50 Hours Inside the Most Radioactive Place On Earth (Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl) 

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I've been fascinated with Chernobyl since the moment I read about it in history class over 10 years ago. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go explore it after a big snowfall. The stories we heard were both heartbreaking and inspiring. So excited to finally be able to share.

We were all tested for Covid multiple times before filming this episode and no one has showed any symptoms in the months following this trip.

Thank you to:
Nazar Dorosh for the FPV drone shots:

Cory Martin for the cinematography:

Misha for the guidance:

And Yuri Tabach for the facilitation of this trip.

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6 juuni 2021



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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 10 päeva tagasi
As you can see, we decided to not add any sponsors or plugs on this story so we could focus on the story-telling and visual experience. But making a video of this complexity without sponsor is definitely not easy, the support from Seek Discomfort is largely how we're able to create stories like this one. It took us several months get the edit to this place and a few days of filming. I'm super proud of how the video came out and hope you enjoy it. Watch it on a TV for full experience :) See you next week - Thomas
Jéan Nel
Jéan Nel 5 tundi tagasi
I hope you burnt your clothes after you went there because you will still get radiation from the material of your clothes.
Carbon Proksi
Carbon Proksi 17 tundi tagasi
A quick search on YT and the internet has many saying it's not, then add that the authorities even allow folks to visit the contaminated areas of Chernobyl. Thus "the most radioactive" is potentially bs clickbait.
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 2 päeva tagasi
Michael F yep ,for about 3000yrs
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 2 päeva tagasi
I see apartments , apartments , apartments, apartments ,,,and grandmas house
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 2 päeva tagasi
"Removed all top-soil in the whole town " but where did you put it ???
Dora Cravo
Dora Cravo 14 minutit tagasi
4:29 is that a dog :,[
0_Zero_0 20 minutit tagasi
Im getting so many Phasmophobua and cod vibes from this!
Tahsin Jahan
Tahsin Jahan Tund tagasi
Doesn't feel the same without Matt 💔
Jake Fin
Jake Fin Tund tagasi
4:28 is that a dog not alive? :'( edit: oh wait we see the same dog at 8:05
Jashar Gubetini
Jashar Gubetini Tund tagasi
Truly great documentary.
Guilherme Platzer
Guilherme Platzer 2 tundi tagasi
this is a wonderful content.. thanks for sharing with us!
Kunis - Arugal Alliance
You are not just pushing the boundaries of yes theory but the perspective of filmography. We as your viewers appreciate all your hard work. A pleasure to watch.
Amingo Huang
Amingo Huang 4 tundi tagasi
The blame is on USSR not necessary for the reactor failure but how they hide this as a secret in the first few days from the world They even lie about the level of radiation from the country that are trying to help they lie about the level of radiation so the robot that are use to clean the graphite shut down just after few minutes of operating so they had to use only human to do this and directly cause hundreds maybe thousands of people’s death
Nolan CHUNG [08M2]
Nolan CHUNG [08M2] 4 tundi tagasi
Next time do sempipalatinsk (typo) in Kazakhstan
Brendon Ramos
Brendon Ramos 4 tundi tagasi
Does anybody know the song used @ 19:55?
Lord Darkwood
Lord Darkwood 4 tundi tagasi
Holy Shit , Russians do sound like Russians
ValCross 10
ValCross 10 6 tundi tagasi
8:34 why do i remember call of duty when seing this part
Luboslav Stofik
Luboslav Stofik 7 tundi tagasi
I Thing the Guy translating the Grandma done some Mistakes at Translating, at 12:55 he asks her why she came back, she Answers ``Rodina` that Means Family, not Motherland,.............. Just saying as it fcked up a really good Emotional Moment for me..
Jaggs 8 tundi tagasi
Utter shite.
Νεκταριοσ Κεφαλοσ
Best cinematography!!!
Pnproject Pnprojectt
Pnproject Pnprojectt 10 tundi tagasi
lol this video sucks go watch illegalfreedom channel for good content about the exclusion zone
Fleabag Hamilton
Fleabag Hamilton 12 tundi tagasi
This is cool and all but what the fuck
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 12 tundi tagasi
fun fact: the radiation turned them into “No Theory”
Ida 12 tundi tagasi
Those grandmas were so cute 🥺
Mr Cat
Mr Cat 13 tundi tagasi
I can't wait for thousands of COD reference on this comment section
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 12 tundi tagasi
It's like a zombie apocalypse. Everything is just left there, I'd genuinely be terrified
Tejas Rangnekar
Tejas Rangnekar 14 tundi tagasi
Hats off to all the first responders, liquidators who all lost their lives to safeguard the place of future generations!! Rest in Peace!
LITHUANIAN Avgeek 14 tundi tagasi
I wish I could go back In time and meet the families of Chernobyl before the Disaster
plelliott 15 tundi tagasi
Mans really put some Fallout 4 music in the background
Thomas Mattson
Thomas Mattson 15 tundi tagasi
The old guy that worked there for thirty days should be studied to see why he did not die.
Matthew Spharler
Matthew Spharler 15 tundi tagasi
I remember being a kid and seeing this on the news. EEfrom still has the old broadcast from ABC. Here: eefrom.info/limo/jp_IyaaivNvHs4w/video
Hnsfam Ily
Hnsfam Ily 16 tundi tagasi
Do a trip to Iraq and speak with someone who went through that war...and than Syria and than Yemen and Burma and Chinese (Muslim concentration camps) and interview those who survived.
manuel wegeling
manuel wegeling 16 tundi tagasi
Sound design in this one is CRAZY!
Matt Bierly
Matt Bierly 16 tundi tagasi
2 minutes in and the amount of COD vibes I’m getting is insane. My boy Yuri😤
Maximums 17 tundi tagasi
I just realized in call of duty furring the campaign we go through chenyobl or however you spell it
Maticusmaximus 17 tundi tagasi
next vid ""50 hours left to live"
Hollie Gower
Hollie Gower 17 tundi tagasi
This is so incredibly filmed and put together 😍 you guys constantly amaze me
mackan919 17 tundi tagasi
4:21 wtf thats a dead dog
Berti Avenoso
Berti Avenoso 18 tundi tagasi
The unwieldy cheetah routinely damage because state jelly wobble like a gray greasy great employer. curious, mushy patient
Nomadic Walker
Nomadic Walker 19 tundi tagasi
It's like a zombie apocalypse. Everything is just left there, I'd genuinely be terrified
Aroon Menon
Aroon Menon 19 tundi tagasi
DW Documentaries
Movement with Darcy
Movement with Darcy 20 tundi tagasi
If anyone is interested in learning more about the Chernobyl events, there was a show created that acted out all of the events. I actually just watched it a few days ago so its funny that I got on youtube and saw this video from Yes Theory. The show is called Chernobyl. Just look it up on google, not on netflix or hulu
O O F !
O O F ! 21 tund tagasi
50,000 people used to live here. Now it’s a ghost town.
Alex Black
Alex Black 21 tund tagasi
Man I wish I had an FPV Drone when I went there back in 2017. Awesome video dude ! It was great seeing Misha again ahahah
MismOx 7
MismOx 7 21 tund tagasi
bro the violins in this vid sound like they're from midsommar
Code Attack
Code Attack 21 tund tagasi
fun fact: the radiation turned them into “No Theory”
MismOx 7
MismOx 7 21 tund tagasi
when was this filmed. Casue if its in june then ill be damned
Obinna Oswu
Obinna Oswu Päev tagasi
The bustling argentina conservatively spare because creek temporally wipe besides a angry sentence. enchanted, noxious carpenter
Yt overkill 0
Yt overkill 0 Päev tagasi
Get the hazzy on
Yt overkill 0
Yt overkill 0 Päev tagasi
Rust vibezzzz
CasinoNL013 Päev tagasi
I wonder if there are Some Speedo’s in the swimmingpool
Glizzy Boy
Glizzy Boy Päev tagasi
Search up the elephant foot it's one of the most radioactive things. In the world I think
Teeval Päev tagasi
The reason why men live shorter than women
Jonathan Woods
Jonathan Woods Päev tagasi
@Shiey has done this over and over. Years ago.
Akmaljon Zarifi
Akmaljon Zarifi Päev tagasi
Is was one of your most important travel🏕🏕🏕
Trinisav 2
Trinisav 2 Päev tagasi
George J. Rockefeller
"Most Radioactive Place On Earth" is it really the most radioactive place on earth? I mean even more than the bombing testing sites?
Artem Tsekhmistrenko
I am from Ukraine and my grandmother, grandfather and dad lived in pripyat. I am very grateful that you decided to fly in and shoot a video about the Chernobyl zone. Thank you very much!!!
SquidGuy Päev tagasi
I noticed the older lady had stuff plugged in. Do they still have power?
alfonso rojas
alfonso rojas Päev tagasi
Kolyaaaa wru!
Callsign_Red-Sky Päev tagasi
That man is a hero idc what anybody says
robocreeper craft
robocreeper craft Päev tagasi
It’s so dark and gloomy
Cathrin Manning
Cathrin Manning Päev tagasi
*I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get a person who invested with her* *Comment below* *Let's go*
Destiny Cyril
Destiny Cyril Päev tagasi
I just made my second withdraw again today trading with expert Mrs Jane, I can't wait for the next 7 days to cash out again.
Gideon Mark
Gideon Mark Päev tagasi
I doubted it too before I give it a try........ And it was not regret.
Ruben Jack
Ruben Jack Päev tagasi
@Cathrin Manning Anyone who introduced you to Mrs Jayne love you.
Gift amanda
Gift amanda Päev tagasi
@Davis Green Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Jane
Davis Green
Davis Green Päev tagasi
Her last week trade was boom boom!!!!
MrTroll Yt
MrTroll Yt Päev tagasi
the coronavirus is scared of the old lady
Darrin Vinsel
Darrin Vinsel Päev tagasi
The fixed politician summatively cheer because kilometer crucially borrow beside a glamorous van. embarrassed, helpless link
cereal is a soup
cereal is a soup Päev tagasi
ah Pripyat, i remember going on a mission there with cpt. Macmillan
Diaz Prabowo
Diaz Prabowo Päev tagasi
"We only have one planet, and we only have each other" damn nice one thomas
Danny Ryazanov
Danny Ryazanov Päev tagasi
The homely objective briefly spray because windchime dewailly place unto a damaging sky. deranged, simple lyric
Lemonxade Päev tagasi
There has been a small accident !
Lemonxade Päev tagasi
I though it was to radio activity to live there
Eagle775 Päev tagasi
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way........
Dieter Dödel
Dieter Dödel Päev tagasi
I'm already looking forward to S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2. I'm so exited.
Blooky Päev tagasi
He looks like a less cool xqc if you even thought he was that cool
Shardstream Päev tagasi
It's not just me who thought that he looked like them?
Stan ley
Stan ley Päev tagasi
the babushka is so sweet i dont know her but i love her
Gavin Norris
Gavin Norris Päev tagasi
Yea... that looks like Fallout.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson Päev tagasi
There was a Nickelodeon ad before this video started... lmao
KirkeGaming Päev tagasi
Getting cancer for EEfrom views...
Dreams_son Päev tagasi
4:28 is the dog dead
Shardstream Päev tagasi
T Lo
T Lo Päev tagasi
The editing on these videos is mind blowing
Taxreform2 Päev tagasi
Ayo what about the dog
Bobby Ortiz
Bobby Ortiz Päev tagasi
I want to visit this babushka 😭❤️
nh sw
nh sw Päev tagasi
The curvy zipper postmeiotically arrange because wilderness peripherally concentrate but a chemical trombone. afraid, worthless layer
Wessi Gondrong
Wessi Gondrong Päev tagasi
skull lxrd
skull lxrd Päev tagasi
so mobody talking about mw2 mission?
Joseph Knapp
Joseph Knapp Päev tagasi
Reminds me of STALKER: Call of Pripyat
Giannie Moulton
Giannie Moulton Päev tagasi
“50,000 People used to live here….now it’s a ghost town.”
Thomas Games
Thomas Games Päev tagasi
Where did those dogs come from and is that one dead at 4:22
fornece hemodtob
fornece hemodtob Päev tagasi
The godly frown visually earn because soldier bacteriologically share save a berserk kayak. utter, reminiscent conifer
Super Platypus
Super Platypus Päev tagasi
This is so sad.
PennywiseTheDancingClowN !
Should put this on Netflix man... No joke lol
Carly Wilson Vlogs
Carly Wilson Vlogs Päev tagasi
Who is here after already watching Kara and Nates trip here
foxyisaboy Päev tagasi
It's so funny how there is an animal laying on the floor by 4:27
DrScotch Päev tagasi
Hope you weren't planning on having kids!
aki Päev tagasi
Fifty thousand people used to live here..... And now its a ghost town - captain john price 2007
J G Päev tagasi
why am I getting call of duty 4 vibes aka OG modern warfare
spearheadgaming Päev tagasi
10:20 STALKER?
F k
F k Päev tagasi
I sometime glow in the dark after i drink alcohol😂😂
Blendanium Päev tagasi
Yo they stole one of the places in WZ smh
Hydrolox Päev tagasi
Fukushima is dozens upon dozens of times more radioactive currently than Chernobyl is, and the exclusion zone isnt even that bad considering you can enter the first shell of the sarcophagus containing the actual reactor itself
NikoChan Päev tagasi
The guy who lives there...
Kolton Nieto
Kolton Nieto Päev tagasi
8:00 warzone pool 😂
Toooby Päev tagasi
50,000 people used to live here … but now it’s a ghost town
Zhora Zavodskoy
Zhora Zavodskoy Päev tagasi
next time live up to the title and spend 50hrs in the sarcophagus
Lucas jensen
Lucas jensen Päev tagasi
1:07 B-tec Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Mr demolish lol
Mr demolish lol 2 päeva tagasi
5 thousand people live here now its a ghost town
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