Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021 

Eurovision Song Contest
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Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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22 mai 2021



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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 24 päeva tagasi
Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021
Sofi Sofija
Sofi Sofija 6 tundi tagasi
@CIA Central intelligence agency ❤️
Sofi Sofija
Sofi Sofija 6 tundi tagasi
@CIA Central intelligence agency ❤️💖💗💝
sara lucioli
sara lucioli 10 tundi tagasi
@CIA Central intelligence agency 12@
Mitar Jakovic
Mitar Jakovic Päev tagasi
Ariana Grande7653
Ariana Grande7653 Päev tagasi
Никита Овчаров
pokič 5 tundi tagasi
Aleksandra Goryniak
Aleksandra Goryniak 5 tundi tagasi
great song i love u soo much! 😎😎
beppe L
beppe L 6 tundi tagasi
Grandi!..Ovviamente vogliamo un pezzo per i Mondiali!!!!!!!!!
Trykz 6 tundi tagasi
Even tho finland did rlly well and even tho im finnish i feel like italy deserved the win they got what they got
Elda Radovac
Elda Radovac 6 tundi tagasi
THIS scerd me
Jojaaa Jojic
Jojaaa Jojic 6 tundi tagasi
The Hurricane was much better
Cristina De Meis
Cristina De Meis 6 tundi tagasi
Buonasera signore e signori. Parla la gente pultroppo parla non sa di che cazzo parla tu portami dove sto a galla che qui mi manca l'aria. Bravissimi
Евгений Бутман
Момент с 2:05 - чисто Верка Сердючка "любовь вам не трали-вали")
gacha_roblox_toca_boca 6 tundi tagasi
Я не одна сюда зашла ради"ммммм ага'"
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 6 tundi tagasi
All of their songs are absolutely PERFECT. I'm sad that I didn't discover them before the Eurovision
Tatjana Milovanović
Tatjana Milovanović 5 tundi tagasi
Never is too late...
zikulis zikulis
zikulis zikulis 7 tundi tagasi
Who is still obsesed
jinjin 7 tundi tagasi
12 летние девочки потекли.
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 6 tundi tagasi
Why can't I like this more than once! Love them and their aesthetic.
JustFil 7 tundi tagasi
Неужели в мире вспомнили про роцк))) ура!!! самая честная музыка!!!
xhxei 7 tundi tagasi
Leonardo Ciucci
Leonardo Ciucci 7 tundi tagasi
andiamo a vincere 🇮🇹
Nastja Jelic
Nastja Jelic 7 tundi tagasi
I can't stop watching thisss
dimitris aggeloussis
dimitris aggeloussis 7 tundi tagasi
dimitris aggeloussis
dimitris aggeloussis 7 tundi tagasi
Χάλια loser
Anna Grape
Anna Grape 7 tundi tagasi
William Claysin
William Claysin 7 tundi tagasi
The young purchase perplexingly pack because drug excitingly decay near a gamy hemp. wiggly, humorous carriage
Mariaconcetta Aria
Mariaconcetta Aria 7 tundi tagasi
Forza måneskin ❤❤😍
Fan_fif 8 tundi tagasi
Little big uno:😏
Ирина Ирхен
Ирина Ирхен 8 tundi tagasi
Красавчик, а песня - так себе..
Ivana Prole
Ivana Prole 8 tundi tagasi
Ioana Dima
Ioana Dima 8 tundi tagasi
Taci și bine
Глеб Шевченко
Very, very good!) UA❤️
missmisia222 9 tundi tagasi
Why can't I like this more than once! Love them and their aesthetic.
Milena Šmic
Milena Šmic 9 tundi tagasi
Егор Присяжный
Am I the only person who heard this song at first because of stories of girls in Instagram and Ticktock?
Su Mercury
Su Mercury 9 tundi tagasi
Freddie M. vibe
gdenn 9 tundi tagasi
Wow, I love everything about their performance. Some people are just next level talented.
ayşe ateş
ayşe ateş 9 tundi tagasi
L Lpp P Lp
Giulia Pizzo
Giulia Pizzo 9 tundi tagasi
I am italian Io sono italiana
Only Teardrops
Only Teardrops 10 tundi tagasi
Am i the only one picking of strange vibes from Italys drummer. He seems to be disliked. Ethan holds Damiano and hugs him, Damiano did not even touch him,not even gave him a look. Yet Damiono ran straight to Victoria afterwords. Victoria and Thomas dont hug Ethan either . When they start walking to the stage he is left behind. Once they go on the podium to acccept the trophy all 3 members are holding hands, ethan literally has to grabs thomas wrist. so sad
Elsa Gloria Perez Vega
Elsa Gloria Perez Vega 10 tundi tagasi
Rock never die
hammer smashed face.
hammer smashed face. 10 tundi tagasi
oh my god
Nojus Navickas
Nojus Navickas 10 tundi tagasi
It's a fack !!!
K K 10 tundi tagasi
I didn't know I need this but it's AMAZING
Myrtw 10 tundi tagasi
55 milion The 5 milion are mine MANESKIN I’M ΙΝ LOVEEE
Ant Mac
Ant Mac 10 tundi tagasi
Crapola, lipsynching, air guitar. CRAPOLA..
Verci 11 tundi tagasi
They made Eurovision EXCLUSIVE.
bearta 11 tundi tagasi
Don’t let americans find them
Aung Maw Khant
Aung Maw Khant 11 tundi tagasi
I have been listening this song again , again , again and again.
Arina Korovina
Arina Korovina 11 tundi tagasi
Просто невероятный кайф! Фантастика!
XIIDIZZY999 12 tundi tagasi
Finnish was better
Алина Абдыкеримова
Omg his voice🤤
MG 13 tundi tagasi
four cherries on the cake
sm desconocida
sm desconocida 13 tundi tagasi
Måneskin is my drug
Ekaterina Gridina
Ekaterina Gridina 14 tundi tagasi
anyone got the lyrics?
Franck Valencia
Franck Valencia 15 tundi tagasi
All on this performance was PERFECT.
CruzZ 6 tundi tagasi
Yeah this is better than the studio version. They performed for there career and now skyrocked
Aleksandra •
Aleksandra • 16 tundi tagasi
I can not stop to listening this art ❤❤❤❤❤
Κiefao 16 tundi tagasi
Came back to the original after the euro2020 Italy-Switzerland
Rüzgâr Bulut
Rüzgâr Bulut 17 tundi tagasi
Parrala karrala😀😀😀🤭I love them
Eliana Di Pipi
Eliana Di Pipi 17 tundi tagasi
Muito bommmm
Bedirhan Paşa Ayçiçek
Bedirhan Paşa Ayçiçek 17 tundi tagasi
Ola Manga nasıl birinci olamadı yav (O pardon yanlış yer)
D 7 tundi tagasi
Marina Salvati
Marina Salvati 17 tundi tagasi
Well deserved victory and such a bright future ahead!
alb 78
alb 78 18 tundi tagasi
C’est claqué au sol
Lisa 18 tundi tagasi
Holding on to my Italian passport like priests and nuns hold on to their crosses
Robin 18 tundi tagasi
Wtf is this for real though?
Ash 7 tundi tagasi
yes?? why wouldn’t it be real lmaoo
hazal güngör
hazal güngör 18 tundi tagasi
eurovision tarihinin en iyi şarkılarını yapan 2 grup var 2si de "Man" ile başlıyor... Adamsınız Manga ve Maneskin lan
GIO Rossi
GIO Rossi 18 tundi tagasi
Warning: this song is a drug
Magda Haggard
Magda Haggard 18 tundi tagasi
Εθισμός! 🤟🤟🤟
rfg 18 tundi tagasi
What was that? This is a song for all people? I have some doubts, sorry! ESC is about music, lyrics, voice, scenario.. totally performance, at all. I can`t say, this is a song. Sorry, again. But....wow
mistiarko 19 tundi tagasi
💖 fav
Edie Rosa
Edie Rosa 19 tundi tagasi
They do that thing where they bounce around with the guitar but aren’t doing anything interesting
Lady Karenina
Lady Karenina 19 tundi tagasi
55M wuaww 🔥
Helen Popova
Helen Popova 19 tundi tagasi
Matt 19 tundi tagasi
I still can’t believe this won
logic clan
logic clan 19 tundi tagasi
Sorry but duncan is better
Pipas Partout
Pipas Partout 19 tundi tagasi
"C'est un enfoiré qui dead ça"
lucagamer98 19 tundi tagasi
I am Italian and it is a pride to hear
Nefelibata Nation
Nefelibata Nation 19 tundi tagasi
A problem I have with rock in esc that it often feels very "paint by the numbers" and cookie cutter rock to the point it feels like a parody, this feels both fresh and vintage with a great sound reminiscent of 70s psychedelic rock.
Fausto hk
Fausto hk 20 tundi tagasi
Jesus 🌪😅
Lotta Koponen
Lotta Koponen 20 tundi tagasi
🌍❤❤❤ Still love, love, love this!
Oncity Once
Oncity Once 20 tundi tagasi
Totally fairrrrr winnnn
Oncity Once
Oncity Once 20 tundi tagasi
Sono contento che abbiano vintooooooooooo
Celia M
Celia M 20 tundi tagasi
Ally 20 tundi tagasi
I don't speak any Italian but I love this band
Jalə Haqverdiyeva
Jalə Haqverdiyeva 20 tundi tagasi
I'm in love with this music. I can't stop myself guys!!!🔥🔥🔥
TheAlexfox 20 tundi tagasi
La mia nuova canzone preferita
Emma R
Emma R 20 tundi tagasi
I’m still obsessed! 😍
Ivano Novoselac
Ivano Novoselac 21 tund tagasi
Il miglior cantante del mondo, la migliore voce rocker, la migliore squadra mai ben fatta per vincere, i cantanti del mondo saranno sempre ricordati nel tempo. Di strada in mondo, complimenti a 🎀🎁🎖️🎖️🥇🏆🏅💕💟💝👋👋👋👋👋👋Rokenrol vivrà sempre inuuuuuuuu
Walker 21 tund tagasi
Uliana tv Кисиль
Uliana tv Кисиль 21 tund tagasi
Какайта нарконамия!!!!!!!!
Lea Anicic
Lea Anicic 21 tund tagasi
Zlata Podbicanin
Zlata Podbicanin 21 tund tagasi
Ovo je moja sestra napisala ja ih pas volim
Zlata Podbicanin
Zlata Podbicanin 21 tund tagasi
Samuel Pérez Pérez
Samuel Pérez Pérez 21 tund tagasi
Alucino pepinillos
Samuel Pérez Pérez
Samuel Pérez Pérez 19 tundi tagasi
@Menchu Alcaraz Moreno Te pasa igual que a mi, que no entiendes los demás comentarios en inglés? Tenemos que hacer piña, hay que ir a muerte
Menchu Alcaraz Moreno
Menchu Alcaraz Moreno 19 tundi tagasi
No eres el único.
Patrick Mclaughlin
Patrick Mclaughlin 21 tund tagasi
That is some publicity for "Italy". Money could not buy what they've given to Italy.
Patrick Mclaughlin
Patrick Mclaughlin 17 tundi tagasi
@Gianluca C You forgot the Roman empire, but let's come into the modern era.
Gianluca C
Gianluca C 17 tundi tagasi
I like Maneskin, but it is people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Torricelli, Volta, Fermi, Michelangel, Raphael, Augustus, Vespasanius, Hadrian etc,.. that have given to Italy more than anything...
Irina Oliinyk
Irina Oliinyk 21 tund tagasi
I can't stop watching this video 😍
Nika Stojanovic
Nika Stojanovic 21 tund tagasi
SERBIA IS WIN!!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😎😎😎😎😎😎❤❤❤❤🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆!!!!
Anotksandar 19 tundi tagasi
Patrick Mclaughlin
Patrick Mclaughlin 21 tund tagasi
The Italian tourist board owe these guys a fortune.
Patrick Mclaughlin
Patrick Mclaughlin 17 tundi tagasi
@Gianluca C Tourism is for sure a main sector in the Italian economy, just saying.
Gianluca C
Gianluca C 17 tundi tagasi
Actually without French cheating on their real numbers, Italy is the country among the most visited in the world, even before Maneskin. Btw tourism is not the main sector for Italy eh, just saying.
Elya Zeynalova
Elya Zeynalova 21 tund tagasi
кто после прямого эфире в тиктоке,заново начал слушать?)
Lina Let's GO!
Lina Let's GO! 12 tundi tagasi
Расшифровываю анализы крови. Очень подробно. Персонально разберу.
angel dustless
angel dustless 21 tund tagasi
Masterpiss! Αριστ-ούρημα!
sansays 21 tund tagasi
props to Vic, Thomas and Ethan for making fake instrument playing seem like a live performance, that must’ve been hella weird for them but they did outstanding job
D 21 tund tagasi
Eurovision a katılamayan Türkiye anca kazananları izlesin 😩🇹🇷
Hugo Mugo
Hugo Mugo 21 tund tagasi
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