Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video) 

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Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now lilnasx.lnk.to/Montero - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
Register at the link below to redeem your 3-month free trial! Visit: cutt.ly/music_com_LilNasX
*Quantities are limited, while supplies last*

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25 märts 2021



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Vivi Rivas
Vivi Rivas 48 sekundit tagasi
Alguien sabe que dice el árbol que sale en el minuto 1:11
Luhbxby Jayboo
Luhbxby Jayboo Minut tagasi
I don’t claim nun of dis bad satanic energy
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 39 sekundit tagasi
Its a good song tho
Tommy Bynum
Tommy Bynum Minut tagasi
😒 wtf
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Minut tagasi
What the hell did I just watch...... Probably the weirdest music video I’ve ever watched
Eduard Moneva
Eduard Moneva 2 minutit tagasi
Can we talk about that snake guy look like KSI
Nico Walker
Nico Walker 2 minutit tagasi
Teacher: your future depends on your dreams
Seqouiah Casarez
Seqouiah Casarez 3 minutit tagasi
Ekaterina Yurieva
Ekaterina Yurieva 3 minutit tagasi
Кто тоже с ТикТока?:)
MichaelGaming 3 minutit tagasi
what the fuck lil nas x delte this
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 19 sekundit tagasi
This will be named something better
The only thing I have to say is why
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 12 sekundit tagasi
Barbie girlz
Barbie girlz 3 minutit tagasi
SHAANTHESHPRO 5 4 minutit tagasi
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 3 sekundit tagasi
Ethan Andrew
Ethan Andrew 4 minutit tagasi
Let’s see how many people like this coment
Cường Hut
Cường Hut 5 minutit tagasi
OMG, is that you, Elio? 😳🤯
This will be named something better
Did I miss something before this?
ItzGaleVoid 6 minutit tagasi
* insert type of twerking *
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 5 minutit tagasi
Transgender twerking
Shrecks_-_swamp 6 minutit tagasi
Is anyone gonna say they get god of war vibes of stans room
Coosey 6 minutit tagasi
this shit was so good
Lorem 2.0
Lorem 2.0 6 minutit tagasi
Who are from India
Jim McDole
Jim McDole 7 minutit tagasi
i didnt know who this person was until i saw John Oliver talk about this music video. I had to come see what im missing out on! :D
KATYCAT 7 minutit tagasi
Aleatoriedade: Juliette campeã do BBB21...🌵💕👑
Niyaz 7 minutit tagasi
Really went from "I'm gonna take this horse to the old town road" to "I'm gonna take this pole to satan hole"
Gabrielly Rodrigues
Gabrielly Rodrigues 7 minutit tagasi
call me by your need
Lycosoft 8 minutit tagasi
bullshit what it is howla omg real fake
Tu dor Radu
Tu dor Radu 8 minutit tagasi
I want to joint saitan plse invite me i will not leave th8s change really
Omne Bonum
Omne Bonum 9 minutit tagasi
If you play this backwards, it's a Led Zeppelin song.
Conlee Wynns
Conlee Wynns 9 minutit tagasi
I liked the old lil nas x when he made old town road now after this video I have learned that he is gay and supports satan
Aesthetic Edit
Aesthetic Edit 5 minutit tagasi
cooper fry
cooper fry 9 minutit tagasi
This is what’s wrong with society brainwashing
Aesthetic Edit
Aesthetic Edit 4 minutit tagasi
.....grown ass people are crying about mask and a orange that didn't get elected but sure a cgi pole and some twerking thats whats wrong
Steven 9 minutit tagasi
EEfrom is so pathetic that they deleted my comment right away but they won’t delete this video and at the same time they will delete Christian videos proclaiming salvation for those who choose God in the name of Jesus Who choose Jesus to save them. I was once on the Darkside and now I am not I need to pull you all the way from this you need to realize you’re heading down a dark path. Suffering does not prove the God doesn’t love you. We live in this fallen world because there is evil in this world. Jeeze said there would be trials but we will overcome that if we choose him. Then we will have our reward in the end. This is a creepiest Satanic video type of stuff I’ve ever seen before. lil nas x I encourage you to read the Bible even if you want to read the Quran both of those books say that Satan it’s not ruling like a king of hell. The Bible says he’s going to go to the lake of fire as punishment forever for deceiving the world and deceiving people like you. I know power is very tempting but I would never want to sacrifice eternity with peace with God for temporary satisfaction on this planet earth doing what devil wants. Your video proves to me that Bible prophecy is coming true about the last days. So EEfrom delete my comment but apparently they allow this video. EEfrom you’re so pathetic how are you would allow these things but you will shut down conservative and Christian videos. I don’t know why all of you see God as evil or mean God is not evil or mean he’s a God of law and order all of you have a preference on what is evil and all of you think something is evil . so why can’t God? God loved you and brought salvation to there’s evidence of Jesus dying on the cross and the witnesses. Even the apostles really existed and they died for Jesus Christ for the message to be spread. The great apostle Paul mentioned in the New Testament that he would not allow such persecution to happen to him unless he was telling the truth. He said he was not lying. He was willing to risk his life to spread the truth about God‘s love for us and salvation and the need for people to repent.
Steven 17 sekundit tagasi
@Aesthetic Edit That’s OK even Jesus Christ had opposition he said if they hate me they will definitely hate you because of me. God is not desperate or needy to have all of your souls in heaven if you don’t want to be with him that’s your decision don’t blame him when the judgment comes
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 3 minutit tagasi
I dont feel like reading all of this cause it will take too long but no one cares just to let you know 😊
Aesthetic Edit
Aesthetic Edit 3 minutit tagasi
blah blah blah you giving it views so more people can see ty
Micah Comito
Micah Comito 10 minutit tagasi
Nobody twerking
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 3 minutit tagasi
Conlee Wynns
Conlee Wynns 10 minutit tagasi
U gay
VibrantFilm_edits 9 minutit tagasi
No shit Sherlock
cooper fry
cooper fry 11 minutit tagasi
Bruh 🙈🦧🤡
Lukas Mäks
Lukas Mäks 11 minutit tagasi
So apparently, the Greek writing on the tree is from Plato's "Symposium," and reads, "they condemn what they do not understand." Nice touch.
Breme 12 minutit tagasi
This is poggers man EhUh
Yogesh Badhe
Yogesh Badhe 12 minutit tagasi
Anxious twerking
Innah Krizelle Tighanon
Innah Krizelle Tighanon 12 minutit tagasi
Very good following the covid protocol
brianna pacheco
brianna pacheco 12 minutit tagasi
Home boy on a pole
brianna pacheco
brianna pacheco 13 minutit tagasi
Why all black ppl turnin gay wtf
VibrantFilm_edits 9 minutit tagasi
uh this comment is not it.
Virgil 13 minutit tagasi
*Confused asexual ‘twerking?’*
Christopher Jeanpierre
Christopher Jeanpierre 13 minutit tagasi
lil nas be like ' 💎💍💭💭 ' ' ' '🔥👹👹
Mayra Ali
Mayra Ali 14 minutit tagasi
i’m genuinely confused ... i just woke up from a coma what the hell is this
Aesthetic Edit
Aesthetic Edit Minut tagasi
some king shit😎
Nicholai Yrigollen
Nicholai Yrigollen 14 minutit tagasi
Am I weird that I keep watching this?
Aisha M
Aisha M 15 minutit tagasi
Why did he do this? Now God's sad cause he wants a lap dance
Elijah Thibodeaux
Elijah Thibodeaux 15 minutit tagasi
john wilke
john wilke 16 minutit tagasi
Turkish tweaking
Alessandra Santos
Alessandra Santos 16 minutit tagasi
Philleniea Williams
Philleniea Williams 16 minutit tagasi
Philleniea Williams
Philleniea Williams 12 minutit tagasi
@toddynzx who gay he gay]
toddynzx 14 minutit tagasi
You are gay 👍
bunnygirl 15 minutit tagasi
correct, that is a valid sexuality.
cagedbird21 17 minutit tagasi
Student doctor twerking 💃🏽
Crackhead Bandit
Crackhead Bandit 17 minutit tagasi
*Montero twerking*
Sauria_bkdk 17 minutit tagasi
BMW F25 X3 R Spec
BMW F25 X3 R Spec 17 minutit tagasi
This could be better than old town road
【maki harukawa】
【maki harukawa】 17 minutit tagasi
BMW F25 X3 R Spec
BMW F25 X3 R Spec 17 minutit tagasi
Without the video this is a fucking banger
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 2 minutit tagasi
@BMW F25 X3 R Spec ah kk
BMW F25 X3 R Spec
BMW F25 X3 R Spec 9 minutit tagasi
@Beast Gaming agreed but I have EEfrom red so I’m listening on a speaker on a different app
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 17 minutit tagasi
With the video this is a fucking banger
jucie nucie
jucie nucie 18 minutit tagasi
POV: you're a christian but still kinda like the song
Alijah Cordova
Alijah Cordova 18 minutit tagasi
I don't listen to lil nas x but this song is kinda cool I guess 🤔
NJ Gatila
NJ Gatila 18 minutit tagasi
what da fawk
Kristen Westmoreland
Kristen Westmoreland 18 minutit tagasi
Nightly listening to the gospel of Lil Nas X. Such a comforting book.
anastasia kovtun
anastasia kovtun 19 minutit tagasi
I love this dude
Riam Furquim
Riam Furquim 19 minutit tagasi
toddynzx 14 minutit tagasi
Tbm 🕴
Alvaro Abarca
Alvaro Abarca 19 minutit tagasi
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ why do i see mayority of the people talking about twerking and not seeing the real meaning of this video. The guy clearly is part of the ILUMINATIS and have made a pact with the devil...
Aesthetic Edit
Aesthetic Edit 23 sekundit tagasi
....you missed the whole meaning fool
ScreamingZombies 13 minutit tagasi
Twerk More
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 16 minutit tagasi
*birthday twerking*
bunnygirl 18 minutit tagasi
He asked people to do this for his birthday lol
Astrid. 19 minutit tagasi
i like it……
imelda beltran
imelda beltran 20 minutit tagasi
God pls forgive me-
ReStrictedShxt 20 minutit tagasi
Gay nigga
Its Just Sincere
Its Just Sincere 9 minutit tagasi
@Beast Gaming Gay nigga
ReStrictedShxt 12 minutit tagasi
@Beast Gaming Gay nigga
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 13 minutit tagasi
@ReStrictedShxt correct what about it
ReStrictedShxt 14 minutit tagasi
@Beast Gaming Gay nigga
Pxilant 14 minutit tagasi
yea and?
Dankinryuu /
Dankinryuu / 20 minutit tagasi
... oh...
anastasia kovtun
anastasia kovtun 21 minut tagasi
I'm amazed that this dude still has 12 thousand subscribers
The 21 minut tagasi
Man, this new doom DLC looks crazy!
Treyton Franklin
Treyton Franklin 21 minut tagasi
did anyone else see the shoes the devil was wearing the new shoes from x
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez 21 minut tagasi
this is the nastiest thing I've seen
Pxilant 14 minutit tagasi
if it was straight you wouldn’t say so
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 16 minutit tagasi
Then get tf off the video and stfu
My Name • BEST SONG EVER 19 minutit tagasi
Straight people do it in music videos all the time.
My Name • BEST SONG EVER 20 minutit tagasi
bunnygirl 21 minut tagasi
u poor thing. click off then.
White Nigga
White Nigga 21 minut tagasi
Every like is a Cringe Meter
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 15 minutit tagasi
Neil Ategrass Myson
Neil Ategrass Myson 21 minut tagasi
So anyways... I started twerking
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 15 minutit tagasi
Same no cap
nErF Mk11plz
nErF Mk11plz 22 minutit tagasi
he killed the devil why y’all madd wasn’t that everyone’s dream
courtney cosgrove
courtney cosgrove 22 minutit tagasi
heterosexual twerking
Gabriella Almeida
Gabriella Almeida 22 minutit tagasi
Foda-se, sou cristão, odiei esse clipe
Mily Ö
Mily Ö 22 minutit tagasi
this honestly is so sad and disgusting. what has our world come to? God forgive you. Omg I’m not talking about him being gay, I’m talking about him making a video about Satan.
okay but
okay but 5 minutit tagasi
@Mily Ö As a Christian I genuinely don't understand how you can be this offended by.. a music video. Just click off and ignore it if you hate it that much. There's a reason why that imagery is there, but y'all don't really bother understanding that to instead complain about how offensive it is.
Mily Ö
Mily Ö 8 minutit tagasi
@My Name • BEST SONG EVER no but the video is. I’m not trying to create problems I was just saying this is offensive.
My Name • BEST SONG EVER 11 minutit tagasi
@Mily Ö Its not about satan tho listen to and read the lyrics
Pxilant 13 minutit tagasi
@Mily Ö if it was straight y’all would shut up 🤦‍♂️
Mily Ö
Mily Ö 14 minutit tagasi
@bunnygirl to a lot of people. Muslims and Christians to be specific. We don’t like this video and it’s really offensive to God. Idk why someone would make a video about Satan.
Chrisgamez 22 minutit tagasi
Lord Jesus plz help this video
bunnygirl 21 minut tagasi
cry abt it lol. there's much worse and you're sobbing over this? sad.
Gbk choppa
Gbk choppa 23 minutit tagasi
The entire intro sounds like the start of a movie
Please enter a name Please enter a name
I suggest you watch lyrics not the actual video it's a bit disturbing.
Pxilant 48 sekundit tagasi
@Please enter a name Please enter a name maybe he wants to twerk on someone else? let him do what he wants sheesh
Please enter a name Please enter a name
The song is okay, the video is disturbing closer to the end
Please enter a name Please enter a name
@Pxilant a guy dancing on a pole a guy basically twerking on someone else
Pxilant 12 minutit tagasi
how is it disturbing? tell me
Amber Miller
Amber Miller 23 minutit tagasi
Does anyone else have one chip and say ur only going to have one and u end up eating the whole thing
Socks 23 minutit tagasi
Todos sus videos están de la mierda, pero la canción... la canción lo cambia todo❤️
no scope
no scope 24 minutit tagasi
your hella gay
Pxilant 12 minutit tagasi
yea what’s wrong with that?
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 13 minutit tagasi
And? Whats wrong with being gay?
DJ 22 minutit tagasi
I am, thanks bae
bunnygirl 23 minutit tagasi
that is,,, the entire point,,,, did you miss the program?
Ttvshadow-wolf19 24 minutit tagasi
Hey if lil nas is gay I'll accept it plus it's his life
• Bbg Caroline •
• Bbg Caroline • 25 minutit tagasi
Tf *gays blushing* while I’m over here being bi af vibing and getting pumped when he kissed himself ( two boys is what I mean) AHHH
totorod12 25 minutit tagasi
*intense twerk*
Jackson Graham
Jackson Graham 25 minutit tagasi
This is disgusting
LollipopLammie 23 minutit tagasi
bunnygirl 23 minutit tagasi
its literally a music video. there's much worse out there. dry your tears.
My Name • BEST SONG EVER 25 minutit tagasi
Why is it disgusting?
• Bbg Caroline •
• Bbg Caroline • 26 minutit tagasi
I’m crying it’s a great song
Carlos Montes
Carlos Montes 26 minutit tagasi
nooo bru what did he do
亗Mr๛ FLOKi
亗Mr๛ FLOKi 26 minutit tagasi
Who is here after watching Hasi Tv
A Logical Girl Once said
A Logical Girl Once said 26 minutit tagasi
It’s unhealthy the amount of times I’ve watched this video at full length
Emma James
Emma James 21 minut tagasi
Same. It's amazing though.
Nvrending 26 minutit tagasi
When u sip on ectasy while watching thor Ragnarok be like
__2k -
__2k - 27 minutit tagasi
Brabo muito fodahhh curti🙌❤️
darwin palawan
darwin palawan 27 minutit tagasi
bayot ka na po ba??
nvjynx 27 minutit tagasi
Lil nas kinda thick ngl I’m straight too
Pxilant 11 minutit tagasi
i have some news for you...
Nevaeh Lingo
Nevaeh Lingo 28 minutit tagasi
Ah hell naw
Pxilant 11 minutit tagasi
ja ja
ja ja 28 minutit tagasi
This the new update?
Rosanna Lebron
Rosanna Lebron 28 minutit tagasi
The sky daddy stans are mad 😂
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson 28 minutit tagasi
What are these twerking twerking spamming comments
rxz ,ll
rxz ,ll 28 minutit tagasi
فجهنم خالدًا مخلدًا ياحي ياقيوم
DNGRS Games 28 minutit tagasi
He didn’t come out the closet, he flew out like Superman.
A Logical Girl Once said
A Logical Girl Once said 28 minutit tagasi
Trying to imagine bts reaction watching this
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