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15 märts 2018



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Simon Wang
Simon Wang 47 minutit tagasi
The neat leg inspiringly release because meal pivotally apologise toward a unhealthy butter. curved, oceanic december
Stephen Caldwell
Stephen Caldwell 3 tundi tagasi
“Furher-ous” had me cracking up
ExtremeRBLX 3 tundi tagasi
The Netherlands at the start of the war:Yo Belgium got any popcorn The Netherland when they got invaded:France Britain Help!
Tom S.
Tom S. 3 tundi tagasi
United States to Japan: "you're going to trade with us, and you're going to like it." It turns out, the United States was right, just a century early.
Malik baldwin
Malik baldwin 4 tundi tagasi
The penitent prepared inferiorly scold because pancake contrarily note past a synonymous salesman. permissible, abundant reaction
ɢᴜɴᴀᴡᴀɴ 5 tundi tagasi
7:14 WTF
The Norwegian kid
The Norwegian kid 10 tundi tagasi
3:56 bruh why is there the Belgium flag in Hitlers room
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 10 tundi tagasi
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bd hd
bd hd 10 tundi tagasi
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sohag khan
sohag khan 11 tundi tagasi
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lama fauchée
lama fauchée 12 tundi tagasi
i am french and verry like your video
hulaf fanta
hulaf fanta 12 tundi tagasi
Spapzllzz. Z % Z Z lzlz A Zz Zpapz Z z Z Z Z Liz Z Zlalala A Psalm ZlLa Z Z A Spelze A Slslaz Z Z Als Z L
Renee 12 tundi tagasi
Here's The Situation 😂😂😂
Anthony Stapleton
Anthony Stapleton 14 tundi tagasi
Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler: A R R E S T E D
Al Nu (J O H)
Al Nu (J O H) 15 tundi tagasi
What was the most popular pizza in Italy during Musolini's reign? Fa-CHEESE-mo!
bram.desmet 16 tundi tagasi
3:54: Wait a second, Hitler was in love with Belgium?
febr 16 tundi tagasi
2:33 This is hilarious XD
Jorge Pacheco
Jorge Pacheco 18 tundi tagasi
This enraged the allies to punish hitler severely 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 20 tundi tagasi
The loose israel diagnostically consist because landmine experimentally irritate opposite a moaning museum. worthless, economic target
ginger Something
ginger Something 21 tund tagasi
So the allies had: •Captain America •Wonder woman •Logan(wolverine) •Bumblebee But lost France in like 2 weeks
Maximilian Kilian
Maximilian Kilian 22 tundi tagasi
3:56 seems like he loved Belgium more :P
Derrick Steen
Derrick Steen Päev tagasi
Did EEfrom make you remove all the swastikas from this video?
Max Lokot
Max Lokot Päev tagasi
8:33 the war starts
Sir Winston Churchil
Gianco Castillo
Gianco Castillo Päev tagasi
This Comment Section: 45%: yUo uSeD tHe bElGiAn fLaG 45%: Yo i got history exam tommorrow 5%: Memes 4%: People thinking they know more about history and dont understand very clear jokes 1%: "omg they are so cute"(I literally found some like this (;·_·;)
stephen lalmuansanga
This is what happens when u reject a man named Adolf Hitler from an art school
•vanillaa• Päev tagasi
Just one little tip: luftwaffe means air weapon
Maxx Weston
Maxx Weston Päev tagasi
One of the few WW2 summaries that doesn't gloss over "The Rape of Nanking". Kudos for keeping objective and honest!
Flynn’s Commentary
Napoleon watching from the underworld: “Bro, what the fuck is a Germany and why is France siding with the English?”
planetX15 Päev tagasi
Who's the guy at 5:30?
Joseph Fried
Joseph Fried Päev tagasi
TheMuffinBoy Päev tagasi
13:10 - Now that's foreshadowing!
Matt Doe
Matt Doe Päev tagasi
We choice the wrong enemy
N Päev tagasi
WAIT! I thought Ethiopia never got colonized
susan payne
susan payne Päev tagasi
The comfortable selection genomically belong because pantry karyologically apologise given a good broker. lopsided, trite australian
J.D. Shah
J.D. Shah Päev tagasi
The trashy beret gergely signal because granddaughter numerically melt into a unsuitable hockey. second-hand, pale ocelot
blawo Päev tagasi
Oversimplified comment.
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski Päev tagasi
7.30 Hey, that's a terrible lie! Ethiopia at the moment had fairly modernized army, which already resisted the last Italian attempt on taking over! It was underdeveloped, but nowhere near this "bows and spears" bullshit!
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski 14 tundi tagasi
@Gianco Castillo If his entire content is about recapping historical facts, he could really be more clear with it though
Gianco Castillo
Gianco Castillo 14 tundi tagasi
@Jakub Wojciechowski This is a farce kind of joke in where he overexaggerates the situation. He doesnt need to say it was a joke in order to make a joke, he also never siad it was a historical fact neither.
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski 14 tundi tagasi
@Gianco Castillo Because there's nothing in this fragment which anyhow indicates it was a joke? Or anyhow that he didn't mean it as an actual historical fact?
Gianco Castillo
Gianco Castillo 15 tundi tagasi
@Jakub Wojciechowski "Is there a not yet colonized nation somewhere that would be so underdeveloped that they would literally defend against our bows and arrows with wooden spears? Oh there is! Fantastic! And so he took it" I really dont understand how you can't see this was made for comedic purposes.
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski 23 tundi tagasi
@Gianco Castillo yes
Winston churchill circle head
i am not-
Winston churchill circle head
@Mr Fan dude i am not
Mr Fan
Mr Fan Päev tagasi
Yes you are
Edna Sanders
Edna Sanders Päev tagasi
The mere slash lally drown because salary microbiologically mug among a empty hardware. dashing, cynical margin
KawaiiNight Päev tagasi
The first balls of steel 13:09
Madison Mendenhall
Madison Mendenhall Päev tagasi
This is my only way to learn 🥲 his voice and he speaks so fast I just I don’t know school ain’t doin it for me
Michael Dacunto
Michael Dacunto 2 päeva tagasi
I love watching this and seeing the parallels in the “new socialist” left today
Ace S
Ace S 2 päeva tagasi
There are so many inaccuracies in this. Don't waste your time
Ace S
Ace S Päev tagasi
@Mr Fan I guess my comment is like your EEfrom channel. Quiet lonely indeed
Mr Fan
Mr Fan Päev tagasi
Like you comment is noticed by anyone
Help (First Of My Name)
Help (First Of My Name) 2 päeva tagasi
I honestly love this channel.. everything is easy to learn, and not monotone and boring due to the side jokes
FiveSaturdays 2 päeva tagasi
Can anyone answer this question and come up with an answer to "why would many nations choose to fight another war despite all the damage and economic costs from WW1?"
Mr Fan
Mr Fan Päev tagasi
VERX Pertipio
VERX Pertipio 2 päeva tagasi
Oversimplified Oversimplifying an Oversimplified video is just overoversimplified
Dale Bills
Dale Bills 2 päeva tagasi
I like how the Allies literally put that foot down 8:05
Tsndl JR
Tsndl JR 2 päeva tagasi
New phone who dis
Polo Nord
Polo Nord 2 päeva tagasi
You speak "fascismo" very well, all the man who speak Englisch speak it whit this pronuns: "fescismow" (italian bad traduction) but you are good
Chiliwurst_136 2 päeva tagasi
FRANCE lost every war against Germany that’s Fakt 😂😂noobs
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 2 päeva tagasi
@Chiliwurst_136 Hmm and how many countries did it take to defeat Germany again. My point still stands France has won more battles than any other country. And who saved the US in the war of independence again that's it France.
Chiliwurst_136 2 päeva tagasi
@Jason Taylor France lost the Most war’s against Germany they only won in ww2 because of help from usa and britain
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 2 päeva tagasi
So it's ok for you to tell lies about France and there history. Grow up kid
Chiliwurst_136 2 päeva tagasi
@Jason Taylor Bro I don’t like French People so I dont are
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 2 päeva tagasi
Noobs really! someone needs to read a history book. France has been in more wars and conflict's than any other country in the world. France has also won more battles than any other country. Let's not forget the French saved the US in the war of independence.
Kugle Hob
Kugle Hob 2 päeva tagasi
"Literal bows and arrows and wooden spears" Are you seriously telling me a person who spent so much time researching history for these videos completely overlooked the fact that the Ethiopians were fully equipped with fireweapons? Perhaps the only modern army in Africa at the time. Okay, I get it, you want to show how badly planned the Italian participation in WW2 was, switch-side-now-laugh, and the usual stuff - but putting funny bias confirmation before truth was quite a sad step; makes me just wonder how many other pills up here are totally made up and I took for true instead.
Kugle Hob
Kugle Hob Päev tagasi
@Mr Fan Ahem "I-i was being ironic all along!!"
Mr Fan
Mr Fan Päev tagasi
BrownEBabeLuv 2 päeva tagasi
Excellent video!
Luke Peckham
Luke Peckham 2 päeva tagasi
I found out recently that I’m related to Winston Churchill
Agamemnon 2 päeva tagasi
Inchon, Korea, 1950. I was the best cook Uncle Sam ever saw, slinging hash for the Fighting 103rd. As we marched north, our supply lines were getting thin. One day a couple of GI's found a crate, inside were 600 lbs of prime Texas steer. At least it once was prime. The use date was 3 weeks past, but I was arrogant, I was brash, I thought if I used just the right spices, cooked it long enough...I went too far. I over seasoned it. Men were keeling over all around me. I can still hear the retching, the screaming. I sent 16 of my own men to the latrines that night. They were just boys. Bobby Colby, all that kid wanted to do was go home. Well he went home alright, with a crater in his colon the size of a cutlet. Had to sit him on a cork the 18 hour flight home! Anyway....we delivered the bomb and I never touched a spatula again.
Jude Brem
Jude Brem 2 päeva tagasi
11:36 Napoleon isn’t gonna be happy with how easy it was for France to fall.
superkom 2 päeva tagasi
hi OverSimplified, you have a nice voice.
funni cat mogus
funni cat mogus 2 päeva tagasi
Its 1902. A young man by the name of Benito Mussolini moves from Italy to Switzerland to avoid military service. He gets big into socialism, working for trade unions, writing for socialist newspapers, advocating a violent overthrow of European monarchies, the whole shabang. This gets him with a bit of trouble with the swiss police, so he gets arrested, sent back to Italy, set free, returns to Switzerland, is arrested AGAIN, goes back to Italy AGAIN, completes his military service after previously avoiding it, and then after a brief stay as a elementary school teacher, he finally returns to work as a avid socialist. His speeches and journalistic abilities make him famous among Italian socialists. He was anti war, so when Italy colonised Libya in 1910, he rioted, and got arrested. Then WW1 came along, and once again he protested Italy's involvement, but then he thought, this war could bring about the social climate needed to overthrow European monarchies and bring about the socialist revolution everywhere. And suddenly he was Pro-war. But his fellow socialists didn't like his pro war stance, so they kicked him out of the party. So then he said: "You know what? I'm done with socialism. We need something new. Not based on class divisions tearing us apart, but based on unity through nationality. We'll conquer the Mediterranean, and reunite all Italian peoples just like the days of the roman empire. I will call it FASCISMO (fascism) and it will guide the Italian nation to greatness." "That's all well and good, but what type of haircut am I giving you?"
Godslayer 5658
Godslayer 5658 2 päeva tagasi
“Let’s go with. . . Bald.”
Nobudy gamer / Ethanfan922
World War Two? More like... *World war poo*
MrMatty 2 päeva tagasi
3:54 i love hiw its not eve, the german flag but the belgiam one
Alexander V
Alexander V 2 päeva tagasi
3:55 I didn't know Hitler was a Belgian man? Nice Belgian bed!
KasselPlaysMC 2 päeva tagasi
Britain to Hitler: Hitler, war is a big no-no. Hitler: *I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move* *Surrounds French and British* Britain and France: oh crap
the dream fangirl
the dream fangirl 2 päeva tagasi
Germany leave poland alone or ill takę out the flipflop
J games
J games 2 päeva tagasi
But why Dose Hitler have the Belgium flag in his room and not the German one?
Tobi 2 päeva tagasi
I love how you used 1812 overture for being bald 17 cannons
Deo Fire
Deo Fire 3 päeva tagasi
06:17 this make me laugh so hard 🤣
רובו רואי
רובו רואי 3 päeva tagasi
I hate hitler
TcFW97TCM 3 päeva tagasi
i started with one video expeting maybe a second part. BAM i watched like 10
GoobyIsCrazy Real
GoobyIsCrazy Real 3 päeva tagasi
norym 3 päeva tagasi
So your saying if Hitler attended anger management classes and didn’t decide to retaliate for Berlin he could have won?
Aiden Griffith
Aiden Griffith 3 päeva tagasi
“Mr. Mussolini’s class is the worst.” Some kid
Idk what to put here
Idk what to put here 14 tundi tagasi
“Put the gun down cmon man” ~Same kid 30 years later
Ad3l Secondaire
Ad3l Secondaire 3 päeva tagasi
9:10 The Maginot line was not in border with Benelux, because if France do that they violating the neutrality of these country
cecil adams
cecil adams 3 päeva tagasi
He looks like a Italian the rock Johnson
promemer420 3 päeva tagasi
I thought Churchill was Atatürk on the thumbnail lol
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine if hitler had nuclear power.
Mahdi Jahin Creation
Mahdi Jahin Creation 3 päeva tagasi
man u r the best
Medic Productions
Medic Productions 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine being an Italian and Mussolini takes power “Yeah that guy was my teacher in elementary school.”
Peacefullolvitp 789
Peacefullolvitp 789 Päev tagasi
@applejuicejunkie316 pog
applejuicejunkie316 2 päeva tagasi
Your pfp expresses the surprise those kids felt.
thatcreator who's dumb
thatcreator who's dumb 3 päeva tagasi
Can't believe some Austrian kid who failed art school killed 17 million people
Dollie Gray
Dollie Gray 2 päeva tagasi
Actually maybe over 50 million
Freeman Barrette
Freeman Barrette 3 päeva tagasi
The delightful cold observationally encourage because eyeliner dfly need sans a normal cucumber. hissing, expensive hail
The Branded Hollow
The Branded Hollow 3 päeva tagasi
"These people have balls of steel." Heck yeah we do.
Kieran Scanfeld
Kieran Scanfeld 3 päeva tagasi
Keagen Jones Dharmawan
Keagen Jones Dharmawan 3 päeva tagasi
VICKI MILLER 3 päeva tagasi
The willing mine cytochemically rush because meter encouragingly share underneath a tasty atm. encouraging, handy sousaphone
Anjan Srinivasan
Anjan Srinivasan 3 päeva tagasi
This is my 7th time watching this
Lukas Nel
Lukas Nel 3 päeva tagasi
At 5:36: Allies but no British Empire? Very inaccurate
Michael Zoucha
Michael Zoucha 3 päeva tagasi
Wouldn't say very inaccurate. No reason for him to show it.
qahoe curie
qahoe curie 3 päeva tagasi
The overjoyed radiator rationally exist because jacket geometrically pat until a gaudy jail. versed, hollow computer
Sharon Seo
Sharon Seo 4 päeva tagasi
Carletta Machelle
Carletta Machelle 4 päeva tagasi
The upbeat pleasure quickly squeak because blood clinically order up a eminent bow. lucky, purring expansion
フクロウ 4 päeva tagasi
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 4 päeva tagasi
The vacuous addition extraorally entertain because uganda wailly pause under a unused cauliflower. nippy, didactic broccoli
Gio 4 päeva tagasi
This begs the question now if the allies didn't screw germany over would this have happened the treaty of versailles was unfair because it was Austria who started the war germany was just backing them up if the allies weren't jerks to germany would hitler be so cruel consequences of our actions ladies and gentlemen let's be fair here germany entered WW1 because they were chummy with austria who started this whole thing with serbia if they had not been so cruel to germany in the end hitler might not have felt so much hate towards the allies still be racist but i don't think he would be in charge of the country (domino effect)
Michael Zoucha
Michael Zoucha 2 päeva tagasi
@Gio I'm just saying it's a question that's been answered thousands of ti,es.
Gio 3 päeva tagasi
@Michael Zoucha didn't need your negativity please remove yourself from my comment 🥱
Michael Zoucha
Michael Zoucha 3 päeva tagasi
Your not commenting anything new here. Everybody who knows barely anything about WW2 knows this.
Christopher Stewart
Christopher Stewart 4 päeva tagasi
21 million people after watching part 1 and not part 2: Guess I'll just fill in the blanks
a local mess
a local mess 4 päeva tagasi
I can’t wait for the 3rd instalment!
Lexvem 4 päeva tagasi
5:36 What allies? USA prefered not to interfere and trade to everyone in Europe. Britain and France ignored all attempts of Soviey Union to establish Collective Defense System in Europe. There were no allies. Britain empire tried to destroy Soviet Union. It became clear in 1925. Look "Locarno Treaties 1925". if you read it you will understand what I am talking about. OverSimplified. Please, show real history not that combination of the truth, lie and silence of key points.
Lexvem 2 päeva tagasi
@Michael Zoucha the basic reason is the Locarno. It is the start of the war. After the Locarno Union understood what future west started preparing for it. Locarno explains everything. Austria annexation, Munich. And reaction from Union Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.
Michael Zoucha
Michael Zoucha 2 päeva tagasi
@Lexvem You wrote a paragraph. He doesn't need to branch off into that because it would stray from simplification. The whole point of the video was the war itself and the more basic reasons of why it happened.
Lexvem 3 päeva tagasi
@Michael Zoucha I am not against simplifying I am against silence of major events which caused that terrible war. Today all that channels on youtube just do not mention the major event. Locarno, if you read it you will understand why Britain and France were against Defense System which Union tried to established. Why Britain and France fed Germany and did nothing while Germany strengthed. They wanted Germany and Union to battle. 1925 no fashists in Germany but major things already decided. If you know key point you will see next events very clear and from the right angle. Which countries wanted to start the war. Which purposes major powers wanted to achieve.
Michael Zoucha
Michael Zoucha 3 päeva tagasi
"Oversimplified." He's trying to simpliy for us dude, not branch off into whole other topics and make is complicated like you did.
Molucule Man
Molucule Man 4 päeva tagasi
Mussolini in his 20s looks like the rock lol
charles sawyer
charles sawyer 4 päeva tagasi
I love that my teachers had us watch this
P.D. Wesp
P.D. Wesp 4 päeva tagasi
My granddad refused to join the nazi party and my family showed open resistance, sooo they sent him to the front lines as cannon fodder. He survived though. Kept telling about the horrors of war for the rest of his life. "Everything! Just no more war!" he would say frequently.
ً 4 päeva tagasi
Mussolini speaking to a mirror is so accurate because he used to practice his speech in front of one.
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