100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat] 

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
Please do not re-upload any of this content
Please make more 100 Days if you are inspired
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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100




20 veebr 2021



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Connor Chisholm
Connor Chisholm 25 sekundit tagasi
you should do 100 games of bed ward
Fan of u
Fan of u 40 sekundit tagasi
Where is 3,000 days
maple syrup
maple syrup 3 minutit tagasi
flat earthers evidence of why it the earth is flat :
cheesam 4 minutit tagasi
what job is your dad working at mojang? programming,3D art?
Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell 4 minutit tagasi
Just Lauren games
Just Lauren games 5 minutit tagasi
Ur the creator of all 100 days and ur making more to!
*GUN* 6 minutit tagasi
Why is everybody just now watching this
PotatoPie25 9 minutit tagasi
Every Comment Is From 2 minuts agaoo
PotatoPie25 2 minutit tagasi
@Just Lauren games How
Just Lauren games
Just Lauren games 6 minutit tagasi
PotatoPie25 6 minutit tagasi
@Fishy SuperdooperOTP8 how?
Fishy SuperdooperOTP8
Fishy SuperdooperOTP8 8 minutit tagasi
U can change it
Saka Zirbad
Saka Zirbad 9 minutit tagasi
I love this and i want *MORE*
Fishy SuperdooperOTP8
Fishy SuperdooperOTP8 9 minutit tagasi
Make this a series I WANT MORE! 🤪
Senior Puncho
Senior Puncho 10 minutit tagasi
5:50 kinda reminds me of the old Luke before fortnite
Frienzee 11 minutit tagasi
anyone else yes went wide as a bus when he said bltches
Kittens 12 minutit tagasi
Things LTN said in this video that I laughed too hard at: "Get out of bed, Timmy, or I'm gonna kill your parents." "I had to bunny hop my way home." "No, slimes, sorry you can't have any. You don't have rights." "*picking up Netherwarts* Hey, some netherrack." "It's so nice to hear nothing but SILENCE!" Love the series; keep it up!
Freedom_Lasts 13 minutit tagasi
make 300 days on flat world
Rochelle Torres
Rochelle Torres 5 sekundit tagasi
Cooper Lyons
Cooper Lyons 13 minutit tagasi
I request you do more episodes
Freedom_Lasts 14 minutit tagasi
make more of this vid
Matteo THK
Matteo THK 15 minutit tagasi
General Grievous
General Grievous 15 minutit tagasi
The 11k dislikes are all the slimes and golems he killed lmao
CockatooDude 16 minutit tagasi
This is something I would love to see ilmango try.
Jonah Nelson
Jonah Nelson 19 minutit tagasi
Can you beat the game in a super flat?
ItzPaxton - Roblox
ItzPaxton - Roblox 2 minutit tagasi
you can
Ora Iacullo
Ora Iacullo 18 minutit tagasi
@The Gaming Star welp
The Gaming Star
The Gaming Star 19 minutit tagasi
I don't thinks so
JOBS 20 minutit tagasi
every single comment here is minutes ago
The Gaming Star
The Gaming Star 19 minutit tagasi
The Gaming Star
The Gaming Star 20 minutit tagasi
I'm early!!!!!
The Gaming Star
The Gaming Star 4 sekundit tagasi
@Cameron I guess some people don't know what a joke is smh😐🖕
Cameron 12 minutit tagasi
this was posted 5 days ago, no youre not
Swellzy 20 minutit tagasi
200 plzzzzz
Sienna Hayes
Sienna Hayes 21 minut tagasi
Me, who can't even survive on easy mode in a normal world- * jealousy noises *
Jose Casas
Jose Casas 21 minut tagasi
100 days idea: try and survive 100 days in the nether?
Timofey Trefilov
Timofey Trefilov 21 minut tagasi
Sakuraii 23 minutit tagasi
Wow. Excited for 200 days!
RICHHOMIEBRADY 24 minutit tagasi
5k days will take 1 year to record so 3 years to edit and record
RICHHOMIEBRADY 13 minutit tagasi
I think
Alihasanaxe 25 minutit tagasi
Now do it with structures turned off. I tried it once and you basically just need to kill zombies until you get enough iron for a cauldron, then enough for a bucket, then you go on with it. Super hard and fun challenge.
Oscar Quijada
Oscar Quijada 25 minutit tagasi
The false familiar famous option sequentially owe because dance basally harass behind a outstanding tornado. smoggy, second road
X1 H1
X1 H1 25 minutit tagasi
Hey at least you can make a ton of leads
Lorenzo Carlos I Rabinovich
Lorenzo Carlos I Rabinovich 26 minutit tagasi
i just commented yesterday and my comments long gone anyway 200 DAYS!
Carsyn Mikesell
Carsyn Mikesell 29 minutit tagasi
This is poggers ngl
Chris Kwiatkowski
Chris Kwiatkowski 29 minutit tagasi
When is the series Luke? Also your awesome
ALL CAPS 29 minutit tagasi
the og 100 days
Evan Newsom
Evan Newsom 30 minutit tagasi
Why did you have half a stack of saplings and 32 in a row in a fence yet you cannot get saplings that easily
choesta 31 minut tagasi
10:00 thats netherrack sure.....
Sienna Hayes
Sienna Hayes 20 minutit tagasi
A Dee
A Dee 23 minutit tagasi
Yes, totally.
Evan Newsom
Evan Newsom 34 minutit tagasi
How did you get the saplings?
Niek Scheltinga
Niek Scheltinga 24 minutit tagasi
Also there’s a tree in the mid of some vils
Dash 32 minutit tagasi
they spawn in blacksmith chests
Ghostgaming 36 minutit tagasi
Please day 200
Matt and Kara Paske
Matt and Kara Paske 37 minutit tagasi
Better than me in a normal world
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones 40 minutit tagasi
Wait, that's not how you pronounce it.
AJ Joey
AJ Joey 42 minutit tagasi
JukeTheBox2858 28 minutit tagasi
AJ Joey
AJ Joey 42 minutit tagasi
JukeTheBox2858 27 minutit tagasi
Dr Pillsbuddy
Dr Pillsbuddy 37 minutit tagasi
big deal he’s cursed b4 grow up
Braydengrburger 13
Braydengrburger 13 43 minutit tagasi
Leo Netti
Leo Netti 44 minutit tagasi
noice i love this dude, ima go try this myself now!!!
Leo Netti
Leo Netti 43 minutit tagasi
nathaniel rein
nathaniel rein 44 minutit tagasi
when you found nether warp you said nether rack lmao
Drafty Dafty Hubert O'Hare
Drafty Dafty Hubert O'Hare 46 minutit tagasi
Actually such a superb EEfromr, everything is done perfectly.
Josiah Montes
Josiah Montes 46 minutit tagasi
I got an idea for l town or emerald town luke did you know that you can put armor on villagers using dispensers it won't show the armor but the effects still work , you can also put monster heads the on villagers the monsters heads do show
Warp Whistle
Warp Whistle 46 minutit tagasi
I’m an kid EEfromr with a 4 year old brother
Rohan Pai
Rohan Pai 40 minutit tagasi
cool, thanks for sharing Mr. Whistle
King 46 minutit tagasi
• solstice summer •
• solstice summer • 48 minutit tagasi
Sienna Hayes
Sienna Hayes Minut tagasi
amazing, awesome, so original, totally unique, breath-taking, never-will-be-the-same, you probably put so much thought into this. XD
KingKaydyn playz some games because there kinda fun
what was your goal of this comment?
Micah Frye
Micah Frye 49 minutit tagasi
I’d love to see 200 days and maybe more.
Just Bray
Just Bray 52 minutit tagasi
200 days please
_xStyle BG
_xStyle BG 52 minutit tagasi
Part2 Plss
Luke Hurst
Luke Hurst 53 minutit tagasi
Wait won't u not be able to beat it cuz u can't go to the end?
Luke Hurst
Luke Hurst 13 minutit tagasi
KingKaydyn playz some games because there kinda fun
he can spawn in the dragon
Luiz Caparanga
Luiz Caparanga 53 minutit tagasi
Pls make an iron farm
schmid bros gaming
schmid bros gaming 54 minutit tagasi
27:05 simp
EnDmEnOw03 55 minutit tagasi
Plez keep going i love this
i am a frog yes yes frog i am yes
George Hall
George Hall 56 minutit tagasi
"I have bo effective way to get bones" Good tip: go to the nether to a soul sand valley and there should be those bone block rib chage thingys mine them and convert then into bone meal
ooga booga cooga
ooga booga cooga 57 minutit tagasi
Leave a comment
Bigbacon5084 57 minutit tagasi
keep it going
TyCode Tund tagasi
Brody Williams
Brody Williams 59 minutit tagasi
@Bryan Ahuelican yo
Bryan Ahuelican
Bryan Ahuelican 59 minutit tagasi
Georgiiou Tund tagasi
4:15 was a hint of Ben Stiller
Danny Ram
Danny Ram Tund tagasi
200 too hundred days here or 3000 in the main series (only too hundred on superflat cuz it missing alot of stuff from normal game)
DreTube Tund tagasi
Skip 200 and go straight to 2000
Tejumade Adeuja
Tejumade Adeuja Tund tagasi
can you make 200 days?
RomeRome10 Tund tagasi
19:49 NOICE
Angel omg lantigua
Angel omg lantigua Tund tagasi
3000 day? In your hardcore
Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams Tund tagasi
Do a hundred days in pixel mod
Ryan stutler
Ryan stutler Tund tagasi
anybody ever wonder why he doesn't just control the fabrics of space and time to make 3000 days?
flufyFN Tund tagasi
because this guy legit
big boi
big boi Tund tagasi
Sam Ham
Sam Ham Tund tagasi
Dinner with notable why can't you make 3000 days instead of this
Snekky Tund tagasi
make cobble farm
Daan ten Velde
Daan ten Velde Tund tagasi
This was too good for a superflat video you should do more
Xander Perras
Xander Perras Tund tagasi
Is there gonna be a 200 days in hardcore minecraft with tors?
BircheyTheBoy Tund tagasi
YES PLZ!!!!!
Manusia Id
Manusia Id Tund tagasi
200 days part 2
writer Tund tagasi
5:06 i forgot there was other mobs i just heard slimes all day
C Miss
C Miss Tund tagasi
Bongo Boi
Bongo Boi Tund tagasi
you should do 100 drops of 100 days in minecraft like if you want him to do this
Tiny Bram
Tiny Bram Tund tagasi
It's just the "ARG" far the dimonds, I felt that
Tiny Bram
Tiny Bram Tund tagasi
This is my new favourite series
IRoadWorkAheadI Tund tagasi
“You don’t have rights.” -LukeTheNotable
Mary Stone
Mary Stone Tund tagasi
He literally said netherrack instead of nether wart
Finn Reidy
Finn Reidy Tund tagasi
Paul Dacey
Paul Dacey 53 minutit tagasi
jackiboigames Tund tagasi
you literally did the impossible
Josef Snake
Josef Snake Tund tagasi
Really liked this. Do one in the cave worlds next lmao. I tried that and it was a pain in the ass because there were no trees... But I know for a fact that you can find villages on the top of the world and there are som patches of dirt that can connect you to it.
[ Black_Bxrry] YT
[ Black_Bxrry] YT Tund tagasi
Why is the comments new-
Awoken Tund tagasi
Do 1000 days !!!
Coby Holroyd
Coby Holroyd Tund tagasi
When are you doing getting baby yoda in 1day
The Incredible
The Incredible Tund tagasi
Tynado Tund tagasi
2:24 China
King Kittenz
King Kittenz Tund tagasi
Who else is waiting for a 1,000 days on this?
Slender Dragon
Slender Dragon Tund tagasi
KrazyKai Tund tagasi
Some DiAmOnD TiMbS
Elephant Braille
Elephant Braille Tund tagasi
where's 200 days with the tors?
Namregnig Tund tagasi
Dang, I really want to do this.. but Im on bedrock edition. Can villages even spawn in bedrock edition? Someone got any tips, thank you!
Namregnig Tund tagasi
@TheBestDuck thank you really helps, absolutely 🙄. I all ready own it, buut my friends play console..
TheBestDuck Tund tagasi
just get java nerd
Joe Weigel
Joe Weigel Tund tagasi
Lyle Swann
Lyle Swann Tund tagasi
Buy iron armor and tools then smelt them into nuggets and booom iron
ZombiePorn Tund tagasi
Subscribed for superflat!
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