Hmmm
ZeNoChAsM PS5 8 tundi tagasi
I want to get back into gaming on the phone, I had to stop because of charging the phone 3 times a day.
Unknown 15 tundi tagasi
There aren't many tons of game in Mobile as compared to pc,ps5,Xbox bla bla bla......but there are some pretty good games like genshim impact,CODM,Mobile legends,also apex legends is coming to mobile and yeah many more are coming with intense graphics but not as compared to pc. So I would say people should buy a gaming phone if they are oriented about gaming and streaming and earning some 💲
Prabesh joe
Prabesh joe 21 tund tagasi
yeah i would recommend buying it and i would buy one for myself
LIGHT YAGAMI Päev tagasi
And what's the price?...
matthew delgadillo
matthew delgadillo Päev tagasi
where is it available for purchase
Skill-less 2 päeva tagasi
For real I need to charge my phone when it is reaching the 80% line.
Yue Pheng Xiong
Yue Pheng Xiong 2 päeva tagasi
I fucking hate how all these cool phones aren't available in the US
l p
l p 2 päeva tagasi
Cool 😍😍😍
darwin1638 2 päeva tagasi
The two ports on the brick seem useful cos it means I can charge my earphones and my phone at the same time
Christian Ludwig
Christian Ludwig 3 päeva tagasi
I am that guy. I use my phone to play CoD Mobile more than anything else. I am very interested in trying a gaming phone to see if I notice an improvement in mobile gaming because I play ALOT.
Baldski 3 päeva tagasi
They should've named this phone the "Lenovo Threesome"
A P 3 päeva tagasi
Anyone here play real racing 3?
Adrian in China
Adrian in China 3 päeva tagasi
Got myself a Duel 1 last November, and I haven`t regretted it. Epic piece of kit. I am looking forward to upgrading already :D :D
Adrian in China
Adrian in China 2 päeva tagasi
@☢ G-Zone ☢ Hey there,thank you for contacting me. It shows APTX HD, APTX and LDAC. I have Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT headphones, and the sound is gorgeous.
☢ G-Zone ☢
☢ G-Zone ☢ 2 päeva tagasi
Can you check the developer's settings and check the Bluetooth codecs (Aptx., Aptx. HD, Aptx. Adaptive) on your Duel 1? Considering getting this phone if the ROG 5 Ultimate never comes out like how the ROG 5 Pro never released in April but I need Aptx. bluetooth audio at least. The dongle should solve getting high res audio on my wired earphones.
Bavindu Hansana
Bavindu Hansana 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah i play pubg mobile and a phone like that is very useful if i have the money i would buy it
Gaming with king
Gaming with king 3 päeva tagasi
Andrew won bcz he a pro player and in a new bnonze league I'd anyone can win
Gaming with king
Gaming with king 3 päeva tagasi
Every year we get 3 -4 ultimate gaming phones 😂😂😂
STRANGER BC ✔ㅤ 3 päeva tagasi
a98176 4 päeva tagasi
I thought about it for years. Now that I can afford such a device I've lost interest. I guess my priorities have changed or at the very least my hobbies.
Abdul mateen
Abdul mateen 4 päeva tagasi
listen first match of pubg will be botsss thts yhe won
Mr Corona
Mr Corona 4 päeva tagasi
Call Of Duty mobile is my favourite game..but i use red magic 6
saidkamol bahodirov
saidkamol bahodirov 4 päeva tagasi
It's the best phone I have ever seen
Rehaan Shyam
Rehaan Shyam 4 päeva tagasi
accually i do play a lot of game and want a gaming phone so bad .i play Minecraft a lot
Cruzz ador
Cruzz ador 4 päeva tagasi
Yes, Call Of Duty Mobile
iJUDAH Reviews
iJUDAH Reviews 4 päeva tagasi
Bad ass 🤝🚀
Issak Playz
Issak Playz 5 päeva tagasi
I use too
BlackWingedDragon1 5 päeva tagasi
I think it is quite interesting. Love the QoL things the gaming phone provides. That being said, I could never imagine buying a phone, where its sole purpose is gaming - at least not for like 900$-1000$. That's like double the console prices these days, or even a decent computer - or a high end flagship phone, which is good at everything, instead of being good at one. Interesting, but pretty niche and too expensive imo.
Sri Krishna
Sri Krishna 5 päeva tagasi
Realme :- I am fastest charging phones which get charged up with in 26 minutes......😏😏 Me :- think so realme x2pro 😘😘
CharlieR 5 päeva tagasi
Id play fortnite
Claxvii 177th
Claxvii 177th 5 päeva tagasi
i really got into legue wild rift. now gaming phones sound awesome to me
Xander Chaoz
Xander Chaoz 5 päeva tagasi
Bro asus rog 5 is even more faster
Delta 5 päeva tagasi
I don't trust it
Wolf. 5 päeva tagasi
Can't wait to play Angry Birds with 8 million FPS
Primeval Atom
Primeval Atom 5 päeva tagasi
For the last 3 years I am looking for a phone that can be a flag ship for everything? But every phone every year makes compromise so a different phone does it better. Like for example. Why couldn't they make the Lenovo phone more square and have bigger battery for longer life. Put better Camara for better pictures. Make the thing somewhat water and dust resistance. Why couldn't they??? Is there a secret company agreement where one phone can't have it all??? Ohhh and upgrades... Phone last 5 years these days... Update for 5 years should be the law for something that cost over 1000 dollars. At two thousand it should have upgrade software and security upgrades for the life of the product (10 years?)
yosife ABUBAKER 6 päeva tagasi
Wish I could have it I love pubg and I can't play with my phone 😢
Eric Scrofano
Eric Scrofano 6 päeva tagasi
I'm big into mobile gaming (mostly LoL Wild Rift now) and just bought a s21 ultra. As nice as some of these features are, I can't see myself carrying this around. I feel like gaming phones helped spark 90hz + displays though so I'm too glad they make them.
Javel Fearon
Javel Fearon 6 päeva tagasi
yep i'm a big mobile gamer i love COD mobile and free fire
Ron Morris
Ron Morris 6 päeva tagasi
Mobile gaming is getting more and more popular as much as pc gamers try to deny it it takes a different skill to be good on mobile the same as it takes a different skill to be good on pc and thats facts.
i FRANKENSTEIN 6 päeva tagasi
Rip to logic
Yus 18
Yus 18 6 päeva tagasi
modern flag ships are already overkill on gaming onl reason i would get a gaming phone is for emulation which is lready quite good on modern phones
Wanizahida44@gmail.com Wanizahida
What is the name of phone please reply
James A
James A 6 päeva tagasi
Yes I do, I play (MLBB)mobile legend bang bang
RZNxGOD 7 päeva tagasi
Aaan i want it i have a low end device, it's too expensive:(
Nicolin Rucker
Nicolin Rucker 7 päeva tagasi
honestly, there's a number of phone games I've tried and gone "this doesn't work on a phone, but man, this could be fun" this phone looks like it solves those things.
Cool boy 1226
Cool boy 1226 7 päeva tagasi
Danilo C
Danilo C 7 päeva tagasi
We gotta stop this bullsh*t. Stop wasting you re money. We dont need a phone like this cuz we can save an insane amount of money with console or pc. Phone are just for calls messages foto videos. It can be powerful as it wants but is still sucks to play with it. It is completely wrong for posture and eyes. If you guys wanna play cod you can do that even with a 40$ smartphone.
James Lewis
James Lewis 7 päeva tagasi
Sony needs to pay attention to this.
Md kamal Uddin
Md kamal Uddin 7 päeva tagasi
Try it with ASUS ROG 5
Adam CHAUDHARY 7 päeva tagasi
League of legends wild rift, brawl stars, cod mobile. This one is a mobile gamers dream
Blu 7 päeva tagasi
I would if I had the money 💀. I play games like CoD Mobile, League of Legends, Minecraft, NBA Live, NBA 2k mobile and probably the most tragic game to run is Genshin Impact. My IPhone XR runs it very well but having a gaming phone would sky rocket the experience and make it easier to play.
Rinkawa Erion
Rinkawa Erion 7 päeva tagasi
I game on my phone more than use it to send texts or calls.
Leo Regulus aiora Fortalejo
Battery low? But 83% ? Haahahah
Hayden Sinclair
Hayden Sinclair 7 päeva tagasi
Bronze 5 in pubg what do you expect
Samuel Martis
Samuel Martis 7 päeva tagasi
Because first ever pubg game is played against bots 😂😂😂😂😂😂
David 7 päeva tagasi
It is certainly the best gaming phone right now, but you still can't play Genshin Impact with a controller on it.
Vivien Lalu
Vivien Lalu 7 päeva tagasi
Great video Marques, while I think that the future of gaming is definitely in the Cloud (Microsoft Gamepass, Stadia, GeForce NOW have the best graphics you can imagine on mobile, well-that is if you can play via an ultra fast connection such as fiber of course) the truth is that mobile gaming becomes more and more advanced each year, citing Genshin Impact, Dragon Raja etc. as examples. Most phones can't play those titles with full details, or they will get warm, laggy etc. Not even speaking of modern consoles emulation. It's actually a great idea of a phone, a lot of upcoming titles are gonna need major horse power (especially some of the upcoming asian MMORPGs), wished I had one of those Legion phones lol =)
Ami Soerrizad Aminza
Ami Soerrizad Aminza 7 päeva tagasi
5:23 trubo fan, wonder if its intentionally named like that
Riza Kaya
Riza Kaya 8 päeva tagasi
Best intro ever
isaac Lee
isaac Lee 8 päeva tagasi
the at all costs got me
GFDSD FSDFS 8 päeva tagasi
I have Razer phone because I like how it looks, great display and sound when I watch EEfrom or Netflix in bed and I like fast phones. That said I don't play mobile games, about 99% mobile games are garbage. Only idiot would call himself "mobile gamer".. 😂 eSports candy crash?
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar 8 päeva tagasi
I play 1-2 hours, and I play COD Mobile nowadays It would be really handy, but any other phone would do the job too tbh I wouldn't buy a phone only focusing on gaming, but this phone is good in lot of ways other than gaming So, I would consider buying this
AwesomeBlackDude 8 päeva tagasi
This isn't a 5G friendly phone w/T-mobile r- bands there's no 66,71 😬
AwesomeBlackDude 8 päeva tagasi
world of memes in every thing
I wish I could get one
procerator 8 päeva tagasi
No water resistance is a deal breaker as I often play laying in a bath tub.
Damith Meng
Damith Meng 8 päeva tagasi
From Cambodian big fans, Please review Nubia RedMagic 6/6pro Thanks
AnJir 8 päeva tagasi
What did it cost? Lenovo: Its durability.
Vince John M. Briones
Vince John M. Briones 8 päeva tagasi
Iphone:come back Me: lenovo time
{Nightbot} 8 päeva tagasi
Battery charged 83% ...... Then why he say battery low😅😅😅😅
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama 8 päeva tagasi
Mobile gaming is huge but not the gaming phones
JensonTM 9 päeva tagasi
Next model: "plug it in" x4
Circuitsoft 9 päeva tagasi
The one thing I've not been able to find _anywhere_ is how long Lenovo is likely to provide system updates for...
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 6 päeva tagasi
True, that thing is often left out to specify by manufacturers and it's an important one
Kyle 9 päeva tagasi
This would be great for RAID: Shadow Legends. RAID: Shadow Legends™️ is an immersive online experience with everything you'd expect from a brand new RPG title. It's got an amazing storyline, awesome 3D graphics, giant boss fights, PVP battles, and hundreds of never before seen champions to collect and customize. I never expected to get this level of performance out of a mobile game. Look how crazy the level of detail is on these champions! RAID: Shadow Legends™️ is getting big real fast, so you should definitely get in early. Starting now will give you a huge head start. There's also an upcoming Special Launch Tournament with crazy prizes! And not to mention, this game is absolutely free! So go ahead and check out the video description to find out more about RAID: Shadow Legends™️. There, you will find a link to the store page and a special code to unlock all sorts of goodies. Using the special code, you can get 50,000 Silver immediately, and a FREE Epic Level Champion as part of the new players program, courtesy of course of the RAID: Shadow Legends™️ devs.
Lizette Cuellar
Lizette Cuellar 9 päeva tagasi
Minecraft lol
Natey Deru
Natey Deru 9 päeva tagasi
That phone looks like ROG UNLIMITED
King Jai
King Jai 9 päeva tagasi
Any free fire players👉☝️
Camera 9 päeva tagasi
Trying to take a picture with that would not work holding it upright
Gaming Mado
Gaming Mado 9 päeva tagasi
But it's not in egypt am so sad
A Piece Of Bread
A Piece Of Bread 9 päeva tagasi
Call of duty and brawl stars
Ahammed Sadik
Ahammed Sadik 10 päeva tagasi
Which is the best gaming phone? Can you please help?
Penn Ryan
Penn Ryan 10 päeva tagasi
i would love to see a profile of a mobile gamer... who are these people?
Ray 10 päeva tagasi
Streamer boi’s phone. Lol.
MAVERICK PLAYS 10 päeva tagasi
GAME Reviewer why not pubg
Akhil R
Akhil R 10 päeva tagasi
Free fire ❤️
Jeh Corin
Jeh Corin 10 päeva tagasi
Yup, i would definitely buy this phone for competitive league of legends wild rift. Especially wild rift is now testing 120fps mode on flagship phones. Rog 2 3 5 is on testing mode rn. So yeah definitely buying this
Dulina Nisal
Dulina Nisal 10 päeva tagasi
Give me it
ShadyDaddy 11 päeva tagasi
Personally I won’t buy a specific gaming phone. Most mid/high end smartphone is capable playing at max graphic which I don’t think most gamer use in a competitive game like cod,pubg etc. The only downside of using a smartphone is the battery life and ofcourse the heat from long period of gaming session. Other than that it’s perfectly fine.
Hisaudience 11 päeva tagasi
"Battery is low" he says while at 83%
Hybred 11 päeva tagasi
They should make a case for this that makes the back the same height as the thing in the middle so its easy and natural to hold as a regular phone when you're not gaming, maybe even with a little cover for the camera since its in the middle to. Then you can take it off if you want when it's time to game, this might make it appealing to people who want it as a main driver as well. Just a thought
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell 11 päeva tagasi
That opening could've been the whole review.
Otakutaru 11 päeva tagasi
Honestly... I really like that. It obviously is not as strong as a switch, but I can see the value in a console/phone
JJBLITZS 11 päeva tagasi
Battery Is Low Plugs It In Shows 83% 😂
Solo Berry
Solo Berry 11 päeva tagasi
Im buying this phone (although i have no money rn), it has everything i need. I will mostly play LOL : Wild Rift and PUBGMobile on it.
YTGamingTheMostWanted 11 päeva tagasi
But in the intro he says “ugh low battery” But when plugs it in it’s 83% Bruh
Joe 11 päeva tagasi
If I had cash I would but it just 4 pubg & mini militia
CRUZO GAMER 11 päeva tagasi
Ashraful Hoq
Ashraful Hoq 11 päeva tagasi
Not for me
shafin 11 päeva tagasi
when he said "Any REAL games on your phone" & pissed off millions of 9 year olds 🤣🤣🤣 I wish I could see their faces lmao
Isidro Reyes
Isidro Reyes 11 päeva tagasi
That phone is really dope😌! Me getting one of those for my Call Of Duty gaming Thanks alot MKBHD
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