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It is finally here! When @Justin Bieber walked into West Coast Customs over three years ago, we never knew it would turn it this. The one of one Rolls Royce has never been seen before until now! We hope you enjoy watching the journey!
Thanks to:
Rory Kramer
Jack Bell
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19 veebr 2021



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Gabélémaths 2 tundi tagasi
1) It is too high... You can see the wheels. 2) It is truly not that bad... But the front is ugly as shit.
Thomas Moorefield
Thomas Moorefield 2 tundi tagasi
all that work and no bags?
Johnathan Onie
Johnathan Onie 2 tundi tagasi
What a crap job they did on this car. They took an amazing car and made it look like a hunk of garbage. The funny part is they probably charged him 100k to do it. West Coast Customs sux!!
000 000
000 000 2 tundi tagasi
oh my goodness!! Whatt the fuck have you done😭😭
kevin bradley
kevin bradley 2 tundi tagasi
Andrew Chudyk
Andrew Chudyk 2 tundi tagasi
That is SO ugly looking. The car is not pretty either. Just goes to show that money doesn't necessarily = class & elegance. Should have just left it as it came out of the factory. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it!
random dude
random dude 2 tundi tagasi
*money doesn't buy taste*
random dude
random dude 2 tundi tagasi
Tony Lomeli
Tony Lomeli 2 tundi tagasi
Damnnnn Daniel
cefirodrifta 2 tundi tagasi
Lmao !!! how much crack was smoked when everyone decided that was a good idea ?
Louie G
Louie G 2 tundi tagasi
Front and sides are okay but that tail light is awfully shit
Ian Starkey
Ian Starkey 2 tundi tagasi
I bet the designer's at RR shit their pants laughing after seeing this.
dasandman1234 2 tundi tagasi
9:22 look at that disgusting panel gap lmfao for that much money id want better shit. But then thats why most of the big name guys stopped coming here
megaraitei 2 tundi tagasi
That was ugly as hell.
Thomas Frye
Thomas Frye 2 tundi tagasi
Oh no babies what is you doing???
Daily Virals
Daily Virals 2 tundi tagasi
When you just ordered a Rolls Royce from wish lmao😂😂
Eddie Spaghetti
Eddie Spaghetti 2 tundi tagasi
Looks ugly .
Mim Troska
Mim Troska 2 tundi tagasi
What an incredibly ugly abomination of a car
Smedleydog1 2 tundi tagasi
It looks like a movie prop car from a futuristic movie that they made look this way because they wanted to look different, not necessarily functional. The prototype was kinda goofy, this is goofier.
Pokerfitness YouTube
Pokerfitness YouTube 2 tundi tagasi
Holy crap that looks terrible!
Brett Collins
Brett Collins 2 tundi tagasi
The ugliest car I have ever seen!
R6STEW 3 tundi tagasi
That looks terrible, more money than sense.
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 3 tundi tagasi
If you want a full custom one off RR then ask RR to make it. Sweptail enyone...
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 3 tundi tagasi
If you want a full custom one off RR then ask RR to make it. Sweptail enyone...
JD MIchel
JD MIchel 3 tundi tagasi
When Justin cried I did too...🥲 They should have taken his Wraith parked it in the garage and used it as an inspiration of excellence. Not touch it! Made this out of an old RR corniche or something but designed it to look like somewhat like a futuristic Bugatti Type 57 C Vanvooren Cabriolet. Or shown him the Sotheby’s auctions!
Trevor B
Trevor B 3 tundi tagasi
Hes still a fukn clown
ROOTLESS 3 tundi tagasi
This is a night time car ... for people not to see it
Duilio Costa
Duilio Costa 3 tundi tagasi
Ugly !
Rullstolshulken 3 tundi tagasi
ugly asf 😂
Mr SR90
Mr SR90 3 tundi tagasi
Ok so i just watch a 13 min video just for it to one freaking thing that it never did.. make a turn ...damn just a lane change, avoid a pot hole..got damn it..🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
justin treweek
justin treweek 3 tundi tagasi
Looks shit
Ryan Hollis
Ryan Hollis 3 tundi tagasi
They took a nice rolls and turned it into a joke. What a waste of what was a great car.
Aneta Szubrytova
Aneta Szubrytova 3 tundi tagasi
Geo 3 tundi tagasi
Thanks I hate it x
A Plus Merchant
A Plus Merchant 3 tundi tagasi
Imagine having that kind of money to blow
HAILE HAILE 3 tundi tagasi
If they drove it into a mountainside ........ it would look better.
FrozenExplosion 3 tundi tagasi
looks shite.
Johnathan Turner
Johnathan Turner 3 tundi tagasi
What about speed bumps???
Cars 3 tundi tagasi
Looks like a lot of jealous comments. Rolls Royce's are luxury cars built for status but it still has 4 wheels and runs on gas like a civic. I think it's a cool design. Everyone here has a hardon for rolls like its not a pretentious old person's car for people with tons of money to spend.
CBR 1000RR
CBR 1000RR 3 tundi tagasi
So this is what mediocrity drives. Good to know
Game_Is_ Life51
Game_Is_ Life51 3 tundi tagasi
What in the actual fuck is that???!!!!
Thomas Birdsall
Thomas Birdsall 3 tundi tagasi
Who cares? People are going hungry and living on the streets
Michael Zukerman
Michael Zukerman 3 tundi tagasi
I'll just have to say this and let it ride. That is the dumbest looking car I've ever seen. I know it took a lot of work and so on but seriously, it just looks like a fake replica thing that would be highly embarrassing to be seen in or getting out of. Sorry.
Assassin Force
Assassin Force 3 tundi tagasi
The rear end is a disaster, respectfully
Volfenhaag Jaeckel
Volfenhaag Jaeckel 3 tundi tagasi
seriously , why so many haters? i dont watch WCC , i dont listen to JB . im a 44 yo avg guy and thought this build looked fantastic!! put some way to adjust ride height automatically so you cant see the wheels as easily , like for highway or slow driving mode, but this was really cool to see.
Reg Courchesne
Reg Courchesne 3 tundi tagasi
Looks stupid af
My Account
My Account 3 tundi tagasi
Let’s call it ‘interesting’....
8th davis
8th davis 3 tundi tagasi
12:10 ID for this fire type beat ASAP ???!!!
Michelle Folkner
Michelle Folkner 3 tundi tagasi
I don’t see the appeal 🤷🏻‍♀️
James Moore
James Moore 3 tundi tagasi
Guys, this is craptacular, you should remove this video before even more people see what you’ve done to a genuinely beautiful car. It’s stunningly bad.
cobra k
cobra k 3 tundi tagasi
Notice how they didn't show the wheels turning😑
Zach Babcock
Zach Babcock 3 tundi tagasi
That shit is trash lol ..looks like a goofy ass kit car
Christian Banks
Christian Banks 3 tundi tagasi
Wow, everyone in the comments is being HARSH. Lol. The biggest problem with this mod is RR has already made 2035 Vision 100. It was reviewed by Supercar Blondie. This mod should have not been done unless working directly with RR. It’s too much sweat and work for a C+ plus car. The front end makes it look like a future Chrysler 300. Wow, am I being harsh too???
Scott Cobb
Scott Cobb 3 tundi tagasi
Definitely looked better before.
Oscar P
Oscar P 3 tundi tagasi
Double R abortion
Morten Bangås
Morten Bangås 4 tundi tagasi
Posting negative comments on a car build is just a waste of my time, and something I avoid. However in this case I can not believe how it is possible that a team of people can make something like this not knowing they are possibly making the worst rebuild of any car in history. I did not think anything or anyone could make car guys like Justin Bieber - but you managed to make the car so ugly we all feel sorry for the guy now. And with that you made the world a better place, but you can’t build a car.
edward will
edward will 4 tundi tagasi
Looks poes kak... Damn that’s embarrassing
Umut Ozen
Umut Ozen 4 tundi tagasi
wot n Tarnation
Henry Franqui
Henry Franqui 4 tundi tagasi
Dont like it.. sorry..
shady shane
shady shane 4 tundi tagasi
"What does this monstrosity cost ?" lol
Mr22Ram 4 tundi tagasi
@whistlindiesel wants to know your location
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz 4 tundi tagasi
From ugly to ugliest
Christopher Lahr
Christopher Lahr 4 tundi tagasi
Stock woulda been cooler..
Ridzwan Syahmi Bin Ramli
Not low enough
Diego Viana Villegas
Diego Viana Villegas 4 tundi tagasi
Zain Rean
Zain Rean 4 tundi tagasi
could have paid rolls royce for a car like that. they would have built one WITH TASTE
Jirro Dakirro
Jirro Dakirro 4 tundi tagasi
This looks so stupid
Todd Rogers
Todd Rogers 4 tundi tagasi
When endless money meets horrible taste!
David R
David R 4 tundi tagasi
So you made a ugly looking car into a hideous looking car. Everyone to their own and all that.
Zain Rean
Zain Rean 4 tundi tagasi
9:25 the car is screaming in shame. WTF
ReapermanUK 4 tundi tagasi
ugly car
Michael Alegria
Michael Alegria 4 tundi tagasi
Nicholas Chapman
Nicholas Chapman 4 tundi tagasi
It's a very unattractive car.
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores 4 tundi tagasi
Justin could have spent that money to help hold the line for game stop
Clinton Masrin
Clinton Masrin 4 tundi tagasi
Been a fan of wcc for a long time. This is disappointing.
URBAN DUBZ 4 tundi tagasi
Spoilt it.. Leave it alone.. How can you top Rolls Royce's looks?!! You cant
Luca Santorini
Luca Santorini 4 tundi tagasi
Question is how much $$$ for so many hours of work and design
Clive Turner
Clive Turner 4 tundi tagasi
what a pile of shite,looks awful from every angle , bet rolls/royce wont be to impressed with use of their logos !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dropped Boez
Dropped Boez 4 tundi tagasi
The Uriel? Should had been called the "Urinal"!
Dylan Macduff
Dylan Macduff 4 tundi tagasi
That shit looks ugly asf
Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle 4 tundi tagasi
when a 6 year old goes to get the car customized in gta
Dropped Boez
Dropped Boez 4 tundi tagasi
Give the customer what they want even if it looks like a piece of shit!
Revenge-3 aka revenge gamer or just rev
Lol.. that is the ugliest shit ever
Michael Longoria
Michael Longoria 4 tundi tagasi
Shaun Courty
Shaun Courty 4 tundi tagasi
Dz Gatez42
Dz Gatez42 4 tundi tagasi
Yes it's way more uglier 😅 But here please just stop talking about JB but think about these engineering who make this 🤩🤩 i love them i think they are team west coast they are car maker,car mod and 👍 And I don't think that they are somewhat company or what 🤔 But maybe its a group 🙌🏼
tamunokuro Akobo
tamunokuro Akobo 4 tundi tagasi
I'm I the only person that really likes the car?
K Jackson
K Jackson 4 tundi tagasi
aaf1218 4 tundi tagasi
Fuck Justin Bieber!
Jon Wright
Jon Wright 5 tundi tagasi
That is a goofy looking car. Super cheesy. Sorry. I know you built exactly what your told. Rich people aren’t told often enough when they have a ugly idea.
Marcelino De Abreu
Marcelino De Abreu 5 tundi tagasi
Everyone's hatting, but I fuckin love it
Eric Andersen
Eric Andersen 5 tundi tagasi
Akbar Omar
Akbar Omar 5 tundi tagasi
How much does he make from music 🎶?
Huxxy 5 tundi tagasi
This is one of the best comments section of all time
BadBeaver 5 tundi tagasi
The hood doesn't even line up lmfao
Milo 5 tundi tagasi
Mmmmmm. At least Justin likes it. That’s all that counts . Right fellas?
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower 5 tundi tagasi
Some people shouldn't play with crayons.
brrav 5 tundi tagasi
Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic
Um.....um.....Bieber done got Catfished!
ron palmer
ron palmer 5 tundi tagasi
Rolls Royce from the Year 2035!
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