I Jumped the World’s Most Extreme Skydive (Near Death Experience) 

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- Josh Hall
- Skydive Elsinore @skydiveelsinore
- Halo day cinematography by @moliverallen
-Nathan Lam @naythanlam
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28 märts 2021



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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Місяць tagasi
This took years for Ammar to plan... Such a delicate yet challenging jump, watch all the way to the end to see how he pulls it off... To celebrate, we created a collection called “Moonshot” on Seek Discomfort for the dreams so big they scare you just thinking about them... See the collection here: www.seekdiscomfort.com
Metro 24
Metro 24 20 päeva tagasi
sky diving is also a dream of mine i allways dremed of flying i have never even got on a plane i just wanna feel what its like the wind and the sky and that meditive space that is being up there
jennifer j. avila
jennifer j. avila 28 päeva tagasi
Ammar if you're seeing this I just wanted to let you know, you are strong and what you went through is devastating. I was also in a car accident back in April 2020 with my two siblings ( i am 19) and I also went through a horrific car accident. What you went through is truly a hard thing to get the grasp of. I remember thanking God everyday, but I was so afraid on doing anything. My mentality was at the lowest and seeing what you went through is truly motivational. YOU ARE STRONG. amazing content guys!
#PadCrewX Studios
#PadCrewX Studios Місяць tagasi
I have been skydiving a couple of years ago to raise money for my nephew's wheel chair he has spina bifida, it was all inspired by Ammar and the yes theory crew and the yes theory family,that day I fell in love with it I want to do it agai
Ziggy Builds it!
Ziggy Builds it! Місяць tagasi
Thanks for this awesome video, it’s been over ten years since I’ve done any jumps and boy did this get the emotions rushing back in 😂👌💕 there really is something so special about skydiving, I’m gonna take my best friend for his 70th birthday, he’s never been and is an adrenaline junkie.
AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES Місяць tagasi
Wait ...you can FIRST strap a stranger to your body and jump BEFORE you're even allowed to jump alone? Really? Why ? I mean ..ok ..if you need to do it with an instructor ..but with strangers ?
Joseph B
Joseph B 32 minutit tagasi
To truly be myself
BTownBoys 3 tundi tagasi
This was the best video I've seen in awhile its so inspiring my dream is to do a halo jump and now Im ready to start my journey thank you!!!!
Drone Review man
Drone Review man 4 tundi tagasi
Glad you had fun and your o.k. I just tottled my truck so i know the feeling. Still in a lot of pain weeks latter.
Slimonetic 10 tundi tagasi
How did the car get so messed up if he was hit in the back and lets say he got launch into the trench he would have died then
Ace Khawaja
Ace Khawaja 11 tundi tagasi
Just so you know, the height from which Ammar jumped, that's the altitude of Mount Everest 😳
Matt Gallagher
Matt Gallagher 11 tundi tagasi
Isn't this what Tom Cruise did?
Cruz Ship
Cruz Ship 17 tundi tagasi
Respect to the camera man
I’m Legit Subbbing to Whoever Subbbs to Me's
Can we appreciate the cameraman please!
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter 18 tundi tagasi
This was awesome man, seriously inspiring. If I wasn't already subscribed, I am now! I have always wanted to do something like this but my fear and anxiety have always gotten in my way. I feel like if I had your teacher, I could do anything! Btw, I've NEVER skydived before (please forgive me if thats not the right term). I hope to see more content like this soon. I hope you're still feeling better and are doing well.
Sumaksh pal
Sumaksh pal 21 tund tagasi
Yes I wana fly Dive it and feel that feeling around me , the peace 🕊️
Buford ButtFish
Buford ButtFish Päev tagasi
Elsinore Skydive.
Костя Рощин
absolutely phenomenal video. It's like a great movie.
Curly Crossley
Curly Crossley Päev tagasi
the drive team said they needed to make up 20 min then they got there 60 min before? what happened.
Liv !
Liv ! Päev tagasi
Nouha Aoussar
Nouha Aoussar Päev tagasi
after watching this video everyone would love to try this amazing experience
Rejucted 2 päeva tagasi
yall should have used HOME - we're finally landing as the song when he jumps
+Tec 2 päeva tagasi
This was amazing. An impressive achievement for Ammar and a beautifully made video about it for us to watch. Thank you.
Vineeth 2 päeva tagasi
this is insane fuck man
Jeffrey Muyot
Jeffrey Muyot 2 päeva tagasi
I love to jump if you could explore philippines as well.
lilgoldfish 2 päeva tagasi
whats shoes does ammar have????????
Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace 3 päeva tagasi
I love you guys and what y’all do and I love that your making your dreams come true! I would love to do the same thing, make my dreams a reality there’s so much I would like to experience and share with everyone I know and even those I don’t. I would love to be apart of what y’all do and y’all’s brand!!
Mr Chickenn
Mr Chickenn 3 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who know what the FAA is but not the DMC?
Rohit Bagdiya
Rohit Bagdiya 3 päeva tagasi
Sheeeshhh the greatest of all time ❤️❤️.... Skydiving and Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is the dream of mine
Patrick McGuire
Patrick McGuire 4 päeva tagasi
Good job guys, good story telling, Ammar.
Thatone toad
Thatone toad 4 päeva tagasi
Eric Kummer
Eric Kummer 4 päeva tagasi
As a musician I can totally relate to the advice given at 11:00. Many times right before a big show or big audition the energy is on 100. Staying centered and relaxed, around all the hype, will give you the best performance. This advice here is golden! Lead your pace, lead your dance.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 4 päeva tagasi
28:45 I teared up it’s like everything coming full circle. Accepting yourself with every fear doubt love excitement all at once. It’s was a “this is your moment”
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz 4 päeva tagasi
My dream is to become an F-18 pilot in the US Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy. After getting rejected last year for an appointment to the naval academy, I persisted in my dreams and reapplied. Now I am one step closer to my goal, I got an appointment to the Naval Academy and will be undergoing plebe summer starting June 30th. You guys have taught me to never give up on my dreams no matter what life throws at you. Thank you! Also, my birthday is the 28th of March so this video was an amazing birthday gift from you guys, thank you!
Nora Grace
Nora Grace 16 tundi tagasi
Hope you get accepted, that is a wonderful aspiration.
Amaral Rainbows
Amaral Rainbows 4 päeva tagasi
Omg Ammar you inspire me dude you are so amazing, i am so proud
kristia DC
kristia DC 4 päeva tagasi
Wow incredible❤️
Sand Box Sawyer
Sand Box Sawyer 5 päeva tagasi
How do they get the recordings of them skydiving is their another skydiver
Jonerik Dominguez
Jonerik Dominguez 5 päeva tagasi
Abdul Playss
Abdul Playss 5 päeva tagasi
I want to skydrive so bad, all my life I have wanted to do it
martondo1x 5 päeva tagasi
my dad did a lot of halo jumps when he served
Likith gowda
Likith gowda 5 päeva tagasi
i am totally inspired by the things you guys do ,and really wish to meet you guys and experience some of your stuff in a lifetime ,and give my life a meaning
Splashy69 5 päeva tagasi
Bruh, props to the cameraman
Cham Gomezz
Cham Gomezz 5 päeva tagasi
The message is as high as the diving altitude “Love over Fear” ❤️
Nicolas Hernandez
Nicolas Hernandez 5 päeva tagasi
Can we talk about the camera man
natural 9
natural 9 5 päeva tagasi
Big props to instructor and cameraman
Pratyay Bharadwaj
Pratyay Bharadwaj 5 päeva tagasi
ooooofff... dude i could literally feel it. i could feel it when you were about to jump out. that feeling man... i imagine myself there and i think would i be able to jump out? i've got a great fear of heights. i was scared to see the view from that height. but that's the thing, no? you gotta seek discomfort! 💖
Timothy Leahy
Timothy Leahy 5 päeva tagasi
I want my art to make people happy
Timothy Leahy
Timothy Leahy 5 päeva tagasi
What happened to the cups
Timothy Leahy
Timothy Leahy 5 päeva tagasi
Thanks god your ok man
Sam Caprisun
Sam Caprisun 6 päeva tagasi
This was beautiful and gave me goosebumps
Wild We Roam
Wild We Roam 6 päeva tagasi
so incredibly proud of you ammar - our biggest dream is to sail around the world and you and the whole yes theory fam inspire us to do that every day! :)
Jeo 6 päeva tagasi
Very Good Story! But i just wanna say whoever that camera man is deserves an award bc they were very stable and had very good angles while being in mid air
Satadeep Sadhukhan
Satadeep Sadhukhan 6 päeva tagasi
The cameraman is amazing !!
Mrinal Das
Mrinal Das 6 päeva tagasi
The instructor literally held him safely till 8k.
Aviral Mishra
Aviral Mishra 6 päeva tagasi
How come no one is talking about the guy with the red bull 'chute landing exactly where he saw the smoke.. I mean that's just insanely accurate
Andy Compy
Andy Compy 6 päeva tagasi
my number one dream is to go skydiving. after getting runover by an SUV while riding my motorcycle, I've decided seeking discomfort is the only way to make the most of a second chance at life. I love yall and what you do. Keep it up
Western Adventures
Western Adventures 6 päeva tagasi
That’s not existing that’s living
S r
S r 6 päeva tagasi
I want to fly like u( Ammar)
Greg Sarfin
Greg Sarfin 6 päeva tagasi
Bruh, I haven’t jumped in 6 months! Hopefully on the next week or two I’ll get back into it! Super dope video man!!!
JohanOffline 7 päeva tagasi
Near death? Where?
Smooth smoothie 68 419
Smooth smoothie 68 419 7 päeva tagasi
Where you doing wim hof breathing in the bed 😂
Bruno Goulet
Bruno Goulet 7 päeva tagasi
CONGRATS Ammar !!! Wow! Would love to go bungee jump to the highest in the world which is at Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee in China. That's my dream !!
Some Guy
Some Guy 7 päeva tagasi
27:25 This moment was like: If we don't make it to the ground, I want to let you know, that was hell of a jump edit: I swear to god when Im old enough, I'm going to do my best to make my jump possible
Amanda K
Amanda K 7 päeva tagasi
This. Is. INCREDIBLE. These videos make me so emotional when I see the power Ammar carries inside of him. Just a beautiful and inspiring way of living.
Ice Nation
Ice Nation 7 päeva tagasi
Damn they felt in love while skydiving lol
Tushar Bhatt
Tushar Bhatt 7 päeva tagasi
Always wanted to be a fighter pilot. I did clear the exam and interview for the Airforce but found out that I am partially colourblind and cant fly. But, everyone wants to live their childhood dream right? Planning on getting AFF licences once I start my Masters to literally fly and get the sense of freedom I always wanted. Soar the skies.
Ice Nation
Ice Nation 7 päeva tagasi
He is Mrbeast virsion extreme
Ella Livingston
Ella Livingston 7 päeva tagasi
I love your guys chanel. I wish I was as brave as you!
Mr Aaditya
Mr Aaditya 8 päeva tagasi
Paula Leon
Paula Leon 8 päeva tagasi
That coach is the Derek shepherd of the sky omg
Tyler Vokey
Tyler Vokey 8 päeva tagasi
14:00 look at these love birds
Kederath 8 päeva tagasi
A dream of mine is to skydive as well. Oh and another dream is that seek discomfort opens up a european warehouse so i don't need to pay 40USD in shipping :D Love you Ammar, best from Germany.
Al 8 päeva tagasi
Ammar my man ❤️❤️
oasis north
oasis north 8 päeva tagasi
That shot of them upside down after jumping out of the plane. Wow
Madiha 8 päeva tagasi
Now imagine if they landed and the camera person went, "oops, forgot to press record :c"
Manu N
Manu N 9 päeva tagasi
haha incredible. You should have given him a package to "deliver" from the sky saying "your same hour delivery is here"
Hein Paing
Hein Paing 9 päeva tagasi
Anyone know the song that starts at 27:45?
chris 9 päeva tagasi
shoutout to the cameraman in creative mode
Tridip Chetry
Tridip Chetry 9 päeva tagasi
ArVe in Arcade
ArVe in Arcade 9 päeva tagasi
I also want to do this but did I had enough budget to skydive everyday
Emily Nicole
Emily Nicole 9 päeva tagasi
Right next to the skydiving place you got to check out dejohns dairy! Just down the street and the best chocolate milk in the world!
J M 10 päeva tagasi
What verse from the curan is it ?
Shubham Shah
Shubham Shah 10 päeva tagasi
It's okay man. There is nothing to cry!
Mustacheman 10 päeva tagasi
Props to the dude who recorded every jump and did them to.
james jone
james jone 10 päeva tagasi
Hey I don’t really have a dream of a job or something I want to do in life
Maria Page
Maria Page 10 päeva tagasi
Awesome and inspiring in every way! Loved the shots from 27:50... the stillness ( even at 300miles/hr) and the shadow of the cameraman moving across their bodies. Amazing... all three of them!
Casey Ross
Casey Ross 10 päeva tagasi
Makeout sesh
Phillip Robertson
Phillip Robertson 11 päeva tagasi
Imagen Ammar *reached back to pulled the parachute, and he doesn't feel his backpack..*
Nezar Rahali
Nezar Rahali 11 päeva tagasi
HOW TO BUILD A CAREER. Thats what this vid explains lol.
Misael Amayo
Misael Amayo 11 päeva tagasi
From fighting fires this has to be my next goal
Luftbubblan 11 päeva tagasi
Some beautiful shots in this video, well done and gz on your epic dive. There's not much left i want to do in life, sure, some things that iv'e done could be done better but getting new experiences no matter at what level is always fun. I still dream of being able to sail around the world or visit ISS, the later is perhaps a bit out of reach but sailing around the world would be something that could become a possible reality one day(Plenty of possible situations that could be out of comfort). The past decade iv'e been slowing down on adrenaline activities so if you for some reason wanted to gift me a skydive id rather see someone else get the chance to experience that :D (Iv'e never sky dived but i have done bungee jump and high dives in the past).
simplyme 11 päeva tagasi
that’s crazy omggg ...
Maarten Warson
Maarten Warson 11 päeva tagasi
One of the greatest videos I have ever seen around on the internet! It is so great to see you can achieve anything you want, great to witness all of the friendship and Love throughout this video. It makes me craving for more peace in this world. Thank you Yes Theory for sharing this amazing content, it really makes my day!
Joshua Tejano
Joshua Tejano 11 päeva tagasi
You should come to the Philippines when it's safe already!
suhan miah
suhan miah 11 päeva tagasi
One of the best video I ever see
Yaaa Yeet
Yaaa Yeet 11 päeva tagasi
My dream is to pay my parents debt off/ retire them and give them the security they once gave me as a kid! Loved the video and it inspired me to keep pushing and challenge my self to accomplish higher goals! 🙏🏼
Sebastian Waseta
Sebastian Waseta 11 päeva tagasi
Watching this video I was inspired and someday I'll take the courage to jump out of a plane. Ammar is absolutely brave. I'm so sure skydive is on everyone's bucket list to check off.
Mr. Boss
Mr. Boss 12 päeva tagasi
I'd love to go sky diving!!!
Tim 12 päeva tagasi
One of my dreams is to go skydiving with you Ammar. And i’ll buy you dinner after
Joshua Ickes
Joshua Ickes 12 päeva tagasi
Hello family, my name is Joshua. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to solo jump one day like Ammar. My best friend is currently in paratrooper training and he’s getting the experience of jumping and I would love to be able to share that experience with him as we grow older. Hoping to soon go on my first jump before the end of the year.
Nick 12 päeva tagasi
My dream is to once i finish university to earn enough money to travel the world and do stuff like this🥲
Jhanvi Bhaskar
Jhanvi Bhaskar 12 päeva tagasi
I wish I could work with you guys and learn how to seek discomfort.
MC 12 päeva tagasi
I don't know if I could jump out a plane, it is terrifying to watch. I have been getting goosebumbs every time you jump
basil moraga
basil moraga 12 päeva tagasi
Man, the story telling and cinematography are amazing, its really inspiring and overwhelming at the same time it really tells me to seek the discomfort to discover incredible things. :D
Erin Dreyer
Erin Dreyer 12 päeva tagasi
My dream is to help the Earth. Without it how can we seek discomfort? We need our home to thrive for future generations. My dream is to help that become more and more of a possibility.
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Vaatamised 2,3 mln
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