Erased David Dobrik Footage Proves Trisha Was Right All Along - Frenemies #21 

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16 veebr 2021



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Valkyrie War
Valkyrie War 9 päeva tagasi
They literally started the episode talking about how David Dobrick was left off the hook because yall we're talking about AB and Ethan in the comments and yall here doing it again.
GreaterSociety 16 tundi tagasi
trisha llly
trisha llly Päev tagasi
bobby wright
bobby wright Päev tagasi
@Kim Munguia *thing
bobby wright
bobby wright Päev tagasi
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie Päev tagasi
@Kaylee Sykes and with all the abuse at Asian American atm you have the cheek to say this. Sorry but you have no place to speak
Haley Hansen
Haley Hansen 21 minut tagasi
In the wise words of Taylor Swift “Karma is real” and I’m just keeping that in mind for David Dobrick
ahz 24 minutit tagasi
45:32 time stamp for me
Miranda Canaday
Miranda Canaday 28 minutit tagasi
1:10:40 Funny enough, Bernard from Santa Claus was actually on a recent episode of WWE RAW.
Unrushed 36 minutit tagasi
who is ab? i'm lost
MsLalaUsagi 51 minut tagasi
I like Trisha, but when Ethan called her dangerous, he was 100% accurate. She can do damage and I’m glad Ethan sees that clear as day. Easier for him to protect himself as well as Hila. I guarantee you that if Ethan wanted to hook up with Trisha, Trisha would jump on it in a second. Might be just me thinking this, but I think Trisha secretly has a crush on Ethan
Anthony Peck
Anthony Peck 2 tundi tagasi
How hard is it not not lip-smack eat into the mic. Makes me want to vomit. Trisha manages to eat without the gross noises.
Just Joss
Just Joss 2 tundi tagasi
Frenimes is always so fun! I can’t wait to see what you have in store in the future ❤️
Sarah Deaver-Newman
Sarah Deaver-Newman 3 tundi tagasi
Your momentum is going straight into the earth TRISHA 😒😬.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Its Jbunny
Its Jbunny 3 tundi tagasi
saying u look like a fetal alcohol baby is DUMB AF!!!!!!!!!
Appysito 3 tundi tagasi
where is the hmmmm part at?
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth 3 tundi tagasi
you would hit the earth like a bag of fucking bricks
Aaron 4 tundi tagasi
Is saying being gay is a sin, the same as hating them? I believe it's a sin but I definitely don't hate gay people
4 tundi tagasi
Vi 4 tundi tagasi
If you have a good PR don’t they pay off magazines so they don’t expose certain things. I don’t remember what docu I watched that would break down everything media does.
aviana rae
aviana rae 4 tundi tagasi
it’s disgusting how everyone just has looked past all this
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange 5 tundi tagasi
I genuinely had to stop myself from cracking up laughing when Trisha said "I used to have daddy issues...they're resolved now." Dude same. Then responding with "time" to "how do you resolve daddy issues?" was just so good. I love the real personal growth moments in this podcast.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 5 tundi tagasi
I wish Trish would spill the tea on why Jeffree and Nate broke up.
Veronica De Medeiros
Veronica De Medeiros 6 tundi tagasi
David reminds me of Regina George
haley m
haley m 6 tundi tagasi
this is the only podcast I watch- and am I proud of binge watching, yes, are my friends proud of me no, do I care NOPEE
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 5 tundi tagasi
But I wanna be a fat pig with Trish
Taylor Britney
Taylor Britney 6 tundi tagasi
Anyone else prefer these unstructured, “off the rails” episodes 🙋🏼‍♀️
Katie 7 tundi tagasi
i LOVE trishas hair with the lowlights the depth looks SO GOOD ON HER OMG
Emily Dobson
Emily Dobson 7 tundi tagasi
as a lesbian, he looks like a lesbian
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis 7 tundi tagasi
I’m so tired of just bc Trisha hates David and the Vlog squad, she has to look so deep into everything little he does and try to bring him down. I do not think David is anywhere near perfect, but I also don’t think he’s the demon she makes him out to be. She honestly just needs to forfeit he exists. Just stop talking about him PERIOD!!! You don’t realize that you following him and trying your hardest to get him cancelled is a type of cyber bully whether his huge or not. You wouldn’t want them talking about you every damn day, so just stop. Let it go.
Loay Taher
Loay Taher 7 tundi tagasi
A podcast that just talks shit, what do you get out of this? Ohh yeah cancel culture.
L Martin
L Martin 7 tundi tagasi
What episode are they talking about at the beginning? With AB defending David.
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 7 tundi tagasi
Ethan: "I think we are done now..." Trish: "..." Show goes on for another 30 minuets
Wolfsister 8 tundi tagasi
Trisha is such a sweetheart
Whitney michelle
Whitney michelle 8 tundi tagasi
Just gave this new channel a chance & cant stop listening!
pablopenguin24 8 tundi tagasi
Ethan, you need to do JT's ramen hair as one of your looks.
Olivia Foley
Olivia Foley 8 tundi tagasi
Is nobody gonna talk about how she just casually mentioned that she could've worked out with Zach Efron???
Cløver 10 tundi tagasi
I respect trisha for saying "it's not my story to tell" and telling the victims to speak out.. too many youtubers and ccers make other ppls tea public 🙄 some ppl don't want their stories public
Steph Tan
Steph Tan 10 tundi tagasi
The childlike argentina pragmatically desert because offence exclusively irritate beside a dysfunctional court. meek, placid dragon
Angelica L
Angelica L 10 tundi tagasi
She’s right about these tik tok “heart throbs” being obsessed over by children, not their peers. 😂
Kunal Dutta
Kunal Dutta 11 tundi tagasi
But I wanna be a fat pig with Trish
Ang D
Ang D 11 tundi tagasi
Y’all KNOW David’s only bringing his podcast to EEfrom bc you guys are bumpin
Alex Georgiou
Alex Georgiou 11 tundi tagasi
I think Trishas problem at the time was not that it wasn’t fair on Seth (which it wasn’t) but she is upset because Jason who is her man at the time making out with someone else
ThatJarebearGuy 12 tundi tagasi
Trisha and Ethan together give me a lot of hope for the world in general lol
lunaaseaa 12 tundi tagasi
I watched 3 episodes of this (maybe more) staying up all night, painting furniture for my new house. Primo content
Melody S
Melody S 12 tundi tagasi
"You should be friends with your brother" God I love how Trisha think haha
TiMbsB dOtOrG
TiMbsB dOtOrG 14 tundi tagasi
I hate Trisha but this podcast is actually entertaining
liza 7 tundi tagasi
literally omfg
Astral Plex
Astral Plex 14 tundi tagasi
What are they saying? “essayed” ?
Wincenty Jakobs
Wincenty Jakobs 14 tundi tagasi
how tf somone can take Trishas side did everyone forgot who she is?
Ty Tester
Ty Tester 17 tundi tagasi
I understand that you two just like to talk about the bad stuff about David, but I’ve listened to probably like 200 views podcast episodes and I feel like I know David well, he is a very nice and good person, this whole Seth situation doesn’t make sense for how I know him, I don’t even know what to think of this it just doesn’t make sense with his character to not resolve things with Seth
Rubine Vanille
Rubine Vanille 18 tundi tagasi
The video is already up for over a week and I haven't watched it yet because they are no captions up, not even automatic? Still??
kaylashalaylaaaaa 19 tundi tagasi
I thought teddyfresh was named after theodore!
Terran1 19 tundi tagasi
Hey Ethan, it's me, your boss. Just checking in. Thanks for being nicer to Trisha, fat boy.
Ally Son
Ally Son 20 tundi tagasi
I’m not a huge fan of hers but I respect her sticking by her story despite everything. Thank you for letting ppl speak their truth. This is all so wrong.
Notquitekris 20 tundi tagasi
Ethan talking about post breaks my heart it sucks when friends drift away because you can’t even be angry about it
Cindy Nicole
Cindy Nicole 20 tundi tagasi
It makes sense they have chemistry; Taurus and Cancer friendship , I love it!
Oagsu Mavsk
Oagsu Mavsk 20 tundi tagasi
The late pump arthroscopically agree because tanzania echographically clap past a clammy grade. literate, troubled spinach
BookiesG 20 tundi tagasi
lmaoooooo yooo they going in on david lol
H2K214 20 tundi tagasi
“Anyone who’s not with the gays is not with me” -Trisha P 2021
Stefan Dupor
Stefan Dupor 21 tund tagasi
how do people watch this, ethan sounds like he's having a stroke when he talks and trisha talks a million miles an hour. Seriously, this is good content guys????
hypno gaming
hypno gaming 21 tund tagasi
This is totally not biased at all
Henry J Steen
Henry J Steen 21 tund tagasi
1:19:04 Trisha's line was hella funny ngl.
Oliver 21 tund tagasi
I think it would taste better if it was fresh lol
Bridge It
Bridge It 21 tund tagasi
Okay do not go after Jonathan Taylor Thomas 😤 I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid and I stand by that
Jackyy 22 tundi tagasi
I 100% agree with trish abt the Ab situation but i feel she shouldn’t say oh well he got death threats. No one deserves that, she is tough, and she is used to it but he isn’t. He should know better and tbh an idiot to think he wouldn’t infuriate people. Am i in the wrong to think that though? Generally curious.
Tabz! 22 tundi tagasi
YOu guys are the reason I fell in love with Post Malones music and the only meet and greet i got i asked if I could go ghost hunting with Posty and ethan and Hila and I miss this group
Sym xx
Sym xx 22 tundi tagasi
I hate the whole "I'm getting death threats" sob story, like if ur putting yourself on social media, ur gonna get hate that's common sense
Diamond Delicious
Diamond Delicious 22 tundi tagasi
ethen ur fine its fine we all look gay in 2021
Rachelle Star
Rachelle Star 22 tundi tagasi
If ur only going to eat 1000 calories why wouldn't u just eat 1000 calories of food u like?
Amy 22 tundi tagasi
Tabz! 22 tundi tagasi
Trisha when you come to Houston I just want to say hello and a pic ;-;
ebenisegomez92 23 tundi tagasi
Does teddy fresh not sell that shirt anymore ?
Anna Sandy
Anna Sandy 23 tundi tagasi
Trisha hit the nail on the head when she said no 18 year olds are attracted to bryce hall 😂
Paige Jordyn
Paige Jordyn 23 tundi tagasi
Ethan: “you’re pretty sharp I think” Person in the background “HAHAHA” 1:09:10
pam cee
pam cee 23 tundi tagasi
I have said it for a long time David is a bully I can’t stand him
Kirstin Taylor
Kirstin Taylor 23 tundi tagasi
Just getting up to date on the drama but who is AB?
devas life
devas life Päev tagasi
Dan needs to be the announcer. That was incredible!
Machele Galloway
Machele Galloway Päev tagasi
I always get so excited to see such high views. I do not want the show to ever end!!!
Stanley Yelnats
Stanley Yelnats Päev tagasi
1000 calories a day is not enough for you Ethan you should eat more like 2000 a day and youll lose about 3 lbs a month. Whatever works for you though and actually keeps you healthy aka meeting daily protein qnd vitamin requirements.
Demorthus Päev tagasi
Been burned out in every way last few days... Not even 1 minute into the clip & I felt a nice pick-me-up with Trisha's witty thinking on making/wording an intro. :) ...Now let's forget about the day & enjoy this shit :D
Kassy Loredo
Kassy Loredo Päev tagasi
The FAS diagram is literally what I imagine trishas baby pictures look like😂 no shade tho Bc I thought the kid looked normal
Lowkey Päev tagasi
The year is 2045. Ethan an Hilas son has a podcast with Trisha and Moses’ kid and in every episode they are still talking about David fucking Dobrik.
Zoppy Man
Zoppy Man 15 tundi tagasi
David is fucking who??????
Alex Barba
Alex Barba Päev tagasi
Their relationship is so toxic but that's what makes it fun to watch!
Elise Crow
Elise Crow Päev tagasi
i honestly think that dangelowallace is one of the only people that could take down david dobrick, the number of views he gets is insane
Paulina Mehit
Paulina Mehit Päev tagasi
I love dangelo !
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Päev tagasi
Trisha: i HATE being on the phone with people, it gives me so much anxiety. i don’t like it. Ethan: oh ok, i won’t call you anymore then. Trisha: no i liked it.
Hannah B
Hannah B Tund tagasi
@venus same same! I get so much anxiety about talking on the phone unless it’s with people I’m extremely close with. I just hate the dynamic of not understanding what is said sometimes and it feels so dang awkward to keep asking “what?” And feeling like you’re talking through a box. Same with drive thrus. Face to face or texting is just so much more convenient and comfortable.
venus 10 tundi tagasi
i feel that tho, i’ll never answer a phone call unless it’s from a specific person in my life 😍😍🥰🥰😍😍🤣😍🥲😚 /srs
Travis Gokey
Travis Gokey Päev tagasi
I lo vee how she's still obsessed with david after 2 years😂 after the fact that she not all victim in the videos either 🤣🤣
Travis Gokey
Travis Gokey Päev tagasi
@mikin lirou "erased david dobrik footage" hmmmm I'm pretty sure the video as talking about david si I put my input in😂🤦🏻‍♂️
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Päev tagasi
Leave the david stuff alone
April April
April April Päev tagasi
Did AB actually say anything bad about trisha specifically ? Why should he give a sincere apologize to her ?
Jacob Siebert
Jacob Siebert Päev tagasi
They love David
Angelique Garcia
Angelique Garcia Päev tagasi
What if the Trisha and Moses show is 90 day fiancé lmao
lorena M
lorena M Päev tagasi
i wish i could listen to trish and Ethan talk in person
Rayon811 Päev tagasi
1:45:50 lmao
autumn lol
autumn lol Päev tagasi
i still done see why bryce and his friends that ariana is using them for clout when she literally is the definition of clout
Malorie Carr
Malorie Carr Päev tagasi
Trisha, you’re so beautiful! You’re not crazy, & Speak your truth, & Keep being you. 💚 Love love love listening to you guys ✨ Sending everyone on this cast and the people being talked about healing, love and light! ✨💫 Everyone in the comments, During these hard time.. I want you to know that... I love you 💗 & I’m proud of you 💗
1una lov3g0od
1una lov3g0od Päev tagasi
Id cry if bad things came out about Adam Sandler 🥺 he's my on screen dad.
Hunter Hathcock
Hunter Hathcock Päev tagasi
What does S A mean im so confused. I jump around on episodes lol
Shadi Madani
Shadi Madani 16 tundi tagasi
S*xual a*sault
Lewz Y
Lewz Y Päev tagasi
dam i never thought this would be my favourite podcast/ dynamic
Jaclyn Ashworth
Jaclyn Ashworth Päev tagasi
Way h the onision doc on discovery plus they touch in how EEfrom will monetize abuse and people like that if they are mining them crazy amount of money I really think watching it will help you understand no matter how “crazy” you look speaking out is so big and letting the other people know they have you on their side when the abuser does what they do.... it’s such a good watch!
Bryan Shiel
Bryan Shiel Päev tagasi
I think when Trisha talks about the gravity subject she means that “if gravity wasn’t invented it would still exist” she just doesn’t know how to word it
Gianna T
Gianna T Päev tagasi
52:53 Trisha.exe has stopped working
nicole e.
nicole e. Päev tagasi
trisha is so gorgeous especially with this hair like wow
P. F.
P. F. Päev tagasi
Trisha did not want the podcast to end, Ethan was ready to call it quits 30 minutes before it ended :D
Beth Boyle
Beth Boyle Päev tagasi
Leave the david stuff alone
James C123
James C123 Päev tagasi
I liked Trisha until she came for David
bn ezabela
bn ezabela Päev tagasi
I've been watching h3 for years and now they're starting to annoy me.
Earth, Wind & Spirit
I 1000% agree with Trisha, the gaslighting towards sexual assault victims, hate crime victims/victims of racism, etc. is DISGUSTING and DANGEROUS. It’s spreading a false narrative about something pertaining to ones SAFETY, there is little to no debate when some says they were taken advantage of. Crazy thing is, as soon as the gaslighting gets backlash there are people who stand up for the gaslighters saying, “oh they’re a GOOD person.” It blows my mind because it shows how you can stand up for someone despite whatever else but people CHOOSE who they stand up for and sadly it’s not always the victims.
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