A Stalker Left Me A Hidden Package... 

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After the tense back-and-forth with Nelson Syphus, the team retrieves the "gift" that said Stalker left behind for them, curious about its importance to the investigation at hand. While the item itself prompts some confusion, the team doesn't skip a beat and head into full investigation mode to see what exactly Syphus is looking for them to find. However, once they do put the pieces together, they make a rather morbid discovery, one that changes the tone of this find rather dramatically, but also prompts some deeper questions as well...
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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:46 - Team Chat -
The team is conversing with some water cooler talk, but they're also resolving whether or not to open that box that they found that Nelson Syphus left them.
05:00 - What's In The Boooox?! -
Matthias finally opens up the box, revealing the secret inside...
08:29 - Back To The Mountaineer -
It's time to meet up with ol' reliable once again and see if there are any secrets inside that the Stalker wanted them to find.
11:00 - She's Still Running...
Seems as if the key to the Mountaineer actually works, but that seems to open up more questions for the team about the Stalker's intentions.
13:22 - Retrace Our Conversation -
The team heads back to the Vault in order to check the messages that they received from Nelson the previous day to try and gain some clarity on what he wants them to do.
15:45 - Preparations For Searching -
The team gathers some "materials" that they need in order to look through the car for what Nelson wants them to find.
19:14 - Where Is The Tape? -
After moving the Mountaineer outside in order to search through it properly, the team is not on the hunt for the tape that they're supposed to find. However, considering they've searched through so much of that car already, it begs the question of where something might be hiding.
21:50 - Mission Accomplished -
After tearing the car apart, they find what they're looking for...
27:13 - Off To Woods' House! -
After resolving to play the tape in a more controlled environment, the team head to the formerly mentioned team member's house, hoping to get something that will allow them to listen to whatever is on that tape...
29:26 - We've Arrived -
Once arriving at Woods' house, they locate the tape recorder. Plus, Woods opens a Valentine's Day gift!
33:00 - Time To Listen -
They play the tape, and make some rather morbid discoveries once listening...
38:30 - That's It? -
In the midst of static leaving empty space on the tape, the team has to come to terms with what they just listened to.
40:53 - NEXT TIME -
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⚠️ The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and its characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.



25 veebr 2021



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TBS_XpErT 37 minutit tagasi
its like a hospital a very busy hospital and they were trying to bring him back to live
bryan chachagua
bryan chachagua 7 tundi tagasi
Honestly appreciate matt for trying with the overkill biomask
Blake Boyer
Blake Boyer 7 tundi tagasi
Did anyone else hear "get me out of this hole" instead of " want to go home"
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee 10 tundi tagasi
If you think Texas is hot go to Arizona
M D Päev tagasi
Today is my mom’s birthday
Bobbie Mckinney
Bobbie Mckinney Päev tagasi
I now the stalker he needs your help now you have to help him!
Seonaid Williams
Seonaid Williams Päev tagasi
It sed word 2
Frosty 2 päeva tagasi
Operation going on or operation room
Levi Franz
Levi Franz 2 päeva tagasi
When Matt said that they could have just dropped this whole thing and move to South Dakota, I got so excited because I live in South Dakota!
Blaynes Animals
Blaynes Animals 2 päeva tagasi
The tape player when the beep gets faster and they scream just guessing or it’s an idea what if it’s a electric chair or a drill
Liam Orlando
Liam Orlando 2 päeva tagasi
It sounded like an amputation
Liam Orlando
Liam Orlando 2 päeva tagasi
Until the screaming of course
Liam Orlando
Liam Orlando 2 päeva tagasi
The tape sounds like grand central.
LIL steveo
LIL steveo 2 päeva tagasi
Texas is not that bad it’s only been in the 80’s -90’s but I’m used to
N1ghtf1y14 3 päeva tagasi
I can imagine the warehouse and people being experimented on
Questionable 3 päeva tagasi
35:32 don’t worry, they just stubbed their toe
Gabriel Tolentino
Gabriel Tolentino 3 päeva tagasi
well ****
Capricious.Void6 3 päeva tagasi
Hello, rewatching these here. I will NEVER forget how disgusting it was to hear the recording for the first time. Even hearing it now..*shivers*.. The scream just gets me man.
spencer scott
spencer scott 5 päeva tagasi
I think that the reason he gave them the tape is to show that he is willing to give them eneything to get his property back
Cra, Zzz
Cra, Zzz 5 päeva tagasi
The girl it might be D
Unfussybull679 8 päeva tagasi
Sound like the audio needs to be scrubbed (I mean in make it sound more clear like no static)
AlphaSackbot 9 päeva tagasi
The thing about cds is that they can be tracked and played by anyone but cassetes can't
Becca Grace
Becca Grace 10 päeva tagasi
Matthias looks really comfy cute in the big raincoat 😂
Richard Hahn
Richard Hahn 11 päeva tagasi
in the tape I heard some one that sounded like one of the people that worked in that nightmare said "is this necessary" that just brings CHILLS down my spin
Lyuze Kurosaki
Lyuze Kurosaki 11 päeva tagasi
Its sounds like the person said "didn't you hear me, I wanna go home" Maybe they we're drilling into people or something considering the drill noises 🥺🥺🥺
little bit lee
little bit lee 11 päeva tagasi
Okay one that does sound like a heart monitor and two I heard “if you can hear me I wanna go home” not just “I wanna go home”
Alan Bulger
Alan Bulger 12 päeva tagasi
the speaker was saying something along the line of "212" and something else
Alex Danver
Alex Danver 12 päeva tagasi
The tape screaming sound's like Nelsone Syphus is killing them??? And everything collapse's and goes silence
brikkmastrr 12 päeva tagasi
I half expected Matt to pull out the Jaws of Life XD
Alex Duarte
Alex Duarte 12 päeva tagasi
ok maybe not say what you are gonna do because you know 'syphus'
Shaina Scheetz
Shaina Scheetz 13 päeva tagasi
I like the trulys in the fridge
Rayne Morningstar
Rayne Morningstar 13 päeva tagasi
Anyone else think of The Magnus Archives at 28:56 - 29:24 ???
The Profectionist
The Profectionist 13 päeva tagasi
Jaggi Singh
Jaggi Singh 14 päeva tagasi
It might be a plan Crush land!!
kylee jade
kylee jade 14 päeva tagasi
i love woods.
Anonymous 14 päeva tagasi
Could we have listened to the amputation procedure that was listed on the computer?
Gg Tezer_clan
Gg Tezer_clan 14 päeva tagasi
Maybe he was getting tested on and has to take the medisan
Brittany Castro
Brittany Castro 14 päeva tagasi
That sounds like a kid like i wanna go home that is what a kid wold say like am i wrong
Project Zoergo
Project Zoergo 15 päeva tagasi
At about 38:05 it sounds like all haill vudrap mudrap hadrup
I Am Ian
I Am Ian 15 päeva tagasi
in the tape I heard 212 nelson syphus
Jhonen Grammer
Jhonen Grammer 15 päeva tagasi
So its not real
Brandon 16 päeva tagasi
Imagine listening to the tape and get Rick rolled😂🤣
Yuliana Aguado
Yuliana Aguado 16 päeva tagasi
No one is going to talk about the fact that the person could have been could have been Nelson syphus the setting could be at syntec and like could be his... kid because look at the footage of him breaking not an adult a teenager so they were expirmenting on him so he could some of the viles as he grows up
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl 16 päeva tagasi
Why does the woman on the tape sound like Sam saying "I wanna go home"? Am I the only one?
Hannah M
Hannah M 16 päeva tagasi
So D and Nelson were just having a conversation while all this was going on? They didnt seem concerned in the enhanced audio.
fudgepantz 17 päeva tagasi
thats a drill to high pitched
P. Croff
P. Croff 18 päeva tagasi
He WANTS you guys to think that you have the only other key that works
Kyo Misui
Kyo Misui 19 päeva tagasi
Who else thinks that it’s a recording of someone getting electroshock therapy treatment? Just me? Ok
Deo 19 päeva tagasi
Invisible ink with the journal maybe?
Shayla Gwinnup
Shayla Gwinnup 19 päeva tagasi
18:23 my favorite part
Happy Time
Happy Time 20 päeva tagasi
i think it’s one of the bases and that they were doing surgery or something and they were using the vials for that
Donna Fuchs
Donna Fuchs 20 päeva tagasi
Bro I heard laughing and screaming bro I'm terrified 😨
Charlotte Pierce-Stevenson
I want to see a very drunk Woods break something
Charlotte Pierce-Stevenson
3.03 who else wishes this is what really happened
mrkrabs butinstyle
mrkrabs butinstyle 21 päev tagasi
what if the ghosts at hi5 studios that people see are old patients-
mrkrabs butinstyle
mrkrabs butinstyle 21 päev tagasi
scp foundation confirmed real
Landon Stevens
Landon Stevens 21 päev tagasi
Like obviously all this can’t be real. But I’m really sad it’s not 😅
mrkrabs butinstyle
mrkrabs butinstyle 21 päev tagasi
4:47 im 11 and has never had a cavitee-
Destqnyy 21 päev tagasi
The fact it started with a key..
Jacob Griffiths
Jacob Griffiths 21 päev tagasi
They forgot to lock the roller door in red base
Skystreak 534
Skystreak 534 21 päev tagasi
the person that screamed died you can hear the heart monitor flatline
Skystreak 534
Skystreak 534 22 päeva tagasi
the voice that said "do you hear me i want to go home" sounded like a female so maybe its nelsons older daughter
Skystreak 534
Skystreak 534 22 päeva tagasi
37:09 or someone being springlocked
Skystreak 534
Skystreak 534 22 päeva tagasi
37:09 was someone put in a blender?
Allan Vuong
Allan Vuong 22 päeva tagasi
Maybe there was a person and he was in at some place and he wanted to go home and the beeping is a heart monitor and when he screamed maybe he was died but they did the thing where they had to electrocute him so he can come back alive then when he came back to life he screamed cause of the pain.
Allan Vuong
Allan Vuong 22 päeva tagasi
Bryan Bartlett
Bryan Bartlett 22 päeva tagasi
I thought o heard a flatline on the heart monitor
Kallie McKeegan
Kallie McKeegan 22 päeva tagasi
syphus gave you the tape as a threat of what he might do to you, Matt
Fergus Outdoors
Fergus Outdoors 23 päeva tagasi
35:58 maybe it was the chemical explosion that they talked about.
Dale Blazier
Dale Blazier 23 päeva tagasi
I’m sick to my stomach after this
Yazlin Orduno
Yazlin Orduno 24 päeva tagasi
Isnt weird that wood knows everthing and has every thing they need?
QuantumVoid 25 päeva tagasi
How did no one laugh at Woods' PT cruiser joke, lol.
gamergotem em
gamergotem em 25 päeva tagasi
it was probably a heart monitor hook up to nelson syphus and they put the stuff in him
deth strok vlogs and games
Try using black light on the Journal
Galaxy _ animation fox
Galaxy _ animation fox 26 päeva tagasi
Ok I think I know what it is. Unconscious or conscious when you get an eye transplant you scream but they we’re DEFINITELY conscious and it was a woman I think it’s a woman experiment place because: sam in the document ,female the scream,female the woman they were talking about on the computer,female
Galaxy _ animation fox
Galaxy _ animation fox 26 päeva tagasi
Sam: if you want you can go in the car and I can hold the camera What Sam meant: Your camera skills are garbage and it’s annoying me so let me have the camera lmao 😂
Drewtotero 26 päeva tagasi
Ok the minute they said do we have a tape recorder I immediately thought back to the Dope or Nope escape room with a tape recorder on the wall and it wasn’t one of the items so they already had it can’t believe I remember this much about a random episode.
yve's art
yve's art 26 päeva tagasi
My daughter is 23 and she used to make up story's and record them on an old cassette player, we still have some of them and they are amazing. I find it surprising that matt does not remember them.
ELEVEN21 26 päeva tagasi
As someone from South Dakota, we would be honored to have all of Hi5 studios grace us with their presents.
ghost runner302
ghost runner302 27 päeva tagasi
This lab kind of reminds me of umbrella resident evil like that tape was terrifying to hear yeah but I think it's kind of like umbrella
Phoenix Niblett
Phoenix Niblett 27 päeva tagasi
Maybe the kid was Nelson or D when they where younger or that’s a random kid
Poketnerd Studios
Poketnerd Studios 27 päeva tagasi
This is a treasure hunt in which the host didn't decide the prize and is elongating the track every day
Poketnerd Studios
Poketnerd Studios 27 päeva tagasi
The whole key series is a car that runs on curiosity on a road paved by Nelson Syphus
All for Gaming
All for Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
It says that syntecs cofounder is maxillian fisher
Tatiana Sepulveda
Tatiana Sepulveda 28 päeva tagasi
I have a feeling that the vile’s help Nelson to survive because he was part of the experiment and that’s why you hear streaming
5570 Productions
5570 Productions 28 päeva tagasi
Don’t ruin it for people that didn’t read the disclaimer 🐶
Rachtastic Gaming
Rachtastic Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
The sound before the scream could’ve been the mind control thingy mentioned earlier in the series.
Rachtastic Gaming
Rachtastic Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
Also the “𝕀 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕘𝕠 𝕙𝕠𝕞𝕖" 🥺🥺🥺
khori awesome bro
khori awesome bro 28 päeva tagasi
The scary thing is my grandma has the Sam car 🚘
Spider Guy
Spider Guy 28 päeva tagasi
It was such a mistake to watch this at night
Kirbo aka megaGordo07
Kirbo aka megaGordo07 29 päeva tagasi
Like how matt used to say....... IM SHOOK!!!
AIDEN BELL 29 päeva tagasi
what if it is just a horror movie playing?
GD Funtime
GD Funtime 29 päeva tagasi
At 36:33 you can here the woman on that tape say “we don’t have to his In the shadows anymore”
Macie White
Macie White 29 päeva tagasi
this reminds me of hydra from marvel tbh
Arturo Plascencia
Arturo Plascencia 29 päeva tagasi
What if this connections to to the ghost in red base like the people who died in the experiments and now haunt red base
chanel garcia
chanel garcia 29 päeva tagasi
the voice that said "I wanna go home" sounded more like "can you hear me i wanna go home" which is sad
Juliana Staebler Tirado
Juliana Staebler Tirado 29 päeva tagasi
I heard it a couple of times and I heard “can you hear me I wanna go home” and also “help me I wanna go home” but I’m not sure
Athos Yanez
Athos Yanez 29 päeva tagasi
This was one of the most uncomfortable videos ever.
Ben Hazelwood
Ben Hazelwood 29 päeva tagasi
It's not real=(
Mark Stafki
Mark Stafki Місяць tagasi
I didn't have cavities until I was 18 and it was only one
Jose Simon
Jose Simon Місяць tagasi
ok When the tape was recording for some reason i heard matts voice saying i wanna go home
Senit Mesfin
Senit Mesfin Місяць tagasi
PMRJKN WOODS' "nice find ! :DD" 24:36 😭😭PLEASEEEEEE
Aneesa Amod
Aneesa Amod Місяць tagasi
I'm so lucky I'm watching this in the day
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