I bought “the worlds most indestructible truck”. 1989 Toyota Hilux Diesel 

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Was Top Gear right????? Everyone always told me to see if these were actually as durable as they say they are so here we go!!!! So far I give it a 10/10. No issues whatsoever with this truck. But I haven’t done anything with it either.



6 mai 2021



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WatchJRGo Місяць tagasi
Hilux looked so controlled bombing over those jumps 😳
Adam Thorne
Adam Thorne 2 päeva tagasi
It took them smooth as butter🧈
علي احمد
علي احمد 17 päeva tagasi
علي احمد
علي احمد 17 päeva tagasi
shenark wickramasinghe
shenark wickramasinghe 20 päeva tagasi
eefrom.info/limo/nWnTnc9mmJjMtog/video Hilux restoration
Hype679 24 päeva tagasi
@Travis Weldmaster I'd easily vouch that these and the early Tacomas are some of the most hardcore mid-size trucks ever made.
Sebahattin Saral
Sebahattin Saral 12 minutit tagasi
just watched the last vid... wanted to see it before all the torture 😔
Russell Furlong
Russell Furlong 33 minutit tagasi
That's because they don't sell patrol pickups in the USA
Athotic 2 tundi tagasi
Watched all the other vids on it first n now I wish I never seen this vid haha
Athotic 2 tundi tagasi
Just seen u try punch the window tough fuckn luck atleast the hilux got some damage in haha
Steven Stritenberger
Steven Stritenberger 3 tundi tagasi
One of the sharpest trucks I've ever seen and you crushed it, that's sad man!
humayd a r mahomedy
humayd a r mahomedy 5 tundi tagasi
i'm a Toyota Hilux [97 sfa d/c 4x4] owner from South Africa,AND I LOVE THESE TESTS. this is Africa,and we cant afford to replace shit like it's disposable. Toyota has a long history here
humayd a r mahomedy
humayd a r mahomedy 5 tundi tagasi
the rear driver's side door was unlocked?
Jack is Good
Jack is Good 5 tundi tagasi
Who’s here after he dropped it 10,000 feet because you missed what it looked like before? ;(
Dinal udagedara
Dinal udagedara 7 tundi tagasi
After helicopter drop 😔
Adolf Honkler
Adolf Honkler 7 tundi tagasi
Better than Top Gear
Headscientist 9 tundi tagasi
Spoiler Alert: The truck didnt make it ;(
Kevin FromMcDonalds
Kevin FromMcDonalds 10 tundi tagasi
Anyone else here from Hilux Testing #4?
wormyish 10 tundi tagasi
It had a valiant death.
Kenny Boardman
Kenny Boardman 10 tundi tagasi
Wow, looking back after they dropped it 500ft is just… wow
Adisak Chamwong
Adisak Chamwong 11 tundi tagasi
R.i.p hilux
Drift Legally Blind
Drift Legally Blind 11 tundi tagasi
Came back to see this beauty just one last time :(
- ٱࢪق - Daev 𐃣 .
- ٱࢪق - Daev 𐃣 . 11 tundi tagasi
Why do you do it like this? The car is new, why don't you keep it instead of trying to sabotage it?
Rick Rude
Rick Rude 14 tundi tagasi
Yooo please destroy the Honda Ridgeline it’s garbage bro🤢
mr.JR1981 21 tund tagasi
He could have just crawled through the rear sliding window
Abila Innocent Stephen
I don't hate you, love you all the way from Uganda... Been a lover for Hilux, feels like you must send me that beautiful old Hilux🙏🏽☺️
john wick
john wick Päev tagasi
Please buy the Toyota Land Cruiser 75 series and try to destroy that
joolti Päev tagasi
what engine does it has? i’m thinking of buying one like that
A B Päev tagasi
So i watched him destroy a lot of trucks, but this one didn't deserve it. Such a cool truck, and in beautiful condition. Also very angry at Toyota for not selling this in the states. It would be a perfect second car for so many people. Drive it to home depot for supplies Saturday, pass by stuck trucks and jeeps on a trail Sunday.
SimpleGamingPC Päev tagasi
12:13 as a 16 y/o im kinda offended, lol.
Dave Päev tagasi
That’s a sick MN DNR shirt. Love it.
Dank Bear
Dank Bear Päev tagasi
Things the Hilux might need after video 1 - a top off of diesel - 32 stench fresheners
Kiw Senior
Kiw Senior Päev tagasi
Mint condition hilux just destroyed like nothing. First owner must be rolling in his sleep.
Justice Beh
Justice Beh Päev tagasi
Am I the only one that noticed that all the other doors are unlocked when he trys to break the window
Smuckers T
Smuckers T Päev tagasi
This is painful to watch
Amado Urriola
Amado Urriola 2 päeva tagasi
Solo falta q lo traduscan español
USN DeathToAll
USN DeathToAll 2 päeva tagasi
Why do you always buy mint condition, beautiful trucks... it hurts me to watch them die
Out There Industries
Out There Industries 2 päeva tagasi
As a HiLux own i thank you. Done with purpose & respect....ish. You bring me tears of pain & joy. Once only please. (rewatching the series)
Múház Prøe
Múház Prøe 2 päeva tagasi
I meant after the casting 😭😭
Múház Prøe
Múház Prøe 2 päeva tagasi
Bro can u give it to me after the parts hmhh🤔😭😭
Sunny Looped
Sunny Looped 2 päeva tagasi
Did anyone wanna tell him that the back door is unlock?
BASSic AW11 2 päeva tagasi
As a Toyota fan, this hurts to watch. As a WhistlinDiesel fan, this is great 👍
Jake Adams
Jake Adams 2 päeva tagasi
Literally collector status hilux... this is a sin maaaan🤯🤯🤯🤯
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez 2 päeva tagasi
Test a modern Hilux next!
Brando 2 päeva tagasi
Isaac Domínguez
Isaac Domínguez 2 päeva tagasi
Adam Thorne
Adam Thorne 2 päeva tagasi
Honestly your stuff is very amazing and very informative telling me on what truck not to buy what can handle what
JayZtunning 3 päeva tagasi
3:38 the back door is unlocked lol
José Pedro
José Pedro 3 päeva tagasi
Too bad it was red
Johnnie Van Duin
Johnnie Van Duin 3 päeva tagasi
You are no threat you're a little fucken piece quick
Johnnie Van Duin
Johnnie Van Duin 3 päeva tagasi
You are a waste of space. And you are no man
Jonny D
Jonny D 3 päeva tagasi
I Un subscribed after this video. So wrong.
Chey Pen
Chey Pen 3 päeva tagasi
There's more than one way to get into a truck why break the original components!!!
Peter Agersea
Peter Agersea 4 päeva tagasi
Old Chevy's had ball joints like that also but probably bigger
Daddi Lansar
Daddi Lansar 4 päeva tagasi
Hi if you don't need the car anymore give or to me
John Paul Scheese
John Paul Scheese 4 päeva tagasi
Entertainment. That's your job. That and vehicle stress tests
Bingo Bango sugar in the gas tank
Hilux is way cooler than monster max
kirsten campster
kirsten campster 5 päeva tagasi
You should destroy first gen nissan xterra it will out do the jeep and Toyota
صالح مواطن
صالح مواطن 5 päeva tagasi
للبيع ياحلو
Davide Madera
Davide Madera 5 päeva tagasi
"What guys like him would do after all those smileys?! How she said snorkeling with suchlike beautifully achieved sarcasm. Wasn't it simpler to crash a B52 somewhere after dropping some HK garbage?! Good ones..." 🗨😵🗻🛶🐡🗳㊙️
YBLate 5 päeva tagasi
Dude I love your content, but as an aussie this was painful to watch
Cristopher Henríquez
Cristopher Henríquez 5 päeva tagasi
This is painful, this kind of car deserves love :(
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 4 päeva tagasi
@Cristopher Henríquez we call the new ones cryluxes that's what us 70 series owners call them
Cristopher Henríquez
Cristopher Henríquez 4 päeva tagasi
@pineapple sideways had one…
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
Why get your own to love
James Cameron
James Cameron 5 päeva tagasi
Fuck Toyota
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
Toyota 75 series is way better than crylux
Крокодил 5 päeva tagasi
Сложно убить, неубиваемое...
Grant Nolff
Grant Nolff 6 päeva tagasi
Can u buy me a truck
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
Buy your own
Chamindu Kavindra
Chamindu Kavindra 6 päeva tagasi
yeah....the back door was not locked
Waseem Waseem hoot
Waseem Waseem hoot 6 päeva tagasi
Bro you want to buy your scraped cars and trucks
German Polanco
German Polanco 6 päeva tagasi
Lo mejor es TOYOTA
Mischief Maker
Mischief Maker 6 päeva tagasi
8:58 why they dont what?
Brian Horridge
Brian Horridge 6 päeva tagasi
I'm a 45 year old Yota fan boy but I also don't give a shit what other people do with they're own shit that they paid for. I loved watching you beat the shit out of that Hilux. Makes me want one even more. Thanks @whistlindiesel!
Ride With Z
Ride With Z 7 päeva tagasi
This guy making the toyota hilux much more valuable.💯
Franz Emminger
Franz Emminger 7 päeva tagasi
Hi! I own a 1987 Hilux LN65 with only 9600 Miles. The Firetruck has been on standby in a small Austrian Firedepartment in a village close to Vienna. Perfectly maintained, no rust at all. Double Cab, Diesel, Power steering, 5gear manual, 100% original., Who would know for how much I could sell it? Regards Franz
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
10 to 15 Australian dollers, landcruiser 75 series fire truck 15 to 30 Australian dollers
Jman 290
Jman 290 7 päeva tagasi
Thrash one of those new jeep trucks next🤣
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
Jeff B
Jeff B 7 päeva tagasi
Thats such a clean hilux
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda 7 päeva tagasi
I would quit both my jobs just to be your camera man lol. I love your content. F*** your haters!!!!!!
Destin Smith
Destin Smith 7 päeva tagasi
Sir diesel should do a Subaru Baja durability test. I want to see if he can run through a fresh set of head gaskets in one day.
D 8 päeva tagasi
That's a nice truck .
francisco guajardo
francisco guajardo 8 päeva tagasi
What a waste
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
Why making big money ain't a waste
Smilomaniac 8 päeva tagasi
You got some video in your ads.
Clyde Montero
Clyde Montero 8 päeva tagasi
yes keep up the good job 👏
Storme Rheeders
Storme Rheeders 8 päeva tagasi
In South Africa we call it a bakkie
Boodhoo Abhay
Boodhoo Abhay 9 päeva tagasi
door is locked. Back door unlocked
John farmer (จอห์น ชาวไร่)
l love hilux.. Thailand
Tyler Stout
Tyler Stout 9 päeva tagasi
bryan michaud
bryan michaud 9 päeva tagasi
This one hurt.🤣
Carlos Davila
Carlos Davila 10 päeva tagasi
Try the other doors
Asadkhan Kakar
Asadkhan Kakar 10 päeva tagasi
That's expensive in pakistan and it is very beautiful car❤😥
Annas Afridi
Annas Afridi 10 päeva tagasi
Thr back door was not locked
rhys johnston
rhys johnston 10 päeva tagasi
Aussies and Kiwis use me as a cry button
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
F u who cares
Rivers Chamblee
Rivers Chamblee 10 päeva tagasi
This is the best shit I’ve ever seen😂
Mike Simmons
Mike Simmons 10 päeva tagasi
Mommy and daddy make a good living for you.
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
He makes million dollers from the m his show, give the entertainer some credit, height be from a good family but he still works and made his own money
ikema eddiepa
ikema eddiepa 11 päeva tagasi
I'm sure 87 is better
Ricky Barker
Ricky Barker 11 päeva tagasi
Um your back door was unlocked bro, but the remote puch unlock method was way better.
MJ Karwal
MJ Karwal 11 päeva tagasi
If all your posts were as entertaining as this one, you'd have 10M subscribers next week!
Catch 22
Catch 22 11 päeva tagasi
1:25 A E S T H E T I C
HOBIE KAYAK 12 päeva tagasi
That's a nice Ute😁
Alex A.
Alex A. 12 päeva tagasi
sad to see it go beatiful truck
Matt Brabo
Matt Brabo 12 päeva tagasi
Get that money dude winners win.
Taye Ladislao
Taye Ladislao 12 päeva tagasi
i love that toyota hilux i hope he does not turn that thing into garage
Its Justa Honda
Its Justa Honda 13 päeva tagasi
Honestly I was a little upset with the any level superduty but your videos are awesome! I love what you’re doing, especially with that gay man squat “truck”. It’s so horrendous that I don’t know if you can call it a truck. Keep up the work man 🤘🏻
Zion 93Turbo
Zion 93Turbo 13 päeva tagasi
This guy is maham 🦾😭
kululv 13 päeva tagasi
stupid ass
pineapple sideways
pineapple sideways 5 päeva tagasi
Making millions givng people entertainment, good for him
SAM سميع الله
SAM سميع الله 13 päeva tagasi
Heartbroken bro
tshepiso mooketsi
tshepiso mooketsi 14 päeva tagasi
Back door looks like it's not locked 😐
Toyota Hilux Durability Test #3
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Vaatamised 6 mln