The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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14 veebr 2021



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Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia 7 minutit tagasi
As someone who lives in salt lake city, I feel personally attacked.
Margaret Baker
Margaret Baker 34 minutit tagasi
Your such a wonderfully smart man! Thank for your hard work at trying to enlighten the world.
Wayne Leavitt
Wayne Leavitt 40 minutit tagasi
Feeling the SLC dig.
Jossi Ossa _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
There is no pandemic but only The Great Reset!
Michael TattooedDeadhead
Not one mention of the most crucial fix when it comes to all of these concerns mentioned in this video. That would be world wide population control. We have overpopulated this planet and have doomed it in the process.
Ryan Cooley
Ryan Cooley Tund tagasi
I guess I'll pass up my pet Aye Aye...
Ryan Cooley
Ryan Cooley Tund tagasi
In defense of Salt Lake City, the rest of the state is much worse...
Todd C
Todd C Tund tagasi
Humanity is so destructive. We deserve extinction.
jesusmendax Tund tagasi
Running circles around the real problem: Africa population: 1,216,000,000 China population: 1,400,000,000 India population: 1,353,00,000 South America population: 422,000,000 North America population: 579,000,000 Europe population: 746,000,000
1clearlake007 Tund tagasi
Terrific show and research. Too bad none of this gets to our schoolchildren who are basically just taught things that can help them to "make more money". We don't seem to have much interest in teaching our children about 1) How their body works 2} How their planet works and 3) How their brain works...
Jarrett Freels
Jarrett Freels Tund tagasi
Kenneth the virus?
FreddyFish 2 tundi tagasi
This is horrible. Also weird when you use an argument "especially with Marginalized communities.". Outside of America we aren't dumb, we know you mean "non-white" and that seems more important to you. With "marginalized" Americans never mean people in low-income levels despite their races. It doesn't exist in your culture. Americans already have horrible racist history but somehow Americans LOVE it and want to keep it going on many levels. While most things are income level problems. For some people in other countries it seems completely impossible for Americans to treat each other as individuals first and based on race third. It's always race and gender firsty. Always. Always. All the time.
Amanda Lorian
Amanda Lorian 3 tundi tagasi
Wearing headphones. The BOAT FOUL sound effect made me jump out of my seat. I was so startled
Ian 3 tundi tagasi
John Oliver is not a scientist and lives in perpetual fear. He is an effectively controlled neoliberal media outlet
Henry Blyth
Henry Blyth 3 tundi tagasi
4:26 that’s a damn cute British secondary school photo
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 3 tundi tagasi
Sixgun 3 tundi tagasi
Don't you mean Plandemic.
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 4 tundi tagasi
This is fear porn. Our immune system is designed to defeat virus. However, we do need to provide our immune system the resources it needs to perform optimally. Many people spend a lot of time indoors, and when they do go outside they wear clothes. These behaviors prevent your body from getting sufficient noon-day sun on bare skin, which your body needs to produce adequate Vitamin D. Medical research confirms a strong relationship between your body's Vitamin D level and the ability to defeat virus. Literature also confirms that adequate Vitamin C, Zinc and a zinc ionophore are important resources needed to defeat virus. Learn more about how to enable your body to defeat virus. Review the World Wide Web site with root name EXSTNC in the COM Domain.
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 4 tundi tagasi
Go plug your site somewhere else pal.
Tim O'Kelly
Tim O'Kelly 4 tundi tagasi
I'm so done with this topic. Too soon to start this up, try in 1 yr. Need to thin the herd anyway.
Eric Blair
Eric Blair 4 tundi tagasi
Daszak... interesting choice HBO, i guess when you need a scapegoat keep the collateral to a minimum... hes a little ripe isn't he?
GoJMe 4 tundi tagasi
Is April Oneil dead! Which damn turtle killed her? Better not been Michelangelo!
arianna 5 tundi tagasi
Here's how to solve the issues: Tax the businesses and wealthy the same 26% income tax that I, a single adult with no children, pay. Stop allowing capitalism to capitalize EVERYTHING. We need government to be involved in regulating businesses opposite to how it is currently. We need unions to come back, decent pay for decent work, we need a "New New Deal" If that means doing away with lobbyists, I'm okay with that, we could create a "people's forum" to discuss viewpoints on policy. To get a certain policy maker's attention, donations can be made to campaigns or causes, but let's make sure that our civil servants are serving the people and serving for the love and passion of the country and the people. Everyone should be able to buy local and organic, or at least join a coop. Executives should not be allowed to make over 400,000x more than their entry level employees. What are they recieving 2 mil$ bonuses for if no one else gets paid vacation or even healthcare? Inflation is just greed. It could be rectified. We could enrich our communities with a focus on education, and local produce/meat/services/goods. Community, with unity the commercial will follow. Inflation SHOULD NOT exist. We have all the systems in place , heck they're almost obsolete at this point.Transformation, communication, shipping, booking, record keeping, transactions, advertisement..... all are streamlined to the inth degree, so what is inflation going to? Its not us. It's fucking common sense. Its not right or left, conservative or liberal. In DC, there is no difference, dumbo or donkey; only dollars determine decisions. Politicans have forgotten what their jobs actually are..
Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson 5 tundi tagasi
Time to go to A weekly show John and not have a season. Just be a regular show please.
gxd000 5 tundi tagasi
The number one driver of deforestation is meat consumption, overwhelmingly beef. STOP NOW.
Kenney 5 tundi tagasi
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Plack 6 tundi tagasi
Is down for some stuff" WTF is wrong with you. I'm high af dont say stuff like that
DaveZ 6 tundi tagasi
I hate it when so-called comedians attempt to deliver news or political information. Especially fast-talking Brits. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I've listened to only about half of this video and had to turn it off. I could not force myself to laugh, so why listen?
DaveZ Tund tagasi
@Ryan Clarke If education is the goal, I don't go to a clown school to get it.
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 4 tundi tagasi
Cant' stand being educated huh? >_>
arianna 6 tundi tagasi
I don't think the land development issue is quite as extensive as they claim..... I've driven through Wyoming.... The problem is not everyone can afford to live more spread out or even buy a home, or a car for that matter...
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 6 tundi tagasi
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Penny Dupre
Penny Dupre 6 tundi tagasi
I here you John we are now going places where we really shouldn't be. FOR FUN. We are "domesticating" animals that should be left in the wild. And calling them exotic. And worse people are beginning to treat animals like they are human, by sleeping with them, letting them eat with the family and letting them cuddle with and lick their children. YUK. Animals including dogs and cats have different immune systems they can fight off things that can kill us But no one seem to get it. And there is no telling what we are unearthing when we dig holes deep into the earth or what is being let loose with the glaciers melting. There is so much we can do to enjoy life and none of it has to be dangerous except for what other people will do to you. I keep think about that young man in Florida who said "if I get covert I get covert" Here today gone tomorrow. Except sooner than expected.
Cilly Honey
Cilly Honey 6 tundi tagasi
I kinda hate humanity right now so I kinda welcome the next pandemic. AFAIAC Covid hasn't carried off nearly enough people. There are too many people on the planet. We need to cut our reproduction drastically or Mother Nature is gonna prune us back with diseases. We are shitting the bed.
Blenderis YO
Blenderis YO 6 tundi tagasi
I bet 10 bucks that next epidemic will be bird flu wide spread among humans.
Cilly Honey
Cilly Honey 6 tundi tagasi
I disagree, I have had the opportunity to cuddle an alligator and they are surprisingly cuddly. The one I got to cuddle was named Tinkerbell and liked having her eye ridges rubbed. She grunted like a pig when she was happy. Alligators have soft armpits!
Go Cat Go
Go Cat Go 6 tundi tagasi
Corporatism!!!!! No, you dont need to delete meat etc, we have a rise in UNETHICAL people in the last 2 decades....we have a rise in government stupidity, everything is getting more corrupt so who is really behind it all!?
Ryan 7 tundi tagasi
"Describing the problems of capitalism while ignoring the obvious culprit tonight with john Oliver"
onis 7 tundi tagasi
There will be a pandemic every election year
M E 7 tundi tagasi
I'm living in Germany and tried to report a bird that was sick with possible bird flu in my local crowded, urban area. There was no service like that available online, and the handful of wild bird center numbers were defunct or staffed by a single geriatric volunteer who replied to the email - they weren't answering the phones - a week later. If this is the best that a neoliberal and bloated state in the EU can manage, it'll be tough to convince smaller economies. Smaller economies are constantly told that slashing and burning public services, like Berlin's wild bird centres, is the only route to success. The real virus is, and always was, capitalism. I don't think anyone can seriously advocate for counter pandemic measures without also countering capitalism, John. It needs to go.
Agimaso Schandir
Agimaso Schandir 7 tundi tagasi
Difficult choice: Tour of a bat cave or the Paris sewers
MrDoit13 7 tundi tagasi
I'm a science major getting a degree in forestry. Most of my education has been learning about how humans have no idea what the fuck they are doing and we may have hopelessly ruined the earth on a much larger scale than could be imagined. Kick back and enjoy the end bitchessss.
Kirsten Ornelas
Kirsten Ornelas 7 tundi tagasi
"A carnivorous surf board" lmffao totally calling them that from now on. 😆
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M. 7 tundi tagasi
Since when did people become Jesus to predict when the next pandemic will happen
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 3 tundi tagasi
It's called science idiot.
Exclusive Kix
Exclusive Kix 7 tundi tagasi
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Cindy di Avani
Cindy di Avani 7 tundi tagasi
To stop deforestation & factory farming is not a Draconian response, it's what's needed. If we're really taking this problem seriously as a real threat, then we need a seriously real solution, not just funding scientists, which I'm not against. But we can all do our part right now by stopping our own personal support of these animal born pandemics by reducing/ending our consumption of animal products and products that encourage deforestation (like palm oil). We can all do better. You can't heal an injured knee by simply treating it, you also have to stop banging it against the table otherwise what's the point?
spidey56765 8 tundi tagasi
Damn this was such a good show thanks
david w
david w 8 tundi tagasi
it almost looks like these viruses are being manufactured
A T 8 tundi tagasi
Or, you know, just as viruses and bacteria worked for thousands of years, long before human technological progress, or human existence in general, disease is transmitted from animals to humans and / or other organisms
Kid Astronaut
Kid Astronaut 8 tundi tagasi
Was the virus Kenneth the page?
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez 8 tundi tagasi
I wish he would have mentioned the fact that there's a wet market in NY as well. Don't think we can do much about the one in China but if more people knew about the wet market in NY maybe we could start working towards getting it shut down.
ALA87 8 tundi tagasi
All this really shows is how unsustainable our societies are and how dumb of a species we really are.
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Hi John. You are a difficult person to contact. I offer on donation hypnosis to anyone and everyone to help people connect to their own subconscious and heal emotional and physical pain, especially during these crazy times. And I would really like to make contact with you. Please check my YT channel for contact details. ❤️
Jebi Se
Jebi Se 8 tundi tagasi
13:37 thats very weird mouth there...
Lupo's alternative socialization room
Oh John... We have missed you.
uso donald
uso donald 9 tundi tagasi
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Emil T. M.
Emil T. M. 9 tundi tagasi
lets talk about pandemic baby~
Jebi Se
Jebi Se 9 tundi tagasi
well... that lonely goon didnt invent a shit. there were internet social networks far before that one just more local.
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins 9 tundi tagasi
ppl from Salt Lake City and Animal Crossing players have disliked the video
Reda Cherkaoui
Reda Cherkaoui 9 tundi tagasi
There are viruses around the world that make Covid seem like a placebo.
Владимира Иринчева
You're so annoying
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 3 tundi tagasi
Facts bother you that much huh?
Chris Dietrich
Chris Dietrich 9 tundi tagasi
If you want to stop these types of pandemics stop animal agriculture
abdul samad khan
abdul samad khan 10 tundi tagasi
#RavishKumar | People's_Journalist
Emmet Myers
Emmet Myers 10 tundi tagasi
Lets get to the real point. the land use and so on is all due to the amount of people on the planet! overpopulation is the problem! This is going to keep building until we (people) start dying off in mass numbers. If we don"t make hard choices we will suffer mass losses. This is fact not fiction. The solution is less births, less babies. meaning we would need to de-fund birth. IE pay for abortions and not pay any more discounts for more then one kid. this is a hard change but it needs to happen to lower people count. I would bet that you will see mass deaths before you see limiting births. We will have the babies and then kill them off and the planet as well. He is now talking state fairs but lets get real john
L 10 tundi tagasi
Consider this, Howard Hughes, who had major OCD about germs and infections, had just become a teenager during the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak. Still think he was an obsessive compulsive madman?
L 10 tundi tagasi
The same things were said about the 1918 Spanish flu, but were soon forgotten again. Things to do are, reducing human environment contact surfaces. Encourage hand washing. Take cold and coughing symptoms in the work place and on public transport more seriously.
L 10 tundi tagasi
During WW2 lots of people became vegetarians, not because of ethics, but because it was much more efficient use of the land than keeping animals for meat. They pretty much had to use an entire south American country for beef production during that war. If we are going to keep increasing our population then we will have to change our habits and start to rely on local efficient farming produce.
Chandir 10 tundi tagasi
Obviously we need to stop squeezing thousands of animals into small areas. If we want another huge pandemic asap all we need to do is keep doing what we're already doing. GO VEGAN it's the only way!
Chandir 6 tundi tagasi
@Necrobadger not sure what you're saying. You think veganism encourages the extinction of humans? or what
Necrobadger 7 tundi tagasi
Fuck yeah, let's encourage the extinction of our species to get rid of disease!
Jálale Jeowkr
Jálale Jeowkr 10 tundi tagasi
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Alchemist Tongue Drums
Alchemist Tongue Drums 10 tundi tagasi
But the more lethal a virus is, the easier it is to contain. That's at least a slight saving grace.
Shahzad Aslam
Shahzad Aslam 10 tundi tagasi
another point, in last 100 years because of animal farming the food demands has gone up along with a lot of animal sufferings
preddy 10 tundi tagasi
oh i love those old english school photos ,all mine disappeared for some reason :)
Colton 1236
Colton 1236 11 tundi tagasi
You’re trying to make us panic
Claire Sanchez
Claire Sanchez 11 tundi tagasi
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Joseph Franco
Joseph Franco 11 tundi tagasi
I absolutely love this special. This will sound a little crazy, is there a way to edit it/ tone it down so I could perhaps use this in a classroom? It would open a whole new, larger audience of future viewers and get the message across without reshooting.
Brian Burdett
Brian Burdett 11 tundi tagasi
Just shut up.
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 3 tundi tagasi
Or, you can merely stop listening if you have that much of an aversion to the hard truth!
Samuel Fuller
Samuel Fuller 11 tundi tagasi
Of course it was Kent, why is it always Kent.
Jerrell Hoggard
Jerrell Hoggard 11 tundi tagasi
Why are you up here lying the covid 19 virus was produced in the United States its called a bio weapon created in bio lab. That bat transfer to humans is a damn lie
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 3 tundi tagasi
Prove it! And while you're at it, tighten that tin foil hat of yours. I hear the lizard people are trying to read people's thoughts again!
UnitK7 12 tundi tagasi
Goth Mouse.
Stic Turner
Stic Turner 12 tundi tagasi
Frank Zhu
Frank Zhu 12 tundi tagasi
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E.P. 13 tundi tagasi
man, Oliver+crew has REALLY made the audience-free formatting his/their own and it's hitting amazingggggg
caroona123 14 tundi tagasi
Please also watch Mic's response video: eefrom.info/limo/sGnJmNilp9Wnk5Y/video
tae oh
tae oh 14 tundi tagasi
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kix land 15 tundi tagasi
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Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano 15 tundi tagasi
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Ugly Casanova
Ugly Casanova 15 tundi tagasi
Man I love you John. You make scary things much more bearable.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 15 tundi tagasi
So bottom line: leave animals the f alone? Seems we're incapable, even when we know it's for our own good!
Omar Ortiz
Omar Ortiz 16 tundi tagasi
The part where you see three of your villagers from Animal Crossing
jon d
jon d 16 tundi tagasi
I can't believe the idea that COVID 19 came from eating bats is still being peddled. It came from a lab. We know this. Isn't it common knowledge at this point?
Mrs. Jacob
Mrs. Jacob 16 tundi tagasi
Canadian Pastor is in jail after defying illegal covid mandates. Here's what's going on: eefrom.info/limo/pn-ts8uR2abTq4A/video
Hayden MacWhinnie
Hayden MacWhinnie 17 tundi tagasi
“We don’t really do the fundamental change that we could do”
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 15 tundi tagasi
people are stuck at home out of working living in fear because of the media
sayit1196 17 tundi tagasi
You and the people stupid enough to listen to a word you say, hans, get the glammenwerfer
Luna Rose
Luna Rose 17 tundi tagasi
Its like watching America convince Americans that this is just the new way of life and it's great somehow
lee gibson
lee gibson 18 tundi tagasi
Yeah, we will have Slow Joe in office who will be to terrified to make a decision because he may hurt some feelings on the left. Remember when Biden claimed Pres. Trump was being xenophobic when he shut down flights from China? Yeah, good luck to your all with this president.
Katherine Bonkowski
Katherine Bonkowski 18 tundi tagasi
It's like predicting the market crash, it's going to happen.
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson 18 tundi tagasi
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Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 19 tundi tagasi
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Murphy harri
Murphy harri 19 tundi tagasi
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Service Not Found
Service Not Found 19 tundi tagasi
I wish there was a mandatory give back to nature national law. Imagine all the ugly dilapidated buildings that no one uses being made into tiny nature reserves all over. I just kinda wish for nature to return to its prime again, and maybe it means the death of giant companies. And I’m okay with this.
Ricky Got
Ricky Got 20 tundi tagasi
China will strike again
GodsDeceased 18 tundi tagasi
Your employer might not like that bro.
Al B
Al B 20 tundi tagasi
Does anybody still watch this guy? once the production value is shown to go out the window it's literally just another EEfrom channel
ytho 20 tundi tagasi
As a Salt Laker..... you're absolutely right
Paul Huppert
Paul Huppert 20 tundi tagasi
Jack McBrayer makes a great virus!
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