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This week, I traveled to the beautiful country of Iraq. All my life I'd heard of the war in Iraq and how dangerous it was to visit, but I wanted to go there and explore if for myself to hear the stories that didn't make it into the media. So, along with Drew Binsky, Lexie Alford and Cory Martin, we were taken around Iraqi Kurdistan by our amazing guide, Baderkhan.
Thank you to Lexie Limitless for joining us on this crazy adventure:
Thank you to Cory Martin for shooting this video:
Thank you to Baderkhan for taking us around Kurdistan!
Thank you to Drew Binsky for joining us:
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28 veebr 2021



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Danne Matt
Danne Matt Tund tagasi
When that man singed, although I didn't understand what was being told, it grabbed my soul♥
RHOMZKIE TFT TV 3 tundi tagasi
I heard there are lots of Filipinos working in Iraq. Mabuhay from Philippines
Berdina Reynolds
Berdina Reynolds 8 tundi tagasi
God is great keep going. This is my first time seeing this site. Thank you
Bolormaa Erdenebayar
Bolormaa Erdenebayar 10 tundi tagasi
Greeting from Mongolia. This video helped me to know about İraq, kurdistan' real life. Thanks a lot.
dema dara
dema dara 11 tundi tagasi
Kurdistan have best people in the world💙💙
dema dara
dema dara 11 tundi tagasi
cakes and ale in the Kurdistan 💜💛
dema dara
dema dara 11 tundi tagasi
Kurdistan in spring so niceeeee💛
El Kurdo
El Kurdo 11 tundi tagasi
Kurdistan is not iraq dude ffs
sathya narayana
sathya narayana 12 tundi tagasi
WOW ... the words of Bader khan is so heart touching and inspirational !!! listening to things is different than experiencing them and this video has really opened my eyes ... Love from India
sherzad harris
sherzad harris 14 tundi tagasi
🟥☀️🟩 har biji
Aymo Tube
Aymo Tube 14 tundi tagasi
The problem is, Kurdistan was never Iraq,
Bobby Sierra
Bobby Sierra 15 tundi tagasi
Amazing video, and Amazing Iraq.🙏
megagoldcity 16 tundi tagasi
Such a thrill pass to iraqi border but yet you state you travelling to iraq, fake trip guided by peshmerga obviously making iraqis speaking arabic is the bad boys calm down
dari007 17 tundi tagasi
Dude, did you know the thumbs up is the equivalent of the middle finger in many countries including Iraq? Your hosts gave the finger in many occasions😂😂😂 Especially the old guy that sings
Drone Review man
Drone Review man Päev tagasi
Thomas is my favorite! Seems so cool and is always doing such cool stuff!!!! Keep up the good work brother!!! And loved the guy who drove you around! Such a happy and nice guy! Hope people will reach out and let him know he is loved!!!!!
Drone Review man
Drone Review man Päev tagasi
Again your doing the best stuff EVER!!!! LOVE WHAT YOU all do!!!!!!! I have felonies on my record and it makes me sad that will make it so i can never travel to so many amazing places and miss out on meeting so many great people!!!
A. Päev tagasi
Imagine having such a big network worldwide that you have people to meet in like northern Iraq and Tuvalu...
Hosie Päev tagasi
Deeply inspiring! I will visit Kurdistan
ALFRED OKUMU Päev tagasi
I love this....
David Nimmo
David Nimmo Päev tagasi
Condor1970 Päev tagasi
As much as people complain about the war in Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, you don't see very many Iraqi's shedding a lot of tears over Saddam's regime being gone.
Vurfy 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you for showing the deeper part of Kurdistan, but for anyone wanting to travel there anytime make sure to not dress as the girl did. The reason for this is you will be at risk because over there exposed clothing is very uncommon too them and will increase the risk of kidnapping or rape.
Hasakê Kurdî
Hasakê Kurdî 2 päeva tagasi
❤🌞💚Hier ist Kurdistan ist not Iraq ،Iraq is an occupied country, Kurdistan like Turkey, Syria and Iran. Someday we will liberate and unify Kurdistan
Yezidi KURDI
Yezidi KURDI 2 päeva tagasi
Thanks for this wonderful Video. 💚☀️❤ Danke für dieses wundervolle Video. Ich liebe das Tempel der Yeziden (LALISH) ☀️ Ich habe mich sehr gefreut das ihr auch dort wart. Ich liebe einfach alles an Kurdistan 💚☀️❤
peeyush sharma
peeyush sharma 2 päeva tagasi
I have read somewhere that yezidis are closer to hindus of india..they have a lot of things in common with us.
Karla Fatule
Karla Fatule 2 päeva tagasi
I loved it. Thank you for making me happy with these video. Ps. I love watching and hearing a Female in the group, we need it. THANK YOU🤎
HAKIM SIAHAAN 3 päeva tagasi
Im from indonesia and love this so much Im in tears righ now Thank you so much YES THEORY
Vineeth 3 päeva tagasi
These guys are fabulous spreading love braking the stereotype These videos much better than a Movie 🎥
Jehan Saliao
Jehan Saliao 3 päeva tagasi
I love this man, the driver, the tourist guide, he's so humane in thought. He relates about politicians subtle agenda of not uniting but instead polarizing the nation for their hidden multiple pronged agenda that can enrich them by sowing turmoil.
Joyful Diamonds
Joyful Diamonds 3 päeva tagasi
Much love from America dear beloveds!
Tanya Wesolowski
Tanya Wesolowski 4 päeva tagasi
This is great content.
New Shaman
New Shaman 5 päeva tagasi
I could be a part of this. But not mountains or sleeping over a canyon. I confronted my fears, and am ok they limit me some. Great video.
QTs TravelingTiny
QTs TravelingTiny 5 päeva tagasi
We’re traveling tiny across the U.S. and just uploaded our first video! Having a giveaway 🤘🏼
Blackhole 5 päeva tagasi
Thomas where’s Sulaymaniyah😭?
Bahoz Agir
Bahoz Agir 5 päeva tagasi
Bijî Kurd û Kurdistan ❤️ ☀️ 💚 ✌🏻
Hosna Zobairy
Hosna Zobairy 5 päeva tagasi
Fabulous documentary,,, as a Kurd traveler living in the eastern part of Kurdistan, really enjoy that
Jad salem
Jad salem 5 päeva tagasi
I agree that politicians are who to blame for all what is going on, especially those who come from the west and dictate who is going to rule these lands. Weather it is Saddam or Assisi or Hafter, they were all picked up by their uncles in the west.
FAKİ 6 päeva tagasi
Kurdistan not Irak
Adri22 m
Adri22 m 6 päeva tagasi
what a beautiful spirit- love and positivity can be just as infectious as hate and negativity
Roy Gleeson
Roy Gleeson 6 päeva tagasi
Nice channel but seems a little bit privileged to be travelling around when half the world is suffering with Corona!
Make Money & Skill Learning
when will you come to Pakistan ..?
1 Dlxosh gamer
1 Dlxosh gamer 6 päeva tagasi
Bji kurdstan
reinhart edgar farrell
reinhart edgar farrell 6 päeva tagasi
u guys r so frickin great man. i had goosebumps for literally every single video. thanks for the positivity Yes Theory! keep it up! Shout out form Indonesia!
Ali Comando
Ali Comando 6 päeva tagasi
Chinese Falling Rocket CZ B5 Seen From North Iraq eefrom.info/limo/o5ms08d2tdeZpGM/video
Sandra산드라 7 päeva tagasi
Omg you went to my country this was an awesome video I loved it, thankfully you went to Kurdistan because it is safe. I'm from Baghdad and I'm so happy to see this I love Kurdistan. 💘 thank you
A B 7 päeva tagasi
I’m kind of disappointed in this video , it was supposed to be about Iraq not kurdistan , you showed the kurdish culture rather than the iraqi culture , also I wish that you would’ve shown the good things rather than focusing on the bad things that baderkhan experienced in his early childhood . Iraq is more beautiful than that .. believe me
sir crocodile's wife
sir crocodile's wife 7 päeva tagasi
i'm watching this because i found out that my father is kurdish and even though he doesn't speak to me anymore, i would love to learn the culture hence i am half kurdish. its a beautiful culture.
LIFE is beautiful
LIFE is beautiful 2 päeva tagasi
why your father don’t speak kurdish?
Matthew P
Matthew P 7 päeva tagasi
I'm Assyrian, thank you for shining some light on Christians, our history is slowly being forgotten. We are native to northern Iraq. We are called Assyrians not just "Christians"
Vijay Jeyasankar
Vijay Jeyasankar 7 päeva tagasi
I wish u should go to space with Collab with Elon Musk 😜
Maya Yang
Maya Yang 7 päeva tagasi
Thank you Iraqi people for being warm and positive: Arabs, Kurdish,Yazzidis, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc... you reminded me this world is beautiful, to give without doubting about others and myself. Love from China to Iraq🙏❤️
Shora David
Shora David 8 päeva tagasi
Its was safe to be in any place of iraq at the moment that this vid was posted, yeah, and that church he have been to its pretty safe to be in, there are no fights taking place any where its just the corrupted government that is preventing the country from getting up on its feet
النخيل القرأن الكريم
نعم لمثل هذه الاعمال تلك هي حياتنا نعم تعايشنا منذ القدم وسنعيش الى الابد بمحبة وسلام تلك حقيقتنا سترونها هنا نعم هذا العراق وهولاء اهله مرحبا بكم بيننا 🌷💕
Mehmet Çeçen
Mehmet Çeçen 8 päeva tagasi
It is Kurdistan man, not Iraq
Dennis Bordok jr
Dennis Bordok jr 8 päeva tagasi
He is a beautiful person, wonderful wonderful person
jimgreekgamerYT 8 päeva tagasi
The words that he said in 16:32-16:57 are very important because that is history and if you repeat your mistake you or your country will fail
Eliska Oostenbrink
Eliska Oostenbrink 8 päeva tagasi
i cried...
حيدر علي
حيدر علي 8 päeva tagasi
Will you ever go to the south parts of iraq? Not just in Arbil? Maybe to bagdad?
Alex Joey
Alex Joey 8 päeva tagasi
اخواننا الاكراد نحبكم ♥️🇮🇶تحياتنا الكم من البصرة
naly nahro
naly nahro 6 päeva tagasi
تحیا من سلیمانیا ❤🇮🇶💛❤💚
بشار البزوني
بشار البزوني 8 päeva tagasi
Presa Care
Presa Care 8 päeva tagasi
"We might walk slow, but we will never stop." I love this line so much.
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 9 päeva tagasi
Honestly your content is what people all over the world need to see. Keep up the amazing work you're doing. Thank God for EEfrom and the younger generation watching more and more online, because if it weren't for EEfrom people were only watching shit like Jersey Shore and all the division on the news.
Maxwell Garcia
Maxwell Garcia 9 päeva tagasi
“Call me a tourist not a terrorist.”
AR T 9 päeva tagasi
Bahoz Agir
Bahoz Agir 5 päeva tagasi
❤️ ☀️ 💚
maria brar
maria brar 9 päeva tagasi
The Citadel was Jewish or Zorastrian? 6000 years old means around 4000BC
Rawand Kurdali
Rawand Kurdali 9 päeva tagasi
FactStorm 9 päeva tagasi
Badekhan is the best, what a joyful personality! I wish him the best, he's done so much with his life! :)
DANIAL 9 päeva tagasi
Nicole Magculang
Nicole Magculang 9 päeva tagasi
can you guys come here in the Philippines 👌🏿👌🏿
Mohammed Star
Mohammed Star 9 päeva tagasi
Its from kurdistan not iraq
IPC-67 2273
IPC-67 2273 10 päeva tagasi
I hope some day you visit the rest of Iraq the diversity will amaze you...the Iraqi people are kind and their hospitality is amazing
سلمان العنزي
سلمان العنزي 10 päeva tagasi
تراك مو حلو
كامل محمد كامل فردي
If you go to the south, you will see the real Iraq ❤️
Karo Adham
Karo Adham 10 päeva tagasi
Kurdish peuple need visa
Health Fix
Health Fix 10 päeva tagasi
What he said at the end is so true... our administration is trying to divide us so they can control us. Don’t fall for it people.
Deen 10 päeva tagasi
Thank you for such warming and eye-opening work, guys. This is so important
Aya Muhammad
Aya Muhammad 10 päeva tagasi
Not Iraq, this is Kurdistan ❤️☀️💚
TheDrunkenFish 10 päeva tagasi
this is journalism....THANK YOU !
nick pointer
nick pointer 10 päeva tagasi
im hooked.. im a new subscriber here... continue to spread love..
غليه خوره
غليه خوره 10 päeva tagasi
المونتاج الاجنبي ناااار
StudyM 10 päeva tagasi
Get to know people more before you judge them❤️ Spread love and not hate Real Muslims are good people and not terrorist Thanks for this video Yes Theory❤️❤️
D' Maya Collections
D' Maya Collections 10 päeva tagasi
I just started my travel vlogs and Never as pretty as this one ofcourse😂.. But I'm still enjoying my passion in travel vlogging.. Dons subscribing...
pumra a
pumra a 10 päeva tagasi
Atheer Huwa
Atheer Huwa 11 päeva tagasi
Did not understand why you were afraid from the Iraqi check point officer and that Baderkhan said you were illegal in Iraq even though your visa to Kurdistan region is valid for the rest of Iraq
I BET 11 päeva tagasi
What you are doing is a disgrace.... Don't portray Kurdistan as Iraq....If you go to Iraq proper they will cut your nuts off.
Mila Mlili
Mila Mlili 11 päeva tagasi
All my 💚 for Iraq
Last YAXI 11 päeva tagasi
Kurdistan is the home of all religions and nations 😊
Janz Part
Janz Part 11 päeva tagasi
Such a good and inspiring docu👍😉
Yeah Boi
Yeah Boi 11 päeva tagasi
Dislike. Saying you have visited Iraq by visiting Kurdistan is as dumb and naiive as saying you have visited Israel by visiting Palestine.
Ahmed Dalfi
Ahmed Dalfi 11 päeva tagasi
I‘m really happy that you showed iraq this way.
Mad Max
Mad Max 12 päeva tagasi
Thank You Yes Theory That You Show Kurdistan I really Appreciate That You Sent The message Of The Kurdish People That They Divided Us Into 4 Different Countries That They’re Oppressing We’re Approximately 40-45 Million Kurds That We don’t Have Our State It’s So Sad For Us That We don’t Have A Country To Be Proud Of It Always They Want To Assimilate Us To Be Turkish Or Arabic Or Persian In These Countries Always My Grandfather Tells Me That We Kurds Since I Was Born We Have Ethnicity War And Problem Also Iam 25 Years Old I Saw Many Of It Also My Parents They don’t Let Us To Live Like A Human Always Identity War With Them 😖😣😔😞
Kurd Net
Kurd Net 12 päeva tagasi
The most terrorist thing I did in my life was looking at ants so close they were maybe scared because of my size compared to their size. IDK if that counts
Mr Gimble
Mr Gimble 11 päeva tagasi
we are the human race, we terrorize entire ecosystems every single day to enjoy our luxuries !
Last YAXI 12 päeva tagasi
Bzhi 🥰
bilal Twana
bilal Twana 12 päeva tagasi
Kurdistan ❤️
Björn Eld
Björn Eld 12 päeva tagasi
Tyra Brown
Tyra Brown 12 päeva tagasi
علي واثق
علي واثق 12 päeva tagasi
dude your wrong about the rest of iraq it's nont dangeorus like you think if you had the chance to come again..come to see the rest of it and we will host you as good as we can
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 12 päeva tagasi
Politicians are dividing us, was on point. That hit really hard. God job Yes Theory !!!
AboFlah 13 päeva tagasi
How beautiful you are, my country.
usman khan
usman khan 13 päeva tagasi
i love iraq and saddam hussain we have same pain love From afghanistan 🤩🤩🤩🤩❣❣🇮🇶🇦🇫
LIFE is beautiful
LIFE is beautiful 2 päeva tagasi
fuck that guy
I’m UKULE 11 päeva tagasi
Jemile Garayeva
Jemile Garayeva 13 päeva tagasi
I’m from Azerbaijan and my husband Iraqi(Babil), so Iraq my❤️.long live 🇮🇶
I’m UKULE 11 päeva tagasi
What 🤥❓