Took Whistlindiesel Drifting at the LZ Compound 

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Cody stopped by to pick up his R8 and we did a quick lap in the 350z. Hopefully we can get him driving next time!
Whistlindiesel - eefrom.info/local/dqp0KK_.html...



24 apr 2021



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DaGrumpz 52 minutit tagasi
It's weird seeing Cody so chill, kinda wish he did more content like this. Good on Adam to take his time to bring him out.
Jonah Courtemanche
Jonah Courtemanche 15 tundi tagasi
God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity.
Jonah Courtemanche
Jonah Courtemanche 15 tundi tagasi
Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God.
Bear Rodriguez
Bear Rodriguez 3 päeva tagasi
always blows my mind when cool people hang out with whistlin diesel, i just don't find anything about him cool or particularly nice, he doesn't do or say anything funny or positive, he carrys on about not being spoilt and destroying trucks but as soon as something of his is in harms way he turns into a little whinging bitch how does anyone watch this loser, am i imagining it or does anyone else see it?
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes 4 päeva tagasi
Did he just shout out to “the good enough garage” meet in Cincy?! I can dream...
Dan 5 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain to a complete novice as myself, what is the lever that he is pulling? Is it a step through gearbox like a motorbike or is it the clutch somehow?
Mike Litorus
Mike Litorus 5 päeva tagasi
It's a rear wheel brake to break the rear end loose to get into a slide.
LussoBeats 7 päeva tagasi
Doesn’t feel safe. Says the guy that’s literally flipped vehicles for fun 😂
Corey Gravely
Corey Gravely 7 päeva tagasi
Why have I never subscribed to you!?
vency27team 7 päeva tagasi
merci 👍
Blake Elliott
Blake Elliott 8 päeva tagasi
Damn that z sounds great
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 9 päeva tagasi
Great video. I don't know which is skinnier, his legs or his pants, it's tough to tell🤣🤫
xSTRAT3GIC_SHOTx 9 päeva tagasi
Cody said this is how I feel when I wreck😂🤣😂
T. C.
T. C. 12 päeva tagasi
First time back to the channel in probably years. I rememebr when you were first learning to drift. Congrats on your success. I'm def here to stay, content and cars looking fire!
john whitley
john whitley 12 päeva tagasi
Having Cody in your videos is one way to get me to watch them.
John Martin
John Martin 12 päeva tagasi
Never seen this channel before today. I’m liking it. You have a new sub brotha.
Valdemar Perez III
Valdemar Perez III 12 päeva tagasi
Enrico :D
Enrico :D 13 päeva tagasi
collab nobody expected but everyone liked🤙🏻
Brady Sparrow
Brady Sparrow 13 päeva tagasi
Dude is so effing talented 😂
Angel Acosta
Angel Acosta 13 päeva tagasi
Whistlindiesels next video “so I bought a drift car”
Unknown_User_404 15 päeva tagasi
10:47 that’s what she said
noah Osler
noah Osler 16 päeva tagasi
10:35 “ don’t touch him don’t touch him”
6ixty9inejunior 16 päeva tagasi
That was so awesome...never seen whistlin laugh so much
FlaKo 17 päeva tagasi
10:45 “Why’s it doing that? idk let’s shove her in deaper, oh yeah😏”
Garrett Brooks
Garrett Brooks 17 päeva tagasi
That looks like so much damn fun
jake Pastor
jake Pastor 17 päeva tagasi
EEfrom collabs i didnt know i wanted
Alex-jack Stuart
Alex-jack Stuart 18 päeva tagasi
Just waiting for the next vid to be called "I full sent it into the car garage"
Travis Flanigan
Travis Flanigan 18 päeva tagasi
here for it
Austin Steinmann
Austin Steinmann 19 päeva tagasi
WD says it doesn't feel safe. But when he's doing it everything is fine😂😂😂😂
Devil Liar
Devil Liar 19 päeva tagasi
Get rid of that mustache
Abram Studer
Abram Studer 19 päeva tagasi
Duuuuude I saw that exact car in northern Kentucky on 75 a week ago he passed me in my blue coupe CTS V
jeep gang96
jeep gang96 19 päeva tagasi
Dont destroy the f350 lol
dream dawn
dream dawn 20 päeva tagasi
7:41 me in fh4 having a grand ole time
Brock Burnworth
Brock Burnworth 20 päeva tagasi
Cody said that's not safe also him takes 1 ton truck in the ocean
Devin White
Devin White 20 päeva tagasi
definition of smiles per gallon
jacob haussmann
jacob haussmann 20 päeva tagasi
Watch out hel wreck all you cars the wanker
Wyatt Hall
Wyatt Hall 20 päeva tagasi
Love you man and you to kevin
No Dice
No Dice 21 päev tagasi
Lol Cody looks like he had some fun
lobojones6six6 21 päev tagasi
That fuel does smell nice!
Purity 1x
Purity 1x 21 päev tagasi
Who misses Bert?
Mike Who
Mike Who 21 päev tagasi
You should make a 4x4 off road drift car!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Robert Wolfe
Robert Wolfe 21 päev tagasi
I wish I had a track like that
Robert Wolfe
Robert Wolfe 21 päev tagasi
"NOT YET"...bad omen...i used to drift my old man's Fox Body Fairmont 4dr in Wisconsin winters needless to say I made my father's 4dr sedan a 2dr sedan with 1 swipe of a mailbox that was set in concrete placing both passenger door handles in the mailbox all while trying to avoid a school bus. Pre-COVID Day's
jaystin avrage mx
jaystin avrage mx 21 päev tagasi
that would be so dope, it would be so much fun to ride in a drift car
Michael Grogan
Michael Grogan 21 päev tagasi
Please do a run down on your muffler set up I have to get it‼️
Leigh Kat
Leigh Kat 22 päeva tagasi
lose the pervstache dude lol
T J P 22 päeva tagasi
Just another day in the park for Adam, looks calm the whole time.
CHL 22 päeva tagasi
2 arseholes, 1 video.
Malik Ashford
Malik Ashford 23 päeva tagasi
It’s a closed course, with a professional driver !!!
Colton Strickland
Colton Strickland 23 päeva tagasi
You guys should be buddy’s it boost both y’all’s Chanel’s by at least 15k subs 😂
T Bomber
T Bomber 23 päeva tagasi
Made me miss my grandpa!
BASS WALKER 24 päeva tagasi
Grandpa enjoyed it.
Big block or bust
Big block or bust 24 päeva tagasi
It’s hilarious to see whistlendiesel so worries about a car 🤣🤣
Luap Paul
Luap Paul 24 päeva tagasi
I could do that in my awd with that much water on the road
Luap Paul
Luap Paul 24 päeva tagasi
Outterwears makes those filter covers
L0CT 24 päeva tagasi
DUDEBRO 722 25 päeva tagasi
i love how the handbrake grip is a bmx grip
Angus Brady
Angus Brady 26 päeva tagasi
How haven’t he destroyed that car 🤔
GUCCI AT GAMING 26 päeva tagasi
Hey Adam you still eat the pb&j pizza?
Markrsd1 27 päeva tagasi
It blows my mind that these multi-hundred dollar intakes don't come with a prefilter especially cold air reroutes that go to questionable places.
jesse nolan
jesse nolan 27 päeva tagasi
whats the exhaust setup on the z?
Broken Hobbies
Broken Hobbies 28 päeva tagasi
The smile on gramps face was genuine
Boomer Paschall
Boomer Paschall 29 päeva tagasi
Hahahah, so so good fellas. Amen
Tyler d
Tyler d 29 päeva tagasi
Lmfaooo!! He was shitting his pants! And you looked like you were driving to church! Hahahahaha
The Guertin Fam
The Guertin Fam 29 päeva tagasi
I would pay for him to take my mom in it 😂😂😂
Beastly9ts 29 päeva tagasi
Adam you should make your go-kart fd lol
Mosalah9988 Salah
Mosalah9988 Salah 29 päeva tagasi
Whistling was smiling the whole rode
Chevy_ 8100
Chevy_ 8100 29 päeva tagasi
Is that a Odi bike grip on your E-break
Nick Shep
Nick Shep Місяць tagasi
Cody saying this don’t feel safe but then jumps his trucks and runs trees over😂💀
Joshua Jumpp
Joshua Jumpp Місяць tagasi
Adam facial changes while drifting 🤌🏾
Seb Lamon
Seb Lamon Місяць tagasi
This man was offered to drive the Z and he said no :OOOOO
Hummus From The Block
Hummus From The Block Місяць tagasi
This aboutta be good
Makayla Robinson
Makayla Robinson Місяць tagasi
Well he's kind of drifting but he's reving the engine to less he needs to rev it a little more
Spoopy Місяць tagasi
LMAO WD camera shots when they try the 2nd sesh.
i’m still wondering how there was tired smoke while he was drifting the truck
RyanClan Місяць tagasi
I am a really big fan of whislendeasel
Karma DeBlake
Karma DeBlake Місяць tagasi
Been subed since 200k> first video I’ve watched in a while good shit crazy how far it’s came since LZ bmx how to 360
James Jackson
James Jackson Місяць tagasi
He is gonna look back at when he destroyed the rare Hilux..... just for content..... for mone money...... it was a really bad video.
Hybrid YD
Hybrid YD Місяць tagasi
The guy who jumps hoopties over hills is talking about safety 🤣🤣
Nikki Ross
Nikki Ross Місяць tagasi
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Brandon Fairbanks
Brandon Fairbanks Місяць tagasi
If you add your key west butt tickler to his chin strap you would have a actual man's beard.
Edison McDaniel
Edison McDaniel Місяць tagasi
Wow that's insane
C Dunny20
C Dunny20 Місяць tagasi
This just proves you don’t need 1000hp to have fun. You need about 400 and a good suspension
Josh Grimm
Josh Grimm Місяць tagasi
You can’t help but smile this whole video
Sammi 2
Sammi 2 Місяць tagasi
this man has the straightest face i’ve ever seen a human have,especially to be drifting,but honestly bro just probably in the zone,looks like he’s geeked out tho slick lmaooo
Dalton Wood
Dalton Wood Місяць tagasi
Whistling diesel is at that peak take off of EEfrom where everyone is going to have him and their videos to broaden their viewers and is going to work out for him and give him the best experiences and badass content
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Місяць tagasi
Like your truck Man
Ryan Levitt
Ryan Levitt Місяць tagasi
Been watching you since your bmx days. Love that you still use the same outro song
Kujivs Місяць tagasi
I dont think ive ever seen someone whip a platty dually around like that
justin lynn
justin lynn Місяць tagasi
Can anyone tell me who the artist/song at the end of the video? I dig it.
Rock Wheelin
Rock Wheelin Місяць tagasi
Newbie here,what does the lever do or how does it work??
Jake Hardin
Jake Hardin Місяць tagasi
Why is everyone doing videos with whistlen diesel is it the only way they can get views
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan Місяць tagasi
Looks so cool both of you having so much fun it's so great to see!! ❤❤🙏🙏✌✌
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan Місяць tagasi
You Guys look like you could be cousins man !!!😃😅
Johnny Rodz
Johnny Rodz Місяць tagasi
Adam LZ looks so serious while he’s drifting. I love these guys
_.king9._ Місяць tagasi
yooo why does the dually have that much caster tho lmao?
BallinTaThaMaxx1 Місяць tagasi
Speedo Pornstashe LZ
David Champion
David Champion Місяць tagasi
Had me smiling the whole time🤣
William Webber
William Webber Місяць tagasi
The smile on Cody's face tho, I see a drift car in his future
jdmb16crx1 Місяць tagasi
All these EEfrom ballers. Man they make good money
paydroku chavez
paydroku chavez Місяць tagasi
Props for grandpa bro 👏🙌
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