The Insane Engineering of the X-15 

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Thank you to Charlie Garcia for his invaluable advice and expertise during the scripting process of this video:
3D Model provided by Clément Moreau:
Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel
Fact Checker: Charlie Garcia
The research for this video took about 4 weeks with the help of the reports, books, research papers, and nasa communications below. Charlie Garcia also kindly lent his expertise in rocket propulsion as a fact checker and advisor for the project. We normally show numbers on screen, but numbers got mixed up during the convoluted writing process and it’s now 12 pm the night before upload and I just can’t bring myself to link them all appropriately, but rest assured that all information in the video comes from one of the fantastic resources linked below.
[1] www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/news/FactSheets/FS-052-DFRC.html
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[20] www.researchgate.net/publication/344702322_Shock-induced_heating_and_transition_to_turbulence_in_a_hypersonic_boundary_layer
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[24] appel.nasa.gov/2014/10/16/this-month-in-nasa-history-the-x-15-program-set-a-record-for-speed/#:~:text=Asked%20Questions%20(FAQ's)-,This%20Month%20in%20NASA%20History%3A%20The%20X%2D15%20Program,Set%20a%20Record%20for%20Speed&text=The%20X%2D15A%2D2%20in,and%20additional%20external%20fuel%20tanks.&text=On%20October%203%2C%201967%2C%20U.S.,aircraft%20landed%20charred%20and%20broken.

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.
Music by Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com/creator
Thank you to my patreon supporters: Adam Flohr, Henning Basma, Hank Green, William Leu, Tristan Edwards, Ian Dundore, John & Becki Johnston. Nevin Spoljaric, Jason Clark, Thomas Barth, Johnny MacDonald, Stephen Foland, Alfred Holzheu, Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Binghaith, Brent Higgins, Dexter Appleberry, Alex Pavek, Marko Hirsch, Mikkel Johansen, Hibiyi Mori. Viktor Józsa, Ron Hochsprung

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Real Engineering
Real Engineering Місяць tagasi
This is the link to the Armstrong documentary. Well worth the 90 minutes to watch. If you don't have an account you can sign up with the link the description. curiositystream.com/video/3855
brentsrx7 Місяць tagasi
The animation, pacing, content and info-graphics are just perfect. You don't excessively dwell on any one aspect or skip over arching engineering breakthroughs achieved by the program. You present this subject matter in such a clear and succinct way. Thank you!
Brian Bonnell
Brian Bonnell Місяць tagasi
@SovietSheep jjjhhyy
Total drama Ella .
Total drama Ella . Місяць tagasi
Peoples who have coronavirus vaccine will be death in one to two years from having vaccine . do not believe me wait still 2022/23 and see how much peoples died over time in to 2023 ,news tell more lie then trust believe me or not wake up slaves.
Lord Samich
Lord Samich Місяць tagasi
@Rocketplumber "NM propellant isn't just a monopropellant, it is a detonable high explosive." Pfft... Wheres your sense of adventure? :) I'm sure there must be a stabilizing agent that doesn't dilute the NM? I should probably clarify that when i mean mono-propellant, I'm speaking only in terms of the need for separate storage. .
Divergent Droid
Divergent Droid Місяць tagasi
THIS is a Freaking JOKE! IF the plane DID go that Fast.. Calculate how much drop the pilot would have to to do Every Second to maintain altitude with a Sphere 24901 miles in circumference. The Results may surprise you. It's Impossible. Earth Cannot be a Sphere at the size claimed! -- Prove Me Wrong - YOU Cannot!
Stephen Italiano
Stephen Italiano Päev tagasi
Thanks for the video documentary on the X-15. It was truly amazing what engineers were able to do back then. I pray for the memory of the engineers and the pilots who sacrificed their health and lives for the advance of mankind's understanding of flight. I pray that the nation's of the world (especially America) continue to provide an environment of liberty for all people to help their fellow man whether it is in the field of science or in human compassion and relationships.
Skunk Bucket
Skunk Bucket Päev tagasi
Interestingly, a final, 200th flight of the X-15 was scheduled, but had to be cancelled due to a snowstorm.
Doug Steel
Doug Steel Päev tagasi
Cockpit in a missile. That's one method
David Kelly
David Kelly 2 päeva tagasi
I guess you could call it a plane. If a rocket with a cockpit counts, it's only a matter of time until they strap a "pilot" to a hypersonic missile...
mario yu
mario yu 2 päeva tagasi
The ill-informed crook appropriately harass because golf intrinsically extend an a ceaseless indonesia. lame, grateful gratis caterpillar
VideoChannel 2 päeva tagasi
At 8:47 it is stated that the area under the thrust vs time curve is the total energy released. The area under this curve has dimensions of momentum, not energy.
Tri Le
Tri Le 3 päeva tagasi
if the ariplane fly so fast how fast it must dip the nose down to follow earth curvature?
Scotty303 3 päeva tagasi
Just mind boggling what my country can accomplish when we really want to do it.
Gary Keat
Gary Keat 3 päeva tagasi
And they keep banging on about China as leading the world in tech? They couldn’t do anything like this for decades yet.
Justin B
Justin B 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine the balls it takes to jump in a rocket and see how fast you can go
Sr-71 Blackbird
Sr-71 Blackbird 6 päeva tagasi
I raised that boy
YUSSUF ABDI 6 päeva tagasi
nah the camraman is faster
Cool Legend
Cool Legend 6 päeva tagasi
those renders are just incredible
W W 6 päeva tagasi
It's technically a manned rocket, not sure being called a plane is exactly correct
achelp95 7 päeva tagasi
10:23 - Bookmark
Paolo Viti
Paolo Viti 7 päeva tagasi
I'm very sorry that I saw only now the great video on "my" favorite X-15 as it truly deserves the title of the fastest plane ever made! Among many challenges the engineers had to contend with perhaps the greatest was the heat that almost melted on one flight and the quartz glass that shattered on the other flight. Those pilots were really great pilots doing their job and the magnificent people behind the created the X-15! Really enjoyed this video and thanks for sharing this 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Elmer King
Elmer King 8 päeva tagasi
Awesome ideo but i did not understand a damn thing
Mick Mars
Mick Mars 8 päeva tagasi
And then white people decided to babysit third-world-countries instead of commiting to progress
Tech To know
Tech To know 8 päeva tagasi
Hope in india it would posssible
Benjamin Konikoff
Benjamin Konikoff 9 päeva tagasi
Who gave American aircraft designers cocaine and enough rocket fuel to put man in Proxima Centauri
ShotsFired andMissed
ShotsFired andMissed 9 päeva tagasi
Welcome to the Intro on Rocket Science The intro:
Name's OMEGA
Name's OMEGA 10 päeva tagasi
This thing is more like flying a missile than a jet at that point
HotelxEcho 11 päeva tagasi
Can you make a video about the SBD Dauntless?
TomasVolley 11 päeva tagasi
The background music in the intro is captivating and resembles with Hans Zimmer-like style. Though I can not put my finger on which song it is, I almost have it. Perhaps it is from the Cloud Atlas movie with the Sextet?
Zak Irwin
Zak Irwin 12 päeva tagasi
The Lockheed Martin SR-72: *6Mach*
Eoghan Dridl
Eoghan Dridl 12 päeva tagasi
Nearly 6 tonnes of fuel per minute wtf
James Dinius
James Dinius 12 päeva tagasi
When it comes to the nose both arguments are right. A blunt nose will give you a bow shock and reduce heat but you're gonna pay for it with higher drag. The Apollo re-entry capsules exploited this since reduced heat and speed were both desired.
Rafeeky 13 päeva tagasi
It is hard not to get emotional during some of these videos. Humanity is so incredible! Thanks for making these videos
ser man
ser man 13 päeva tagasi
X-15: See u later BlackBird! 20 seconds later x-15: Can I get a ride back home?
NeoduinoVlogs 13 päeva tagasi
Literally rocket science
jeon sassy
jeon sassy 13 päeva tagasi
What am I doing here??? I don't understand a thing haha
bonob0123 13 päeva tagasi
did not know x15 was secretly, closetedly, a fabulous shade of pink
Skipper 14 päeva tagasi
Not the fastest plane ever built First: Rocket Engine Second: Doesn't even take off on it's own. Third: Black Bird.
WhippySpoosledorf 14 päeva tagasi
The fastest manned flight was the x-43. Mach 9
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond 15 päeva tagasi
Great high quality video. One of the few documentaries that does not treat the viewers as non-technical idiots.
whirlybird n
whirlybird n 15 päeva tagasi
So are the "Boundary Layer" and the "Blunt Nose" off? To me this was/is a crucial part to the demonstration part of the video. :/
Joe E
Joe E 15 päeva tagasi
These designers and researchers did collect good data for the Space Shuttle units ... they just couldn't develop a good O-ring or heat tile ... hence 2 out of 3 Shuttles went 'away'.
Amay Kataria
Amay Kataria 16 päeva tagasi
Isn't the x43a faster?🤔
CHEEZ BEANOZ 16 päeva tagasi
RIP Michael Collins
incargeek 17 päeva tagasi
The shuttle was the fastest ever crewed plane.
Beach Boy
Beach Boy 17 päeva tagasi
Super 👌 graphics and super video 📹 👌
Beach Boy
Beach Boy 17 päeva tagasi
Wow 👏, hard to believe that 70 years ago, hyper planes were engineered Amazing
IVLxJAK2 17 päeva tagasi
Makes you realise just how little you know about the world. Such a shame that there's simply not enough time to learn everything there is to learn in one's lifetime
Elias Kjærbo
Elias Kjærbo 17 päeva tagasi
Nasa’s X43A could be next
Darren Smith
Darren Smith 17 päeva tagasi
At one time, the US used love to move forward and perform miracles. In the last 40 years it has become, "Anything will do if nobody actually finds out what the odds are."
Borlla Gras
Borlla Gras 17 päeva tagasi
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Jimbowo 16 päeva tagasi
Just like Bit Connect
Nikolas Grace
Nikolas Grace 17 päeva tagasi
My interpretation of areospace engineering: *AAAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* hah?!
Ace Hoffman
Ace Hoffman 17 päeva tagasi
This is the future of energy production. It's happening now and it's great!
Garneredify 18 päeva tagasi
We had to start somewhere I guess. Even today, watching rockets take off seem a bit archaic. Someday they'll get past these used up methods.. hurry up Elon.
Seth Huff
Seth Huff 18 päeva tagasi
bruh shut up its a rocket
Jimbowo 16 päeva tagasi
you will never achieve rocket
dPaul Williams
dPaul Williams 18 päeva tagasi
I remember when the X - 15 launched in 1967 and I was hooked and read everything about it.
Captain Kell Walker
Captain Kell Walker 19 päeva tagasi
Helium is a lower weight that is lower weight Hydiian
jdsb-3 21 päev tagasi
We can rebuild him. Make him better, faster, stronger.
MetallicaLife4 21 päev tagasi
Imagine you're thundering along at Mach 5+ and your window goes *BANG*
Samuel Reynolds
Samuel Reynolds 21 päev tagasi
nitpicking here but 8:48 integral of thrust dt gives total momentum transfer not total energy (that would be integral of thrust dx). Amazing video!!
VioletGiraffe 21 päev tagasi
I was studying the plot at 22:45 with curiosity, until I realized the X axis is in Fahrenheits and I don't have a clue what the numbers mean. I would expect an engineering channel to use actual international engineering units :)
Jimbowo 16 päeva tagasi
This was an american made plane 70 years ago and this is a youtube channel based for entertainment, both of those might change it to Fahrenheit.
hadhad69 21 päev tagasi
Truly brilliant video! The detailed knowledge and graphics are top notch 👍
Stanley Chounard
Stanley Chounard 21 päev tagasi
It was a rocket. Not a plane
Jimbowo 16 päeva tagasi
Cry more
kinte1870 22 päeva tagasi
This was a rocket with wings and a flaps and pilot with adamantium balls.
Charles Koushik
Charles Koushik 22 päeva tagasi
Nasa should built a succesor
bieltanman 22 päeva tagasi
brah its a rocket
Ayush Jaiswal
Ayush Jaiswal 22 päeva tagasi
Just the first 2 min watched And I got chills
Noah Mcabee
Noah Mcabee 22 päeva tagasi
If you believe the fastest plane ever came from the 50s you're the conspiracy theorist
Aaab bbba
Aaab bbba 22 päeva tagasi
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Jimbowo 16 päeva tagasi
if christianity is wrong you're gonna look real stupid in the void
Jon Merson
Jon Merson 23 päeva tagasi
True Trotle...
Nic Stroud
Nic Stroud 23 päeva tagasi
We say 'many', you say 'manny.' We say any, you say 'Annie.' You call the shows on Curiosity Stream (and Nebula) 'docker-men-trees', all acceptable and frankly I don't think we should criticise each others accent but please never say 'haitch' again. Makes me cringe ordinarily but doubly so when educated people say it. Fascinating video, as usual, by the way.
Doug Tilaran
Doug Tilaran 23 päeva tagasi
Flintstones shit. Pass me a tic tac
Mister Win
Mister Win 23 päeva tagasi
Did He just Say "kiloNewtons" ??? I'm Astronomically Astounded
Alexis Lloyd D. Alinan
Alexis Lloyd D. Alinan 23 päeva tagasi
Put those engines on a jet fighter
Bobby Cox
Bobby Cox 23 päeva tagasi
More information that I didn’t know I wanted to know. Your channel is exceptionally interesting. Thank you
rationalguy 24 päeva tagasi
Another amazing thing about the X-15.. I'm now 70, and this flew when I was in second grade. We read about it in our "Weekly Reader," a little newspaper for school. Making and flying this 60+ years ago was quite an accomplishment.
bradster2214 24 päeva tagasi
this is infuriating. it's mach 3.3 not 3.3 mach
Damon 1776
Damon 1776 24 päeva tagasi
“It provided treew trootle” 😂😂
Batman 24 päeva tagasi
I never learned this much of chemistry in my whole High school period.
Justin Shim
Justin Shim 24 päeva tagasi
Is this thing a scramjet? Or did those not exist at the time?
stephenspencer2121 24 päeva tagasi
Yeager should have been in the Gemini space program. But as the right stuff has him saying at fist thought, spam in a can. Lols
aguinaldo 25 päeva tagasi
Is it the hate, love or maybe both makes us as human being~built incredible such a thing from dust. Nice engineering's video by the way!
Jimbowo 15 päeva tagasi
It was the cold war and the vietnam war
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso 25 päeva tagasi
Livro , o primeiro homem Neil Armstrong .
One-Christian Warrior
One-Christian Warrior 25 päeva tagasi
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Jimbowo 15 päeva tagasi
You should find something better to do
Zandanga 25 päeva tagasi
My brother and I immediately remembered Fireball XL-5 and that deep-voiced announcer from when we were kids ...
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 25 päeva tagasi
This is a great history lesson. But it is wrong the information is not correct. The M15 is not the worlds fastest craft. In 1977 we proved it. Project hanna. Code name the aura ". Worlds first plasma craft. Faster than the HUMEN body can with stand in any suit of that day. No fuel, no exhaust , no real sound but the pop when the sonic boom hit. The most complex part I had to over come in the design. Was keep the pilots alive. My Aurora" has a liquid filled cock pit. My pilots wear a dive like suit. Think of a fish tank. 2 pilots. So fast that in 1977 we didn't have the means to calculate the distance. Reason. The craft is gone so fast, you can never see it. You'll see clouds move like something sliced thru them. Puffs of curles clouds. But she's faster than our understanding of time and space. Out biggest fear was if the pilots shot off and couldn't make the turns we'd lose them to space. NO country has come even close to her 1977 we set the bar so high. The cock pit liquid protects pilots from subatomic particles and there no outside heat. even in reentry. The world would have seen her in 1977. We were heading to a DEFENCE airshow. And the Airforce showed up with trucks filled with heavily armed men. Shut us down. Took everything to go hide it at area 51. The public will never see our work. They stole it. No tax dollars were used. A hand full of us were forced to go work at area 51. Pretty much slaves no PAY. Taken from our house at night by the airforce. 1977. The airforce controls 100% of what it let's the public see or know.
Jimbowo 15 päeva tagasi
Do you have a single source?
the boi
the boi 25 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for watching this for free... Never stop making these!
Warner Robins
Warner Robins 25 päeva tagasi
And if the pilot got a paper cut he or she would have hydrogen peroxide to treat it.
Fernando Sosa
Fernando Sosa 25 päeva tagasi
Did they ever try a ls swap ?
James Williams
James Williams 26 päeva tagasi
6.7 mach is almost 8000kmh
flightJazzCinema 26 päeva tagasi
( I guess I missed something, at 10min30 I would expect the specific impulse values to be expressed in units N x s / kg or dimensionally equivalent units, Force intensity x time interval / mass. )
Archie Mercer
Archie Mercer 26 päeva tagasi
@3:55 "tru trattle"
Andy Seredy
Andy Seredy 26 päeva tagasi
Millennium falcon ftw. (nice touch)
I love The rain
I love The rain 26 päeva tagasi
Sounds like the guy from “that chapter”
Teejay Cerrero
Teejay Cerrero 26 päeva tagasi
Rick Flores
Rick Flores 26 päeva tagasi
My major professor at Stanford was directly involved. Is stories about the interactions between NASA and the contractors are too hilarious! It was a glorious time to be an engineer when science ruled over politics and greed. I'm sorry to say that this is no longer the case. It is rare to find a research project that is not totally driven by politics and greed which is to say that it is not concerned with achieving anything at all. Often teach types of projects flat out lie to the public. The lies surrounding the various types of crises are a great example. To meet the needs of some of my early research projects, we studied the variation of the climate. Of course we knew to basic concepts... Number one was that we are coming out of an ice age and that as 1 would expect the temperature was slowly increasing. The 2nd fact that everyone must understand is it the only thing constant about the climate is the fact that is constantly changing. To classify this normal change as a crisis is absurd. To blame it on man is just plain stupid. Sadly many of the scientist that I had formerly worked with gavyn to the vast amounts of money that were available for this ridiculous endeavour and shows to be complicit in the greatest charade in history.
Rick Flores
Rick Flores 26 päeva tagasi
Finally a source of factual information that scientifically accurate. I love the plots and detailed engineering data. As retired research engineer Paul is involved in many of the activities that are discussed. This is the 1st channel to get it right. Congratulations and I wish you success!
Casey Merritt
Casey Merritt 27 päeva tagasi
As a current NASA AFRC intern working on developing a VR flight sim of the x-15, its awesome to see this video become so popular, the engineering behind this definitely needs some more recognition.
ESPOFF 25 päeva tagasi
Now that sounds like a cool internship
D H 27 päeva tagasi
Use Fahrenheit measurements in your data.
Stephen Crouse
Stephen Crouse 27 päeva tagasi
I'm sure you've received many thank yous for this video. As an engineer that had an X-15 three wheeler as a boy, you did an outstanding job presenting an understandable detailing of this amazing 60's development of our United States spacecraft endeavors.
Ultra-Violet-Light Crayon
Ultra-Violet-Light Crayon 27 päeva tagasi
At what altitude did the X-15 travel mach 7.4?
Mic Smith
Mic Smith 27 päeva tagasi
"Wit out true trottle"
William Kelly
William Kelly 27 päeva tagasi
There is a small museum in Denville, New Jersey that contains a lot of information on the Reaction Motors team that developed the XLR-99 engine at the Picatinny Arsenal test facility.
Alan Lewis
Alan Lewis 27 päeva tagasi
At 17:31 - XB-70 Valkyrie. Another truly awesome - and insane - engineering project. And one of the most beautiful aircraft in the world (neck and neck with SR-71 and the Supermarine Spitfire)
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