Amazing Ideas To Upgrade Your Home 

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24 veebr 2021



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JayJay Aubry
JayJay Aubry 11 tundi tagasi
The misty astronomy singly spell because geology informally cry for a adaptable deposit. terrible, freezing skate
Kenzi Jean
Kenzi Jean Päev tagasi
This freaking cool
Xx .Julie. xX
Xx .Julie. xX Päev tagasi
Mare Maia
Mare Maia Päev tagasi
I love this video. Definitely my favorite video! You should make more videos like this.
Leonard Zemani (PUPIL)
Leonard Zemani (PUPIL) 2 päeva tagasi
Hah noice
Heather Trahan
Heather Trahan 2 päeva tagasi
You are so sweet 💗
Charniez Abejuela
Charniez Abejuela 2 päeva tagasi
Hi Idol ❤️ I love you so much
Brick Set
Brick Set 4 päeva tagasi
Amarie _Playz
Amarie _Playz 4 päeva tagasi
“Finally something I can stand on....literally”
Ari Medina
Ari Medina 5 päeva tagasi
Can you please play Roblox.😅🥺😷
The Soviet Seal Toe
The Soviet Seal Toe 5 päeva tagasi
Phil swift is proud
Ava Chiu
Ava Chiu 6 päeva tagasi
Very AWSOME!!!!!
Ne Thu
Ne Thu 6 päeva tagasi
Brett Elpers
Brett Elpers 7 päeva tagasi
"very cool kanye" thats what she said.
Sierra Hale
Sierra Hale 7 päeva tagasi
Starbucks IS AMAZING
Starbucks IS AMAZING 7 päeva tagasi
In 10 years this video will be the present
Dami Choi
Dami Choi 7 päeva tagasi
One of my cousins have the secret snack shelf(not really secret now
TIMOTHY EAGLE 7 päeva tagasi
Homeless ppl be like when they see this: 😭😭😭😭😭
Keira Seifert
Keira Seifert 7 päeva tagasi
Leah: If I was a vampire I would be dead Me: Laughing even know it wasn’t the funniest
Saleem Hosein-Doon
Saleem Hosein-Doon 7 päeva tagasi
The one with the thing goin around the sink to block the water if you look closely at the bottom of the persons shirt it is soaking wet.
jellyz Xx_Sspexced さくらししみ
Did she just say. Her:OrAyGaNo. Yall fillipinos being like oregano she be like OrAyGaNo girls boys um hale to the queen of participation not me her 😌💅 oh come on al we fillipinos know what oregano is like..... mom:hoy tigilan mo nga muna yang cp mo Tulungan mo ako Kunis yung oregano haha
Lit Steve
Lit Steve 8 päeva tagasi
The vErY cOoL kAnYe had me cracking up
Fizza Sayed
Fizza Sayed 8 päeva tagasi
Me: takes screenshot as if I'm going to make any of these
nirupama anand
nirupama anand 8 päeva tagasi
nirupama anand
nirupama anand 8 päeva tagasi
Karlibug23 8 päeva tagasi
Cheddar cheese vibes
SOKHAVY RETH 8 päeva tagasi
I love you
Bryan Destra
Bryan Destra 8 päeva tagasi
0:40 who else thought that space was the fridge
Jorry🤑 9 päeva tagasi
I have that sticker but we never used it lol 5:40
Honey Kisses
Honey Kisses 9 päeva tagasi
Hi future self getting this again in 5 years
When they made the brick thing with that play mat i was like Me: I'm sitting on that thing-
Scottie Baker31
Scottie Baker31 10 päeva tagasi
ALYSSA CONLEY 10 päeva tagasi
My school made the swing table
tj blosser
tj blosser 10 päeva tagasi
I broke my knee and heare I am watching sssniper wolf my fav youtuber.
Pandaglitterstar 11 päeva tagasi
Who wants her to a video where she tests these out?
HelloDeath 11 päeva tagasi
Amazing idea to upgrade ur home! Me : my brother upgrade his toilet into volcano
Kay 11 päeva tagasi
NSM BRUH 12 päeva tagasi
The first one was the best
Henk Van Remeker
Henk Van Remeker 12 päeva tagasi
Crystal_gamer UwU
Crystal_gamer UwU 12 päeva tagasi
My cousin has the modern stairs😚
Isabelle Schweitzer
Isabelle Schweitzer 12 päeva tagasi
just me me and i
just me me and i 12 päeva tagasi
sssniperwolf wof wof
SaySay Nixon
SaySay Nixon 13 päeva tagasi
On 3:54 when sssniperwolf was rhyming how to say you can hang your brother was in that closet
c h e e z e
c h e e z e 14 päeva tagasi
SSSniperwolf:i dont like the holes me:uh thats called trypophobia
Sofia Isadora Kilter
Sofia Isadora Kilter 14 päeva tagasi
I feel like Lia’s favourite words are “vá bam” lol
Sofia Isadora Kilter
Sofia Isadora Kilter 7 päeva tagasi
@Mariam Khaled yea very true 😂
Mariam Khaled
Mariam Khaled 8 päeva tagasi
Or... That's illegal!
Me, you And toys that are cool
I have a dish washer and water still splashes
jayshree kamath
jayshree kamath 15 päeva tagasi
The way she says disgusting is so funny 🤣🤣🤣
Epic Syd
Epic Syd 15 päeva tagasi
Imagine cutting cheese in the cheesy countertop
isabella pinedo
isabella pinedo 15 päeva tagasi
Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis 15 päeva tagasi
Didn’t drop out of college but dropped out the seasonings. Bruh u had me laughing 😂
Landon Pelkey
Landon Pelkey 15 päeva tagasi
When the sheet ceiling came up who else looked at the ceiling
Fax 16 päeva tagasi
Lia who’s your editor?
Ship Lap
Ship Lap 16 päeva tagasi
We actually made our countertops like this!
Deon McKenzie
Deon McKenzie 16 päeva tagasi
You are the best sss🤗🤩👧🐿🐾🦃
Lillian Nixon
Lillian Nixon 16 päeva tagasi
If you were a vampire you wouldn’t of bought garlic OOO GOT EM! I still love ur channel tho
Chante Gerber
Chante Gerber 16 päeva tagasi
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii
Chante Gerber
Chante Gerber 16 päeva tagasi
Chante Gerber
Chante Gerber 16 päeva tagasi
You’re right cheddar cheese doesn’t have holes
lupe torrez
lupe torrez 17 päeva tagasi
Jokes on you I put that marble on my kitchen counter
Chocolate Du Plessis
Chocolate Du Plessis 17 päeva tagasi
“That’s illegal”. “ Wam Bam ............... Ma’am”
Katie Parker
Katie Parker 18 päeva tagasi
How wish I was that talented 😐
•GÜMMY W0RM• 18 päeva tagasi
Hi 🍓🥛
ADDY Pie 19 päeva tagasi
You shine brighter than those tables :)
Yusuf Veziroglu
Yusuf Veziroglu 19 päeva tagasi
The limping sailboat annually walk because south africa clasically reach on a boundless chicory. heartbreaking, cultured property
BlueOceanStar Trumpet
BlueOceanStar Trumpet 19 päeva tagasi
Now I want to dothis
MT T 19 päeva tagasi
Eudora Kask
Eudora Kask 19 päeva tagasi
Bruh at the end you showed the sticker kinda things.Why didnt i know this i had to but all one bye one .It took sooo long time and others be like stiking them on.
Rachel blogs
Rachel blogs 19 päeva tagasi
OneDrippyPlayer 19 päeva tagasi
🧓🏻 Hey kid want some candy? Get in the van!
Ruth Countermine
Ruth Countermine 20 päeva tagasi
I love bricks
Indiana Polanco
Indiana Polanco 20 päeva tagasi
i put the big mouth effect on u from snap chat im not a hater though
Brendon 20 päeva tagasi
This video is so satisfying to watch!
Emmita Issaq
Emmita Issaq 20 päeva tagasi
If your reading this your human. HUH??? WHY ARENT YOU READING IT ALIENS?
Elisa Apostol
Elisa Apostol 21 päev tagasi
Done for the ps5
sarah nasir
sarah nasir 21 päev tagasi
Amna kazmi
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson 21 päev tagasi
I absolutely love how Lia just put random names to random people😂😂
Alexander Romero
Alexander Romero 21 päev tagasi
Jesus Gallardo
Jesus Gallardo 21 päev tagasi
It’s oregano
Melissa Robertson
Melissa Robertson 21 päev tagasi
My counter is marbly
bluebird Hamlyn
bluebird Hamlyn 22 päeva tagasi
I Love you wolf!🐺
Saint Fleur Charles
Saint Fleur Charles 22 päeva tagasi
I'm done yeah what that PS5
Shanme Dalton
Shanme Dalton 22 päeva tagasi
I have the spice shelf too!
NurAsyura Aspar
NurAsyura Aspar 22 päeva tagasi
Lia you made this video on my birthday
Kaitlyn Shadow Rose
Kaitlyn Shadow Rose 23 päeva tagasi
If I can fix anything then why can't I fix my life? I am having problems I have a mean sister I have fears I'm lonely at school because my bffs are always busy! :(((((( It's okay tho ^u^ cuz I felt this feeling a lot so I'm used to it
C La
C La 23 päeva tagasi
In 3:31 I woulda just layed up there-
Karen Cerfontyne
Karen Cerfontyne 23 päeva tagasi
I love this video it is so cool and sssniper wolf made it So funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍🤭❤️
Butterfly Fluttershy
Butterfly Fluttershy 23 päeva tagasi
it's Italian dog
it's Italian dog 23 päeva tagasi
Sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Devin 24 päeva tagasi
Hmmmm mk ima buy my own tiny hour make it pretty and make it lil juciey
Riya IAS
Riya IAS 24 päeva tagasi
10:04 BuT AnYwAyS
zendaya Alexander
zendaya Alexander 24 päeva tagasi
Yasssssss queen
Wanda Moyd
Wanda Moyd 24 päeva tagasi
I love your videos
Lexi Winsper
Lexi Winsper 24 päeva tagasi
Gerard Labrecque
Gerard Labrecque 25 päeva tagasi
Who does your hair. And are those real glasses or part of the very fun to listen to personality you deliver?
Mj M
Mj M 25 päeva tagasi
HRD Heather 77
HRD Heather 77 25 päeva tagasi
pull out pantry's are common in tiny homes
Fumez On Yt
Fumez On Yt 25 päeva tagasi
Denise Coulson
Denise Coulson 25 päeva tagasi
"Ima a very deal with it person 2:37 Sssniperwolf-
Kyky bb
Kyky bb 25 päeva tagasi
If yall hate sssniperwolf don't watch her videos yall wasting yall time I love her vids
BlubBlubRAWR 25 päeva tagasi
“Wifu doesn’t like the ceiling THEN I DONT LIKE THE CEILING” Me: *my friends doesn’t like my braids THEN I DONT LIKE HER PONY TAIL BRAID*
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