Finding the Lost Largest Pyramid in the World 

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Here is our second documentary. It’s a story about Ammar’s dream to climb the Pyramid of Giza and where that actually led him to...a dream he never knew he had, deep in the jungles of Guatemala. Thank you for those of you who supported the paywall for the past month, you made this doc and future ones possible for us. Thank you to all of you for supporting our dreams. Hope you enjoy the film now here on EEfrom!
This film was made with deep respect and love for our planet and all living things. No animals, flora, fauna (or people) were harmed in the making.
Thank you to Presi, Gabriel and Mario for guiding us through this experience. You can find more about their company, Maya Cosmos Ascension, here www.guatemalascension.org
If you would like to learn more about the Maya Biosphere Reserve, and the conservation efforts underway in Guatemala, please go to www.rainforest-alliance.org/articles/guatemala-forest-concessions-global-conservation-model
THANK YOU! To all of these amazing creators. This was one of the best and most impactful trips we’ve ever been on and a huge part of that is thanks to all of these amazing people that came along with us. Check all of these guys out, they are all worth following:
Sam Kolder:
Andreas Hem:
Perry Grone:
Johnny FPV:
Chelsea Yamase:
Sorelle Amore:
Max Rantz Macdonald:
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Who are we?
We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.
Business Inquiries: zack@yestheory.com
Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge, Colin Rosenblum, Samir Chaudry, Ryan Thiesen




15 sept 2019



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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Aasta tagasi
It took 7 days in the jungle of Guatemala, 8 weeks of editing with a whole team of editors and a community supporting us by purchasing the doc early to make this happen... (And then EEfrom doesn't let us monetize it hah, great!). No but we feel so grateful for this wild adventure and couldn't be happier we finally uploaded this to EEfrom. The amount of endless software problems, challenges in the story and brainstorms on how we could continue making films like this in the future has been wild. We're stoked to be in a place where we're happy to put this out for all of you guys to see. Thank you so all the creators for joining us and helping make this film possible. Thank you so Sam Kolder, Andreas Hem, Sorelle Amore, Johnny FPV, Chelsea Yamase, Max Rantz MacDonald and Perry Grone. There are links in the description for biosphere preservation, we highly encourage you to check it out and support in whatever capacity you can. MUCH LOVE!
Stephen Lamley
Stephen Lamley 9 päeva tagasi
Yeah I wish the woke would go back to sleep bloody nuisance
SFS Abhishek Gupta
SFS Abhishek Gupta 17 päeva tagasi
Loads of love !!
David Brallier
David Brallier 19 päeva tagasi
I'm sure you'll be okay that you weren't able to monetize this video. It's not about the money after all correct.
Cristi S
Cristi S 24 päeva tagasi
Congratulations on achieving your dream! Sincerely proud and happy for you
Unforgettable Mae
Unforgettable Mae Місяць tagasi
Every content brings more excitement and tremendous amount t of exhilarating feelings of expectation. This is another epic, you came to awake the world with God’s magical creation. You made it happened. Congratulations Thomas Brag Matt Dajer & Ammar Kandil ( hope I made your names right ) and to the incredible vibrant and determined team, I salute your dedication and your dream pursuit. Likewise to the amazing brilliant photos, video and editing, it blows my imagination because I can’t do it. Another unforgettable adventure to one of the most hidden treasure of civilization. From: Unforgettable Mae 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👍🙌😘❤️
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Diana Elizabeth
Diana Elizabeth 2 tundi tagasi
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1l0vs 12 tundi tagasi
شنو سوا عمار غلط عشان ابوه يتبرى منه مو فاااهمه؟
Drone Review man
Drone Review man Päev tagasi
I love FPV drones!!!! What a trip!!! What a Journey and just Epic f.p.v. footage!!! Man I need to learn acro and get flying again
Art3mix Päev tagasi
Y didn't you ask Bear grylls
GIVdB Päev tagasi
Poeple just look for the image, the superficial, the funny aspect but I see totally different history of the father, and this corrosive group. These guys are trying to make like this is a new thing and accomplishing a dream, but this documentary have been nothing more but selfish. You're learning nothing from this history and in the end just a bunch of hikers and trails, not even the end result you see. There's much better documentaries out there showing better appreciation for our ancestor culture. You can do much better than this!
Leonela kebi
Leonela kebi 3 päeva tagasi
Who else watch all the way to the end with the ending credits! There were a lot of executive producers!!!! This video was amazing I got really emotional watching it❤️
Josh Binas
Josh Binas 5 päeva tagasi
I'm just watching movie
Denton Fender
Denton Fender 5 päeva tagasi
The Egyptian guy did the right thing. What so evil, and terrible about going on adventures with buddies. His father needs to get off his cultural high horse, and accept his sons decisions in his life. What he does in an attempt to discover himself is really not his father's business.
Denton Fender
Denton Fender 5 päeva tagasi
How far did they walk---- a whole 5 miles. Oh my feet hurt. Snowflakes! Although that one guy with the sores on the side of his toes must be wearing too narrow a shoe size. They walked for 24 hours straight---- that is a lot of walking, but still, humans are made to walk. There are tribes that run bare footed a hundred miles in a day. City slickers!
Lt.Mcdonalds Gaming
Lt.Mcdonalds Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
Never regret subscribing this channel.. kudus to Yes Theory.. ♥️
Ice Nation
Ice Nation 7 päeva tagasi
What about goin back?
Stephen Lamley
Stephen Lamley 9 päeva tagasi
Thsts rough man about your dad dis owning you me and my father famously don't get on I hadn't seen my parents for months until yesterday on the drive home got into a relatively emotional conversation with him I cried my eyes out as I am now a dwas watching yourself upset. Great upload
Stephen Lamley
Stephen Lamley 9 päeva tagasi
That amore girl is probably one of the most attractive women I've seen
Thomas Bramwell
Thomas Bramwell 9 päeva tagasi
You didn't know you had to walk 50km their and 50km back? Wow!
MERILYNE MILTON 10 päeva tagasi
Damn..lovin this..please do more inspiring videos...
Stotropama Bandyopadhyay
Stotropama Bandyopadhyay 10 päeva tagasi
It's wonderful !!!!!! Great work man!
Radhika CB
Radhika CB 11 päeva tagasi
Inchikkk 11 päeva tagasi
Look at Ammar man. So happy after climbing that pyramid. Wish that I have the time and especially money to go on adventures like this.
Inchikkk 11 päeva tagasi
48:40 great censoring
Simon McDonald
Simon McDonald 11 päeva tagasi
Great stuff Isaac...love your little doco's bro
Rob 12 päeva tagasi
The dude casually praying in demonic tongues at 18:45
Joshua Davidson
Joshua Davidson 12 päeva tagasi
Family over everything, good luck to you my friend.
redphoenixian 13 päeva tagasi
I watch your videos with my 7 year old son and let him see the world through your eyes. And every time an episode ends he will tell me, on to the next adventure. I hope he grows to be a man like yourselves full of dreams and enthusiasm. This by far is one of your greatest feat. Thank you Yes Theory!
Getting Through Life
Getting Through Life 14 päeva tagasi
Amazing inspirational documentary x
CaydzPlayz _21
CaydzPlayz _21 14 päeva tagasi
Yoo love ya content
Millennial Mountaineer
Millennial Mountaineer 14 päeva tagasi
This was incredible. What a story- thanks for sharing your dreams and inspiring ours!! Choose Discomfort!
canadian american
canadian american 14 päeva tagasi
Heisel Burden
Heisel Burden 14 päeva tagasi
Yes with a purpose! 🙌🏻☺️hands down to you guys!
14 päeva tagasi
Ibn Hattuta Travels
Ibn Hattuta Travels 15 päeva tagasi
This is the most inspiring video for me on this platform, much love ❤️
Peter Nshimiyimana
Peter Nshimiyimana 15 päeva tagasi
Come on "Yes Theory Fans" you can get this Video to 10M views. These guys worked so hard
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia 15 päeva tagasi
I would like to get in contact with the roble in this video. My name and email is: Hector G. My e mail is; latinconsult1987@gmail.com
Marrsya Fuad
Marrsya Fuad 15 päeva tagasi
Just became a Yes theory fan and now I can sense a lil spark in me to start pursuing my dream....
UrbexR6 15 päeva tagasi
this right here is a true example of Family
Eyeofthemourning 16 päeva tagasi
With all that humidity and heat, no wonder allot of Maya ran around with little to adjust nothing on.
Nancy Henao
Nancy Henao 16 päeva tagasi
I think this is one of most epic things I’ve seen on EEfrom
Ray Betancourt
Ray Betancourt 16 päeva tagasi
Right here! My dad hated every thing I loved or wanted to do. I love music and have made a few hundred compositions.
Abhigyan 16 päeva tagasi
bruh this video deserves at least 10M likes
Dee Bakshi
Dee Bakshi 17 päeva tagasi
Subscribed! And officially a fan! Love from philippines 🇵🇭 ❤️
hollisey19 17 päeva tagasi
about half this video is pictures of themselves and showing themselves over and over with cameras etc.. the me generation.
Mark Mitera
Mark Mitera 17 päeva tagasi
I'd be more impressed if you were dirt poor. Money can make anything happen. If you can afford to travel to Egypt from the U.S., you have enough money to do anything you set your mind to.
Jervine Ang
Jervine Ang 17 päeva tagasi
I can feel the joy from Ammar from his smile.
SFS Abhishek Gupta
SFS Abhishek Gupta 17 päeva tagasi
This was by far the best video of yes theory I ever saw !! Today is 28th April , 2021 4:23 pm and I just can't believe what I saw !! The best produced video by you all !! This is epitome of perfection !! I was like thinking the whole time what the hell even I m going to comment on this video...coz this is so touching thrilling and I literally went through every single emotion that you all were going through !! No dream is ever small or big or weird ...just gotta believe in it and keep hustling for it !! The production, the angles and the shots were like beyond amazing ...hence the best video by yes theory !! I could go on and on ...... Thank you guys for being yourself !!
Stan 18 päeva tagasi
Tbh ammar gives a better speech than erwin from aot
Tyra Brown
Tyra Brown 18 päeva tagasi
Ethanolop 18 päeva tagasi
Who wears flip flops on a 100mile hike😂😂
Jan Torresan
Jan Torresan 18 päeva tagasi
Crazy video 👍👍
William Harbo
William Harbo 19 päeva tagasi
am i the only one who thinks that in the start of the video it sounds JUST like some kind of sick rap
Kyle Holt
Kyle Holt 20 päeva tagasi
You guys are such an inspiration.
Eka Setyawati
Eka Setyawati 20 päeva tagasi
Hi I'm a new subscriber from Indonesia , hope after pandemic you would come over to have contents here :D
Hans Reyes
Hans Reyes 20 päeva tagasi
Ammar, just like you I've always wanted to climb the pyramids of Egypt like those of my home country in Guatemala. you've accomplished yours and inspired me to do the same before I die. thank you
The imaginist
The imaginist 20 päeva tagasi
You should have invited shiey
miss 305dale
miss 305dale 21 päev tagasi
the first POV camera and Red cam made me want to cry that is SOOOOOO SICK
fretboarder 21 päev tagasi
they wont think they are so cool when the aliens get out and the predators start blowin shit up.
iVeggie :3
iVeggie :3 22 päeva tagasi
This app... is FREE?
Matthew Roelands
Matthew Roelands 23 päeva tagasi
2 of the most brutally honest observations: 1. That was the most enlightening video I've ever watched 2. How in the f**k were things things built?? Wait that was a question lol
Roman Imel
Roman Imel 23 päeva tagasi
I was in tears by the end because everything you guys do just shows everyone that anything is literally possible
Roman Imel
Roman Imel 23 päeva tagasi
Ughhhhhh I can’t say it enough or loud enough I was born to do what you guy do it is my dream since a kid to do what you guy are doing love it one day I wanna take an adventure with you guys
Morena Aguilar
Morena Aguilar 24 päeva tagasi
Cristi S
Cristi S 24 päeva tagasi
I thoroughly enjoy the masculine, sensitive, and positive energy! Great friends to each other!
Cristi S
Cristi S 24 päeva tagasi
Loving your videos and such a plus plus learning at the same time. Thank you all for sharing!
Nol Ramos
Nol Ramos 24 päeva tagasi
Love it❤
Bujo Sampang
Bujo Sampang 25 päeva tagasi
I am now loving ammar!
Marcus Rojas
Marcus Rojas 25 päeva tagasi
I cried deadasss
Marcus Rojas
Marcus Rojas 25 päeva tagasi
This is a masteepiece
Mme. Kadesa
Mme. Kadesa 25 päeva tagasi
This was so good. :)
nightmare 26 päeva tagasi
Hands down this is the best video ive ever seen!
nightmare 26 päeva tagasi
Im literally crying about Ammar's story
nightmare 26 päeva tagasi
This is the definition of motivation...
Tony Castro
Tony Castro 26 päeva tagasi
My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?
Shadowskate 1991
Shadowskate 1991 26 päeva tagasi
Gay straight college EEfrom rich poor. ur father needs to learn to love u .for who u r and don’t change urself just because he wants u to. do something that he doesn’t. like u do u and ur dad can live with it.
Shadowskate 1991
Shadowskate 1991 26 päeva tagasi
Am I the only person who would me down
Cason Smith
Cason Smith 27 päeva tagasi
This is one of the best videos on youtube
Patricia Anders
Patricia Anders 27 päeva tagasi
Behold the only thing in the Universe vaster than you!
mt 27 päeva tagasi
Your parents will except you back when they see that you are successful and independent. They are afraid. It will take time.
Alfie Miller-Sharp
Alfie Miller-Sharp 27 päeva tagasi
This is hands down the best Yes Theory film. Well done Ammar, I'm so glad your dream came true, and the bit at 40:00 really made me cry it was so meaningful. You guys are great. Also kudos to the editors for sorting that footage into a video, with a lot of filmmakers that must have been a trek.
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 27 päeva tagasi
W😲W ❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️ W😲W LOVE THE VIDS KEEP'EM COMING RICH(UK) 🥰🥰🥰.
Rune HN
Rune HN 27 päeva tagasi
This was truly amazing... it was more than a video. It was an experience. Amazing work!
Carla David
Carla David 27 päeva tagasi
Amazing ❣️🙌🏻❣️
Pep X
Pep X 27 päeva tagasi
Would it be wrong if i went there with a chainsaw and an excavator and spent my life bringing it back to what it was 😂
gtaiscool1231 28 päeva tagasi
Y’all couldn’t have invited some actual Hispanics on the trip ? Just white people with cool cameras?
Silvia Elena Solano Arroyo
Soy de Costa Rica 🇨🇷 pero amo Guatemala! Mi experiencia en Tikal fue hermosa! Me alegro mucho ver este vídeo 🤍 gracias 🙏🏼
Ali T
Ali T 28 päeva tagasi
What an awesome and inspiring story of how these people got together. This has got to be one of the most inspirational stories of friends exploring the world
arva barudwala
arva barudwala 28 päeva tagasi
You guys are loving the dream. Literally ♥️♥️♥️♥️
KING teeq
KING teeq 28 päeva tagasi
this actually isnt the largest pyramid in the world but its definitely cooler than the largest
Johan Viklund
Johan Viklund 29 päeva tagasi
That whas the most insane EEfrom video I've ever watched! Real Indiana Jones stuff😁 how are you gonna top that experience?
illyana amer
illyana amer 29 päeva tagasi
thenatnatboy 29 päeva tagasi
37:16 looks like a Argentavis magnificens
Chris Gossett
Chris Gossett Місяць tagasi
I never thought a EEfrom video could make me cry like this, but this was so heartfelt, so authentic, so touching. Ammar had such a crazy passion for this, and it is incredibly inspiring to adventurers everywhere. I cant wait until my next adventure!
Jeremiah Shaw
Jeremiah Shaw Місяць tagasi
Guys this goes to show we have long forgotten history from far back and even farther. I always thought we didn't know as much history as we thought.
moodybarbie Місяць tagasi
I want to give Ammar the biggest hug
Paola Blanco
Paola Blanco Місяць tagasi
this should be on netflix
Ian Maglasang
Ian Maglasang Місяць tagasi
and all of sudden thiers mcdonalds or 7/11 as soon as they get to the pyramid😂😵😵
Amanda Taillon
Amanda Taillon Місяць tagasi
Wondering why on earth Chelsea wore flip flops 😂 poor choice
Big J
Big J Місяць tagasi
Who got out to shoot the shots of the van driving by😂😂🤔
I am Kyle Keith
I am Kyle Keith Місяць tagasi
Beautiful place !
Connor Saye
Connor Saye Місяць tagasi
The end made me cry.