Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong 

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Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Randy Whitlock & Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet



6 apr 2021



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Vikram R.
Vikram R. Tund tagasi
At the end when they said “and....” I legit thought they were gonna say “MONKE”
Ramon Stevens
Ramon Stevens Tund tagasi
Roxie Marquez
Roxie Marquez Tund tagasi
"The Chris Hemsworth of the Skarsgaard Brothers" LOL!
Vir El
Vir El Tund tagasi
They forgot to mention Kong holds the Stormbraker... Did he gone for his head? 😂🤣🤣
Exalt Tund tagasi
Either this episode absolutely sucked or I need to not watch these when they do a movie that's good.
Exalt Tund tagasi
"Reptile wins" was good though
Michael White
Michael White 2 tundi tagasi
Riley Reid is going to be trending because of this. She ain't going to know why
AlexAlienNerd 2 tundi tagasi
"All three team up to destroy the city of Hong Kong" ... You are watching a Godzilla movie! You only have to mention the fight is in Hong Kong before people think "Okay, it's destroyed by the end"
jacob calabrese
jacob calabrese 3 tundi tagasi
Ronnie Andrade
Ronnie Andrade 3 tundi tagasi
This is getting a dislike for no mention of “Lizard Vs Monke”
MrDman21 3 tundi tagasi
How to ruin a franchise, pretty much every giant monster movie since Godzilla 2014
Who is Roger?
Who is Roger? 4 tundi tagasi
man, i am so happy that i didnt waste time on this movie right now... thanks for whatching this for me, screen junkies
Albert Gomez
Albert Gomez 4 tundi tagasi
Riley Reed: *WTF* Riley Reed's lawyer: I'm on it.
Yakup Kömük
Yakup Kömük 4 tundi tagasi
3:27 i just realized Kong looks like 50 Cent :D
spydersangel 4 tundi tagasi
Ur right i didnt give one eff about background lol and my sister only cared that godzilla won xD
Ben Filley
Ben Filley 4 tundi tagasi
Bad sober good with a buzz lol accurate
steve njuguna
steve njuguna 4 tundi tagasi
Do a cars 3 trailer
Raymond Gabriel
Raymond Gabriel 4 tundi tagasi
What's a riley reid? It that another fictional big hairy monkey? I must google that.
Arashi Miyazawa
Arashi Miyazawa 4 tundi tagasi
5:23 Wait...is that a straight-up rip from Evangelion!? It totally is!
Jordan Kayitare
Jordan Kayitare 4 tundi tagasi
Let them fight 🤣🤣
Jack Craig
Jack Craig 5 tundi tagasi
Do The Heavans Gate cult documentary
Aidan Hyland
Aidan Hyland 5 tundi tagasi
The Florida joke would only have landed if Florida wasn’t one of the most popular states in the country.
David Mather
David Mather 5 tundi tagasi
Dear Epic Voice Guy, Please Say: 'From the High Imperial Language: Wasing not of the wasing is'
Landon Martin
Landon Martin 5 tundi tagasi
This movie was so dumb, yet so good, and this Honest Trailer killed it!
Turtle_Dustin 5 tundi tagasi
I like Riley Reid. Don't really care for the joke
U M R 5 tundi tagasi
Review How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Mr Tee9ja
Mr Tee9ja 5 tundi tagasi
Sheesh...I haven't watched the movie u spoiler 🙄
Faith Jarod
Faith Jarod 6 tundi tagasi
Lukhanyo Siko
Lukhanyo Siko 6 tundi tagasi
No one in the movie acknowledged the advanced ape city Kong found.
Stoney Dixon
Stoney Dixon 6 tundi tagasi
Make an Honest Trailer For Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Show) before Star Wars: The Bad Batch Releases!
IHazShort 6 tundi tagasi
I think these movies aren't Oscar worthy or anything (obviously). They're kinda just dumb fun and Lizard fight Monke. In this movie they pretty much just hope you care about Godzilla from the last movie.
Rusell Mabuza
Rusell Mabuza 6 tundi tagasi
Please do "Three frontier"
Domonero7 7 tundi tagasi
Please say “and now we see who shall rule and who shall serve”
Warllockmaster asd
Warllockmaster asd 7 tundi tagasi
I know it is called... vs. But shouldn't it be called: Godzilla beats Monkey Butt, and Mecha-godzilla tries to glory steal?
GSTE 7 tundi tagasi
Honest Trailers: You lied to me
B1ade 7 tundi tagasi
I remember when honest trailers were funny parody trailers. Why are you doing reviews now? Not even remotely like a trailer anymore.
AQ K 7 tundi tagasi
How does he enjoy stuff
NathanAlexander Guess
NathanAlexander Guess 7 tundi tagasi
It is going to be in a theme park! You can bet on it!!
Daniel Dan
Daniel Dan 8 tundi tagasi
No wonder this movie is huge in China... Best 2021 joke. Thank you for a huge laugh.
Elaina brown-spence
Elaina brown-spence 8 tundi tagasi
But I was watching the movie I literally said this would make a great ride at a theme park
Maverick Titan
Maverick Titan 8 tundi tagasi
For the record, Monkeys have tails, Apes do not have tails. Kong has no tail, he is an Ape. I realize no one cares about this, but in case you did care, now you know.
A H 8 tundi tagasi
Such a missed opportunity to call Mecha Godzilla for Mecha Streisand in the starring. Gah. On another note, that Kong on his back joke made me spit laugh my soda, which lead to me having to explain to my gf why that was funny.
SpacePuppy 8 tundi tagasi
"Humalabebulazeebalaboobala Humalabebulazeebala bop" David Lee Roth
Chobaca 8 tundi tagasi
Ooohhh buuurn on the China comment!!
Dex Kani
Dex Kani 8 tundi tagasi
We forget that the black guy was an engineer that had high level access in APEX so he’s relatively intelligent
E Nyholm
E Nyholm 9 tundi tagasi
Kong is king but Godzilla is a god
Deven Dexter
Deven Dexter 9 tundi tagasi
He loves snacks😂😂😂💔
Ben Dahman
Ben Dahman 9 tundi tagasi
Bees make honey by spitting in each others mouths to deliver it to the nest
Bharat Bagani
Bharat Bagani 9 tundi tagasi
Please say- " I love Caaaaaarrrrrbbbbzzzz."
Hardiy 9 tundi tagasi
Space balls next pls
Jeremy Woods
Jeremy Woods 9 tundi tagasi
Once again proving any title that has "someone vs someone" its going to be "we punch each other for a bit and then we're friends"
Kelton Bartzen
Kelton Bartzen 9 tundi tagasi
I spent 11 dollars to watch Monke, and I got Monke. I have no regrets
Tad 10 tundi tagasi
Three fights? Godzilla wins two of the three?? What movie were y'all watching??? There were two fights and Godzilla won them both. Just cause the movie cut away from the action right after Kong wholloped the Big G with his axe doesn't mean that fight was suddenly over. The next scene was literally Godzilla dusting the debris off of him.
Jeffrey Gifford
Jeffrey Gifford 10 tundi tagasi
so true about hollow earth and wormhole things godzilla travels through underwater...still though didn't mention some weren't in water lol
Andrew Carvanas
Andrew Carvanas 10 tundi tagasi
What I don't understand is how they cud've got a skull from King Ghidorah to use it's consciousness or whatever for Mecha-Godzilla when Godzilla completely destroyed all 3 heads of Ghidorah in the last movie.
swetha sunil
swetha sunil 10 tundi tagasi
please do Hamilton!
Ram 11 tundi tagasi
Honest Trailers: blah blah blah *Riley Reid* Me: *Who is Riley Reid?* Google: *This is Riley Reid* Me: *Me Kong Awakens*
Brandon Youth
Brandon Youth 11 tundi tagasi
Lmaooo Chris Hemsworth of the Saarsgard
Manuel Bellido
Manuel Bellido 11 tundi tagasi
I think you're not funny anymore honest trilers.
Tomás Moreira
Tomás Moreira 11 tundi tagasi
reject humanity, return to monke
CelticVictory 11 tundi tagasi
If you're going to snap, both kiss and hit the mailman.
Thomas Studstrup
Thomas Studstrup 11 tundi tagasi
The first one was afwul, so I wont be watching this. And Im sick of asian actors appearing in these movies just because they invented Godzilla. They cant act and they cant speak english.
Samantha Faye
Samantha Faye 12 tundi tagasi
the second kong grabbed mecha godzilla's head, I turned to my friend and whispered "enemies to lovers fic"
Lucifer 4k4
Lucifer 4k4 12 tundi tagasi
Three of them team up to destroys hong Kong, No wonder this movie huge in China😂😂
Herhsey Ford
Herhsey Ford 12 tundi tagasi
You actually predicted that fight
Hockey Cards Breaks
Hockey Cards Breaks 12 tundi tagasi
4:13 Didn't know Blue from Jurassic World was part of that fight too
Not John Lennon
Not John Lennon 12 tundi tagasi
Jim Heeren
Jim Heeren 12 tundi tagasi
That Riley Reid reference though
koolaididkid 13 tundi tagasi
They should do thunder force
andre the bear
andre the bear 13 tundi tagasi
Karna Pratap Singh
Karna Pratap Singh 13 tundi tagasi
I literally skipped all the Millie Bobby brown parts and still didn't miss out on anything
Kim Rawle-White
Kim Rawle-White 14 tundi tagasi
I must admit my ex gf buying me a 70inch uhd TV before dumping me for my friend to make me feel better just at the start of the pandemic has to be the best thing that ever happened to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
206Zelda 14 tundi tagasi
Please say: "Yes I am the real Duke Nukem."
Levi Wilson
Levi Wilson 14 tundi tagasi
Could you guys do a trailer on voyagers?
Kate Nunyabizness
Kate Nunyabizness 14 tundi tagasi
Please say "give me all your hot monkey love"
Turtle Rose
Turtle Rose 14 tundi tagasi
Do The Grudge pleease! I want to know what you'd do with such a cursed movie!
Kok Mun Tay
Kok Mun Tay 14 tundi tagasi
5:52 omg is everyone getting recommended this clip lol
Johnny Bankrupt
Johnny Bankrupt 14 tundi tagasi
Jeez, trying NoFap and he's making a Riley Reid reference...
Christian Bumatay
Christian Bumatay 15 tundi tagasi
You missed the downloadable power source. 😔
9 17
9 17 15 tundi tagasi
Movies like this & how the world agrees this movie is great makes me realize how literally dumb the people are.
Beatriz Hurst
Beatriz Hurst 15 tundi tagasi
The unbecoming drum emphatically spare because ash disappointingly borrow before a disgusting rock. available, coherent acrylic
Justin R
Justin R 15 tundi tagasi
Boy how did we go from shin Godzilla to this? And you know what sad part is, this isn’t the first time they try to shoehorn a message in a Godzilla film of all things (Godzilla vs hedorah).
Joseph Cantu
Joseph Cantu 15 tundi tagasi
Why do they keep calling kong a monkey, he’s an ape 🦍
RAJU Sunkavalli
RAJU Sunkavalli 16 tundi tagasi
Do chaos walking pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
What Is This
What Is This 16 tundi tagasi
*please do* Marvels The Falcon And The Winter Soldier trailer
Isaac Dwyer
Isaac Dwyer 16 tundi tagasi
do Ted
Lancelt666 16 tundi tagasi
Wicked Shades Productions
4:48 well you got your wish Happy?
Yajaira Irizarry
Yajaira Irizarry 16 tundi tagasi
4:25 Now Universal Orlando has to Re-redo the King Kong attraction, because this movie was a hell of a ride.
Arbitrarily Random
Arbitrarily Random 17 tundi tagasi
Physics?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ProNuked 17 tundi tagasi
Big lizard vs Big monke, everything go brrrrrr
Tyrannosavage Rekt
Tyrannosavage Rekt 17 tundi tagasi
Tbf, Riley Reid isn't on her back that often. Y'all know it's true.
Kyle Ureta
Kyle Ureta 17 tundi tagasi
"But first, I'd like to tell you about Squarespace." Best joke
scrappy Mango
scrappy Mango 18 tundi tagasi
King kong spends alot of time on his back than reily rieds 😂😂
M Tech
M Tech 18 tundi tagasi
Nice video
ALMosice210 18 tundi tagasi
In honor of DMX, Please say, "“See, to live is to suffer but to survive; Well, that’s to find meaning in the suffering.” RIP DMX
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 18 tundi tagasi
I was waiting for a “Martha” comment when they both screamed at each other, and then started working together.
rajab kb.
rajab kb. 18 tundi tagasi
"No wonder the movie was a hit in china" 😶😶
mike mann
mike mann 19 tundi tagasi
Godzilla vs. Kong Pitch Meeting
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