Sidemen React to Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video) 

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Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)
Original Video: eefrom.info/limo/fH6qp6iVnNaitqo/video

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15 mai 2021



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Random commentor:are u a robot Bella:putangina robot daw ako
Seán Carr
Seán Carr 18 minutit tagasi
I like bold a do
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Tund tagasi
Why does bezinga constantly look pissed its off putting
ELITE NZL 7 tundi tagasi
Like the tone
Nina B
Nina B 8 tundi tagasi
She was born in the Philippines Bella poarch was born in the Philippines and moved to America Hawaii the state Hawaii she was also in the Navy
Raven Höhener
Raven Höhener 12 tundi tagasi
Fun fact: This video has 6.9K comments
i lowkey agree with jj for the melanie martinez comparision
prince family fan
prince family fan 22 tundi tagasi
Stop talking
CamzaBiy Päev tagasi
ita actually not a bad tune
Mahdi Shams
Mahdi Shams Päev tagasi
This song already has 177 million views in 1month
Angie BaBy xXxX
Angie BaBy xXxX Päev tagasi
Who is here from fortnite cos I never heard of this song till after I bought the emote
Matty G123
Matty G123 Päev tagasi
Like the message but not the song
Lundrim Sulejmani
Lundrim Sulejmani Päev tagasi
tbh i instantly spot mia khalifa
Dazzer J
Dazzer J Päev tagasi
eefrom.info/limo/hWqa0Nua1MjZ2nRi/video Melanie Martinez
NOT VEVO Päev tagasi
I lik chicken nuggets
NOT VEVO Päev tagasi
8:35 play date?
nugnugnugget 2 päeva tagasi
The binance hoodie lmao
Richard 2 päeva tagasi
Am just said that they got copyrighted 😔
rodrigo rhoy h pacis
rodrigo rhoy h pacis 2 päeva tagasi
i just now that ZHC is there i sed what the hell is he doing there
Winter Liang
Winter Liang 2 päeva tagasi
Type awesome
Blub 2 päeva tagasi
AFL MADBOT 2 päeva tagasi
3:04 is ZHC
Nala Bucknall
Nala Bucknall 2 päeva tagasi
Jake Paul coming to call sdmn simps 🪰
Marlon Celestine
Marlon Celestine 2 päeva tagasi
Who else saw zhc
David 2311
David 2311 2 päeva tagasi
“She’s the one with the face”- JJ 2021
Jerome Isidro
Jerome Isidro 3 päeva tagasi
FnafE? 3 päeva tagasi
the meludi is from morzat btw
Muzee Muzee
Muzee Muzee 3 päeva tagasi
Bella Poarch is so cool.
Gerard Dias
Gerard Dias 3 päeva tagasi
Bella stole this song from Mozart’s “Build a wench” in 1768
Revenge YT ッ
Revenge YT ッ 3 päeva tagasi
"A lot of people have face’s" Holy shit Sherlock!
Liam Adams
Liam Adams 3 päeva tagasi
Thats the type of song I wouldn’t put on but if I turned on the radio and this was playing I wouldn’t turn it over
superandom mania
superandom mania 3 päeva tagasi
Kevin Samuels should release a tune now then
rumaysa ishfaq
rumaysa ishfaq 3 päeva tagasi
Nick Hague
Nick Hague 3 päeva tagasi
The girl looks like pob ,Mac and me
alvin santos
alvin santos 4 päeva tagasi
look at the description lol idk why its like that
djmarshie 123
djmarshie 123 4 päeva tagasi
Sounds like ava max
Kitana Kahn
Kitana Kahn 4 päeva tagasi
I agree the video has a very Melanie vibe because Melanie’s videos all have a very childish and childlike theme to them with a more sinister and deeper meaning they all are very fun and playful and innocent childhood theme but it goes to a darker place as the video progresses for example crybaby or dollhouse or mad hatter to name a few they all have that childhood like theme incorporated into them but they then take a twisted turn and her vocals also has a very similar vibe to Melanie Martinez but either way I agree with JJ the song isn’t my style but it is still really good and probably the best tiktoker song i’ve heard
Deadshot daiquiri
Deadshot daiquiri 4 päeva tagasi
This is bad
Sheff Kane
Sheff Kane 4 päeva tagasi
O_ Strider08
O_ Strider08 4 päeva tagasi
Lol Zack (zhc)
Loki Alliston
Loki Alliston 4 päeva tagasi
The guy with the blue hear is ZHC
Rising Sun
Rising Sun 4 päeva tagasi
I also saw @ZHC
Jakobeee 4 päeva tagasi
Sideman Reacts to Mozart 1768
R R 5 päeva tagasi
I wanna know how much Ksi gets paid to wear that binance shirt 🤣
starboyami 5 päeva tagasi
I think jj just likes Bella
Clem Page
Clem Page 5 päeva tagasi
Y'all pause to much we want to see the video and you talking but talk after
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 2 päeva tagasi
… watch the original
just your typical hamster
Mf what's the point of the reaction then? If u want to see the video go to the original lmao
Oscar Asplund
Oscar Asplund 5 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one that see Mia Khalifa at the fucking start
You Tube
You Tube 5 päeva tagasi
KianSoCool 5 päeva tagasi
Anuda B
Anuda B 5 päeva tagasi
JJ rocking that binance merch lol 😂😂
Micheal Sheets
Micheal Sheets 5 päeva tagasi
What happened to ZHC's hair
Fatumah Kukunda Nabulime
Fatumah Kukunda Nabulime 5 päeva tagasi
Yeah....They're similar styles of music...(Melanie Martinez's)
dagonblack owo
dagonblack owo 5 päeva tagasi
And then there’s me who missed both of them
viral viruz
viral viruz 5 päeva tagasi
This songs crazy📛 Bella made her fame worth it now
kylie c
kylie c 5 päeva tagasi
melanie martinez
Pickles 5 päeva tagasi
Wait ZHC was in it😂😂
Will Lewthwaite
Will Lewthwaite 5 päeva tagasi
Any 1 else but at 3:12 it reminds me when ur holding on to irons in AW
Paxx2809 5 päeva tagasi
I like how in the begining they didn't notice the irrelevant blue hair art guy
Jj wanna shoot his shot
dreamer 5 päeva tagasi
Them jj sees the video taken down by copyright noooooooooooo no no no fucking youtube 🖕
Deluxe 12 Maarsh Gaming
Deluxe 12 Maarsh Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
None of the sidemen recon ZHC xD RIP ZHC
shaan saxena
shaan saxena 6 päeva tagasi
Damn the song is actually sickk...
HISHAM 888 6 päeva tagasi
She has her tatoos to cover up scars from her abusive foster parents. Madness
UnNaturalGreen 2 tundi tagasi
@Lee Senpai I have a membership to the H3 ppdcast channel so I got to see the podcast a day early (comes out today for everyone else). It's just so odd to not believe someone's horrific abuse story (again I only covered the surface, trust me when I say her life was bad) when there is so much evidence for it. It's like saying you don't buy the sun exists just because you refuse to look up at the sky to confirm. It's just messed up as human being to downplay someone's experience for no good reason? Like damn have some empathy 😅
Lee Senpai
Lee Senpai 9 tundi tagasi
@UnNaturalGreen you need to look up the word hating also need to keep in mind that not everybody is gonna like someone or something. I just don’t buy her abuse story. Sheeesh. Also many farm kids live that tf lol that’s not abuse it’s typical farm life. Wait so she was abused cause she couldn’t sit on the couch do you hear what you’re typing right now. “Beat her” she got ass whoopings lmao omg one Ac in the house omg the horror story. Why do you know this but when I looked online all she said was she just had to cover scars with her tattoos
UnNaturalGreen 10 tundi tagasi
@Lee Senpai Dude why are you hating so bad on someone you don't know? They would deprive her of food, she had to wake up at 3am to pick up crap from farm animals before she could go to school. If something was missed she would not be able to eat breakfast.. She would get beat by her father constantly. Both her step-dad and mom called her stupid bitch all the time. The negligence was to the point that they would not allow her or her younger brother to sit on the couch. They had to sit on the floor. They only had 1 ac for the house and her father kept it for himself in his private room. There were many times she had to go to school with bruises, but because the culture there was for everyone to mind their own buisness, even teachers turned a blind eye. I mean she even had to ask for permission just to have a drink of water. These are only a few of the things she talks about in the podcast I mentioned. It's serious stuff that led her to have PTSD which she received therapy for in the Navy (she served 4 years). As a human you would hope to at least have some sympathy for someone who had such a horrible upbringing.
Lee Senpai
Lee Senpai 10 tundi tagasi
@UnNaturalGreen what is pretty messed up? Was she left in a trailer with her sibling with no schooling and no food for days ? Did she have to survive on her own was she beaten with extension cords? Or was she just punished or gotten an ass whooping a couple times? If she was really traumatized she would have pictures of her scars and such
UnNaturalGreen 10 tundi tagasi
@Lee Senpai this was in the Phillipines. They don't have a cps system like they do here. Her upbringing was pretty messed up. If you want to hear her story the H3 podcast is posting an interview with her tomorrow.
Jay Maguire
Jay Maguire 6 päeva tagasi
Do you no milli who made m to the best she is my unclesfrend
mini_carries 7 päeva tagasi
Zhc is the one with the mint hair
Sony Boi
Sony Boi 7 päeva tagasi
B*tch means dog so she is calling herself dog :o
Call Of Music
Call Of Music 7 päeva tagasi
Anyone think of fnaf when you hear the song?
Call Of Music
Call Of Music 7 päeva tagasi
“I don’t build a b#^*%, I build my creativity”- this is trademarked by me also this comment has lots of different meanings
Edcy 7 päeva tagasi
Why does the ending of the song look like what somebody will picture bad blood by tailor swift will look like.
I like to eat BIG BANNA !
Why would I want to build a female dog
achie-wx 6 päeva tagasi
Lmao bellla is not asking us
Sarah 7 päeva tagasi
everything I can think is
McDonald'sDulic 7 päeva tagasi
Honestly you guys are loud asf and just not funny bye.
GladGraph5904 5
GladGraph5904 5 7 päeva tagasi
So there not going to talk about the first guy is/looks like zhc which has 22mil subd
dragonite 5
dragonite 5 7 päeva tagasi
Sorry but let the fuck ing video play oh my god
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie 6 päeva tagasi
why are you watching a reaction video if you dont want the reaction?
DaBest 7 päeva tagasi
DaBest 7 päeva tagasi
It’s bob the builder broke my heart Vik
DaBest 7 päeva tagasi
It’s bob the builder broke my heart vik
Tixmas is a qt
Tixmas is a qt 7 päeva tagasi
she was in the us navy in 2019
Damaris Auceda
Damaris Auceda 8 päeva tagasi
That was zhc
aliyah a
aliyah a 8 päeva tagasi
Was that Bob the builder 🤣
YOJAY✝️✝️ 8 päeva tagasi
Bro that’s ksi
Alan Walker Onel
Alan Walker Onel 8 päeva tagasi
Zhc a EEfromr have 17 or 20 mil subs
Sulphur 8 päeva tagasi
did jj mean ava max?
M8SK 8 päeva tagasi
Bella poarch in the navy me like the song
The Official Jack Rider
The Official Jack Rider 8 päeva tagasi
Ksi featuring Bella Porch
Cooper BUSUTTIL 8 päeva tagasi
Has anyone noticed that zhc is in The music video
Good Evening
Good Evening 8 päeva tagasi
JJ is so famous he can’t remember anyone’s name
rayzer peter
rayzer peter 8 päeva tagasi
Mia khalifa
Mr. Eriksen
Mr. Eriksen 8 päeva tagasi
Gavi Zahavy
Gavi Zahavy 9 päeva tagasi
Mozart 1768 version is better
yoeshva 9 päeva tagasi
I ogre with jj ogre
Shadow Productions
Shadow Productions 9 päeva tagasi
I agree with JJ in the last part. We know
Simon Blanchard
Simon Blanchard 9 päeva tagasi
Why did I know ksi knew the Mia khalifa
Maria Calderon
Maria Calderon 9 päeva tagasi
She's the one with the face
Maria Calderon
Maria Calderon 9 päeva tagasi
Hahaha haha her 🤣 face
Alfff123 gg
Alfff123 gg 9 päeva tagasi
Bella poarch did not do m to the b
TheNamesSasha 7 päeva tagasi
@lin n I mean she did it, but she didn't make the song
lin n
lin n 7 päeva tagasi
@TheNamesSasha no but bella did do the "m to the b" didn't she? that's how she got famous.
TheNamesSasha 7 päeva tagasi
@lin n millie B...
lin n
lin n 8 päeva tagasi
then who did
Cayden Pool
Cayden Pool 9 päeva tagasi
KSI is my favorite streamer
JFT Ashy
JFT Ashy 9 päeva tagasi
I mostly see my videos on my recommended
Reman Aziz
Reman Aziz 9 päeva tagasi
Comeeee on JJ we knew you didn’t just want to say “look at that sh-she’s got the dance moves as well” you wanted to say something else and you were looking were everyone knew you were looking XD
nopoewr 9 päeva tagasi
She is in the navy lol
umut kaynar
umut kaynar 10 päeva tagasi
Sheeeeh bruh she crazy
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