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Long before Homo sapiens populated the earth, the Neanderthals lived in Eurasia.
Now, paleoanthropologists in England and France are using new archeological methods to shed light on some previously unexplained Neanderthal mysteries.
In an age clouded by the mists of time, the first early humans colonized the Eurasian continent. They settled on land that had only recently been covered by glaciers. This species, called Neanderthals, died out about 30,000 years ago -- but at one time, they formed the largest group in an area that stretched from northern France to the Belgian coast and from the Channel Islands to southern England.
During the last Ice Age, the North Sea was frozen over -- and the English Channel was a small river that could easily be crossed on foot. The Neanderthals lived in close harmony with their perpetually changing environment. They had everything they needed to survive: the meat of prey animals, edible wild plants, water and wood for cooking and heating. How did these early humans develop over almost 300,000 years? What were their lives like before they became extinct?
Our documentary is based on the latest research. We investigate various populations of Neanderthals, and visit archaeological sites in northern France, southern England, and on the island of Jersey.
Renowned researchers such as the British paleoanthropologist Chris Stringer and his French colleague Ludovic Slimak describe how the Neanderthals lived, and discuss their cognitive abilities. Was this species capable of structured thinking? Did they have cultures, languages, and societies? How intelligent were they, and what sort of adaptive strategies kept them alive for 300,000 years? How similar were they to modern-day humans?
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23 jaan 2021



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j c
j c Tund tagasi
didnt watch it read the comments...lololololololololololololololololololololoolo
M Ray
M Ray 2 tundi tagasi
These scientists called them apes and barbarians at one time. Now they've discovered their genes in most of the european population, they can't stop talking about how "cultured" they were.. so.. yeah.. not surprised. They were just hunter gatherers. So what? such folks exist in some places even to this day. Why jump to a conclusion that people of a different culture are "savages" in the first place? That's so typical of northerners.
Robert DesVeaux
Robert DesVeaux 3 tundi tagasi
All art is symbolic and no evidence they made dolls or cave paintings
Jae Yoo
Jae Yoo 7 tundi tagasi
The handsomely wrecker thermodynamically change because british arthroscopically bake athwart a far-flung waiter. nifty, mountainous alphabet
DINAHLUCIA 9 tundi tagasi
"superior species" "exchange my sister for yours", I see the perspective is still very patriarchal. barf.
Jarett 10 tundi tagasi
ok. where'd the humans come from then ... ?
simian shakenspere
simian shakenspere 16 tundi tagasi
simian shakenspere
simian shakenspere 16 tundi tagasi
simian shakenspere
simian shakenspere 16 tundi tagasi
Kate Aye
Kate Aye 17 tundi tagasi
Great to hear an Aussie narrator.
Beat von Kanel
Beat von Kanel 18 tundi tagasi
Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis is an unfortunate somewhat misleading nomenclature. The 2 groups were interbreeding resulting in fertile offspring. By common definition in zoology, they would therefor constitute the same species and could be characterized as 2 subspecies, e.g Homo sapiens sapiens and Home sapiens neanderthalensis. If remembering my undergraduate anthropology class correctly, the subspecies nomenclature was used at the time. The 2 species nomenclature came at a later time. Does anybody know the rationale behind such change?
Sonny R.
Sonny R. Päev tagasi
The game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey brought me here. Although that game is about the evolution of Apes up until H. Ergaster. But I do want to know which storyline would the developers take on and I guess they'd probably add Neanderthals in the sequel game. The game's pretty unique because of its concept.
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark Päev tagasi
Whites are fully human and are not the Nephillim. So is Jesus Christ. Revelations 1:12 to 16.
Wind Surfer
Wind Surfer Päev tagasi
white men's cousins.
baxtar1963 Päev tagasi
Neanderthals were a natural progression of us then they were killed off and were replaced with homosapians by the Annunaki
Norman Hooper
Norman Hooper Päev tagasi
Darwin and the Globe Earth = Fiction. We as Men and Women are Created, Yes...Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour. This is the Absolute Truth in our Existence.
Sarjan s
Sarjan s Päev tagasi
Christians would be like ... Fake News !!!
Steven Deitrich
Steven Deitrich Päev tagasi
Is it hard to figure where they disappeared to ? What have humans done for thousands of years ? Conquered & destroyed other people's for the land , for power , for riches .
rufusroher Päev tagasi
The same people commenting below suggesting calling Neanderthals "inferior" is narrow-minded, or that they resemble a certain race of homo sapiens are the same people who talk about religious people being ignorant and tout Darwinism as proper science, ignoring the fact that he referred to mutations as 'survival of the fittest'. The simple fact that Neanderthals went extinct some 37K-40K years ago tells you everything you need to know about whether they were superior or inferior. If they were great, they'd have survived, says Darwin.
stylus 2 päeva tagasi
These were regular humans who had just lived a long time. Over time the brow bones and jawbones continued to grow. Adam lived 930, Methuselah, 969. The pre-flood world probably had at least 7 billion people and all died, suddenly except for 8. And the new world was made from those people from the Ark.
Beautiful Lei
Beautiful Lei 2 päeva tagasi
I just read some comments. Im out
Commenter Five
Commenter Five 2 päeva tagasi
It is impossible anything popped itself into existence; gravity, centrifugal force, light, time, carbon and all. It is impossible those began their own existence and close enough in time and space to cooperate in modifying themselves to a higher state. And without conciousness. The most effective distraction has been foisted onto the most. See the beauty they're claimed to have achieved thru impossible developments: weeping willows, pheasants, islands, redwoods, Grand Teton, sunshine, and clouds. The most unworkable construct is served to the multitudes, while the result is want and trouble and war. See the wind and water and sail, the rain and river and trout, work together in praising Him, as He designed and weaved. So many attempts at finding Him grow deception. He is in the meadow. And in His Word. Not theirs. Today's troubled heading is not dependent on the belief of a single person. It is dependent upon the belief of so many. It is impossible He does not exist. And so by definition has without begining. And so will without end.
steven Jackson
steven Jackson 2 päeva tagasi
The valuable face ordinarily soak because discussion accordingly stir from a round imprisonment. rotten, attractive start
Lover of God
Lover of God 2 päeva tagasi
Biggest load of rubbish and lies straight from the pit of Hell to indoctrinate persons as to evolution.
chris hanson
chris hanson 2 päeva tagasi
How on earth can they know that there were annual gatherings to exchange women? What evidence is there?
TheVEEbR Päev tagasi
Stanley Song
Stanley Song 2 päeva tagasi
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Doug Scudder
Doug Scudder 2 päeva tagasi
Meant descended
Doug Scudder
Doug Scudder 2 päeva tagasi
The rh- Europeans defended from Neanderthals.
Kell Harris
Kell Harris 2 päeva tagasi
How did they overcome extreme climate change? Hmm takes notes.
Alain Dubuc
Alain Dubuc 2 päeva tagasi
I live in Canada and never hear much about anything like that over here. Almost feels like no one wants to admit that people lived here before the settlers in the early 1500's... LOOOOOL
M Ray
M Ray 2 tundi tagasi
Yes. That's it
sapper made
sapper made 2 päeva tagasi
So 200,000 years they roamed Earth
Axel Carolton
Axel Carolton 2 päeva tagasi
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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 2 päeva tagasi
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Benny 2 päeva tagasi
I'm a little aghast at the use of the term "superior" to refer to us implying Neanderthals were inferior. From this documentary, I'd conclude that they understood their dependence on the earth and each other better than we do and had no need for useless ideas like religion, art and culture. Perhaps innovation for them was something we don't understand, so that limitation may be with us and not with them. Just because they died out, doesn't mean they are inferior, perhaps they were more trusting of others, more empathetic, and we, the barbarians took advantage of that? It's like being crushed by a rock and then declaring the rock is superior!
Gizela Shawhan
Gizela Shawhan 2 päeva tagasi
The nine archeology psychophysically tremble because spain simplistically agree onto a earthy spleen. exultant, adamant steven
Rebecca Morgan
Rebecca Morgan 2 päeva tagasi
We did not come from any type of Animals. We were already here when Chris and his gang on the boat's visit 🤷🏾‍♀️💯.
Mississippi bound
Mississippi bound Tund tagasi
Joe 3 päeva tagasi
They were humans with genetic chronic arthritis.
Appalla Nagshankar
Appalla Nagshankar 3 päeva tagasi
Very nice documentary and research. In addition to the European context the Asian context needs to be covered. Its fascinating to know. For behavioural scientists and the community as a whole the documentary have an answer to complex manifestations of human beings. As it appears to be true, that the modern mankind shares the DNA of Neanderthals along Homo sapiens. The distribution and dominance of each of the DNA varies across the individuals, shaping the behavioral pattern , preferences and habits. Its thus not surprising that the members within the same family have different priorities and choices for their survival career and hobbies. Like wise the global dynamics to meet the needs and wants.
gipquce rufasfo
gipquce rufasfo 3 päeva tagasi
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Harry LHC
Harry LHC 3 päeva tagasi
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Tex Us
Tex Us 3 päeva tagasi
Looks like my dad
Brett Caporale
Brett Caporale 3 päeva tagasi
Why would somebody give this Documentary a thumbs down? Are they afraid they might learn something?
Chris Butterfield
Chris Butterfield Päev tagasi
Jesus doesn't approve of this video ;)
Tatjana Košir
Tatjana Košir 3 päeva tagasi
i saw this video at least 10 times and it still amazes me
Cat Lady
Cat Lady 3 päeva tagasi
No such thing as a Neanderthal.
John Leven
John Leven 3 päeva tagasi
So Neanderthals used to be simple-minded brute creatures, but now you've discovered they're your ancestors suddenly they've become these wonderful loving intelligent beings, right? 🤔
Burlen Morris
Burlen Morris 3 päeva tagasi
So AHHHHHH they wore clothings 300 thousands years ago?
S Bix
S Bix 2 päeva tagasi
With that weather,they needed those skins
intro helmaya
intro helmaya 3 päeva tagasi
The defective hood randomly step because burma originally agree beside a fluffy tie. handsomely, solid passbook
A. C
A. C 3 päeva tagasi
Not my ancestors but yours. 😂
Poet of the Piano
Poet of the Piano 3 päeva tagasi
They currently run the UK Government.
IB info-tube
IB info-tube 3 päeva tagasi
( Time lapse 0:58 ) They mastered their environment perfectly and understood it... and all disappeared !
IB info-tube
IB info-tube 7 tundi tagasi
@Elisa McDowell You really nailed it 😋
Elisa McDowell
Elisa McDowell 7 tundi tagasi
Marcia 3 päeva tagasi
"Neanderthals were very early (archaic) humans who lived in Europe and Western Asia from about 400,000 years ago until they became extinct about 40,000 years ago. Denisovans are another population of early humans who lived in Asia and were distantly related to Neanderthals."
wiz of OZ
wiz of OZ 3 päeva tagasi
This is nothing but one fabricated yet very marketable junk from the stupid "Gap Theory" (which it doesn't exist). The Big Bangers, Evolutionists, Flat-Earthers and Atheists are religions that have been raking up the goods with their "best sellers" for idiots. Wish I could be that senseless...
Marc H
Marc H 3 päeva tagasi
I don't think that they completely disappeared. My sister in law seems to be dating one!
John Leven
John Leven 3 päeva tagasi
Your brother?
ms hammond_uk
ms hammond_uk 3 päeva tagasi
Johno Queensland
Johno Queensland 3 päeva tagasi
Thumbnail looks like Tommy Lee Jones.
kleyvers 3 päeva tagasi
How the hell the archeologists know Neanderthals changed wives? Did they let a letter?
Janis Payne
Janis Payne 3 päeva tagasi
A man at my work place looks very much like your Neanderthal, not so much his nose, but the shape of his head. 🤓
Bruce Stewart
Bruce Stewart 4 päeva tagasi
Ancient Aliens would give you the std line that they didnt have the tool technology to kill such a beast as the mammoth and that it could only be little green men ....even though the cave man was around 200,000 more years than modern man. Like, ya know...directors, producers,actors,stage hands...etc etc. Moronstupendouscaness.
Kim Scap
Kim Scap 4 päeva tagasi
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Rive Rob
Rive Rob 4 päeva tagasi
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Gary Ball
Gary Ball 4 päeva tagasi
Thanks for opening up my mind to realize what a wonderful human being are in the first place you did a good job on this is like going to say but I wanted to let you know if neanderthals did not throw their garbage in the street the collected and put it away somewhere else
Gary Ball
Gary Ball 4 päeva tagasi
So in many ways we have neanderthal in our blood as human homo sapiens am I correct from Professor
whoRwe02 4 päeva tagasi
Feldhofer dwellers and other tribes. Paleoanthropologists or bone brushers simply settled for neanderthals. Sounds like they preferred Beatles over Elvis. As experts they claimed themselves, they created conconction of something edible for public consumption - explain the unexplained of what/how they lived via acceptable versions, imaginations via word of mouths and creativeness. Someone may had exotic versions of new discoveries from the dirt crumbles, then re-write latest versions. Minced beef, ground beef, hamburger etc.
James Barrett
James Barrett 4 päeva tagasi
Pretty obvious, blond hair, blue eyes and “light” colored skin are ALL Neanderthal traits.
Komisar 39
Komisar 39 Päev tagasi
Those traits had to come from somewhere.
Carmen Wathen
Carmen Wathen 4 päeva tagasi
I'm glad there are millions of skeletons all over the world of neanderthals and half ape/ half human creatures. I mean if these beings existed in large numbers there should be millions of remains all over the world. Any rational person would quickly see that that would have to be the truth. Why do you folks allow yourselves to believe a lie?
Mike Casabona
Mike Casabona 4 päeva tagasi
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Freda Martin
Freda Martin 5 päeva tagasi
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Theodor Witmer
Theodor Witmer 5 päeva tagasi
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Wolf Serker
Wolf Serker 5 päeva tagasi
Look into Anthropologist Robert Sepehr for some interesting takes on Neanderthals and cro magnon
Solomon S. Buyco
Solomon S. Buyco 5 päeva tagasi
Maybe they have evolved among the Black Race and they did not die out or goes extinct... Please check out the Four Horsemen...
Outhouse John's
Outhouse John's 5 päeva tagasi
I believe in Devolution we're actually getting dumber!
John Locke
John Locke Päev tagasi
Looking at DC it appears to be so.
Commenter Five
Commenter Five 2 päeva tagasi
@Emr Emr1 who developed the mentioned machinery for those developed? Who's doing it still?
Alain Dubuc
Alain Dubuc 2 päeva tagasi
LMAO! I believe so as well.
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows 3 päeva tagasi
That goes to nature vs. nurture.
Emr Emr1
Emr Emr1 3 päeva tagasi
I believe the oppressed people are more creative, if you are left alone on an island 🏝 you’ll get creative to keep yourself alive a healthy. Or in poor countries where people don’t have resources or machinery but still the find a way to do things which baffles us. We are dependant on machinery and technology but deep inside we all have creative skills.
Cold Beer
Cold Beer 5 päeva tagasi
The Neanderthals also lived in North America until the modern homo sapiens arrived ("American Indians") and killed them all and took their land.
Akloskr 3 päeva tagasi
They migrated to America because they were from Europe early homo sapiens where already vibing in africa south America North America Europe asia
Karen Schroeder
Karen Schroeder 5 päeva tagasi
or as science shows...they were bred out. The two peoples intermingled. ;) I have Neanderthal DNA as do many others in our society today. ;)
I'm lying
I'm lying 5 päeva tagasi
HR 5 päeva tagasi
Did Neanderthals use cars ;), @16:49?
Mariusz Jędrysik
Mariusz Jędrysik 5 päeva tagasi
Beccy Scott is a real living Neanderthal.
Rohit Thakur
Rohit Thakur 5 päeva tagasi
Wonderful documentary
Radiovolna 5 päeva tagasi
maybe Rasputin was a Neanderthal?
Hanz Kilian
Hanz Kilian 5 päeva tagasi
Lived 300,000yrs, yeah right!
V G 5 päeva tagasi
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 5 päeva tagasi
This is why our ancestor make them Extinct!
jose zaragosa
jose zaragosa 6 päeva tagasi
Trump supporters
gojkiga tacupse
gojkiga tacupse 6 päeva tagasi
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Donald Jacobson
Donald Jacobson 6 päeva tagasi
Thanks for the documentary on some of my forefathers. I’m 3% Neanderthal
Thomas Downes
Thomas Downes Päev tagasi
3% of wonderful Neanderthal goodness
Donald Jacobson
Donald Jacobson 3 päeva tagasi
@Sketch 😂 Why?
Sketch 3 päeva tagasi
Elias Leousis
Elias Leousis 6 päeva tagasi
About "The Light": " "I," was created by the thought of Gods and "Their," desire to allow all mortals to know that "They," are always with them: As humankind grows and seeks absolute independence from "Them," "They," will remain by their side, guiding them and directing them, in their growth to absolute "WISDOM," the way to "Their Essence" and the Elysium Fields. As you look out beyond the now, into the heavens, "I" will be there, guiding you and helping you know that "I," be visible or invisible, "My Essence," will guide you beyond all that is sensed in your reality. So, let it be now revealed to you that both "I" and "He," in mortal being, who speaks to you through the thoughts of children are but one. " Eleusis. Let The Light within you guide you to the Elysian Fields entrance; your inner beauty is expected. Follow me, "Imagination is the way." by ELias Leousis.
Ruth Thinking, Outside.
Ruth Thinking, Outside. 6 päeva tagasi
I’ve watched this several times.. MORE Neanderthal stuff.. PLEASE 😬😬😬
Charles Lalawigan
Charles Lalawigan 6 päeva tagasi
Homo Sapiens: "Who..Are You??" Neanderthals: "I'm you, just better."
David Henneberg
David Henneberg 6 päeva tagasi
I worked with somebody that look just like the Geico neanderthal and he'd get really mad when he saw the commercials
Jacques LeFave
Jacques LeFave 6 päeva tagasi
One of my sister's boyfriends...😱😵
Mike Blast
Mike Blast 7 päeva tagasi
Wolves also communicate during the hunt and they have no speech whatever. Based on Neanderthal physical limitations (e.g., high location of the voice box), it is unlikely they had much of a language if any.
James anonymous
James anonymous 7 päeva tagasi
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii
white guilt taught me we came from africa in a cave somewhere.
vybe rational
vybe rational 4 päeva tagasi
more like a lab
StrongWater 7 päeva tagasi
We want to see more of these kind of documentaries.
Nigel Kent
Nigel Kent 22 tundi tagasi
Yes I to would like to see more of this kind of documentary I would also like to know how Neanderthals interact with there first meeting with what is now modern humans things like did they mix did they breed between each other or were they aggressive to one another I just managed to catch the end they did interbreed so they were probably bred out enjoyed watching that very informative and interesting
Gary Ball
Gary Ball 4 päeva tagasi
Don't speak loud when your ears are hot you will scare the pride away the animals that are there so you speak in silence such as sign language cuz your voice is the high and low in the name of your vocals this is just something that I was thinking maybe I'm wrong but maybe I'm correction anyways as I do not speak all the time during a hunt
Sextus Empiricus
Sextus Empiricus 8 päeva tagasi
Cro-Magnons did NOT evolve from Neanderthals.
cali gdp
cali gdp 8 päeva tagasi
That’s just Parker from gold miners.
mik7233 8 päeva tagasi
what a beautiful earth had been then and what a beautiful life they lived in those times where the humanity was ruled just by god!
Dol l
Dol l 8 päeva tagasi
To assume that these people only had "rudimentary language skills" is preposterous. Sometimes I think these archeologists are so narrow minded.
Dzonny Blue
Dzonny Blue 8 päeva tagasi
Douglas Grant
Douglas Grant 8 päeva tagasi
what do you get when cross breed a horse with a donkey.. you get a mule.. ever wondered why? its the same with the Neanderthal and modern humans.. they not the same species.. their DNA doesn't exactly match ours. there are at least 30 differences in gene sequence that from modern humans DNA. they are cousins to us not descended from us...
JOHNNY K 8 päeva tagasi
Kenny Shepard
Kenny Shepard 8 päeva tagasi
Who were they? They are Democrat's
Disclari Rodriguez
Disclari Rodriguez 9 päeva tagasi
The waggish spandex genetically bomb because wallaby pathomorphologically fasten round a woebegone invoice. helpless, fabulous denim
Mister Wake Up Call
Mister Wake Up Call 9 päeva tagasi
I can't help wondering how the guy shown on the Ad to this video feels, about being the poster child for Neanderthals?
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