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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI) 

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NoLuv Grixzy
NoLuv Grixzy 5 tundi tagasi
This is finally a W since battlefield 4
Apyrexy 5 tundi tagasi
This is just so creative
Loaf of Uranium, Freshly Baked
I love the scene with the jets, but why didn't the guy in front get obliterated while they were stalling? Why didn't his jet get shot after he ejected? Why did the aircraft traveling hundreds of miles per hour take several seconds to catch up? How did he fall faster than the jet to catch up with it? How was the jet still stable after being bailed from? (I mean maybe these future craft are somehow designed for these stunts). Can you really recover a jet like that after such a bad stall? Eh, screw it. New future tech! Anything is possible! Continue launcher hopping, boys!
Ngajet 5 tundi tagasi
imagine this trailer played on movie theaters
бедный человек
Влад Рыскин
Влад Рыскин 5 tundi tagasi
Блин не могу дождаться выхода игры. ☺️
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
Mobile game ads: The actual game: lego
M.G. Mourad
M.G. Mourad 5 tundi tagasi
The jet fight was kinda fast n furious level of exaggeration lol 😝
M.G. Mourad
M.G. Mourad 5 tundi tagasi
That’s the Battlefield game we want. FINALLY!
Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna 5 tundi tagasi
its mind blowng and action super
Loaf of Uranium, Freshly Baked
F is for friends who do stuff together U is for UAV C is for chimp who plays the game better K is much lower than D tehee
Tetraxenon x
Tetraxenon x 5 tundi tagasi
It ain't futuristic at all
lvca 5 tundi tagasi
Isnt meant to be
Christian Kennedy
Christian Kennedy 5 tundi tagasi
And I don't oppose that at all
SHREK LE BG 5 tundi tagasi
Battlefield is announced for the 22 october, this is my birthday xD
white fox
white fox 5 tundi tagasi
Поржал конечно с самолетного боя))
DoomGuy 5 tundi tagasi
If ea doesn't screw this up like the other recent games then this is gonna be epic
Sword BX
Sword BX 5 tundi tagasi
Plot twist: we get the game in 2042
Brian Maching'a
Brian Maching'a 5 tundi tagasi
KURDO KURDA 5 tundi tagasi
1 Million like !!!! Congratulations Dice
Bognot, Karl Christian R.
USAF dudes: 3:12 we gotta try this
Gayfaker sinayazdan
Gayfaker sinayazdan 6 tundi tagasi
@YS Galaxy
Hydra 6 tundi tagasi
2:30 Average ka-50 player in war thunder
Samuel Leijerstam
Samuel Leijerstam 6 tundi tagasi
I like how it's more like realistic futurism? People aren't running around shooting each other with laser guns, running across walls with anti-gravity boots, or jumping down 100 floors with exo-skeletons. Instead it's things that our society could develop in a near future. 2042 is as close to 2021 as 2000 is after all.
XSNKEntertainment 6 tundi tagasi
Looks good, but I wont be buying it. Futuristic games arent my style
XSNKEntertainment 6 tundi tagasi
@ProTon 5 minutes from now is the future. There is no "barely". Future is the future.
ProTon 6 tundi tagasi
Like 20 years ahead, barely futuristic
Gui Caldo
Gui Caldo 6 tundi tagasi
The atmosphere of this is incredible! I want to go into animation, and I'll definitely take inspiration from this video at some point.
Lemonoji 6 tundi tagasi
Trailer: People running away for 5 minutes Everyone : Ooh wow wee
Christian Stewart
Christian Stewart 6 tundi tagasi
Here's your opportunity to ad a bunch of cool female characters EA, the future.
albucaz albucaz
albucaz albucaz 6 tundi tagasi
de 3 partidas en battlefield V, me encontre dos con aimbot, ahora gastaros 50 euros en esto para que en unos meses sea un nido de chetos
Kazuki 6 tundi tagasi
3:15 only in battlefield
Mrcheeseburgermaster 6 tundi tagasi
I wanna buy this but I've never played battlefield any tips? cause I might actually get it
Maxim Loukianov
Maxim Loukianov 6 tundi tagasi
@Void Flame yeah indd, first Battlefield was Battlefield Bad Company
Void Flame
Void Flame 6 tundi tagasi
@Maxim Loukianov but maybe try the older battlefield to see if you like battlefield in the end maybe
Void Flame
Void Flame 6 tundi tagasi
Maybe buy one of the other battlefields first and learn how they play I think bf1 or bf4 is on sale play bf4 so you know what a modern battlefield plays like then if you like battlefield buy the new one but with the new one wait for July 22nd for gameplay that’s all the tips I can give you
Maxim Loukianov
Maxim Loukianov 6 tundi tagasi
no tips, just have fun and make some epic moments lol...play it with friends are you into tanks,helis,jet? then play it
Rinzler Akira
Rinzler Akira 6 tundi tagasi
Reveal trailer Easter egg. The rendezook pilot is Tom Cruise.
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma 7 tundi tagasi
i had goosebumps and i don't even play BF
Ajie aryo abdul ghani
Ajie aryo abdul ghani 7 tundi tagasi
I hope Nvidia 930MX is Recomended, becuse im not have RTX :)
pancoyo 7 tundi tagasi
god moment
The Retarded Pigeon
The Retarded Pigeon 7 tundi tagasi
1M likes hell yeah
BlackJack 2337
BlackJack 2337 7 tundi tagasi
Congratulations for one million like 👍
Blast King
Blast King 7 tundi tagasi
except in 2042 there will be self-moving ai tank and helicopter
Spider Peppo
Spider Peppo 7 tundi tagasi
Che figo
SerpentEU 7 tundi tagasi
best TRAILER in gaming history
Adi Rad
Adi Rad 7 tundi tagasi
Motley Crue 🤟🏻
Aearian 8 tundi tagasi
The jet scene was perfect. But wheres the iconic Battlefield beat? :(
Prismo 8 tundi tagasi
Hi, welcome back. We both know this isn't your first time watching.
Boys'n'Beans 8 tundi tagasi
War occurs Tornado comes in 'Ayo i know you murded my friends yeah but we'll do eye for an eye later just hop in cool..?'
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 tundi tagasi
I just realized that little cart says "Why walk when you can fly".
Danielbr84 8 tundi tagasi
One word: frenetic 👏👏👏👏
rinny wijaya
rinny wijaya 8 tundi tagasi
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 tundi tagasi
A tornado and wingsuit gives me strong jc4 vibes
mamata kush
mamata kush 8 tundi tagasi
Its like a movie 😍
Blank 8 tundi tagasi
this is what happens when u stich all the battle field type epic clips put it in 8k, crazy music, good shot composition and u get this
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming 8 tundi tagasi
Yea they did good. BF making money
Daniel Zisman
Daniel Zisman 8 tundi tagasi
Finally a modern one. Did not care for battlefield 1 or 5,
sales •
sales • 8 tundi tagasi
The rendezook scene gave me chills man. What a nice reference. Super excited for this one
Backwards Man
Backwards Man 8 tundi tagasi
EA: BF5 was a mistake, let's just shut our F-ing mouths and make a war game. F_minists enemies of fun:REEEEEEE!
Addison James Saren
Addison James Saren 8 tundi tagasi
Rip to that guy got bonked by a heli
Emre Fe
Emre Fe 9 tundi tagasi
j dhliwayo
j dhliwayo 9 tundi tagasi
fiendbastards 9 tundi tagasi
looks sjieettiee
Harsh Boodhoo
Harsh Boodhoo 9 tundi tagasi
I wonder what surprise mechanics people will find in this game.
Пиу Пиу
Пиу Пиу 9 tundi tagasi
беспощадный шутер без права на логику....ну, кому что интересно
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 9 tundi tagasi
My god
Andy van Doorn
Andy van Doorn 9 tundi tagasi
I got wet when i read about them trying to represent battlefield 4
Habib Qhaderi
Habib Qhaderi 9 tundi tagasi
When this movie release?
Christian Kennedy
Christian Kennedy 5 tundi tagasi
Don't know if this is joke, but this a trailer for battlefield, a video game series. It isn't a film, it comes out October 22
Aspergus 10 tundi tagasi
A tornado and wingsuit gives me strong jc4 vibes
Br00dSoap_424 10 tundi tagasi
Im a simple man. If I see robo doggo, I pay $60+ for it.
Historia 10 tundi tagasi
This is basically how Battlefield 5 should've been after Battlefield 4's success
YAGAMI TECH Games 10 tundi tagasi
I'm watch this trailer whiles smiling just the graphics alone is something
Pascal Sittig
Pascal Sittig 10 tundi tagasi
since when is michael bay directing trailers for dice ?
BoldroCop 11 tundi tagasi
Battlefield really lost its core. That's too bad.
Christian Kennedy
Christian Kennedy 5 tundi tagasi
This and the gameplay trailer gives me hope that Battlefield has rediscovered the formula that made it successful.
Jeevan Sahagun
Jeevan Sahagun 9 tundi tagasi
Atleast, they've care for their fans and community.
Kung Fury
Kung Fury 11 tundi tagasi
Интересно, как бы рвало задница Американцам, если бы Русские выпускали постоянно игры, где Амереканцы всегда плохие?!
-2SteppinShiba 11 tundi tagasi
This is a nostalgia trip in battlefiled 4 but like in 2042
The Darkness
The Darkness 11 tundi tagasi
Son: Dad did u archive anything in your life? Dad: BOY!!!Watch the jet fight in BF 2042 Trailer
MJD696 11 tundi tagasi
0:48 that music goes hard!
Александр Сес
Psyche Ameliorate
Psyche Ameliorate 12 tundi tagasi
I like this trailer so much because of how close and far to reality it is
Виктор Суханов
0:48 woof
Ishmam huda Isty
Ishmam huda Isty 12 tundi tagasi
17/06/2021 This video has 1M Likes
Eugene 12 tundi tagasi
This game predicted ww3
MadMiner 5 tundi tagasi
John Michael
John Michael 12 tundi tagasi
What happened to BAD COMPANY? Ive been waiting.
Peter Hübler
Peter Hübler 13 tundi tagasi
Too many human victims!
for the Crusade
for the Crusade 5 tundi tagasi
@Christian Kennedy he expected a tea party
Christian Kennedy
Christian Kennedy 5 tundi tagasi
It's a trailer for a first person shooter, what did you expect?
RiiZe 13 tundi tagasi
3:06 the amount of goosebumps when the jet goes straight up and the song goes FREEEDOOMMMMMMMMMMMM
Gabriel Avalos
Gabriel Avalos 13 tundi tagasi
La canción es "kickstart my heart" from motley crue
LWS niCKey
LWS niCKey 13 tundi tagasi
If it has a story mode i would buy it
iClavel3 13 tundi tagasi
This is a virtual representation of “I’m going to do what’s called, a pro gamer move.”
A Garcia A Garcia
A Garcia A Garcia 13 tundi tagasi
cinematics are one thing, game play another.
HIGH INQUISITOR LeCrow 13 tundi tagasi
I have hope. Don't crush it DICE. I cant handle it.
jobking thegod
jobking thegod 13 tundi tagasi
Se ve bacan el trailer
MLG bread QC
MLG bread QC 13 tundi tagasi
I want the game
Fidel Arcilla
Fidel Arcilla 14 tundi tagasi
Pov when Mr beast hosts a 1 million dollar war and there's 5000 players competing for the million dollar
Divecut 14 tundi tagasi
1:46 Penguins there like "smile and wave boys.. Smile and wave"
OwOtakuOwO 14 tundi tagasi
2:51 *Squeak Noise*
INCOGNITO Mode 14 tundi tagasi
Please include this in the next trailer: Tank peekaboo, Whiplash and wood log missile.
Victor Almeida
Victor Almeida 14 tundi tagasi
1:12 isn't it better if the SG goes first?
RbitR 14 tundi tagasi
At the end of the video he really did just dip and leave the boys back there
Victor Almeida
Victor Almeida 14 tundi tagasi
And then everything changed when the Air Nomads attacked.
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 14 tundi tagasi
What a dumb trailer.
Jeevan Sahagun
Jeevan Sahagun 13 tundi tagasi
Then don't play it if you complain toxic.
fox cm cloud
fox cm cloud 15 tundi tagasi
guerra estupida sin historia y sin sentido. los juegos de battlefield eran muy realistas y EXTRAORDINARIOS. esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza y de verdad que la escena de jet es la mas estupida de todas. esta bien que se pueda hacer en el juego y es bastante divertido de lograr pero cuando lo pones en un trailer oficial le quitas seriedad a lo que quieres presentar y pasa a hacer un chiste o una burla. lo siento pero no me gusto. queria algo mas realista como siempre lo he tenido del battlefield no esta matazon ridicula y sin sentido
Sgt. Buck
Sgt. Buck 15 tundi tagasi
0:45 Good doggo
Zisaan Malik
Zisaan Malik 15 tundi tagasi
Lmfao nice the song Vince Neil can't sing anymore
Efrin Aguilar
Efrin Aguilar 15 tundi tagasi
En el aire weon!
Daily Vlogs With Alex
Daily Vlogs With Alex 15 tundi tagasi
This trailer is sick! Can't wait for it to come out.
Andrew Powers
Andrew Powers 15 tundi tagasi
What’s the name of the song that you hear in the background
Gian D
Gian D 15 tundi tagasi
The jet kill scene proves that the Battlefield creators cares about the fans