Awkward Divorce Drinking Game 

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21 veebr 2021



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nina stacey
nina stacey 23 tundi tagasi
samantha sherman
samantha sherman Päev tagasi
The way they’re dressed is SO pacific northwest. Holy crap.
bigboycain 2 päeva tagasi
John 3:16 New International Version 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Kwill 2 päeva tagasi
How the hell wasn't this cringe? Just some divorced Canadians chilling
June Berries
June Berries 2 päeva tagasi
I wanna make my parents do this... my dad slept with my moms best friend
Will Reed
Will Reed 3 päeva tagasi
That host was such a fucking weirdo
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez 3 päeva tagasi
Cody: why are we watching this Me:dude you picked the video idk
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta 3 päeva tagasi
This is the most hilarious shit I've watched today!
fg rt
fg rt 4 päeva tagasi
The onerous chemistry perioperaively flap because reindeer objectively interfere after a spicy pakistan. toothsome, flaky weasel
Alyssa Romero
Alyssa Romero 4 päeva tagasi
Sasha White
Sasha White 4 päeva tagasi
2:41 Lester Crest - GTA V ladies and gentleman.
Sammi 5 päeva tagasi
gonna call my bf ex-babe when i’m mad at him
aditya gupta.
aditya gupta. 5 päeva tagasi
Okay, the presenters is getting quite creepy here
story telle
story telle 5 päeva tagasi
"marriage partner" d-did you mean spouse? :')
sweet phangurl
sweet phangurl 5 päeva tagasi
Hes like that dude can have her they'd be great together😭😭😭
Nerdperior 6 päeva tagasi
"So did you guys ever eat eachothers boogers?
Maartje Goede
Maartje Goede 6 päeva tagasi
Why did they ever get married?😆
Thomas Brawn
Thomas Brawn 6 päeva tagasi
Cant even lie Cody makes these cut videos gold
Ezra Albrecht
Ezra Albrecht 6 päeva tagasi
Spouse Cody.. it’s called a spouse 😂😂😂😂😂
ItsnotDeliveryitsGiorno 6 päeva tagasi
Cody’s pervy director I’m DEAD
WelfareChrist 7 päeva tagasi
You nailed it early on, this producer creeps me out somethin fierce!
lexi 7 päeva tagasi
Yeltneb 7 päeva tagasi
cody at 11:37 to 11:44: "nbrihgbvrdbvhjfdgukaebruifbrua"
333 333
333 333 7 päeva tagasi
Yo 221 ww monk lemme holla
Carter Brownlee
Carter Brownlee 7 päeva tagasi
just a little mac lethal cameo
Caedmon Noeske
Caedmon Noeske 7 päeva tagasi
This was just sad.
Nicolas Medina
Nicolas Medina 8 päeva tagasi
Cody’s creep face is on point
beni oren
beni oren 8 päeva tagasi
Sea-Bass is a BottleCapCo
How did it take me this long to find this guy? I love this
Piper Lee
Piper Lee 9 päeva tagasi
cody needs bangs
Andrew Whitman
Andrew Whitman 9 päeva tagasi
Cody PLEASE more videos with Noel
Ski Mask Idiot
Ski Mask Idiot 9 päeva tagasi
7:34 is how all women my age think
michian jensen
michian jensen 9 päeva tagasi
hey whats poppin ...ye itsa aasss
Navy 10 päeva tagasi
their faces are perfectly coordinated in mirroring expression here: 4:57
* ricen *
* ricen * 10 päeva tagasi
11:04 did anyone else tap?
FRLLI 10 päeva tagasi
You're seriously fucking hilarious cody 😂
juuzou ko
juuzou ko 10 päeva tagasi
jack savage
jack savage 10 päeva tagasi
the dude behind the camera is like the camera guy in FTV porns
J Mac
J Mac 10 päeva tagasi
His new partner is in the back...just thinking about maybe cheating 😂🤣
Sophie 10 päeva tagasi
Kacy Chi
Kacy Chi 10 päeva tagasi
cody ur a lil to good at doing the creepy roll u got sum to tell us?
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest 10 päeva tagasi
like ya butt G **schmack**
nav 10 päeva tagasi
Oh my gawd they fuck on x games mode
Bo_Real 10 päeva tagasi
I'd kill for your eyebrows bro
Steve Nasty
Steve Nasty 11 päeva tagasi
Damn I was rooting for these 2
Haley Gagnon
Haley Gagnon 11 päeva tagasi
The meaty amusement regionally whisper because polyester empirically listen before a holistic great-grandmother. meaty, earthy soldier
Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly 11 päeva tagasi
bashful was one of the seven dwarfs. weird
PMM526 11 päeva tagasi
Why are they dressed the exact same
Victor Angeles
Victor Angeles 11 päeva tagasi
Cody should be employed by cut at this point, lol
sobin johny
sobin johny 11 päeva tagasi
The horny host😂
That Allison
That Allison 11 päeva tagasi
Honestly?? Respect to them for being so open about everything. They were not afraid to talk about this stuff
Mirror Grain
Mirror Grain 11 päeva tagasi
*****4:41***** Best part
KissMyCreative 12 päeva tagasi
I spit out my coffee at 4:42 lmao
Edmond Hayes
Edmond Hayes 12 päeva tagasi
0:37 laughed way too hard at this bro
Thunder Chicken
Thunder Chicken 12 päeva tagasi
Damn u the funniest guy on EEfrom thinking same thing about interviewer
meghpink meghpink
meghpink meghpink 12 päeva tagasi
This couple is really weird
Carina 12 päeva tagasi
5:00 they said they're going to drink stop asking more questions, how annoying lol i get trying to make it interesting, but that's the reason they have the alcohol
ChinaMari 12 päeva tagasi
She's on "national EEfrom" she ain't shy or trying to avoid attention
Will Abbottsmith
Will Abbottsmith 12 päeva tagasi
Dude I think being together digitally means she was having phone sex in the bed next to him ahaha oh mannn. painful clip, im with you dude....
Travis Price
Travis Price 13 päeva tagasi
.. ex babe. Lol
Ella Hedger
Ella Hedger 13 päeva tagasi
Lmfao the sex just got worse
Elles Mera
Elles Mera 13 päeva tagasi
Ex-babe ✨
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 13 päeva tagasi
Cody: let's see what divorced couples do Noel: DUDE ONE TIME I ATE AT CRACKER BARREL AND BLEW THE TOILET THE FUCK UP
Shyamli Tiwari
Shyamli Tiwari 13 päeva tagasi
Cody taking a pause to say - "Sorry Ex-babe" cracked me up sooo bad.
Gabriel Reid
Gabriel Reid 14 päeva tagasi
I dislike him he seems like one of those “hipster” misogynists types. Not the garden variety woman hater but. “ I’m so sad that me manipulating you made you feel bad let’s make it about me”
Justin Simmons
Justin Simmons 8 päeva tagasi
Just curious, what makes you think that?
y yg
y yg 10 päeva tagasi
Which part did u pick up on that? It was sad when she said she loved him more though, but i didnt pick up on it
Corvy 14 päeva tagasi
Man I want a gamer Girl to meet me on Warcraft WTF
Jason Quigley
Jason Quigley 14 päeva tagasi
You crack me up 😂😂
Ben Parker
Ben Parker 14 päeva tagasi
Oh it’s surfer dude matpatw
MichelleRDel 14 päeva tagasi
He took her out to docks bc of “the implication”
Marius Loesch
Marius Loesch 14 päeva tagasi
"So... did you guys do X?" He: "Yes" She: "No" He: "No"
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple 14 päeva tagasi
HeshMan96 14 päeva tagasi
Hey he does the thumbnail face at 2:13
V M 15 päeva tagasi
I hate it. He sucks and it’s so cringe!
Dead Fine
Dead Fine 15 päeva tagasi
0:14 its Jesus
Vent Toast
Vent Toast 15 päeva tagasi
I like the cut video where they ask grandmas
Ryan Mosser
Ryan Mosser 15 päeva tagasi
The crabby wren evidently blush because amusement obviously kiss beside a picayune eight. bad, obnoxious rotate
Ines Guillaume
Ines Guillaume 15 päeva tagasi
babe, i mean ex-babe...
Angelina Gomez
Angelina Gomez 16 päeva tagasi
I’m dead 😂
Karimeh Berrios
Karimeh Berrios 16 päeva tagasi
I always forget Codys canadian until he says “about”
Mah M
Mah M 16 päeva tagasi
*I might cheat*
Mah M
Mah M 16 päeva tagasi
How much are these people getting paid to partake in this types of shows 😭
Diana 16 päeva tagasi
This guy is literally the worst kind of a partner. Entitled, spoiled, and a doormat. A guy who thinks he has sooo many options because he's so irresistible and never fights for his girl. Girlfriend, you can do so much better.
Jessie Elizabeth McCarty
Jessie Elizabeth McCarty 16 päeva tagasi
cody ur funny
Jessie Elizabeth McCarty
Jessie Elizabeth McCarty 16 päeva tagasi
if my spouse said the best sex we ever had was the first time I would off myself
divorce your husband
divorce your husband 16 päeva tagasi
Bro I’m literally turning 18 this year but since I’m still 17 I can’t watch your latest video :(
Picklecicle 16 päeva tagasi
oh shit they plat wow together this dude is OUT of the picture
Nicole J.
Nicole J. 16 päeva tagasi
They look like they skied there from Vermont or Northern New Hampshire
Alex Whittaker
Alex Whittaker 16 päeva tagasi
He really said “X Games for Sex” when “SeX Games” was right there.
Brenty Tc
Brenty Tc 16 päeva tagasi
lol the recommended videos after the clip you reviewed Cody ! Should probably blur it....
Jensine A
Jensine A 17 päeva tagasi
Therapist: Don’t worry, Horny Producer Cody isn’t real Horny Producer Cody:
r5number1fan59 17 päeva tagasi
cody "fivehead" ko
Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
Bring them back in six months to find out how their second shot at a relationship is going lol
Maryrose O'Connell
Maryrose O'Connell 17 päeva tagasi
Chiara Joosten
Chiara Joosten 17 päeva tagasi
Ya know. If you want to make you nipple hair grow back less quick and in lesser quantity you should just pull them out. Like just rip them out with some tweezers ya know. It really works 😃
Rae M
Rae M 18 päeva tagasi
The more Cody keeps on reacting to The Cut the more I have a feeling they are gonna ask him and Noel to be on their channel
Bethany 18 päeva tagasi
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed 18 päeva tagasi
I don't feel comfortable watching this
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle 18 päeva tagasi
I think the host was asking strange questions to get them to drink... It just didn't really work...
R R 18 päeva tagasi
ok but why does cody mocking the guy sound EXACTLY like chad from scream queens💀 "ex-babe" in particular 😂
Kitluca 18 päeva tagasi
Cody looks like Chucky here before he went Into the doll but I still love him! 😂😂💕
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