My Ridiculous 1 Year Range Rover Ownership Experience (Here's What Broke) 

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28 apr 2021



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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Місяць tagasi
Visit www.manscaped.com/tcs to learn more about how to “check yo’ self” while enjoying your @manscaped products at home, or make a donation to the Testicular Cancer Society today to save lives (and balls!) . Get 20% Off + Free Shipping @Manscaped with the code HOOVIES at Manscaped.com! #sponsored #manscaped #TCsociety
powun 22 päeva tagasi
Should you try to upgrade firmware to make electronics and gearbox better?
Jerry Wilderman
Jerry Wilderman Місяць tagasi
Nice infomercial!!!! Don't remember what it was about but you made it fascinating! LOL
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes Місяць tagasi
Just build me an early 1980s Mercedes with none of the stupid microchips and call it a day.
Silas Marner
Silas Marner Місяць tagasi
No. I won't.
Shmuel Yosef
Shmuel Yosef Місяць tagasi
If I were a parent and saw that in the ad kid wouldn't be watching these
Michael CR
Michael CR 5 tundi tagasi
should've bought her a Land Cruiser 200 Series!
Kesh Päev tagasi
Are the facelifted Range Rovers much better than the pre-facelifted models?
Geo Päev tagasi
Get a stay can
Iosif D
Iosif D Päev tagasi
Brittish cars are normally wrong , the MG's Rovers and Minis are crap , blown headgaskets at low milleage , chain issues , and Land Rover they don't last long as well and to fix them its costs you a fortune , the realibility on those cars are worse than Fiats
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 2 päeva tagasi
I own & maintain a Range Rover P38 ...... Got more balls and ridiculousness than I ever imagined - great video 🚕
badinstinctsYoutube 2 päeva tagasi
Buy a range rover and put a toyota engine in it.
badinstinctsYoutube 2 päeva tagasi
1/2 msrp = 1 year old vehicle for me. You got ripped off!
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams 3 päeva tagasi
I can fix your heated seats turn on grip. Press the knob that changes the temp of the AC, turn it to the right, done.
Non Greasy肥而不腻
Non Greasy肥而不腻 4 päeva tagasi
Best luxury SUV = Range Rover. The rest are just ........
Frederick Thompson
Frederick Thompson 6 päeva tagasi
Honestly, this is a very tedious segment. Don't expect any useful insights whatsoever into Range Rover ownership...
Michael Lwande
Michael Lwande 6 päeva tagasi
So the inflation is real and coming fast.
Michael Victor
Michael Victor 6 päeva tagasi
I owned a Rage Rover once, once. So bad I had to get a mechanics manual.
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl 7 päeva tagasi
Cheers to Manscape for testicular cancer. Ewwww imagine Hoovie having body hair, but thinking of Hoovie Manscaping 🤮 Didn't want the wife and tykes brokedown on the side of the road, buy a Toyota or a Honda.
yes sirr
yes sirr 7 päeva tagasi
Shoulda waited a year and got an 18’, the technology in mine is amazing, the new double screen look is not laggy at all
Hi There
Hi There 8 päeva tagasi
I had Evoque for 5 years. I loved the look but hated the quality. OK - you cant actually hate something that dont exist. Tata Motors should stick making tuk-tuk´s and other stuff that dont require any actual quality. The "best" example of quality is the door locks - I had to change 3 of them within 5 years. Thats 3 more than I have changed any of my other cars ever. I dont even think about buying anything touched by Tata Motors.
Paul B
Paul B 8 päeva tagasi
You were lucky I have a 2014 Range Rover Sport autobiography with only 41k and full dealer service history and the 3.0 SDV6 engine has blown up and As it’s out of warranty LR don’t want to know even though it’s a known fault! £14k for a replacement engine! Totally shocking they should be embarrassed but as we all know Lane Rover service is only really good when they are taking your money! I asked them for comment on Twitter and all they did was block me as they don’t people to know!
Artie Shimmington
Artie Shimmington 9 päeva tagasi
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Alma Tucker
Alma Tucker 10 päeva tagasi
The fast column likely refuse because parrot worrisomely measure forenenst a smooth foot. dangerous, grouchy clam
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 10 päeva tagasi
As far as the manufacturers... There are still shortages, it is not getting any better... What you guys do not see are the logistic side of the auto companies... It is a real mess, we are running out of room to store trailers, both loaded and empty. It will be like this for at least another year in my book. Just my opinion.
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 10 päeva tagasi
One and two year service intervals on a turbo charged motor? Are they nuts?!?!?!? Change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. They do the same stupid intervals in big trucks... EGR motors, that eat their own waste and capture it in the oil... You may as well put sand in the crank case... Same effect. Sell the RR.
charredskeleton 10 päeva tagasi
Dump em, sell all your cars. Take the money and run!
charredskeleton 10 päeva tagasi
Not just oil but tires. The front tires will likely be ruined after 20k without rotaition.
Motive Intention Sincerity
oml, everything that is wrong in the world, and gets a following for it. He gets paid to whine like a bitch.
Ali 14 päeva tagasi
Old American cars are better than the new ones.
germanloco 17
germanloco 17 14 päeva tagasi
I have realized that if you press on stop in every moment this men is gonna have a strange face
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez 15 päeva tagasi
Great now everybody pictured hoovie shaving his pubes
Jan Medlin
Jan Medlin 16 päeva tagasi
Have we returned to Roman days and have all body hair removed?
CrazeyP 17 päeva tagasi
3 more years and this will be in high 20s to low 30s on market
Jeff Mellow
Jeff Mellow 17 päeva tagasi
So pay $20k a year to save $5k a year on taxes? There is some good logic for ya.
Jorge Kutev
Jorge Kutev 17 päeva tagasi
Si ves un Range Rover en la calle - o va al taller, o vuelve del taller
TJ 17 päeva tagasi
He reminds me of a small Gronk
Everything Afrik
Everything Afrik 17 päeva tagasi
Dimondminer11 19 päeva tagasi
15:48 No kidding considering a CHEVY CAVILER IS $3500 IN SOUTHEAST KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!
MissEmotional 19 päeva tagasi
Imagine being a JLR dealership and having other cars such as Mercedes in your inventory.... Disgrace.
MissEmotional 19 päeva tagasi
If don't like it, don't buy it... Simple.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 19 päeva tagasi
Tyler: I have 5 cars in the wizard's shop, 8 cars in my garage, and a few more in storage. At least one of them is your dream car. Also Tyler: Should I lease a new car?
Tengku J.W
Tengku J.W 20 päeva tagasi
RR sport not reliable! My encounter engine oil leaking at 45,000-47,000 km! Don't buy
Colin Sword
Colin Sword 20 päeva tagasi
Well that was crap filler!
raymond adams
raymond adams 20 päeva tagasi
over rated and over priced and not british anymore. my son had one for three weeks
Anthony Farnan
Anthony Farnan 21 päev tagasi
If your “stock” is the cars you buy and sell, why isn’t your accountant treating them as fully tax deductible? Your business model is similar to most used car dealerships. You need to get yourself a better accountant.
Anthony Farnan
Anthony Farnan 21 päev tagasi
Did Hoovie get a covid jab? His speech seems really disjointed.
cornellcornell1 21 päev tagasi
9 min before getting to the point Correction : 13 min
joseph capra
joseph capra 21 päev tagasi
If Range Rovers are such garbage, ( and they clearly are) why are they still made, and why do people buy them?
joseph capra
joseph capra 21 päev tagasi
A friend of mine's beautiful daughter married into the family of a MLB owner/billionaire banker who owned a RR dealership, and he expressed an interest in buying a Range Rover. They told him "Don't do it, it will bankrupt you.".
Leonard MacAulay
Leonard MacAulay 21 päev tagasi
Hoovie now you know that reliability and Range Rover are never mentioned in the same sentence regardless of age or mileage and is never done among gentlemen .
CRAPO2011 22 päeva tagasi
Looks like people still arent all that warmed up to EVs if they still have a 2020 Taycan in inventory.
badninja1971 22 päeva tagasi
A friend of mine worked for AA(U.K.) probably AAA(us). They towed these off the ferry before they got to the dealership, let alone the customer. 😂
Scott Dean
Scott Dean 22 päeva tagasi
You bought a Range Rover.. What did you expect It’s the most unreliable 4x4by far Surely this is self explanatory
Patrick Mckinney
Patrick Mckinney 22 päeva tagasi
Hoovie you inspired me I just uploaded a video about the cheapest VW Mk2 golf in America
Scott Maloney
Scott Maloney 22 päeva tagasi
gayrad47 23 päeva tagasi
I had the opportunity to finally sit inside a fairly new one 2018 and my god is it a shit bucket!! Everything I touched steamed cheap! When you open and close the doors... cheap. When the guy tried showing me the keyless entry, didn’t work. When I trued navigation the infotainment system and gage cluster, non of it made sense it was all messy. The door panels were falling off, and the horn is something off of a Toyota Corolla. And I would much rather buy a Corolla. Lmao. Don’t get suckered into “it’s so well designed”. That doesn’t mean it was made well at all
lloydrmc 23 päeva tagasi
The computer = the ghost of Luckless (Lucas) electrics 10 year old Kia Optima S trim, front or back seats, just touch a button to turn the seat heater on or off.
Jon Rover
Jon Rover 23 päeva tagasi
Push down the temp dial for the heated and cooled seats. It's much quicker.
Rob Culpepper
Rob Culpepper 24 päeva tagasi
You lost me at the “infotainment system delay” situation. No Land Rover in my future.
NEFology 24 päeva tagasi
Are you related to Jeff Goldblum or are you just a huge fan?
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 24 päeva tagasi
'Eurination Bob's 🤣🤣 love it...love your shows Hoovie!
Cathryn Mataga
Cathryn Mataga 24 päeva tagasi
Mr. Hoovie, finding out what it's like to be rich. That stuff owned by rich people goes up in value. Stuff owned by average people turns into dirt.
Arjun K. Visakh
Arjun K. Visakh 24 päeva tagasi
which warranty did you buy?
John Cross
John Cross 24 päeva tagasi
Should bought aToyota .Well none fact Rover products are C**p
Sparky 69
Sparky 69 25 päeva tagasi
Im British...dont buy them!...you bought so it wouldn't leave your wife by the road....you dumb
Labour Law Act
Labour Law Act 25 päeva tagasi
My Nissan Sentra is 21 years old, and a daily driver. It's never developed any coolant leaks in all this time.
One Bridge
One Bridge 25 päeva tagasi
I took a 2020 HSE on a long road trip. It was great, but on the drive home the radio and main screen broke. It only had 3,000 miles on it.
ProfessionalAsshole 25 päeva tagasi
Those Landovers are like owning a gold bar that gives you testicular cancer, their quality is beyond terrible
Richard Stamper
Richard Stamper 26 päeva tagasi
Wow, an honest ex car sales guy, what happened? Anycase, I am so glad you gave that Range Rover a thumbs up. There's no doubting that Land Rover make some beautiful cars. Their reliability can come into question but despite that there's thousands of them over here in the UK. I suspect why yours is so good is because of that V8 petrol engine. Due to the fuel cost here V8's can be very expensive to run so we have a lot more diesels. These engines suffer many failures like, turbo's, injectors and electrical related issues but even so, I think when right there is simply nothing to touch the Land Rover for design, comfort, style and ride. Not that I am bias in any way.
Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny 26 päeva tagasi
WORST car PERIOD, I have ever owned! Crap! What happened to my 2016 RR? Steering wheeel locked up. Transmission failed. 100% electrical failure on RT 95 just outside of NYC. Dealers were closed and call to guaranteed service and transportation for myself resulted in "not on weekend nights." Overheated engine. Key fab failied to work many times. Traded in for a Toyota Land Cruiser. Hey, find me even one person who ever bought a second RR!!!
Lance Vance Dance
Lance Vance Dance 27 päeva tagasi
Did he just say they bought a LL thinking it won't breakdown and let them hanging on the road? Is this guy a salesman. What does he do? If he is then he know F all about cars.
Terence Jones
Terence Jones 27 päeva tagasi
"My wife needs something that won't leave her on the side of the road" Buys a Range Rover made in the West Midlands - a by word for electrical reliability* * - Sarcasm. Land rover - designed to fail.
John Smith
John Smith 27 päeva tagasi
Hi. Its not that your cars are worth more today than they did 2 years ago. In fact its because a dollar is worth less today than it did 2 years ago. The lower value of the dollar is whats causing price figures to go up.
bgmcc907 27 päeva tagasi
I’ve got a helluva National Lampoon movie scene based on my experience renting a Jaguar XJ6 THE ONE TIME(!).
jean cadet
jean cadet 28 päeva tagasi
Get a Lexus
sd Born
sd Born 28 päeva tagasi
Guys, any news about Maybach???
Bob Partridge
Bob Partridge 28 päeva tagasi
Only the manufacturer with almost the worst service record. Even their Chinese customers protested outside their factory about their defective products. If you wanted something less reliable you would have to search high and low. Maybe a Jeep next time?
Christo Guichard
Christo Guichard 28 päeva tagasi
Hilarious how much of a downer Americans have on these, when the U.K's roads are absolutely full of them with hardly any issues. Mmmm....I wonder WHY that is? 🤔🙄
Henryk Czemierzewski
Henryk Czemierzewski 25 päeva tagasi
Shit, incompetent mechanics in the USA, unfortunately all they are good at is overcharging for poor quality work.
SRS15 29 päeva tagasi
um...Land Cruiser/Lx570?
daraboy1973 29 päeva tagasi
12mnth ownership with mine 4 new tyres and oil changes 2 . That's it nothing else period .My next car will be another .
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 29 päeva tagasi
You lease through corporations. Otherwise I suggest you just devalue the vehicles since they are part of your blog inventory. I hope that your tax man is keeping track of every $0.75 the wizard charges you to spray lubricant in the steering column. I don't see you making any money off of these vehicles except for your EEfrom so all these vehicles you're buying are definitely materials for those EEfrom videos. Just like nails for a carpenter or paint for a painter at least to perform a job. every job needs paper and paper cost money
Terry Ray
Terry Ray 29 päeva tagasi
3:40 End of commercial
Dan Pettis
Dan Pettis 29 päeva tagasi
remember.. it's made by TATA motors .. of India.. not exactly known for reliability or quality control. that thing will be a worthless heap in 10 years..if even that long
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars 29 päeva tagasi
European shortage of used cars too. I’ve just ordered an M340i xDrive here in the UK and the dealer has done a strong deal as my trade-in is a good car which they can retail. They say they’re short of used stock.
mrvoyagerm Місяць tagasi
Ok I'll bite - what is a HOOPTY?
mrvoyagerm Місяць tagasi
I understand that the automakers themselves are to blame for slowing the chips down last year. Everyone but Toyota/Lexus who kept their flow going is now wishing they hadn't cut back on parts and chips.
m0use Місяць tagasi
Asa Chapin
Asa Chapin Місяць tagasi
Get her a new xc90 I have a 2018 momentum and it’s amazing 🤩
DMT Місяць tagasi
wow i bought a 80k mile 2014 range rover sport supercharged with every option offered for $28k thinking i overpaid in 2019
mike peebles
mike peebles Місяць tagasi
First mistake purchasing a Rover. Anyone can Google them and see what such money pits they are.
Dan Willbanks
Dan Willbanks Місяць tagasi
Nicholas Appeah
Nicholas Appeah Місяць tagasi
I have had the same problem on my brand new one with less than 5000 miles but this was promptly sorted
Kirk Stricker
Kirk Stricker Місяць tagasi
Sell it now!
Luca Di Grazia
Luca Di Grazia Місяць tagasi
So, what broke? I will not look at his videos again...
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith Місяць tagasi
The regular ex-husband endoscopically boast because giraffe resultantly chase opposite a simplistic potato. rapid, wandering august
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf Місяць tagasi
If you daily drive any European car, you are brave and wealthy, or you got rocks in your head. Flip that Chelsea Tractor while its still worth a ton and lease a nice car for the wife, solves two problems at once!
ianhereinaz1 Місяць tagasi
Land Rovers are complete buckets of bolts
David Quirk
David Quirk Місяць tagasi
USA oil must really suck if it's sludging at 12,000 miles! What's the issue?
Tony Luk
Tony Luk Місяць tagasi
Didn't she once said it was way too big for her?!
Terry W
Terry W Місяць tagasi
Nice looking car.
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones Місяць tagasi
Did you say 1..............1 911 the rest are pre-sold? I need to open a Porsche dealership as it appears you don't need a new car sales staff.
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones Місяць tagasi
No one is in a hurry in Britain so hence the lag in the infotainment system?
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Місяць tagasi
The Taycan beautiful, anything but that. I see they legalized weed in your area with such statements
msul78 Місяць tagasi
Why does it look l like it's from 2006? Looks so dated.
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