Hammond, Clarkson and May Genius Ideas Compilation 

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Top gear and grand tour stars explaining their genius inventions/ideas. some additional genius quotes that Clarkson says
Send your ideas: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgO0tqQi4FLxgtjZW7MSQyG3ezApTgxWN4Ufwp_IZe2bUY4A/viewform?usp=sf_link
electric geoff generator 14.2
expanding motorhome 15.4
9.3 shower
India toilet
Ukraine race 21.3
Africa handbrake
gt motorhomes gt3.8
alfa Romeo vs jet ski 21.2
rover James 19.5
gt1.7 dune buggy
co2 13.5
rocket bicycle 21.5
10.2 stability
limos 9.6
reliant robin stabiliser 15.1
Patagonia satnav
Richard Hammond Burma shower




1 apr 2021



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Erica Murphy
Erica Murphy Päev tagasi
The detailed gymnast genomically identify because trombone relevantly steer notwithstanding a overrated bomber. condemned, hulking authorisation
Buntalpiaw Studio
Buntalpiaw Studio Päev tagasi
8:02 what car is this?
succmama Päev tagasi
The flare and balloon is pretty good...
Le Pain
Le Pain Päev tagasi
4:08 thank me later
TheBritFromOz Päev tagasi
07:08 is that The Unfunny Bus?
Brightski 2 päeva tagasi
like how there's only 2(2.5 because of the safety car with jeremy) ideas from hammond
max_the_only_one_ insta
max_the_only_one_ insta 2 päeva tagasi
M B 3 päeva tagasi
Jeremy saying yeeeesss
Epic Autos
Epic Autos 3 päeva tagasi
9:03 Hammond: A Resivoir Clarkson: A Bucket Clarkson and May: A Urinal
TheKow 4 päeva tagasi
Most of these are the calm before the storm
Sky Con
Sky Con 4 päeva tagasi
Major Red Green vibes goin on here
Adrian Klinetobe
Adrian Klinetobe 4 päeva tagasi
Why don't they attach filters to the back of the car the
INFERNO DAVID 4 päeva tagasi
army dreamers
army dreamers 4 päeva tagasi
Who are these idiots?
bmx bmx
bmx bmx 5 päeva tagasi
I would be willing to bet neither one of these guys have ever had a "genius" thought in their life.
El-Kwako The Grumpy Duck
El-Kwako The Grumpy Duck 5 päeva tagasi
Mays' twinlimo is actually the same car. The saab 900, alfa, Lancia thema, renault 25 and fiat chroma are all the same basic car
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma 5 päeva tagasi
I m not really into cars...but damn i m starting to love this show too much...idk y
Ricky Thompson
Ricky Thompson 6 päeva tagasi
Only redcoats i have major respect for
Cayden Andreadakis
Cayden Andreadakis 6 päeva tagasi
I'm sad they didn't show this, in episode in the last clip Jeremy pees in the bucket, it's great 😂
Initial Doot
Initial Doot 6 päeva tagasi
"Sometimes my genius is... it's almost frightening!"
MrTo YouBoy
MrTo YouBoy 6 päeva tagasi
Hammond ruined this show trying to be the comical immature little twat
Pedro Madrigali
Pedro Madrigali 7 päeva tagasi
Beautiful crisp clean fresh envigorating rain water
Utiality Gamer
Utiality Gamer 7 päeva tagasi
The added wheels on the reliant robin was genius haha
Kece89 7 päeva tagasi
Can't imagine a more depressing sight than Jeremy Clarkson riding a bike.
Muhammad Al Khalil Ibrahim
Sometimes their genius is, it generates life
Bombus Bee
Bombus Bee 7 päeva tagasi
Yep, they're not boorish, self-serving, self-opinionated, greedy over-grown school boys (in their 50s?!!) - they are actually geniuses. Yep, for installing pointless school boy humour 'attachments' to banger cars that no-one with a real job and life would ever have the time or money for. The English genius tradition continues: Newton; Blake; and now the (ex) Top Gear twots.
Oarabile Tshwagong
Oarabile Tshwagong 7 päeva tagasi
6:37 wow that's a billion dollar idea, they just need to figure out how to make it smaller and fit in a car
kingkobra 8 päeva tagasi
MSD PRODUCTIONS 8 päeva tagasi
@ 4.10 imagine not showing the best bit about that clip
Aj Spalding
Aj Spalding 8 päeva tagasi
I miss them deeply
paulmaartin 8 päeva tagasi
Jeremy Clarkson has an engineering phd
Atlas 8 päeva tagasi
5:23 there was some random person in that car park who got the fright of their life 🤣🤣
Random Adam Tv
Random Adam Tv 8 päeva tagasi
Why does hammond look like filtch when showing them round his motor home
Arday60 9 päeva tagasi
The fact that this video doesn't show their "genius" coming back to bite them in the ass is a disappointment.
Murraymountain 10 päeva tagasi
0:39 That's what she said.
Eran Broide
Eran Broide 10 päeva tagasi
"My genius it's... it's almost frightening"
ghostkilla93 10 päeva tagasi
A hybrid is a normal car for fools. Hahahaha well said.
Juppe34t 10 päeva tagasi
This video cant be 9 minutes long with the title "genius"
Greysen Bueno
Greysen Bueno 10 päeva tagasi
How have you cut out the part at 4:10 where the window breaks 😭😭😭
The Swanson
The Swanson 10 päeva tagasi
This is a meme gold mine.
Matthew Carrano
Matthew Carrano 10 päeva tagasi
Except they don't come up with the stuff in their own because the show is extremely scripted
Doom Ander
Doom Ander 10 päeva tagasi
gl, those training wheels were pretty legit I'm sure they failed later down the line, but that turn was smooooth
Neo2266 11 päeva tagasi
My Genius... *It generates gravity*
Aroma From Heaven
Aroma From Heaven 11 päeva tagasi
Great vid..You were one of my first inspirations to start my own channel.for real thanks so much.God bless.
Qimodis 11 päeva tagasi
0:30 fools? also how is an internal combustion engine car more or less 'normal'
George Washington
George Washington 11 päeva tagasi
Alternate tittle: clarksons genius compilation
CaptainShadowGaming 11 päeva tagasi
6:05 He might be on to something doe
Binticus 06
Binticus 06 12 päeva tagasi
I swear top gear has an indescribable chaotic energy that I wish was more prevalent in more shows
gamer forever
gamer forever 12 päeva tagasi
For someone who says he is a Genius all the time, Clarkson's ideas are about the I.Q of a 5-year-old with a learning disability.
Robjohn Aducal
Robjohn Aducal 12 päeva tagasi
Clarkson's genius can create gravity.
kevmv1 12 päeva tagasi
Can you count how many of these events are moments from dramatic failure?
Kevin James Hannant
Kevin James Hannant 12 päeva tagasi
I'm sure 👌
Piece Of Pi
Piece Of Pi 12 päeva tagasi
You cannot even begin to comprehend the bound of my forthcoming genius.
jangelelcangry 12 päeva tagasi
around 0:47 Jeremy looks like Naruto.
Throw communists out of helicopters
“A hybrid’s a normal car for fools.” LMAO this is why we all love Clarkson
Just me singing
Just me singing 13 päeva tagasi
Jeremy created every single new gta 5 car
Smiling Silverhand
Smiling Silverhand 13 päeva tagasi
Top gear 1000IQ plays
Sean Bigmemer
Sean Bigmemer 13 päeva tagasi
4:08 4:22 4:48 6:00 6:51 The amount of genius in this clip is immeasurable
Josh Lee
Josh Lee 11 päeva tagasi
Sanyam Jain
Sanyam Jain 14 päeva tagasi
Geoff is the best
C D 14 päeva tagasi
The fuckin flares killed me
Oguzhan Yılmaz
Oguzhan Yılmaz 15 päeva tagasi
"This is brilliant." Jeremy Clarkson
LJ Vallot
LJ Vallot 15 päeva tagasi
Sometimes, Our genius is always frightening
Adnan 15 päeva tagasi
haha i remember the last clip, james and jermey peed in the bucket whilst richard was showering lmao
Sapphir 15 päeva tagasi
4:10 you should have kept the part where Clarkson´s genius made him new ventilation system.
liam curtis
liam curtis 15 päeva tagasi
“Sometimes I stagger even myself with my genius”
Niels Lauridsen
Niels Lauridsen 16 päeva tagasi
To be honest, most of these ideas are quite good.. IN THEORY
Warrcoww 16 päeva tagasi
How could you not show the log shattering his rear windshield?
Ed Jones
Ed Jones 16 päeva tagasi
I need a Hammond Clarkson May compilation during the great British comb and brush famine years.
Adrian Salvatore
Adrian Salvatore 16 päeva tagasi
As if you cut the wooden handbrake clip before it smashes through his rear windscreen 😂
False Flag
False Flag 17 päeva tagasi
*That's a tradeable commodity you've got there.* should be a meme and I'm angry it isn't
AMP’d Productions
AMP’d Productions 17 päeva tagasi
Let’s not get bogged down.
Rex Fett
Rex Fett 18 päeva tagasi
Where did u get some of the old top gear clips from
Darksky713 18 päeva tagasi
8:45 what's the name of the red car guys
Oliver Hooper
Oliver Hooper 19 päeva tagasi
1:03 James does his best impression of the storm trooper hitting his head but also manages to trip up at the same time
Vegas ST
Vegas ST 19 päeva tagasi
1:28 "dis is mah genius"
Madcat 456
Madcat 456 19 päeva tagasi
My genius generates gravity.
Joe Davies
Joe Davies 19 päeva tagasi
7:51 I'm using this in my next work presentation.
TTV_PhantomPlays 19 päeva tagasi
9:10 Jeremy then will continue to pee into his “reservoir”
Maksym Polusytok
Maksym Polusytok 19 päeva tagasi
`` 20 päeva tagasi
07:20 so this is where GTA got their inspiration...
Kronk 20 päeva tagasi
Lets be honest, we all knew it would mostly be Jezza
SimplyRealistc 123
SimplyRealistc 123 20 päeva tagasi
Sometimes they frighten even myself with their genius
Chandler Kelley
Chandler Kelley 20 päeva tagasi
"a hybrid is a normal car for fools" is one of my favorite quotes from Clarkson
Thomas Pankiewicz
Thomas Pankiewicz 20 päeva tagasi
jeremy has one of those genius brains... under good cnditions it can generate groundbreaking ideas... but if it doesn't get it's required "hot dinner" it will go into a mad rage and ruin a succesful tv show
rc send 16
rc send 16 20 päeva tagasi
Nothing wil EVER amount up to old top gear. Nothing. The frightening geniuses.
Jackson Roya
Jackson Roya 20 päeva tagasi
EEfrom you never let me down
Master Chief
Master Chief 20 päeva tagasi
James has forgotten his Burger King crown
Kolzi 20 päeva tagasi
The log handbrake I actually thought was genius. There just needed to be some sliiight modifications to avoid the disaster that came afterwards.
Callum A
Callum A 20 päeva tagasi
You know you're in for something when Jeremy says "what I've done here"
Anthony Leal
Anthony Leal 20 päeva tagasi
Clackson has to use 1% of his because if he uses any more than 2% he will break the laws of physics and any more he will destroy the universe
Hare Brahs
Hare Brahs 20 päeva tagasi
missed opportunity to edit in the log breaking the window for comedic effect
Dylan Chedister
Dylan Chedister 21 päev tagasi
Didn’t that wood block 🪵 end up breaking his window too?
a lad with a name
a lad with a name 21 päev tagasi
Almost 10 minutes of genius generating gravity
Asad Ahmad
Asad Ahmad 21 päev tagasi
Your genius scares any rational mind; hences its funny
Akash Nag
Akash Nag 21 päev tagasi
Sometimes if you listen carefully. You can hear my genius.
Helicopter Dick
Helicopter Dick 21 päev tagasi
Clarkson may and Hammond what a combination!
Rod Frost
Rod Frost 21 päev tagasi
I miss these guys.
Fres Seus
Fres Seus 22 päeva tagasi
Want to be around this
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks 22 päeva tagasi
Clarkson, Hammond and May genius ideas: 9 minutes 13 seconds Clarkson, Hammond and May non-genius ideas: 17 years
I have a Payne in my Ass
I have a Payne in my Ass 22 päeva tagasi
If only people knew how many of these went wrong
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